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The Joe Murphy Column - 27-05-21

The Joe Murphy Column

I have not had much spare time this week with doing odd jobs about the house and I moved some babies from the stock birds and have been spending a lot of time with them making sure they are all eating and drinking in the basket. To me this is the most important time of their lives and to me it is one of the biggest concerns I have had with racing pigeons. If your birds don’t eat and drink in the basket they will go into stress and you have cut your chances of timing in a bird from any race never mind a 500/600 distance race to zero. The first thing a bird will do once released is to go down looking for water and no matter how long you sit and watch the sky at night, you will be lucky to get a time in. I take my babies away from their parents at 20 days and put them in a racing crate with food and water in basket drinkers. Yes I have to soak some peas or beans in multivitamins and any babies that are slow to eat I will hand feed them for a few days, and always dip their head in the basket drinker. When I clean out the drinker and leave it off for a little while and then when I put it back on the basket, I pour the water into it from a short height, so the babies see and HEAR the water going into the drinker and you would be surprised how quickly they go to the drinker. I had a friend (who is going to race a couple of young birds for me) visit today (Friday 20th) and he remarked how well the babies looked and handled. They have been in the basket for 7 days and eating and drinking well and I know they will not go back as this education will be imbedded in their brains (that’s if they have any ha ha) 

Racing from France
I noticed that the Avian Influenza restrictions have been lifted and hopefully DEFRA can confirm soon that organised races from Europe will soon take place. We in Scotland (maybe not ALL of us) keep pigeons to be tested at these long distance race events and I hope this situation will soon be resolved. One thing for sure is we are in a good position that our birds are being raced further each week from England and will soon be at the 300 mile mark. So if the racing from France takes place our birds will be fit enough to go these distances. I have heard this week that some people have resigned from the SNFC management committee; due to a disagreement and I know they will be thanked for their service to the club. However the SNFC has been in existence since 1894 and had many a good person on the committee and this will continue to do so for a long time yet. 

Angus and Dundee Federation
Kenny Droog forwarded the following result: ‘From the Wooler race with the total birdage of 1509 birds flying a distance of 78 to 90 miles. Angus Fed had 696 birds at Wooler a distance of 85 miles topping the Forfar club who themselves had 541 birds at the race was club secretary David Liddle, he had a super race winning 1st, 6th, 7th and 10th club and Fed, his winner is a yearling cock raced on widowhood, his sire comes from David`s old family, he being the third generation flying in Forfar, his sire was a very good racing and now breeding cock having won two first feds and a second and third fed to his name, the winners dam was bought a Joe Hunts bereavement sale down from one of Joe`s top breeding hens and a G & C Cooper pigeon, this bird was 4th fastest from the 1509 birds liberated. Second Forfar club and Fed is K Droog with a two year old roundabout cock 1683, He is Geerinckx crossed with a Jos Soontjen hen from Ken`s good friend Andrew Brown where she had bred several winners, Andrew being one of Bo`ness club`s top fliers, Bo`ness is one of the largest clubs I believe they had over 700 this week. The Geerinckx cock`s sire was bred by Taylor Bros of Newbiggin and has now bred six different winners right down to Maidstone with the SNFC, 1683 as a young bird he had one race and stopped being a later bred natural baby, as a yearling he was raced to 300 miles winning 4th Fed Wakefield 213 miles, vel 1087 a week later 17th Fed Newark 260miles vel 1144 and now 2nd Fed 85 miles vel 1359.Ken also take 13th and 15th Fed, with the 13th place bird a previous winner of 1st Fed Newark last year …coming into form.

Third and Fourth club and Fed is Eric (the sparky) Galloway, his birds are just coming into form, the birds were bred down from birds Eric was given by his good friend Dave Stewart from Stirling, sadly Dave passed away a few weeks past after a long battle with the big C. Dave bought the originals for big money from Paul Stobbs and were from his best winners, rest at peace Dave.
Davie Glen our race controller and clock setter is next taking 5th, 9th 12th club and federation, all raced on classic widowhood, Ian Scott takes 8th11th .18th club and Fed.

East section of the Fed was won by D & D Hay with a yearling hen SU20F2141 pigeon bred by John McCord of Fife, John put four pigeons into our annual show, David bought four but on collecting them, John said due to Covid restriction he had some extra`s that should have gone to England and they came away with seven, he’s not sure if she was in the original or not, her sire was out of George Anderson of Scone birds and her dam was bred by Pat Lou of Ireland, this hen having scored twice at Reims, 2141 was 1st club, 3rd east section and 4th Fed as a y/b at Tow Law, the hens are on round about, this hen was paired and sitting 12 days, with luck and a wee baby under her for next week, see what happens, Gordon McKenzie wins at Arbroath and takes second east section..

Dundee Fed had 813 birds at Wooler taking the top spot this week was D & C McCleary, no2 loft, this is Craig`s loft and has only been up two years, just outside Dundee near Tealing, Craig has his loft on Farm land but what a lovely range of lofts he has built, myself and Eric Galloway went down to see Craig and his dad and mum “who was doing all the gardening, Craig showed us the winning hen a small perfectly balanced Blue hen, she was bred of Border lofts original Lambrecht stock, on the day he had three come together, the hen trapping first but not immediately, one of the birds was only sent as a trainer but will get his ETS ring now, the cock wasted some time and end up 3rd Fed, The Dundee and Angus birds are liberated together so this hen was quickest out of 1509, 2nd Fed and 2nd quickest on the day was Bruce McKenzie with a nice two year old widowhood cock, as a yearling he flew right out to Arras some 490 miles, he contains the best of Bruce`s national winning Van Loon/Janssen, his sire being that super cock “the Big Red 65” a winner of first fed and combine and at National level win 1st section 4th Open SNFC Maidstone, and 16th Open SNFC Ypres 460 miles, 4th and 5th Fed goes to Billy McEwan on vel 1373, Billy also races only cocks on widowhood and has been super successful over the last few years, 4th fed is a red cock down from Bruce McKenzie birds and flew all the way down to y/b national approx. 300miles, 5th fed is a three year old a mixture of Busschaert/Janssen, they were separated early February and this Friday was the first time they had seen their hens, in preparation for the race season the cocks had four training tosses. Graeme McKenzie had a belge rung pigeon taking 6th Fed; Mark Young had a very good race also taking 7th, 13th 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th and 19th Fed. Dundee president had two birds together winning 8th and 9th Federation. My thanks to Kenny for the above result.

Robert McGill with his grandson see text
Robert McGill with his Grandson


Angus Federation
Liberation at 12 noon into a fresh south east wind taking the first 2 places is W MacKnight of Forfar club with Ian Scott taking the next 3 places plus he was also 12th 13th 15th & 19th and then Charlie & Glen of Arbroath are in 6th spot with Davie Glen winning 7th to 11th then 18th fed.  Dave Liddle is 14th 16th & 17th with Eric Galloway in 20th position.
East section is won by Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath with another bird in 4th spot. W Dorward of Gourdon club is 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 7th & 9th with D & D Hay of the same club in 8th place. Les McKay of Arbroath club is in 10th spot.

Club Winners;

Forfar 473 birds winner W MacKnight; Montrose 56 birds winner G Campbell;
Gourdon 57 birds winner W Dorward;
Arbroath 102 birds winners C & G Cameron 

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron with the l
iberation at 12 noon into a fresh south east wind with 5 members sending 102 birds; first two places are won by Charlie & Glen Cameron with Les McKay taking the next 4 places; also on the result are Chic & Ann Carrie, Graham McKenzie & A & A Shepherd.
Almond Valley Federation
News from Secretary Lynne Stewart, who informs us that the federation race from Ripon on 15th of May had the convoy of 1518 birds away at 06:30 hours. Topping the federation is the loft of Burnside & Drysdale DEA; with the loft of Lumsden & Colligan & Hope of West Calder in 2nd place. Jimmy M Young of East Calder is 3rd & 39th with C Ross of Balerno taking the next 3 places plus 30th 31st & 35th open. Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder are 7th  with R & L MacDuff of Bonnybridge club are in 8th spot John Bird of West Calder is in 9th & 21st spots with Jock & I Alston of Carnwath club in 10th place. E Jones & Grandson of Bonnybridge club are 11th with G Young of West Calder in 12th & 19th positions, George Harris of Bonnybridge club is 13th 16th & 17th open with club mate J Urquhart in 14th & 32nd spot. Another club mate Vic Couper is in 15th 25th & 27th places S Russell of West Calder is in 18th place with John Hadfield of the same club winning 20th fed. W Fairley of Balerno is in 22nd place with A Stokes of West Calder club winning 23rd place. W Fairley of Balerno is in 24th 26th & 40th positions. Colin Bain & W Fairley of Balerno club is in 28th 34th & 38th with Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder in 29th position. E Jones & Grandson of Bonnybridge club are 33rd & 37th with J Burt of West Calder in 36th place.

Balerno 249 birds; C Ross 1257.091, 1254.972, 1254.368, W Fairley 1205.122
Bonnybridge 207 birds; R & L MacDuff 1246.549, E Jones & Grandson 1238.075, G Harris 1234.203, J Urquhart 1232.315
Carnwath Jock & I Alston
East Calder 125 birds; J M Young 1282.673, F Jamieson & Son 1248.897, Mr Mrs Fleming 1194.688, J M Young 1182.031
West Calder 299 birds; L Lumsden/Colligan/Hope 1291.177, J Bird 1241.652, G Young 1237.118, S Russell 1224.409
Ayrshire Federation
News from Archie MacIntyre who wrote, ‘Hi Joe, Sorry the report is a bit late. However please find attached race report from Ayrshire regarding our 3rd race of the season from Wooler. As well as the race report attached, I have also included pictures of Ricky Young winner of 1st 2nd & 3rd fed.

Ricky Young 1st Fed Wooler OB 1    2nd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young    3rd Fed Wooler OB for Ricky Young
Ricky Young 1st Fed Wooler OB (1), 2nd & 3rd Fed OB Wooler foe Ricky Young.

Thanks once again Joe. From Ayrshire federation 3rd race of the season had us at Wooler on Saturday 15th May with an entry of 2,449 birds for a distance of between 91 miles up to 114 miles to the north end of the fed. Wooler is a first for Ayrshire as a race point and feedback from the members were returns were very good, so no complaints there. Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 10-05 into Light ESE wind. Reports from the liberation site were that the birds cleared well in a homeward direction. Topping the federation this week on a velocity of 1732.9 and continuing his outstanding team performance with his team of pigeons is Ricky Young of Moscow flying in the Kilmarnock Invitation club. Ricky once again had a fantastic race winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th fed, timing 8 pigeons in 9 seconds. The 1st federation winner for Ricky was a 2 year old dark chequer widowhood cock. His sire is a son of Chieftain x Dark Lady and the dam is Euro Boy x Dam of Tam Blair National Winner. These bloodlines are all the very best of the late Tam Blair’s pigeons. 2nd fed on 1732.6 for Ricky was a 2 year old blue bar widowhood hen. Sire is a son of Chieftain x Thunder and the dam was bred by GWP Macaloney and she is a sister to Super 57 a category winner in the Golden Duif.  3rd fed on 1732.6 for Ricky is a 2 year old widowhood cock. This pigeon was 5th fed the previous week and has also a 1st Fed & 3rd Fed to his credit. On both occasions when he was 3rd Fed, he was beaten by loft mates and missed out a 3 x 1st Fed winner to his name. He was bred by the GWP Macaloney partnership and is a full brother to the Macaloney’s Champion Racer/Breeder “Ceasar”. I would like to thank Ricky for supplying the information and congratulate him on another outstanding performance.
North Section 939 Birds
1st Dalry HS winner is A Barbour 1689.4. 1st Ardeer HS winner is Grant & McGovern 1673.0.  1st Kilwinning HS winner is Benson & Cairney 1655.3.
Central Section 678 Birds
1st Kilmarnock Inv winner is R Young 1732.9, 1st Darvel HS winner is H Wallace 1703.4. Irvine HS winner is H Pollock 1620.4. Crosshouse HS winner is I Noble 1532.9.
South Section 831 Birds
1st Whitletts & Dist, winner is S McVey 1650.9, 1st Mauchline & Dist, winner is E Stewart 1622.3, 1st Cumnock & Dist, winner is J & S Galloway 1606.7,1st Annbank & Dist, winner is D Graham 1597.0,  1st Dalmellington PC winner is, G Mitchell 1367.3.
Scottish Central Federation
News from Bernie Britton with the Broxburn & Uphall pigeon club result was 8 members sent 297 birds to the race the convoy were liberated at 09- 00 hours into a light east wind. Taking the first 3 in the club is John McNeill with his winner also being 4th federation this was a Stefan Lambrecht yearling blue hen racing on the roundabout system; she is from the stock loft and contains Ian Stafford breeding. As a matter of interest Joe she won 8th section D 92nd open from the SNFC Young bird national in 2020. John’s 2nd club 7th federation is a blue chequer 3 year old Gabby also on roundabout he too is from the stock loft. Being out of D & J Hawkins & Evans stock this pair has bred winners every year. John’s 3rd club 8th federation is yearling black pied hen on roundabout. Her dam won in the club and federation and she is Lambert from the racing loft. Sir & dam bred by his good mate Terry Rigney. Other club members in the federation result are 9th 10th 11th for John. With John Muir wins 12th & 13th then we have Gordon Mackenzie winning 17th open with H Rafferty winning 15th,
18th & 20th open.
Winchburgh & District H.S
Had 11 members sending 373 birds with the winner of 1st club 3rd Federation A Hogg sorry no info. 2nd club is Peter Keogh with a 3 year old chequer cock bloodlines being Frans Zwols stock. He is a full brother to the winner of 9th open Algarve Golden race final in 2018; Peter’s cock is flown celibate and scored from Peterborough and the SNRPC Billericay race. Peter is also 3rd club is a 3 year old chequer cock from Peter’s stock loft his breeding is Peter Virtue and scored in 3 nationals as a yearling last year and as a 2 year old was just pipped for 2nd section D from the SNRPC Hazebrouck race. Well done to Martin Conlin on winning the federation. Thanks once again for adding us into your column Joe and please ‘take care’ both you and Margaret, yours Bernie’.

East of Scotland Federation
News from Tom McEwen with the federation result; the birds were liberated at Wetherby on 15th May at 10-35am into an east to south east wind. Topping the federation and keeping up his fantastic start to the season is the inform loft of Davie Blair of Prestonpans. Finishing 1st & 7th open. John Bird of Prestonpans had an outstanding race and completing a distinguished treble finishing 2nd 3rd & 5th. Then we have Dougie Grieve of Longniddry once again well to the fore this time finishing in 4th open. Keith Howie of Prestonpans who once again is never far from the top spot, this time completing an impressive double winning 6th & 8th open. Another fancier having an impressive race and this time taking 9th open is ‘Tucker’ Watt of Macmerry. Keeping up his great start to the season finishing this time in 10th open is Tommy Flockhart of Port Seton.   

Prestonpans Homing Society

Winning 1st club is Davie Blair with a yearling checker hen whose sire and dam are from Kevin Lawson containing pure Lambrecht bloodlines. 2nd club is John Bird with a yearling red hen raced on roundabout, her sire is from Jock & Isabel Alston bloodlines while the dam s from Frans Laerman bloodlines. John is also 3rd club with a yearling blue, white flight hen also raced roundabout. She is from Bryan Shipley ‘Woodside Lofts’ she is a granddaughter from his top stock hen ‘Charlotte’. Thanks once again Joe wishing you and Margaret all the best, yours Tom’.

Fife Federation of Homing Pigeons Societies

News from Federation secretary Geordie Todd, with details of the Catterick

2 race flown on the 15th May, with the 1656 birds liberated at 11-15 hours.

Into a light south east wind. Taking the first 7 places in the East section Kennoway

265 birds; Methilhaven 312 birds; St Andrews 125 birds: and federation is

Dave Baldie of St Andrews with his first 2 birds doing and 1574 velocity.

Brian Chalmers of Kennoway is 8th with John Harcus of St Andrews in 9th spot

With Kennoway’s Tam Cook making up the top 10 in the section and open.

Centre Section top 10

Novar 84 birds; All 10 places won by Sean Diamond of Kennoway club.


West Section top 10

Perth club 120 birds; Dunfermline 197 birds; Crossgates 340 birds; Lochgelly 213 birds. Topping the section is Willie Stark of Lochgelly club with his club member Jim Doig winning 2nd & 5th places. J Hynd & son of Crossgates club are 3rd 4th 6th 7th & 8th with Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline winning 10th spot.

3rd 4th 5th & 6th R Cook of Crossgates is 7th & 9th with Davie Russell of Crossgates in 8th spot. O’Reilly & Park of the same club are 10th.


Kingdom Racing Pigeon Association

News from Pete Penman who writes; ‘With rain and low temperatures forecast for the Ripon race point, the Kingdom association decided to basket on Friday night for another race from Alnwick. This turned out to be a good decision as the leading birds romped home. The convoy of 822 birds were liberated at 07-30 hours into a light east wind. Leading the way this week are John & Julie Greenhorn from Rosyth. They timed a yearling chequer hen on roundabout bred from birds bought from Tumley Lofts. In 2nd & 3rd places go to the inform loft of Tayport club’s Brian Kinnear. His first bird is a yearling blue cock that was 1st section 7th open Fife federation young bird Wakefield. His sire is line bred to ‘Stitchy’. The dam is a daughter of Austin Whitakers good hen ‘Betty’. Brian’s next bird is a 2-year-old blue white flight, a grandson of ‘Stitchy’. The dam was bought at John Anderson’s clearance sale she had previously won 4th open SNRPC Billericay. Taking 4th place is Stevie Ritchie of St. Serf’s club this yearling cock is also on roundabout and was bred by Jocky Scott of Kennoway. The sire being a full brother to Jocky’s Dewar Trophy winner, while the dam was also bred by Jocky Scott she won 2nd section C from the SNFC Gold cup race, and she won a coveted silver award.
Coaltown of Balgonie club sent 229 birds with J & D Armour winning 1st & 2nd places; the winner is a chequer white flight home bred Rod Sparke’s hen on roundabout. The 2nd club winner is another home bred Rod Sparke’s blue white flight cock also on roundabout. Garry Hall is 3rd & 4th with his first bird a yearling Herman Ceuster hen on roundabout; she was followed by a 2 year old dark Deweerdt hen also on round about.  
Leuchars club has Kingdom secretary Eric Young taking the 1st x 3 places with three yearling Frans Zwols sitting twelve-day eggs.
Rosyth have J & J Greenhorn taking the 1st x 5 positions; their 1st bird topped the federation. Their 2nd bird is a home bred Frank Mitchell bloodlines this being a blue pied hen. Next is a blue cock that has previously topped the Kingdom federation from Kelso in 2019. He was bought directly from Tumley Lofts. The 4th bird is a yearling chequer cock containing Rab Pearson bloodlines; kindest regards Pete’.

John Baillie forwarded the result of the above club with 12 members sending an entry of 716 birds to Darlington; the birds were convoyed with the Central Federation. The convoy were away at 09-00 am into a light east wind.  The birds were doing velocities just under a mile a minute. The Newcombe & Black (Kardale Lofts) partnership timing in 3 birds to take the first 3 positions: Ian Black sending a note on the breeding of these winning birds. The winner is out the race team and is a late bred in 2018 sire is SU17P4202 who won the Kardale Trophy out of the Liege Gold cup race for the first yearling flying over 500 miles in 2018. While the dam is also out the race team SU17P6832 who won 13th open SNRPC Billericay in 2018, as a matter of interest Joe both birds are still in the race team and compete today. The 3rd position is another 2 year old late bred. That's it Joe, take care and thanks once again for including us into your weekly article John B.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the convoy of 1288 birds were liberated at Auchendinny on 15th May with 64 members sending to the race; the convoy were liberated into a light east to north east wind. The East section had 32 members sent 605 birds with R H Whyte of Peterhead & District club take top spot with his 2nd bird in 15th plus he was also 24th open. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District is 2nd 3rd 21st open with G Findlay of Peterhead & District winning 4th 7th & 11th positions; S Glew of the same club is 5th 17th & 26th open. My old mate Stewart Maskame of the same Peterhead club is 6th & 27th open with SNFC Dave & Callum McDougall of the same Peterhead club are 8th 28th & 29th open. Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 9th 10th & 16th open with A J Reid of Keith club winning 1st & 4th west section 12th & 19th open. A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club is 12th & 21st east section 13th & 25th open. Duncan & Thomson of Keith Club are 2nd & 3rd west section 14th & 18th open. H Hailwood of Peterhead & District is 16th east section 20th open his club mate Gordon Willox is 18th east section 22nd open with 26th east section 30th open place goes to R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End Club.
West section winners had 32 members sending 683 birds with A J Reid of Keith winning 1st & 4th section 12th & 19th open. A MacGillivray of the Elgin & District club is 5th west section 31st open. Ronnie Wilson of Keith club is 6th west section 32nd open with the Fulton & Ritchie loft 1 flying in Devern Valley club are 7th & 10th west section 33rd & 37th open and Ryan Hay & Family are 8th & 9th section 34th & 36th open.

Clubs First Birds as follows
Peterhead & District R H Whyte 
Fraserburgh & District A W Buchan
Keith A J Reid   
Fr. West End A Higgins
Elgin & District A MacGillivray   
Devern Valley Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2
Inverurie J S Robertson  
Buckie & District A McKay
Well done to R Whyte on topping the federation and congratulations to A Reid on winning the West Section

Pentlandhills Federation
News from Andy Miller who writes ‘From the 3rd old bird race from Wetherby held on Saturday 15th May, a distance of 148-160 miles for the members. This week’s champion & winning 1st New Lothian and Pentland Federation is the loft of John Milne from Arniston, who timed a 5 year old widowhood cock from Franz Zwols origin via stock obtained from Formula 1 lofts and Border Lofts. This cock is a previous winner of 1st & 2nd federation and has many other good positions. The race was a sticky affair with many pigeons missing however they seem to be working in over the next few days. This was probably due to the unsettled weather over the weekend, however as always the winners seem to make the right velocities! Kindest regards Andy’.
Pentlandhills Federation had 12 clubs sending 2882 birds to the race liberated at 10-35 hours into an east to south east wind the result is as follows; first place goes to J Milne of Arniston; 2nd is S Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier; 3rd 5th & 10th is Freddie Robertson of Danderhall club, W Pryde & son are 4th & 6th with W Hume (jnr) of Danderhall is 7th with T Nolan & son of the same club winning 8th spot and M Robertson of Danderhall club winning 9th place.

Club Winners;

Arniston 469 birds;
J Milne 1673; W. Pryde & Son 1642 & 1614
Edinburgh Premier 383 birds; S Gilchrist 1662 &1483; P. & J. Hutton 1557 Danderhall 781 birds; F Robertson 1652 &1622 W. Hume (Jnr) 1611
Castlebrae 116 birds; L. Mitchell 1591 McCormack & Fraser 1421 Fulton 1400;  
Easthouses 231 birds; Laing 1560 & 1461; Simpson 1477
Bonnyrigg 217 birds; Watson & Daughter 1553 & 1470; J. Simpson 1523
Sighthill 203 birds; Girdwood 1489 & 1488; Miller 1446
Edinburgh West 158 birds; Bennett 1486 &1374; Lamb 1338
Woodburn 124 birds; Coutts 1470; Stewart 1420; Thomas 1391
Loanhead 38 birds; Anderson 1454 2nd 1287 3rd 1280
New Lothian 66 birds; 
Peebles 39 birds; 
Others 57 birds; 
New Lothian RPC
From the New Lothian RPC race from Wetherby flown on Saturday 15th May 61 members sent 2412 birds liberated at 10-35 into an east to south east the winners are as follows;
£187.90 J. Milne Arniston 2nd winning  £12.00 S. Gilchrist Edinburgh Premier; 3rd winning  £13.00 is F. Robertson D/Hall 4th winning £6.00; W. Pryde & Son Arniston 5th with £10.00 F. Robertson D/Hall 6th winning £2.00 W. Pryde & Son Arniston 7th winning £4.00 W. Hume (Jnr) D/Hall 8th winning £4.00 T. Nolan & Son D/Hall 9th winning £7.00 M. Robertson D/Hall 10th winning £ 7.00 F. Robertson D/Hall 11th £7.00 L. Mitchell C/Brae 12th £2.00 W. Pryde & Son Arniston 13th £2.00 W. Pryde & Son Arniston 14th £2.00 T. Nolan & Son D/Hall; 15th P. & J. Hutton E/Premier;  16th £2.00 J. Milne Arniston ; 17th is S. McVey D/Hall 18th £2.00 T. Nolan & Son D/Hall; 19th & 20th is A. Walker D/Hall.
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