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The Joe Murphy Column - 18-09-20

The Joe Murphy Column

We could not believe it when we received the information that Kevin was in Ninewell’s Hospital in Dundee and had taken a heart attack. They have inserted a stent and he is now home, and he has to rest and take it easy. My aunt was on the phone (she is my dad’s sister) and she informed me that this health issue is dominant within the family history. My dad and his 2 brothers took them as did his own father and his brothers. So a long line of heart problems going back many generations. I know that medication has improved over time of my late granddad but it is still a worrying time. We are also glad that the pigeon season is over and Kevin will not have to run about to get birds ready for a race or go to the club and lift crates onto the transporter. God only knows what would have happened if he had taken one while doing this. I’ve told him to take it easy and look after himself. I must thank ALL the people who phoned or sent emails sending their best wishes for him. 


Angus federation were at Wakefield on the 5th September and liberated 07-45am into a light west wind. Topping the federation are Leggett & Greig of Forfar with club mates Kenny Droog & son winning 2nd 3rd & 10th .D & D Hay of Gourdon club are 4th 9th 14th & 20th with Macaulay Ferguson & Curran winning 5th & 6th open. Ian Scott of the same Forfar club is 7th & 11th with W Dorward of Gourdon club winning 8th 13th & 19th open. W MacKnight of Forfar is 12th with Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club winning 15th & 16th open Race controller Davie Glen of Forfar is 17th with club mate Eric Galloway winning 18th open.

East Section is won by D & D Hay of Gourdon who are also 3rd 5th & 9th section club mate W Dorward is 2nd 8th & 10th with Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath winning 6th & 7th positions

Club Winners;

Forfar 93 birds the winners are Leggett & Greig; Arbroath 15 birds’ winner Charlie & Glen Cameron; Gourdon 27 birds’ winner D & D Hay; Montrose 7 birds’ winner M Wallace.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

This week Wakefield on 05/09/2020 at 07:45 hours 4 members sent 15 birds liberated into a west wind. First 2nd 4th & 6th are Charlie & Glen Cameron with Les McKay winning 3rd & 5th places. Charlie forwarded the details of the winners; the winner was from a blue Stultjens-Van Dongen brother and sister pairing. Sire was 3rd combine Peterborough and 5th combine Maidstone in 2020. Second was from Les McKay pigeon from his blue that has flown 8 times in channel races, 5 times Reims and 3 times Clermont when paired to an inbred daughter of ‘Little Dorrie’ who won 3rd open SNFC Reims.  Les’s pigeon is from the blue cock mentioned above when mated to a John Ellis crossed John Duthie hen.  

Ayrshire Federation

Hi Joe, Hope you and your family are all doing well. Please find the last report from the racing season with Ayrshire Fed. This is one season I am glad to see the back of as will many other for one reason and another. As well as the attached race report,

I have also attached 3 photos of the 1st x 3 winners in the Federation these are Robert and son Stewart of Boyd Brothers winners of 1st federation;

Robert and Son Stewart Boyd 1st Fed Ripon 05 09 2020

Robert and Son Stewart Boyd 1st Fed Ripon

2nd fed are Mr & Mrs Keith Sansom,

Mr Mrs K Sansom 2nd Fed Ripon 05 09 2020

Mr & Mrs K Sansom 2nd Fed Ripon

with 3rd place going to Robert Reid.

Robert Reid 3rd Fed Ripon

Robert Reid 3rd Fed Ripon

Many thanks once again for your support to Ayrshire federation with the inclusion of our reports into your weekly column in the BHW. It is very much appreciated Joe so thank you. For Ayrshire federation 5th and final young bird race of the season from Ripon flown on the 5th of September. The federation will be glad this is the last race of the season; as for the Ripon race, we seen a massive drop of 893 birds on the previous week’s race and from Ridsdale we had an entry of 1,109 birds, now we are down to 216 birds for this Ripon race. Unfortunately this week’s race from Ripon has turned out to be worse than the previous week’s race from Ridsdale. Returns at clock checking (with clubs putting this off to the next morning) saw round 14% birds’ home by night fall and we had 4 clubs failing to record any pigeons in race time. Does ANYBODY have the answers to the horrific losses most feds nationwide have experienced this year as we cannot continue to loose birds at this rate, especially our young birds. Our convoyer Jim had the 216 birds away at 08-45 into a light west to north-west wind for a race of between 150 miles to 176 miles to the top end of the federation. Leading the way in the federation this week and putting up another terrific performance in a very hard race to win 1st fed for the 2nd week in a row, is the partnership of Boyd Brothers & son from the Whitletts & District club. One of the partnerships Stewart was telling me their 1st fed winner doing 867.7ypm is a blue bar natural hen and is bred down off their own Soontjen stock birds.

The sire was 10th fed, 1st South Section Maidstone in 2019 and the dam won 5th section F SNFC YB Buckingham in 2017. 2nd federation on 853.6ypm is the partnership of Mr & Mrs K Sansom from the Whitletts & District club. Keith was saying his blue bar white flight hen; Delbar x Lambrecht was flying on the darkness. Her nest mate won 1st club, 2nd south section from Lauder (1) in the first young bird race of the season. Her sire was purchased from Matt Brown and the dam was from Stobbs Bros of UNC. The 3rd federation winner on 818.3ypm is a man who is never far away in these hard races, namely Robert Reid of Beith. Robert timed an early bred blue bar natural cock sent due to hatch. His sire is a dark chequer who won 1st region, 12th open SNFC Buckingham. His parents have 4 national diplomas and a 1st federation between them. The dam has 2 national diplomas, 4th section Maidstone and 6th section Ypres.

Winners from in and around the Clubs

North Section sent 111 birds; 1st Dalry HS is R Reid velocity 818.315, 1st Ardeer HS is J Donald velocity 778.559, 1st Darvel HS are Cowan & Findlay velocity 961.173.

Central Section sent 21 birds; 1st Irvine HS is T Blakely velocity 773.878.

South Section entered 84 birds; 1st Whitletts & District are Boyd Brothers & son velocity 867.702, 1st Cumnock & District is J McKenzie velocity 542.759.

My thanks to Archie and all his club press officers who forward their information on their winners, enjoy the spare time you have lads and hopefully it will not be so stressful than sitting watching for pigeons.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Lynne Stewart who informs us that the federation were at Swallwell on the 5th September with the convoy of 317 birds liberated at 10:00 hours. Topping the federation is I Jamieson of Balerno club with his black cock doing a velocity of 1139; he also wins 15th 21st & 22nd. Jimmy M Young of East Calder takes the next 11 places, plus he wins 19th place. J Burnside of West Calder is 13th 25th & 29th positions. John Bird of West Calder is 14th 28th & 34th. East Calder Freddie Jamieson & son win 16th 23rd 24th & 27th Bonnybridge’s Vic Couper wins 17th 20th & 40th places.  Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder are 18th 32nd & 36th with Dougie Bald of Balerno winning 26th place then we have John Hadfield of West Calder winning 30th & 33rd places. Stewart & Berry of Bonnybridge club are 31st & 35th with club mates George Harris in 37th positions and Law & Brady win 38th & 39th places.  

Club Winners;

Balerno entered 24 birds; I Jameson wins 1139.554, 1078.376, 1041.514, 1041.296

Bonnybridge entered 129birds; V Couper 1056.481, 1045.505, Stewart & Berry 966.260, 948.306

Carnwath entered 40 birds; J & I Alston 867.560, 855.064, 854.336. J Stokes 847.031

East Calder entered 71 birds; J M Young 1124.030, 1123.778, 1123.778, 1123.653

West Calder entered 53 birds; J Burnside 1101.805, J Bird 1081.058, J Burnside 1022.191, J Bird 996.711

Central Federation

Broxburn & Uphall news from Bernie Britton who writes, ‘Hi Joe, from the Scottish Central federations Newark open race the result is as follows; 1st x 3places are won by John McNeill with the winner a blue bar hen flown on darkness she is a Lambrecht out of the stock loft from stock from his good friend Terry Rigney she was also 16th fed Appleby and 7th open SCC Wakefield. John’s 2nd bird is a blue bar hen a Lambrecht on darkness out of the stock loft from stock from Ian Stafford she was 8th open SCC Wakefield and a sister won 1st section from SNFC YB national in 2019 she is also a winner in the federation this year. John’s 3rd bird is a blue chequer, hen on darkness she is a Gabby out of the stock loft from his good friends D & J Hawkins & Evans a full brother was 2nd section and also won 3rd section young bird national in 2018. John was also 9th 11th 12th 13th & 14th open. Great flying and let us not forget John’s loft manager Marion who keeps John on track, Pat Rafferty& sons were 8th open. Thanks once again for all your help Joe in keeping me right during the season we only have one more race to go the Wakefield open. The members would also like to thank you for the publicity we have received in your weekly column, keep up the good work, yours Bernie’.

East of Scotland Federation

Tom McEwen with the above federation open race flown from Newark on the 5th September with the convoy being liberated into a west wind at 07-00 hours: Topping the federation with the first 2 birds plus 9th open is Dougie Grieve of Longniddry. His federation winner sire is on loan from Jimmy Mark of Tranent, he is from Mark Gilbert bloodlines being a full sister to ‘Southfield Melissa’. Dam is from a son of Geoff Kirkland ‘37 Cock’ crossed with a cousin of Geoff Cooper ‘Wollongong’ down from Brockamp bloodlines. Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton competes a great young bird season winning 3rd & 10th open. Rab Waddle of Prestonpans is there again in 4th open with club mate Tam Hunnam who is also having a good season finishing off with a 5th & 7th open. The consistent Keith Howie is their again winning 6th open completing the top 10 in 8th position is Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone with the same hen that was 5th open from Wakefield last week.          

Prestonpans HS

First club is Rab Waddle with a chequer hen her sire is a Vanderbilt bloodlines bred by Chic Vasey of UNC, dam is a direct daughter of Brian Laverty 8th open SNFC winner. 2nd club is Tam Hunnam down from his Braspenning bloodlines. 3rd club is Keith Howie with a chequer pied cock down from Vandenabeele bloodlines. Sire obtained from Graham Stewart of Whitecraigs, dam is a daughter of Keith’s top pigeon ‘Blue Arrow’. My thanks go to Tom McEwen for the above details and his weekly reports of the Federation and club throughout the season.   

Fife Federation

From the Wakefield young bird open race flown on the 5th September the members sent 309 birds to the race these were liberated at 8-30 into a light west wind.  Topping the federation with a velocity of 1235 is Dave Baldie of St Andrews. M Molloy of Methilhaven club takes from 2nd to 5th open in the section and open with Tam Laing of Kennoway in 6th section and open. Brian Kinnear of Glenrothes & Leslie club takes the first 7 places in the centre section and wins 7th 8th 21st to 25th open. J Hynd & son of Crossgates take the first 5 in the west section and win 13th to 17th open. My thanks to Geordie Todd for sending in his race results since the season started.

Pentlandhills Federation & New Lothian RPC

News from Andy Miller with the results of the New Lothian RPC and Pentland Hills Federation with their race from Newark young bird race flown Saturday 5th September with the convoy liberated at 07-00 into a west wind with 41 members sending 408 birds, Chris Bennet has forwarded the details of his 1st federation winner including a photograph of the winner. ‘My winner this week was a red chequer hen not a cock as it is on ETS. She was bred in the racing loft her sire was gifted to me as a young bird from my cousin Ian. The sire was a consistent performer this season winning 2 club races and in the top 30 of the federation open from Billericay. The dam is a Staff Van Reet out of my ‘old cock 999’ who was a multiple club winner and also won 55th open 10th section B from Clermont flying 514 miles with the SNFC; he has also been a top breeder over the last 9 years. This week's winner is on the darkness and has raced well all season, she was sent to the race paired to an old cock along with another 3 young hens who were all fighting to get in the bowl with him prior to basketing the 4 hens where my first 4 home from the race on what turned out to be a good race. (Thank You to Chris for the above information on his bird, what a difference it makes when fanciers take the time to assist me and Andy by providing the details Joe Murphy)

Red Hen see text

The Federation top 10, are as follows; Chis wins £70 with Helen Aitken & son of Danderhall blue in 2nd place winning £61-50p; D & J Allen of Woodburn club are 3rd winning £47; Freddie Robertson from Danderhall has 2 birds in 4th & 7th places winning £466 for their efforts. S & S Tierney of the same club is 5th winning £36 then we come to SNFC Gold Cup winners W Kinnear & son of Danderhall who win £27. K Dick of Edinburgh Premier club is 8th winning £33-50, he is followed by Mr & Mrs Keenan of Sighthill club who win £13.00 and making up the top 10 are T Nolan & son of Danderhall club who win £21-50. The young bird nomination winning £146 is I Summers with a Belge rung youngster doing a velocity of 1074.

The Pentlandhills federation Peterborough young bird open was flown on Wednesday 2nd September with 21 lofts prepaying 76 birds, with 13 lofts actual sending 34 birds. Liberated at 07-00 into a south wind the winner was A Walker of Danderhall who lifted £1595 for his efforts as his winner was pooled right through and also had the nomination on it, well done. 2nd & 6th is A W Robertson also from Danderhall who wins £535; M Robertson of the same club is 3rd winning £255. John Bird of the East of Scotland has 3 birds on the result in 4th 10th & 11th winning £678 Danderhall’s S & S Tierney are 5th lifting £60, D Mercer of Arniston is 7th and wins £215 for his efforts. Mr & Mrs Lindsay of Danderhall have 2 birds winning 8th & 9th place with both birds winning £20 each. I Johnston of Bonnyrigg is 12th and also wins £20 the total pay-out was £3038-50 not bad for a federation race, well done to all the above winners. My thanks to Andy for his consistent support over the years;.   

Joe’s Joke

Loft man required.

Must be conscientious and hardworking, early riser, able to carry to muck-spreading, painting, ploughing, hedge-trimming, and ditching, gardening, general electricity maintenance work, including thatching and mangle-hoeing.  Willing to assist with fox-hounds, badge-trapping and ferret breeding. Able to Distil whisky, poke the fire, ride a bike, attend to the plumbing, pump the church organ, pick hemp, run, jump, fight, etc.; wheel a barrow and push a truck. Pleasant easy work, suit active pensioner with wife willing to milk 50 cows, Do the housework and run a fish and chip shop in the evenings. Only 350 pairs of birds kept. Applicant with own scraper and wooden leg preferred as we also plant potatoes,

Apply – Col o Gore- Blymeigh, The Manor, Thimble Bumstead (or my Looney Bin). My thanks to Gerald Barrett for the above, (don’t think I would apply ha ha).

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