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The Joe Murphy Column - 13-08-20

The Joe Murphy Column

Kevin closed off the old bird season with 2 national races at the weekend with both organisations going on Friday 31st July with the SNRPC having the highest number of birds sent to Arras for many years with 671 birds liberated at 6-30 into a light south east wind. Congratulations to Karen Newcombe and I Black of Macmerry on winning the race and to Bruce Mackenzie on winning the prize for the first yearling in the race winning 4th open.  From the SNFC Reims race an entry of 1490 birds were competing for the Gold Cup; the convoy were liberated into a light south east wind at 06-15 hours. Kevin sent 3 birds to the Reims race a distance of 578 miles to his loft in Arbroath. He entered 9 birds into the SNRPC Arras race a distance of 486 miles; he timed in 5 birds from Arras to win 28th, 40th, 52nd, 68th, & 87th Open and has all his 9 entries home. Kevin’s first bird from Arras race was his last bird timed on the day from SNFC Roye race last year at 22-44 hours but got his time at 22-30 to win 27 C 76 open competing against 935 birds flying 523 miles. This year this same cock won 22nd section C and 95th open from Billericay (364 miles) with the SNRPC prior to is win from Arras. His sire is a son of Robbie’s Boy winner of 1st & 31st open SNFC Falaise winner when mated to a sister to ‘Kingdom Spirit’ the SHU Dewar Trophy winner and ‘Bird of Year’ she was also runner up for the Dewar Trophy. Kingdom Spirt was a Double Gold Award winner and double Silver Award winner as she won 10 wins from France in SNFC and was raced by George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline ( I noticed that the partnership won10th section C 20th open with their only entry in this year’s SNFC Reims race, well done lads). Back to my report - Only 2 birds in the history of the SNFC achieved this honour the other was the famous ‘Fortune Lady’ raced by Mr & Mrs Smith of Elphinstone.

SNFC Reims

I noticed that Barry Kinnear of Edinburgh has won the SNFC Gold Cup for the 2nd time as he and his dad won 1st open La Ferte Bernard in 2004 so now joins the ‘Exclusive Club’ of winning the Gold Cup TWICE.

Two Gold Cup Winners

Two Gold Cup Winners

The other winners were Jack Wylie (of Shillinglaw & Wylie); Eddie Newcombe, Dale Newcombe and John Duthie. However there is a very emotional part to this editorial. Last year to this very day of this Reims race; Barry’s family lost his dad Willie. So you can imagine how he was feeling never mind looking out for pigeon in a race. Well his dad must have been looking after him as he was a very good winner of 1st open and he has named his Gold Cup winner ‘One for Willie’ in memory of his dad. One of the saddest pieces to the above historical fact is that Barry is the only fancier of the above mentioned still living as all the others are deceased, however they will remain immortal in the annuals of the SNFC. I have added a photograph of ‘One for Willie’ to my column plus one of Barry and his good friend Andy Miller who won the Gold Cup last year 2019.  There are some outstanding pigeons on this year’s Reims results but I will highlight these in my column when I have time.

One for Billy  

One for Billy

Kevin timed in a 5 year old red cock from Reims the following morning at 11-15am to win the following 20th section C 67th open. This cock has previously won 78th section C 302nd open from Billericay earlier this season. He is bred from a son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’ winner of 1st open SNFC Falaise for Gilmour Brothers and his dam was purchased at the entire clearance sale of Ritchie & Whyte of Fraserburgh as a yearling in 2009. This pair has been a ‘Golden Pair’ for us and are the parents of 523rd open  SNFC Bovingdon; 18th open Ypres 19th open  Clermont; 86th & 134th open Alencon flying 573 miles, 62nd open Liege and 129th open Buckingham. They are also the parents of 67th open Reims SNFC 2020 flying 578 miles.  The Ritchie & Whyte hen is the dam of 319th open Littlehampton; a cousin won 4th open and 19th open SNFC Clermont. Her dam was the Ritchie & Whyte famous hen ‘Last Chance’ a winner of 12th north section Alencon;  as a 2 year old she flew Tours a distance of 721 miles and the following year she won 1st north section only bird in race time 42nd open Tours flying 721 miles. These same lines have won 31st open INFC St Allouestre in 2016 for S Hughes. As a matter of interest Kevin has all 3 of his entries home from this year’s Reims race. I also noticed on the Reims result my dear friend Jimmy McGinty of Blackburn who won 14th section D 84th open with a chequer hen I bred for him. She is off a Billy Holland cock from a brother of ‘Farmer George’ from G & C Cooper. Dam of Jimmy’s hen was a hen I purchased on my visit to Bernard Deweerdt down from ‘Ted’ ‘Iban’ ‘Magnus’ and ‘Kedir’ 4 of the best birds in the Deweerdt family. I’m over the moon for Jimmy so well done pal.


Kevin entered a relatively small team of national candidates, 24 in total across the 5 national races this year and has 20 birds home, his team performances won 18 national open diplomas with 12 of them in the top 100 prize cards so a very happy season for Kevin.  He informs me that his 1st bird in the nationals have ALL made it into the top 70 open positions which he is well pleased about; he was 28th open Arras, 29th open Maidstone; 41st open Billericay, 66th open Hazebrouck and 67th open Reims. Even though Margaret & I never managed to see the birds coming home due to the Covid 19 virus; maybe with the season he has had we will not be allowed to go up on race days next year ha ha. Still I don’t mind as I enjoy my part in the partnership in breeding these quality racers for him. 

News from Tayside

1st Open SNRPC Hazebrouck

Kenny Droog forwarded the following news to me; The SNRPC held their 2nd race from Hazebrouck an approximately distance of 400 to 458 miles to Scotland. There was a good entry of 475 birds and these were liberated at 06-30 am into a light west wind with high expectations of a good race. First section C and 1st open is Danny Henderson of Dundee who timed his yearling hen at 17-45 for a winning velocity of 1196.92 he was clear of Billy Bilsland of Ayton who recorded a velocity of 1195.49, as a matter of interest Billy takes 2nd and 3rd open (well done mate Joe M).

Danny Henderson with 1st National Hazebrouck 2020

Danny Henderson with 1st National Hazebrouck 2020

1st section E and 14th open goes to H Menzies of Slamannan with 1st section D and 15th open going to Rab W Hamilton of Cambus and 1st section F and 68th open goes to Smith and McCallum at Cumbernauld. Back to the winner Danny only sent 3 birds, so no mob flying here, Danny has now named the winner ‘Rollercoaster’ as at one moment he had won the race and the next he was told he was beaten but it all turned out well as he ended up the winner. Danny would like to offer a big thank you to the breeder of his winner Jim & Gary Peggie of Methil (I worked with Gary when Kevin and I won the national with Mystical Rose). Danny attended the Dundee breeder/ buyer sale last year and starting bidding on the hen when he noticed Brian Chalmers was also bidding on the bird. So Danny pulled out little did he know Brian thought he as bidding on a bird Danny had put in, Gary Peggie was now out of the breeder/buyer so they both asked Danny to race her, she did not win the breeder/buyer race but 2 weeks later showed her metal by winning the 205 mile Dundee federation race which was into a head wind that day. This year she has made Danny`s ‘Dream’ come true by winning 1st national. She flew the programme down to Newark an approximately 250 miles then 14 days later she was entered into the Hazebrouck race. She was placed with her mate after her morning feed and then off to the race marking. Her breeding is full of winners, her sire was a gift bird bred by Stuart Gilchrist of Edinburgh to the Peggie`s. He is a full brother to winners of 2nd section C, 3rd Open SNFC Ypres and 1st section 19th open SNFC Y/B national, her dam was bred by Evans & Cuthbert from the UNC and was purchased at the Kennoway young bird sale, she won 65th open SNFC Bedhampton before she was put to stock a wise decision as this pair have bred many winners. Danny`s hen is only a yearling and has a bright future about her so we could be hearing more about her. Danny has been having a very good season and is the man they all want to beat, and is a worthy winner of the Hazebrouck national race, (well done Danny Joe M). Dundee and Angus were at the final inland old bird race from Maidstone a distance of 390 to 405 miles to lofts in the federation. The birds were released at 06-30 into a light west wind so a reasonably fast race was expected. There was 107 birds were convoyed with the SNFC all birds being in the full race, so a total of 2894 birds entered. First to trap up here was the loft of William Dorward who wins 1st Gourdon club; 1st Angus federation and 1st Tayside Combine and in the Scottish National he wins a very commendable 24th open, flying 406 miles. The bird a 2 year old widowhood cock bred by Kevin Parsons, he has been steady this year winning 1st club 9th east section from Wakefield and 2nd club 16th federation at Newark. He was then rested and into Maidstone, this is William first time at a National race and what a great result, I`m sure we will hear more of this loft. William`s cock was one of the furthest flying in the top 25 birds only G Duncan beats the cock as his bird wins 1st section G (north section) and 19th open flying 460 miles. Enclose photo of William’s winning bird just after he arrived home with his hen. Kevin Parsons has sent photos of his grandparents and dam.

winning cock W Dorward    Dam of Winner

Winning cock - W Dorward                        Dam of Winner


Gramdsire of Winner  Granddam of W Doward winner

Grandparents of Winner

2nd combine and just behind was Jack Alexander from Monifieth who wins 1st Dundee federation and 28th open flying 390 miles, hopefully I can get some details of this bird for you Joe. Kevin J Murphy is next winning 1st club, 2nd fed, 9th section C & 29th open Maidstone (flying 392 miles) with a yearling hen on the roundabout.  She is bred from a line of proven national and international winners. Her sire is a cock from Mark Gilbert containing the very best of the ‘New Laureaat’ and ‘Euro Diamond’ bloodlines. He was bred for stock and his sister won 1st section 8th open BICC 2016 Perpignan 243bs (12.698bs) International and also 23rd open St Vincent, both as yearling. In 2017 she won 37th open Pau and 4th sect 9th open BICC Marseille flying 653 miles for Mark Gilbert. Sire is from a son of Champion ‘New Laureaat’, Golden Wing a 3 times winner from Barcelona (1st national 10685bs; 1st international 25,382birds;  323rd national 11,950bs; 1st prov 1550birds; 8th national 12,281bs, 41st international 26,650birds)  when paired to a direct daughter of ‘Euro Diamond’, the best European long distance bird winning 1st , 3rd ,4th ,5th , 9th prize national. Dam of Kevin’s winner is from a direct Son of ‘Robbie’s Boy’, winner of 1st open Falaise for Gilmour Brothers of Leven, when paired to a daughter of the late Dennis Dall’s famous ‘Rebecca 2’, she was a 7 times a winner from France and also winning a SNFC Gold Award in 2003.  Not only was Robbie’s Boy an excellent racer winning 1st & 31st open SNFC Falaise at 522 miles, he has left a legacy of winners – for example he is Sire of 6966 a 4 times SNFC winner; G/Sire of 1st open SNFC Roye in 2016. Sire of 4304 winner of 102nd open Leicester in 2013; Sire of 22nd section C 102nd open Maidstone and 26th section C 64th open Clermont SNFC in 2015. Sire of 2nd section 26th open Buckingham in 2014. G/Sire of 4th -66th -86th -135th open Alencon flying distance of 553 to 573 miles; G/Sire of 4th-18th-26th open Clermont ALSO 41st open SNFC Ancenis  635 miles in 2016. G/sire 18th open Ypres 454 miles; G/S 1st sect C 13th open Leicester 288 miles; G/S 26th open Falaise in 2017 ALL SNFC races. Also G/Sire of 32nd open Agen BICC and 18th open BBC Bordeaux. GS 121st open MNFC Bordeaux 531 miles 2015. 1st sect 2nd open MNFC Pointers in 2017; Next we have Charlie and Glen Cameron who`s birds have hit top form they win 3rd,4th,7th,15th and 18th in the federation, their 3rd fed also wins 53rd open in the National, this 4 year old hen had just won 36th open Billericay the week before, she is a granddaughter of ‘Kanon’ of Danny Van Dyck and ‘Jos’ a winner of 1st and 2nd section with the SNFC, their 5th federation is a yearling who had won 3rd combine at Peterborough the week before flying 300 miles, and is bred from a pair of Dutch pigeons from Stultjens van Drongen. Davie Glen wins Forfar with a 2 year old widowhood cock, his sire was ‘Lawson Lad’ winner of 2nd open SNFC Ypres plus many other wins, the 2 year old’s dam was another daughter of ‘Lawson Lad’ when paired to ‘Davie`s Dream’ winner of 1st open SNFC Ypres, as they say Joe good blood tells. 6th and 13th federation go to D & D Hay whose birds fly up to Gourdon their 1st bird wins 7th Combine 47th section C & 131st open SNFC Maidstone, this cock flew full programme as a young bird; and this year he had 4 races before Maidstone winning 1st club 16th federation Tow Law and also won 2nd club Ripon. He was sent chasing his hen plus having the cock in the next box also chasing the same hen is that jealousy or what. His sire was bred by Davie Glen of Forfar and has flown well from Maidstone twice; his dam was bought at the Forfar breeder buyer sale and was bred by Kenny Droog and son down from their good Geerinckx stock cock, last year as a yearling she flew right out to SNFC Roye flying 530 miles. Ken Droog and son win 2nd club 8th fed with a 2 year old cock on roundabout, he is a grandson of 2 of Ken`s main Bricoux cocks with a cross of Van Wan Roy, his sire is a grandson of the double ‘St Vincent’ National winner and a half-brother to 10th open SNFC young bird national winner, his dam being a pure Bricoux down from the old ‘Pringle cock 1121’ who was sire g/sire g/g sire of winner from 300-550 miles; in fact the cocks sister flew both inland national 300 & 400 miles before flying SNFC Roye a distance of 533 miles winning 1st yearling in the Angus Federation. He was only lightly raced as a yearling and this was his 1st time over 400 miles. Jim McCafferty was next in Forfar with his good Jan Arden based widowhood cock, who wins 3rd club 9th federation & 183rd open in the National with his younger brother winning 8th club, their sire was a winner from SNFC Maidstone and also won at SNFC Portsmouth; so 2 good cocks for the distance next year Jim. 

Angus Federation Young Bird

From the Newtongrange 2 young bird race flown on the 1st August the convoy of 944 birds were liberated at 07-45 hours into a light west to south west wind. Davie Glen of Forfar taking the first 5 in the race plus 12th to 15th then 17th 18th & 20th open (Great flying Davie Joe M) his club mate and national winner Ian Scott wins 6th to 11th plus 16th open. The East section is won by W Dorward of Gourdon who also wins 2nd 3rd 7th & 9th with his club mates D & D Hay taking the remainder of the prizes i.e. 4th 5th 6th 8th & 10th. (Well done to both lofts Joe M)

Club Winners;

Forfar 573 birds; D Glen; Arbroath 248 birds; K J Murphy; Gourdon 61 birds W Dorward; Montrose 62 birds Gordon Campbell

Arbroath RPC

From Newtongrange (1) a distance of 51 to 54 miles, 7 members sent 205 birds. 1st & 3rd are Chic and Ann Carrie with velocities of 1371 and 1299. 2nd club is Graham McKenzie doing a velocity of 1300. Graham’s bird is the first youngster from a Joe Hunt crossed Bob Besant stock pair they are both in the breeding of his first birds home.  Well done to Chic and Ann. From Newtongrange (2) 7 members sent 248 birds liberated at 07-45 hours into a south west wind. Taking 1st 3rd 7th 9th & 12th places is Kevin J Murphy with his winner bred by my dad’s good friend Robbie Levingston of New Malden in Surrey. Down from Mick Moore birds from his Fed Cock (winner of 38 x 1st) crossed with his Wall Lunt & Green hen she was crossed to a Van Bruaene. Kevin’s 2nd bird was a Frank Mitchell of Comrie crossed Gerald McPherson hen down from his SHU Dewar Trophy winner ‘Angle’. 2nd 5th 6th & 11th club are Charlie & Glen Cameron with their first bird a granddaughter of ‘Prada’ winner of 1st & 2nd North section and ‘Bobby 2’ also a 1st North section winner who contains the bloodlines from Leon Messiaen and Martin Ravelingien. R Nowosad winning 4th club; A & A Shepherd are 8th with Gordon McKenzie in 10th spot and Les McKay taking the last place.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Lynne Stewart of the above club who informs us that the federation sent 769 young birds to Stobs Camp a distance of 44 miles; J & R Fairley of Balerno were 1st & 2nd with club mates Colin Bain & W Fairley taking the next 5 places 20th & 22nd  24th . Dougie Bald of the same club is 8th 9th 11th 15th 34th 37th & 38th Stewart & Berry of Bonnybridge club win 10th 12th 21st & 23rd. I Jamieson of Balerno is 13th 16th 17th & 18th with T Henderson of Bonnybridge in 14th & 19th places. George Harris of Bonnybridge club is 25th 26th & 27th with East Calder Jimmy Young winning 28th 29th 30th 31st 32nd 33rd 35th & 36th with W Fairley of Balerno winning 39th & 40th open. 

Club Winners;

Balerno 178 birds; J & R Fairley 1062.525, 1061.797, C Bain & W Fairley 1037.041, 1036.579

Bonnybridge 316 birds; Stewart & Berry 1028.047, 1027.743, T Henderson 1027.145, 1021.674

Carnwath; no details;

East Calder 153 birds; J M Young 1000.842, 1000.627, 1000.412, 1000.412

West Calder 122 birds; J Hadfield 950.482, 950.302, 950.302, 950.302

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who writes; ‘Hi Joe, please find attached race report for Ayrshire 1st young bird race of the season from Lauder. As well as the race report, I have attached a photo of the 2nd federation winner Andy McKenna of the McKenna & Diamond partnership. Unfortunately I was never sent a picture of the 1st fed winner Eddie Diamond; thanks once again for adding us into your column Joe. From our first young bird race of the season from Lauder held on the 1st August. The federation was due start on the 25th but poor weather saw the federation cancelling for that weekend. Lauder being a new race point for us due to Cockenzie being unavailable. Jim had the convoy of 1,663 birds away at 10-45 into a light west wind for a race of 63 miles up to 80 miles to the top end of the federation. A strange race this turned out to be with some members with big teams reporting very good returns and others at best 50% home. Some of the members have been saying they have had birds reported in, Stirling, Newcastle, Preston and Maryport. Again the birds seem to be all over the place. Leading the way in the federation this week taking 1st, 3rd, 4th, 14th, 16th and 18th positions with the leading pigeon doing a velocity of 1118.111 is Eddie Diamond of Irvine New Town HS. Picking up 2nd and 7th federation this week on 1117.098 and 1113.081 just missing out on the top spot is the partnership Andy McKenna & Henry Diamond from Irvine New Town HS. The Irvine Lads certainly had a great race taking 8 out of the top 20 positions. Andy and Henry’s winning pigeon is a full brother to their champion pigeon ‘Big Ian’ who won, 1st fed, 1st section F, 76th open Ypres in 2019 and contains the bloodlines of Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone birds.

Andy McKenna 2nd Fed Lauder YBs 1 08 2020    

Andy McKenna 2nd Fed Lauder YBs      

Winners from in and around the clubs

North Section sent 796 birds; 1st Ardeer HS are Grant & McGovern 1115.151:

1st Kilwinning HS is M Salmon 1111.752: 1st Darvel HS are Cowan & Findlay 1094.170.

Central Section sent 278 birds; 1st Irvine HS is E Diamond 1118.111:

1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Dignam 965.711: 1st Crosshouse is Ian Noble 904.248:

South Section sent 589 birds; 1st Mauchline & District are Dunlop & Aitken 1018.547; 1st Whitletts & District are Mr & Mrs K Sanson 1016.976; 1st Annbank & District is D Graham 980.287; 1st Cumnock & District is J Auld 962.460; and 1st Dalmellington Pigeon Club is M McLarty on 939.100.

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall PC news from Bernie Britton with the result of the Otterburn race flown on the 1st August with 218 birds liberated at 08-45 into a west wind. 1st club 1st federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a bird from Stuart Knowles from Widnes. His 2nd bird is a Gabby and his 3rd was also a Gabby x Spain both from the stock loft. Gordon was also 4th 5th 7th * 20th federation; John McNeil was 9th to 16th plus 18th federation.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen with the result of the Ridsdale race with the convoy liberated at 08-30 hours into a west wind. Topping the federation winning a fantastic 1st 2nd 3rd plus 7th & 8th open is Dougie Grieve of Longniddry; well done Dougie truly outstanding result. The federation winner was bred by Rab Waddell of Prestonpans and contains Chris Vesey bloodlines. 2nd is Bob Dickson of Prestonpans club with a great top 10 treble winning 4th 6th & 10th federation. His club mate Keith Howie is once again to the fore winning 5th open with John Bird of the same club always there of thereabouts winning 9th open;.

Prestonpans HS

First and 3rd places are won by Bobby Dickson with his winner a blue pied hen from his Herman Custer bloodlines via Premier Lofts. His 3rd club winner is a blue hen her sire was purchased at club same from Tom & Scott McEwen from his Paul Stobbs family down through the ‘Gypsy’, while the dam of the 3rd club is a Herman Custer on loan from Rab Waddell. 2nd club is Keith Howie with a blue white flight hen, her parents are from Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone from their Paul Stobbs family which contains the best of the’ Gypsy’, ‘ Bob’s Choice’ ‘Combine Cock’ etc. 

Fife Federation

News from Geordie Todd who writes the federation were at Coldstream for our first race of the young bird season with the members sending 1114 birds these were liberated at 13-05 into a west wind. The federation top 10 are as follows; D Pakula of Perth club is 1st with a velocity of 868, Bert Cochrane of St Andrews takes the next 7 places with Dave Baldie of the same club in 9th place followed by D Jack of Tayport in 10th place.

East Section had Kennoway club sending 188 birds; Levin 31 birds Tayport 27 birds, St Andrews 38 bird and Methilhaven 140 birds. Bert Cochrane of St Andrews takes the first 7 place plus 10th with Dave Baldie and Davie Jack splitting him.   

Centre Section had Glenrothes & Leslie club sending 51 birds; Sean Diamond of Kennoway club takes the first 3 place plus 5th & 6th with Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes in 4th & 7th place.

West Section had Dunfermline sending 238 birds; Lochgelly 131 birds; Crossgates 155 birds and Perth 115 birds. D Pakula wins 1st & 7th places with A McCudden of Crossgates club in 2nd & 3rd spot. J Robertson of Dunfermline is 4th & 8th section Jock Brockie of Lochgelly club is 5th with Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline club in 6th spot. R Cook of Crossgates is 9th with his club mate G Bell in 10th place.   

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller who writes; from the Ridsdale (1) young bird race flown on Saturday the 1st of August 2020, we had 11 clubs sending 2400 birds to the race these were liberated at 08-50 into a west wind. Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall club win 1st 2nd & 5th federation, with 3rd & 6th places won by Mr. & Mrs Lindsay of Danderhall. Club mate Freddie Robertson is 4th with A Walker of the same club winning 7th 8th 9th & 10th places.

Club Winners;

Danderhall 1116 birds; 1st & 2nd Aitken 1244.8 &1244.8 3rd Lindsay 1241;

Woodburn 97 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Brown & Black 1207 1200 & 1091

Castlebrae 43 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd McCormack & Fraser 1189 1140 & 1055

Sighthill 145 birds; 1st Summers on 1181 2nd Barclay 1179 3rd Keenan 1172

Easthouses 55 birds; 1st & 2nd Perring 1136 & 1096 3rd Thomas 1090 

Edinburgh Premier 248 birds; 1st Gilchrist 1112, 2nd Bennett 1099 3rd Black 1093

Arniston 263 birds; 1st A Dewar 1100, 2nd Allen 1059, 3rd Lawson 1017

Edinburgh West 104 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Bennet 1098 1097 & 1085

Loanhead 70 birds; 1st & 3rd Murray 1060 & 903 2nd McCann 1050

Bonnyrigg 230 birds; 1st MacGregor & Lawrie 1049, 2nd & 3rd Stark & Benson 1043 & 1043

New Lothian 29 birds;

Next week race from Ridsdale (2) . All clubs 26 birds per basket. The young bird open race from Peterborough ALL entries to be in by Friday 7th August 2020:

New Lothian RPC

 News from Andy Miller who informs us from the Ridsdale young bird race which was flown on Saturday 1st August they had 39 lofts sending 1573 birds. These were liberated 08-50 into a west wind. The Danderhall loft of Helen Aitken & sons Helen Aitken & Sons who timed a youngster bred from a son of Brian Denney’s ‘Tuff Nut’ a multiple breeder of winners for the loft, when paired to a previous Federation winner for Helen bred down from their original Curtis, Wall Lunt & Green birds. For good measure she was also 2nd & 5th Open too. Well done all, 3rd place is won by Mr. & Mrs Lindsay of Danderhall they are also 6th open. Freddie Robertson of the same club is 4th 11th & 12th A Walker of the same club wins 7th 8th 9th & 10th place.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us that 45 members sent 1459 birds to Brechin 2 young bird’s race flown on 2nd August with the convoy liberated into a light west to south west wind. Topping the east section (14 members sending 480 birds) and open are C & M Williams of Peterhead & District who had a good race as they were also 2nd & 3rd section and open. R H Whyte of the same club takes the nest 3 places with A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club in 7th 15th & 16th east section 7th 27th & 28th open. The West section had 31 members sending 979 birds and winning 1st 2nd 3rd west section 8th 9th & 10th open are Fulton & Ritchie loft 2 of Devern Valley club. My (old mucker) Stuart Maskame of Peterhead & District is 8th 10th 11th east section 11th 13th & 17th open with W Henderson of Fraserburgh West End club winning 9th east section 12th open. J Abel of Devern Valley club wins 4th 5th 6th west section 14th 15th & 16th open with his club mate A Wilson winning 7th & 12th west section 18th & 26th open.  The partnership of Hay & Binnie of Devern Valley are 8th west section 19th open with G Ritchie of Peterhead & District winning 12th 13th & 14th east section 19th 20th & 21st open.   N Raymond of the Devern Valley club is 9th west section 23rd open with club mates G Wilson winning 10th west section 24th open and P Sherman winning 11th west section 25th open and A Foster of Inverurie club wins 17th & 18th east section 29th 7 30th open. 

Clubs First Bird

Peterhead & District winners are C & M Williams velocity 1425.944

Fraserburgh West End winner A Higgins velocity 1249.951

Devern Valley winner Fulton & Ritchie loft 2 velocity 1249.284

Inverurie winner A Foster velocity 1101.388

Keith winner A Cruickshank velocity 1092.917

Buckie & District winner R Bain velocity 973.202

Elgin & District winner J Jack velocity 865.924

Well done to C & M Williams on topping the federation and to Fulton & Ritchie on winning the West Section.

Lost Bird

Jim Doig of Cardenden has lost a blue hen SU16 8631 if you get it in can you give Jim a phone his number is 01592 722498, there is a reward to whoever gets her in. 

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