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The Joe Murphy Column - 21-05-21

The Joe Murphy Column

I noticed in the BHW that we may are still having problems getting over to France with the levels of Avian Bird Flu on the continent stopping us from racing just now Let us hope by the time the birds reach the south coast (Maidstone/Eastbourne) area the restrictions will be lifted. Racing seems to have started ok however we have experienced quite heavy showers these past few weeks however I have not heard of any heavy losses which is good.          


Angus Federation

Angus Fed convoy were liberated at 09-30 into a light north east wind and was dominated by the Forfar club which alone sent 647 birds, wind and location has a big bearing on where the winners are, Ken Droog had the first bird winning 1st club and Federation 844 birds, he timed a 4 year old blue chequer cock on vel 1338, this cock has always been steady and was at last year’s Reims race flying 588 miles, his sire is a son of Padfield Jack that great 600 miles cock who won 56th, 88th,161st and 337th open Tarbes NFC flying 607 miles, when he was mated to a daughter of Cees Luykx  241, 1st National Barcelona , when he was mated to 2nd national Tarbes also the car winner via House of Aarden, his dam is a daughter of  my De444 he was bred by Eijkerkamp from the great champion Red Rising Sun when he was paired to a daughter of Vim Muller`s no1 racing and breeding cock “Genaaiden” Who won 19th Nat Barcelona,64th Nat Perpignan his g/son bred Vim`s 1st National Barcelona last year. De444 was paired to a direct Rutz & Son’s hen a daughter of their champion racing and breeding cock Basil when he was paired to 3rd National Barcelona 600 miles. De444 is G/sire of many winners at all distances some of the best would include,7th Open Maidstone into a NE wind vel 1084, 27th Open SNFC Roye 533mls ,14.5hrs on wing vel 1078, 47th Open SNFC Maidstone 400mls ‘ 31st Open SNFC Y/B National on a really hard day vel 999.19, so how did this cock win a 65 mile race, light NE wind, he got a new hen who he seems to really taken to, they are raced on roundabout and working well at the home end. 2nd club and fed is Ian Scott one of the backbones of the Forfar club and the one man to beat each week, it`s only a few years since he won 1st SNFC Roye with his great racing hen now retired to the stock loft, he timed a 5 year old hen , which slipped the pad or it could have been even closer vel 1330.02  she has previously won 2nd in a hard Leicester race 300 miles comes down from the old Honeysuckle Janssens, Ian  also takes 10th fed he races his birds on roundabout and they go every week. Third club and fed is Ken Droog with a yearling red hen joint breeding with Alex Power, he loaned him a daughter of one of his best Bricoux stock cock, she flew  steady as a y/b but this is her first card, vel 1319.86 again on roundabout. 4th club and fed is Ken Droog with another yearling, a cock on vel 1313, he is the very best Brockamp/ Euro Diamond blood and is a g/son to 1st NFC Saintes, he is inbred being from a son of Southfield Jane and a granddaughter through a daughter of Southfield Jane, this is his 3rd win on the bounce having finished last year with 8th Fed Ripon,183mls vel 1007, 6 days later won 3rd Fed, 3rd Combine Wakefield, 213 miles vel 1108 and now 4th fed and 17th combined liberation 1728 birds. Club secretary David Liddle wins 5th ,8th and 17th club and Fed, his 1st on a velocity of 1306 is a 3 year old cock widowhood cock, he flew consistently as ay/b and yearling, last year he only had 3 races due to an injury, his sire is a cross of Robert Rome great National winner “Reimus” back into David’s old family, the dam is a Gordon Campbell crossed with a John Duthie (Busschaert) sadly John is no longer with us, however his blood is through many of the winning pigeons. Another previous National winner Davie Glen takes 6th, 7th and 9th club and fed, all are raced on widowhood and Davie is an expert on the system. His first bird timed is a Joe Hunt crossed House of Aarden.

Dundee Fed

Sent 884 birds to the race, and yet another national winner Bruce McKenzie took the first 4 position in the federation and the joint liberation of 1728 birds, with the winner named “Joe Legacy”, Bruce races the standard widowhood system and there are few any better right up to 1st SNFC Roye over 500 miles, the winner a 3 year old was inherited from his good friend Joe Hunt after his sad passing, he was broken into the loft as a yearling and last year won 1st Logie club, 5th Dundee fed Wakefield 205 miles, the other being Bruce excellent Van Loon / Janssens family. Charlie Watson had a great race winning 5th, 6th, 7th 8th and 12th fed and also in the joint liberation, his 1st is a hen was being called to the nest by her cock, her sire was bought at the Lier market, while her dam comes through the late John Duthie another great flyer in fact John won the SNFC twice. His next was a hen sitting 14 days, her sire was a Carl Herman purchased from John Duthie and his next was a cock with the hen due to lay her second egg, the sire was purchased at Dereck and Jim Anderson`s clearance sale, the dam was a Herman Ceuster bred by John Duthie, next he had a Grizzle hen sitting 12 days, sire from Jack Alexander, while the dam bred from John Duthie bloodlines, his next cock was sitting 10 days on eggs, it was bred by John Wiseman from Peter Virtue bloodlines. D & C McCleary had 3 good birds taking 9th 10th and 11th Fed and joint liberation. I only have details of the 1st first bird Joe; Craig only started racing pigeons with his dad and Danny Henderson asked his pal John Duthie to breed Craig a bird, he is a 3 year old cock raced on roundabout and he has always been stead after scoring as a y/b.

Angus Fed also has an east section with the winner at Arbroath being C &A Carrie with a yearling on 1143. Winning at Montrose is Gordon Campbell on 1073, but dominating the east section is W Dorward and D& D Hay. With W Dorward taking 1st 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th east section, the first is a 2 year old cock bred down from Bill Dorward of St Vigeans stock; he had 4 races as a young bird and 3 as a yearling doing 1230. His next cock again Bill Dorward bred sire & dam coming from Jimmy Curran of Dundee stock, 4 races as a y/b and 4 as a yearling. D & D Hay took 3rd 5th and 10th east section their 1st bird on 1222. These birds are flying right up the top of the fed covering 80 miles so are good birds. Great write up Kenny look forward to your weekly report Joe M.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club news from Charlie Cameron on the Wooler race flown on Friday 7th  May 2021 with the convoy liberated at 08:30 hours into a light north east wind, with 4members sending 96 birds. Taking the top spot is Graham McKenzie with a yearling NEHU bird doing 1080 velocity. Charlie & Glen Cameron take the next 4 places with Les McKay winning 6th 7th & 9th positions, Chic & Anne Carrie are in 8th place.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Lynn Stewart who informs us that the federation held their race on Wednesday 5th May from Otterburn; with the convoy of 929 birds liberated at 08:50 hours: Taking the 1st 2nd 3rd 6th 10th 27th 28th 29th open places is George Harris Bonnybridge club: Freddie Jamieson & Son of East Calder are 4th 5th 19th 21st 37th& 30th open. S Russell of West Calder is 7th 23rd 30th 33rd & 34th open with W Fairley of Balerno in 8th 9th & 24th positions; Burnside & Drysdale of East Calder are 11th & 26th open with John Bird of West Calder winning 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th & 35th open. C Ross of Balerno is in 18th place with J Burt of West Calder in 20th spot; Dougie Bald of Balerno is 22nd with E Jones & Grandson of Bonnybridge club in 25th place their club mates B & D Halliday are 31st with other Bonnybridge members Wells & Scott in 32nd position. Jimmy M Young of East Calder is 36th & 37th with Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club in 40th position.

Balerno 181 birds; W Fairley 1113.832, 1113.832, C Ross 1102.863, D Bald 1098.410

Bonnybridge 231 birds; G Harris 1147.278, 1146.016, 1145.876, 1125.386 Carnwath 102 birds; McArdle & Thomson 884.109, J&I Alston 838.356, W Watson 835.277, J&I Alston 809.013

East Calder 209 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1127.976, 1125.713, Burnside & Drysdale 1106.171, F Jamieson & Son 1102.739

West Calder 206 birds; S Russell 1116.198, J Bird 1105.688, 1105.213, 1104.89

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who informs us the their 2nd race of the new season saw us back to Lauder on Sunday 9th May with an entry of 1,917 birds for a distance of between 59 miles up to 80 miles to the north end of the fed. Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 08-35 into light south wind with broken clouds. Reports from the liberation site informed us that the birds cleared well. Topping the federation this week and for the 2nd week in a row on 1400.2, is Alex Howie of Stevenston, flying in Ardeer HS. What a fantastic pigeon Alex’s 3 year old widowhood blue cock ‘Canal Boy’ has turned out to be taking 1st fed to add to his 1st fed in last week’s race from Lauder One? ‘Canal Boy’ is a direct son of Alex’s “Argyle Boy” who won 1st club, 1st sect Buckingham for Alex in 2017. The sire and dam are both from Andy Miller. ‘Canal Boy’ only had 3 races as a young bird, and then Alex moved home in 2020 where he has certainly settled in well. To add to Alex’s super performance on Sunday, it was a double celebration as it was also Alex’s birthday. I have added a photo of Alex relaxing at home after clock checking with mug in hand inscribed with the words ‘The pigeon whisperer’; just the mug to top off a fantastic performance.

Alex Howie 1st Fed Lauder2
Alex Howie 1st Fed Lauder2

2nd federation this week on 1372.8 is Ricky Young of Moscow flying in the Kilmarnock Invitation club. Ricky had a fantastic team performance from this race winning 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th fed, timing the 6 pigeons in 11 seconds. Taking 2nd fed for Ricky was a yearling widowhood cock.; his sire is a full brother to GPW Macaloney’s SHU award winning pigeon ‘Kid Dynamite’ and the dam is off two SHU award winners ‘Black Caviar’ x ‘Denman’ you will not get much better breeding from the GPW Macaloney lofts.

2nd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young
2nd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young

3rd fed on 1372.2 for Ricky is a yearling widowhood hen. Ricky purchased both parents at a sale held by Baz Nicol to raise funds for a local young lad ‘Kyle’ who had a serious spinal injury. The dam was bred by Alan Devlin from Cumbria good ‘Marra’ and the sire was bred by Justin Rodgers of Bosliven Lofts. Ricky would like to pass on his congratulation to Alex on his fantastic performance; I would like to thank Alex and Ricky for supplying the information on their winning pigeons.

3rd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young
3rd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young

Winners from in and around the Clubs

North Section 769 birds; 1st Ardeer HS is Alex Howie 1400. 1st Dalry HS is Jim Shepherd 1362.2.  1st Darvel HS are Cowan & Findlay 1290.2, 1st Kilwinning HS is M Salmon 1246.5.
Central Section 477 birds; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Young 1372.8, 1st Irvine HS is H Pollock 1312.2. 1st Crosshouse HS is I Noble 1226.4.

South Section 671 birds;
1st Annbank & District is D Graham 1237.1. 1st Whitletts & District is W Lawrence 1196.393; 1st Cumnock & District is J Mackenzie 1182.8; 1st Mauchline & District is G Slaven 1131.7; and 1st Dalmellington Pigeon Club is S Boyce 976.9.

The pictures I have attached Joe are of 1st federation winner Alex Howie winning pigeon. This pigeon has topped the fed for the 2nd week in a row.

I have also attached a photo of Alex relaxing at home with his mug in had that is inscribed with the wording ‘The pigeon whisperer’ I thought the photo was quite appropriate given he has just topped the fed with the same pigeon for the second week in a row. The other 2 pictures are of Ricky Young with his daughter. One of the pictures is of Ricky with his 2nd fed winner and the other is with his 3rd fed winner. I hope you and the family are holding up well as at times like this during the racing season lots of memories will come flooding back and I am sure they will be many fond memories. Many Thanks again Joe for your support. Archie McIntyre 

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who writes; the convoy of birds were liberated at Catterick at 09-30 hours into a south wind. Topping the federation and taking the first 4 open positions making it a fantastic race for Davie Blair of Prestonpans, an outstanding performance Davie well done. In with a nice one taking 5th open is Dougie Grieve of Longniddry; always there and this time taking 6th open is Keith Howie of Prestonpans. Also flying well and in 7th open is Brian Laverty also from Preston pans. Another top ten finish for Tommy Flockhart of Port Seton winning in 8th spot, and finishing off the top 10 taking the last 2 places is Bobby Dickson of Preston Pans.

Prestonpans HS

Taking the first 3 places is Davie Blair with a 2 year old white grizzle hen containing Roland Jansen bloodlines; both sire and dam bred by John Pryde of Gorebridge. Davie’s 2nd bird is a 2 year old blue cock sire and dam both bred by Kevin Lawson from Soontjens bloodlines, his 3rd bird is 2 year old blue cock once again containing Kevin’s Soontjens bloodlines. Thanks Joe once again for adding us into your weekly article, wishing you and Margaret all the best yours Tom’.

Central Federation

News from Bernie who writes, ‘Hi Joe, can I give you the Broxburn & Uphall race result flown on 7th May 2021 with 7 members sending 299 birds , these were liberated at 10- 00am into a north west wind. Winning 1st club 2nd fed is John Mac Neill with a yearling Gabby blue hen flying spare out of the stock loft. Sire is a D & J Hawkins & Evans with the dam from R Wright from Whitburn both parents have bred winners with different mates.

2nd club 3rd fed is also John with a blue 2 year chequer cock feeding a big youngster  and driving his to nest he also is bred out the stock loft both his sire dam are grandchildren of ‘Sammy’s Memory’. Joe I’ve got to mention his good lady Marion who does a great job with the birds as John say’s it’s a great team effort. 3rd club 4th fed is the partnership of Sid Steven & Davie Gullane flying a yearling chequer hen looking at her mate, her sire is a grizzle cock gifted to us by Owenson Brothers from their Pitt Bull lines; dam is a Herman Ceuster from their good mate Bobby Logan of New Cumnock; she has only had 1 race as a young bird from Stobbs Camp this was her 2nd race (not a bad pigeon).

Winchburgh club

Well done to Robert McGill & his grandson on winning the federation and to Mark Doran who was 2nd & 3rd club. Joe I hope to get more information on the birds soon so come on guys I don’t mind putting it in yours Bernie B’.

Fife Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies

Geordie Todd informs us that the federation held their race from Catterick on Sunday the 9th May with the 1761 birds liberated at 09-00 hours into a south west wind, the top 10 in the federation and east section are won by 2 lofts (near neighbours) namely John Harcus and Dave Baldie of St Andrews, John is 1st & 9th while Dave takes the remainder of the positions. The East Section had Methilhaven sending 306 birds with Kennoway sending 276 and St Andrews 117 birds. 

The West Section had Perth club sending 41 birds; Lochgelly 242 birds; Crossgates 384 birds; Dunfermline 251 birds. Crossgates J Hynd & son take the first 6 positions plus 9th with their club mates Keith Cochrane in 7th and O’Reilly & Park winning 8th & 10th positions. The Centre section of Novar club had 144 birds entered with Sean Diamond winning the first 2 places plus 5th to 10th with Erskine & son winning 3rd & 4th positions.

Kingdom Federation

From the Alnwick race point flown on 9th May the convoy of 850 birds were liberated at 07-30 am into a light south west wind. Brian Kinnear of Tayport Club topped the federation and was also 2nd 14th 18th 22nd 26th 27th 28th & 29th places. J D Armour of Coaltown of Balgonie took the remaining 21 positions. My thanks to Eric Young secretary for the result and to Pete Penman for the details of the winning pigeons.  The leading bird is raced by Brian Kinnear of Tayport club, is a 6 year old chequer hen who's mate returned late from last week's Kelso race and she started showing to another spare cock. On basketting night, she wouldn't look at her old mate, but only had eyes for the spare cock. A change is as good as a rest so they say. Brian’s 2nd bird is a 3 year old blue pied hen flown on roundabout bred from a pair of Tom & Scott McEwen of Elphinstone Paul Stobbs lines. Third and 4th is Dyke Armour of Coaltown of Balgonie club, both birds are yearlings home bred from Rod Sparks family flying roundabout. 

Coaltown of Balgonie club result; Dyke Armour took the first 22 places from an entry of 230 birds. AMAZING. His winner is a home bred yearling Rod Sparke’s, followed closely by another 2 yearling home bred Rod Sparke’s. Next was a 3 year old bred by D & M Williams from Cornwall, all birds raced on roundabout?


John Baillie forwarded the result of the above club with 642 birds entered from 12 members (2 members not sending) to Otterburn. The birds were convoyed with the Central Federation and the convoy were liberated into a light north wind at 10.05 hours. Taking the first 3 positions is Jimmy Mark (Marky Stud)  with Jimmy confirming his pigeons details; ‘My winners came from my friends Carl, Kristian and John from Ashington, I don't have pedigrees for the sire and dam of winner; The second pigeon was 2nd open SNRPC young bird national in 2019, and the third pigeon is from the same loft’. The convoy were liberated at-10am into a light North West wind from Otterburn. Take 1st & 3rd club is President Tom McLeod who informs us that his first bird was ‘Sophie’ who  won 1st region 4th open Maidstone in 2019 and she has also won several club prizes. Sire of ‘Sophie’ is from stock cock ‘Romeo’ direct son of ‘Beckham’ who won 8 top prizes in Belgium with up to 20,589 birds competing x granddaughter of Vandenabeele's ‘Rudy’. ‘Sophie’ dam is ‘Caprianna’ who is a granddaughter of Dirk Van Dykes ‘De Caprio’. Tom’s 2nd bird to win 3rd club sire is blue cock. Hooymans ‘Exclusive Bliksem’ crossed with ‘Super Girl’ from Gerb Scheele. Dam is Marijke Vink Braveheart x Cordelia. Blue 14 x Handsome Dirky. In 2nd place are Sinclair Thomson and Son. Note from Sinclair. The bird is bred from Taylor Bros, a Soontjen same way bred as a midweek winner.  Hope you and Margaret are well and thanks once again for adding our result to your column Joe and more power to your pen, yours John B’.

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller with the 2nd old bird race from Catterick this was held on Sunday 9th May due to poor weather on the Saturday, the members were flying a distance of 115 to 125 miles the convoy were liberated 09-30 into a south wind with 12 clubs sending 3110 birds. This week’s champion, winning 1st New Lothian and Federation is the loft of Willie Andress, who timed a yearling bred by Freddie Robertson from Niddrie. The breeding is from pigeons purchased from Premier Stud from their Herman Ceusters and Albert Derwa.

Result is as follows; 1st place is W Andress N/Lothian velocity 1805; S Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier is 2nd doing 1801. Freddie Robertson of Danderhall takes the next 2 places with birds doing 1800.5 & 1800.0. He is also 10th place on 1789.  5th spot are T. Nolan & Son of Danderhall on 1798.179 with Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston doing 1798 & 1797.  8th place are T. Nolan & Son of Danderhall doing 1794 and 3 yard behind are S & S Tierney also from Danderhall.


Club Winners;  

New Lothian 68 birds; 1st W. Andress 1805
Danderhall 896 birds; 1st & 2nd F. Robertson on 1800-.5 & 180.0 3rd Nolan 1798
Edinburgh Premier 390 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Gilchrist 1801 -1764.8-1764.3
Arniston 534 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd W Pryde & Son 1798 -1797 & 1789
Sighthill 228 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Girdwood 1785-1784-1777
Woodburn 210 birds; 1st 2nd & 3rd Brown & Black 1780 -1779 -1778
Castlebrae 92 birds; 1st Willis 1765 2nd L. Mitchell 1763 3rd A. Mitchell 1762
Bonnyrigg 215 birds; 1st & 3rd Watson & Daughter 1747 & 1728 2nd Russell 1732
Edinburgh West 168 birds; 1st Lamb 1745 2nd & 3rd Bennett 1687& 1675

Peebles 50

New Lothian RPC

From the Catterick old bird race flown on Sunday 9th May 3 members sent 2514 birds with the convoy liberated at 09-30 hours into a south wind. Taking the top spot winning £140.00 is W Andress of New Lothian; Freddie Robertson of Danderhall club is 2nd 3rd & 9th with Stewart Gilchrist in 4th spot. T Nolan & son of Danderhall club are 5th & 8th with W Pryde & son of Arniston in 6th place.  S & S Tierney of Danderhall club are in 10th spot with the total pay-out £1282.10

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the Dunfermline race 60 members sending 1491 birds with the convoy liberated into a light west wind. The East section had 32 members sending 741 birds; with the West section having 28 members sending 750 birds. The open winning bird is a yearling belonging to S Glew of Peterhead & District doing a velocity of 1347. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District is 2nd 3rd & 4th section and open. R H Whyte of Peterhead & District is 5th 9th & 10th section and open. G Findlay of the same club takes the next 3 places with J S Robertson of Inverurie club winning 12th section and open; C McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 13th 14th& 18th section and open, with C & M Williams of Peterhead in 15th & 17th open D Ward of Fraserburgh West End club is 19th 25th & 26th section and open. A Higgins of the same club is 20th 21st & 23rd section and open with club mate R Barclay in 22nd places. Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie club are 24th open with a Belge yearling. 27th open and 1st west section are Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 from Devern Valley club R McKenzie of Inverurie club is 27th east section 28th open with club mates W & A Ross in 28th & 29th east section 29th & 30th open. Fulton & Ritchie loft 2 are 1st 2nd & 3rd section 27th 37th & 38th open with A Hay of the same Devern Valley club in 4th section 39th open. N Raymond of the same club is 5th & 7th section 40th & 42nd open. R Hay & Family are 6th 9th & 10th section.

Club First Bird

Peterhead & District S Glew

Fraserburgh & District A W Buchan

Inverurie J S Robertson

Fr. West End D Ward  

Devern Valley Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2

Keith R Wilson

Elgin & District J Jack/Reid   

Buckie & District J Cunning

Well done to S Glew on topping the federation and also well done to Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 on winning the West Section.

Joe’s Joke

Two Scotsmen flew to Canada on a hunting trip. They chartered a small plane to take them into the Rockies for a week hunting moose and managed to bag 6. As they were loading the plane to return, the Pilot said ‘The plane could take only 4 moose’.  The two lads objected strongly: "Last year we shot six. The pilot let us take them all and he had the same plane as yours."  Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded. The plane took off. However, while attempting to cross some mountains, even at full power, the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down.  Somehow, surrounded by the moose bodies, only Jock and Jimmy survived the crash. After climbing out of the wreckage, Jimmy asked Jock, "Any idea where we are?"  He replied: "I think we're pretty close to where we crashed last year.

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