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The Joe Murphy Column - 13-11-2020

The Joe Murphy Column
The SHU Trophy winners for 2020 season are as follows;
News from Linda Brooks the SHU Secretary who forwarded the details of the winners. "Davie Gullane wins the Annie Ross Bowes Trophy’.  Davie has been the SHU stray officer since 2012 and is a worthy winner of this silver salver.  The SHU Stray Officer has a difficult job co-ordinating the processing and repatriation of pigeons to their appropriate Federations and owners particularly since the centre itself is no longer on the race route having relocated from Gretna.  This means every federation has to make arrangements to ferry the collected strays to the centre then again to have them picked up after Davie has them sorted into their respective Federation baskets.  Davie goes to special lengths to make sure any bird passing through the centre gets the best care and attention and will often hold on to any for an additional period to ensure it is fit to be transported home.  The past season has been a difficult one for Davie on a personal level yet he has continued to keep the welfare of your pigeons high on his list of priorities and we are ALL indebted to him for the work he carries out during each young bird race season."  
The Dewar Trophy was not won this year and this is the first time EVER since its introduction in 1973. The reason being this trophy is for performance achieved by a bird from CHANNEL races into Scotland. Due to the Covid 19 virus the SNFC only held ONE channel race this season with their other race from the inland race point of Maidstone. The stipulations for the Dewar Trophy are a pigeon has to win twice in the same season from over the channel. So therefore no winners in 2020.
The McCrae’s Battalion Trophy for (multi performances old bird & young bird from a single loft) is won by G W & P Macaloney. Their blue cock SU19 4804 won the following positions.

Date             Race Point         Distance   Position Won    Birds     Velocity

20 May                  Hexham                          97-1253              8 club                             395             1345

6  June                  Ripon                              157-93                2 club                             373             1088                       2 LSC          942

                                                                      2 Sect           2237

                                                                      2 Fed           5697

12 June        Worksop                213-1717     1 Club          273             1469

                                                                      1 LSC           703  

                                                                      1 Sect           1638                                                                                      1 Fed            4225

                    Yearling Open                           1 Sect           1150                                                                                      1 Open         2960

18 June        Melton Mowbray   249-675       8 Club          154             1042

                                                                      15 LSC        371

                                                                      12 Sect         824

                                                                      26 Fed         2004

24 June        Kettering               276-1066     5 Club          37               1170

                                                                      12 LSC        286

                                                                      16 Sect         315  

                                                                      25 Fed          719

This cock only entered in 6 races in 2020 and featured in every result.

Blue hen SU20 2403

1 August      Kelso                     63-1627       2 Club          349             1089

                                                                      3 LSC          724            

                                                                      3 Sect           1688                                                                                           4 Fed            3794

30 August    Hexham                 97-1253       8 Club          195             1142

                                                                      9 LSC          452  

                                                                      12 Sect         726  

                                                                      18 Fed         1674

5 September   Sedgefield            130-1587     2 Club          150             1095

                                                                      2 LSC          302  

                                                                      2 Sect           362

                                                                      2 Fed            890

12 September Ripon                  157-93         2 Club          65              

                                                                      2 LSC          154

                                                                      4 Sect           156

                                                                      4 Fed           470

The Celtic Trophy presented by Taffy Bowen from Wales, for performances up to 300 miles is won by Brian Chalmers; SU17DF1568 blue cock

Race Point   Date          Position Won       No Birds      Distance       Velocity

Alnwick       20 June        1st club 1st Fed       1873        77-853         1306-2

Ripon           30 June        3 club 3 Fed           1529       157-13         1267-19

Melton         12 July         1 club 1 Fed           995        153-1221      1353            


Coldstream  18 July          1club 1Fed            674          50-60         1302

Brian also wins the Yearling Friendship Cup for outstanding performance; with his blue hen SU19F131 winner of 2nd club 3rd section C 9th open SNFC Maidstone from an entry of 2894 birds; flying a distance of 377 miles 1 yard; recording a velocity of 1265.27  
The Unikon Trophy for Outstanding Performances by Young Bird is won by Billy Bilsland; with SU20 591 winner of 1st section 1st open SNFC Huntingdon flying a distance of 254miles -1081 yards recording a velocity of 1393-85
The Old Bird Ogilvie Trophy for Individual Performance is won by W Kinnear & son Barry; with their blue bar cock SU16P2592 winner of 1st section B 1st open SNFC Reims flying a distance of 551 miles 1592 yards recording a velocity of 1541-44. Winning the race by 117 yard per minutes this amounts to a lead of 53 minutes over the 2nd pigeon from an entry of 1,490 birds.  
The Mr & Mrs Murphy Trophy; for Young Bird Performance Champion is won by John McNeill of Broxburn. The winner is SU20CA1872 a blue hen. Her performances are as follows;
Date           Race Point        Position won       Birdage    Distance      Velocity

15 August    Appleby         16 Fed                 896           102-736      1264-283

30 August    Wakefield      7   Fed                 348           176-1413    1061-722

30 August    Wakefield      7  SC Combine    270                                           

5 September Newark         1st Fed                  133           224-970      1178-045

12 Sept         Huntingdon  4sect D                 1144        281-1178    1208-87

SNFC            57 Open

Whom I’m informed is not very well and is in hospital at this time; I hope this news gives John and his wife Marion a little lift. They are both in our thoughts at this time.
Congratulations to ALL the ABOVE winners from the SHU management select committee WELL DONE one and ALL.   

EU Regulation

I was asked by a friend to check out the RPRA web site regarding the above issue. There is information circulating on social media regarding EU Regulation 2016/429. This regulation, that is relevant to the transport of animals, has been in force since 2016. However, the concerns raised in the posts relate to supplementary requirements of EU Regulation 2020/688 which comes into force in 2021, in particular the interpretation that the relevant article requires animals to be ‘quarantined’ for 21 days after attending sporting events in other EU countries. In the case of pigeon racing this would mean quarantined within the loft. This is obviously unworkable and would be detrimental to pigeon racing all over Europe. The RPRA has already approached DEFRA and the APHA to seek clarification. In addition other European racing organisations have contacted their government departments. This issue has also been raised with the FCI. The EU has a long history of recognising pigeon racing as a historic and cultural activity that requires a different approach to transportation, disease control and animal transport in general. We are positive that any issue that may result from the new regulation will be clarified as soon as possible and discussions opened, in order to reach a position that facilitates our requirements as a cultural activity. Check out the RPRA web site for updated information. JM

This week’s Photos

Received an email from Kenny Droog who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, hope you are staying safe and well, and Kevin is doing ok. We have a grandson who doesn’t look at the pigeon but I have forward you a photo of little ‘Ellis’ who has just turned 3 and will not stay out of the loft. In fact during the racing season, I was lucky after I timed in she nipped in opened the door and let the birds out. I have forwarded a pic with her and a late bred she likes, (I know what you are thinking Joe Murphy; late breds in October).

Ellis see text

Not great news up here as we have heard that Bob Baldie is giving up the pigeons and he is such a nice man.  I have also enclosed a photograph of a chequer hen that was owned by the great Dr Anderson. There is no name on the back of the picture, and I wonder if any readers of your column know anything about the pigeon.

Dr Anderson hen see text

I go a farmer who lives in  Bo`ness and when he was downsizing he asked if I would like a Dr Anderson original picture. His late uncle was a great friend of the doctor and was left the picture in his will, and it was passed down to him. If anyone knows anything relating to the hen please contact Kenny on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good Birds

Good Birds

The first pigeon highlighted this week is a chequer 4 year old hen SU16F1953; she is raced by SNFC Maidstone winner Brian Chalmers of Kennoway. As a 2 year old she won 20th section C but no open prize from Roye a distance of 510 miles 1515 yards. Then in 2019 she was timed from Maidstone to win 40th section C 158th open flying 377 miles this same year she was again across the channel to the same race point Roye and she was to the fore wining 12th section C 31st open. This year 2020 she was sent to the only channel race from Reims Gold Cup race and she won 5th section C 9th open flying a distance of 567 miles. This should win her a SNFC Silver Award for Brian who has had a very successful year as he won 1st open SNFC Maidstone in 2020, a season he will never forget that’s for sure. Staying in section C we come to another SNFC winner John Wiseman of Dundee who won 1st open SNFC Reims with ‘Balnuith Dreims’ in 2018. John timed his blue bar hen SU17DF2025 who in 2018 won 18th section C 46th open flying a distance of 395 miles; then in 2019 she won 71st section C 193rd open from Buckingham a distance of 323 miles. She was entered into the Maidstone race but failed to win a section or open prize (she was 12 places from making the open result: however she did win John some pool money. This year 2020 she was entered into the Gold Cup race from Reims and she won 29th section C 99th open flying a distance of 583 miles so a pigeon to look out for next year John. We now come to another hard luck pigeon flown by Hamish Ferguson from Broxburn his chequer cock SU12CA2294 as a 3 year old won 5th section D 84th open from Clermont 1547 birds doing a velocity of 1112 ypm for a distance of 517 miles. The following year he was entered into the Ypres race with a convoy of 2324 birds flying a distance of 439 miles he recorded a velocity of 918 ypm and he won 192nd open but no section prize. Moving onto 2017 he was sent to the Alencon race  with an entry of 1742 birds flying a distance of 540 miles to his home loft. He was to the fore and won 2nd section D 29th open doing a velocity of 624 when only 50 birds made it home from this ‘smash’; He competed in the Gold Cup race in 2018 but was out of the prize list. He was entered into the Gold Cup race from Burdinne in 2019with 1251 birds competing and he won 77th open but no section prize flying 512 miles recording a velocity of 1313 ypm. This year 2020 he was set up for Reims race with 1490 birds competing entered by 313 members flying a distance of 561 miles and once again he did not win a section D prize card but made the open result winning 143rd open. This was such a pity as he has won 5 times on the open result from 5 different race points however he has won only twice in the section D and requires ONE MORE section diploma for his Silver Award and I hope he can achieve this next year, as he has also been curtailed due to Covid as there was only one distance race in the national this year, hope you can achieve this award next year Hamish. As birds like these don’t come along very often; Dale Renwick has sent me a photograph of Hamish’s pigeon.

Hamish Chec Cock see text

My last pigeon in this feature this week comes from the south section and is another hard luck story. This blue bar hen SU15S3180 is raced by Graham Dalgliesh & son of Ecclefechan, in 2018 she won72nd open no section prize from Roye a distance of 449 miles; then in 2019 she was entered into the Buckingham inland national and she won 36th section A 173rd open flying 231 miles. She was then entered into the Burdinne Gold Cup race and she was to the fore winning 2nd section A and 7th open flying a distance of 466 miles. This year 2020 she was entered into the Reims race a distance of 509 miles and won 14th section A but no open position had she won a section prize from her first water race she could have won a Silver Award but she still has time on her side and can do it in 2021, wishing Graham and his son all the best in achieving this award.

Joe’s Joke

Who says Men don’t remember.

A couple were Christmas shopping; the town centre was packed full and as she walked around she was surprised to discover her husband was nowhere to be seen. She was quite upset as they had a lot to do and hence, she was so worried that she called him on her mobile phone to ask him where he was. In a quiet voice he said, ‘Do you remember the jewellers we went into about 5 years ago, where you fell in love with that diamond neckless we couldn’t afford, and I told you I would get it for you one day?. The wife choked up and started to cry and said ‘Yes, I do remember that shop’.  He replied ‘Well I’m in the pub next door’.    

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