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The Joe Murphy Column - 03-06-21

The Joe Murphy Column

I received an email from Cameron McAulay who wrote ‘I stumbled upon an old article online which made mention of my grandfather's success in 1983 and the pigeon named Rulewater Commander. (SNFC News 4107). I wonder whether you have any info or photos relating to this race and/or my grandfather. Anything relating to this would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather passed away in 2001 and his son (my dad) passed in 2012.Pigeon racing was a big part of my dad's life growing up but we don't have much to look back on now. Regard’s Cameron McAulay.’ I wrote back thanking Cameron for his email, and told him I would get back to him, I remember your granddad winning the race and a lad who lived near me in Kirkcaldy visited him and bought a pigeon from Rulewater Commander. I will dig a bit more into this and get back to you. Cameron’s reply was ‘That's great. Much appreciated! I remember, as a very young boy in the 80s, going places with my grandfather, and we would end up in a back garden somewhere and he would be in a pigeon loft with someone he knew, chewing the fat and possibly buying or selling’. If anyone can help Cameron out then please drop me an email or telephone conversation and I will pass it on’.


Angus & Dundee Federation

News from Kenny Droog who informs us that the Angus federation had 668 birds for their 3rd race from Swallwell made up of, Arbroath102 birds, Forfar 473 birds, Gourdon 57 birds, Montrose 36 birds. The birds were original at Tow Law which is prone to mist lying in a hole and with an east wind this is what happened and the birds were moved to Swallwell an approximately distance of 120 to 135 miles for the contesting members. The wind was fresh south east and a fast race was anticipated, this would be quick and some fanciers were glad they had ETS system. One fancier was having a bowl of soup with his son who was down for a visit, asked ‘when are the birds due, should be fairly soon’ was the reply. When they went out to the loft some birds were circling, as he checked the loft he discovered he already had two birds home, these two birds were clear of everyone doing velocity 1795.2 and 1795.0. The fancier in question here is Willie MacKnight of Edsel ably assisted by his wife Moira; they live in a picturesque village of Edsel, which lies in the Angus countryside. When you arrive in the village you are met by a beautiful landmark the ‘Dalhousie Arch’, erected in 1887 to commemorate the deaths of the 13th Earl of Dalhousie and his wife who both died on the same day. Willie has to travel down to Forfar to race his pigeons, and needs the wind in his favour to compete with the big drag in Forfar; yet he still wins. The 2 winning hens are raced on roundabout, I should mention that Willie is an Octogenarian and has been a top fancier where ever he raced his pigeons. The 2nd bird timed is a yearling and is a cross of Forfar fanciers Rab Greig and David Liddle blood. Both pigeons have only been lightly raced in fact the first bird timed, has been a winner as a young bird taking 2nd club from Arniston. Then as a yearling she was lost for a month from the Leicester race last year she was rested for the season. Then put back on the road this year, so she has paid Willie for his patience. Her sire is a mixture of Les McKay x Gordon Bell, while her dam is again Gordon Bell x Davie Mac Naught, I enclose photograph of Willie’s 1st federation hen. This hen also has a very good eye as can be seen from photo enclosed. Down  in Forfar Ian Scott was having a great race winning 3rd 4th 5th club and federation plus another four on the fed result, also taking 5th,7th,15th fastest from 1288 birds his first 4 doing velocities of 1783. Davie Glen also had a good race taking 5 birds together winning 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th fed, plus 17th to 20th fastest.  Over in the east section Willie Dorward was having a good day with his widowhood cocks, winning 1st club, 2nd, 3rd, 5th,  6th,7th and 9th east section but he could not stop Charlie and Glen Cameron winning Arbroath and topping the East section easily. They will also win 6th Angus Fed overall and 16th fastest from 1288 birds, this yearling is a Stultjens van Drongen pigeon, they are a very top middle distance family, Glen says ‘They only have a few’ a sister to their winner won 31st open SNFC Buckingham for them, while a brother has a 2nd and 5th Grampian Combine plus 61st SNFC Maidstone to his pedigree.

Dundee Fed had 620 birds at the race and topping the federation is Bruce McKenzie, what a start to the season this loft is having. Bruce wins 1st fed and 3rd fastest overall from 1288 birds, his winning pigeon a 3 year old widowhood cock, he won twice in the Logie club as a yearling with fed tickets up to Leicester, he was injured as a two year old and is now back to his winning ways, his dam is a granddaughter of ‘Red Tornado’ Bruce national winner from SNFC Clermont. The sire of the cock is a super breeder being responsible for many many winners including 2nd 4th and 6th open SNFC with up to 6000 birds competing.  Mark Young was also having a great race, with 2 birds dropping together, Mark is another fancier who races on the roundabout system and it is sometime the case of 2 birds landing together and the cock started chasing the hen from old bird loft to young bird, however he ended up 2nd and 3rd federation and 4th and 6th fastest, these Frans Zwols are very fast birds. John Wiseman had 5 drop together and wins 4th to 8th fed and 8th to 12th fastest of the 1288 birds. John McBride takes 9th fed and nice to see Danny Henderson on the result in 10th spot, Danny has moved house and has had to break the birds into a new location so well done.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club news from Charlie Cameron on the Ripon race flown on Saturday 22nd May 5 members sent 56 birds. Charlie and his son Glen took the first 5 positions in the club with the first 2 yearlings who were well out in front and were spit by 2 yards.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Lynn Stewart who informs us that the federation held their race Wakefield race on 23rd May with the 1068 birds liberated at 06:35 hours.
Topping the federation is Colin Ross of Balerno club doing a velocity of 1530 he is also 40th federation. Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder are 2nd 8th 9th 19th 21st 30th & 37th. The Burnside & Drysdale DEA are 3rd 4th & 28th with Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club in 5th 20th & 32nd federation John Bird of West Calder is 6th 18th & 27th with J Burt of the same club in 7th & 26th open. Colin Bain & W Fairley of Balerno club is 10th & 40th federation. W Fairley of the same club is 11th 31st & 32nd positions. E Jones & Grandson of Bonnybridge club are 12th 13th 14th & 23rd federation. Jimmy M Young of East Calder is 15th with the Bonnybridge club members Cairns & Hardie winning 16th & 38th open places.  West Calder G Young wins 17th & 24th places with John Hadfield winning 22nd 29th & 39th places.  25th place sees the Law & Brady partnership of Bonnybridge club with Dougie Bald of Balerno in 34th & 35th positions. Ian Jamieson of the same club is 36th federation.

Club winners are as follows;

Balerno 144 birds; C Ross 1530.341, C Bain & W Fairley 1475.756, W Fairley 1459.480, 1372.399

Bonnybridge 159 V Couper 1482.954, E Jones & Grandson 1458.574, 1457.731, 1454.050

Carnwath 112 birds; J & I Alston 1315.737, Thomson Bros 1164.907, McArdle & Thomson 1123.387, J Stokes 1120.368

East Calder 146 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1528.246, 1479.643, 1475.959, J M Young 1439.845

West Calder 258 birds; J Bird 1480.835, J Burt 1479.776, G Young 1416.226, J Bird 1415.073


Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie McIntyre who informs us of their winning pigeons from their 4th race from Blaydon/Swallwell flown on the 22nd May, as well as the attached report Archie included pictures of first 3 pigeons in the Federation. With an entry of 2,019 birds for a distance of between 110 miles up to 137 miles to the north end of the fed. Blaydon/Swallwell is another new race point for Ayrshire Fed. Feedback from the members was some fared better than others with returns around the 70/80% mark. It was always going to be a hard test for them as this was their first race having to face a North Wind. Members were also reporting many birds injured due to hawk strikes. One member in particular reported having 3 injured one badly and another pigeon reported in Keswick early Sunday morning by a non-fancier. All that was left of the pigeon was the skeleton, it had been picked clean. Given where this bird was reported, looks like some of the birds have clearly headed due west then south to end up over in Keswick. Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 09-00 into North Wind. Reports from the liberation site was the majority of the birds cleared well in a homeward direction, leaving approximately 100 birds remaining circling the site before eventually heading off. Topping the federation this week on a velocity of 1197.1 is George Slaven of Tarbolton flying in the Mauchline & District club. George timed a Herman Ceuster Yearling chequer hen flying on the roundabout system. Sire is a son of ‘Man O Chester’ x ‘Dark Delilah’. Dam is Double Grand Daughter of ‘Gordano’. 

G Slaven 1st Fed Blaydon
George Slaven

2nd federation on 1182.1 was the newly formed partnership of Willie Hughes & John Donald of Ardrossan flying in the Ardeer HS.  The partnership timed a natural yearling blue hen sitting overdue on dummy eggs. She is lovely well balanced small to medium sized hen.

Willie Hughes of Hughes Donald 2nd Fed Dlaydon
Willie Hughes of Hughes & Donald 2nd Fed Blaydon

Last year when Willie was in a previous partnership, he purchased 12 Vandenabeele young bird’s to race from C & P Butler & Thomas of Petri Rhondda in Wales. All 12 were trained and raced hard and after the 2020 season only 2 remained. One which was injured early on and never got a race and the remaining pigeon was their 2nd fed Blaydon winner. As a young bird she was on the darkness system and was given every race out the final one from Ripon of which she returned on the Monday flown out. The partnership races their pigeons natural and with the help of their good friend Billy Steed who trains the birds 3 times a week from 20/25 miles weather permitting. Being there first season as a partnership John and Willie would like to pass on their regards to federation winner George Slaven on his fantastic result. 3rd federation on 1172.4 is Ricky Young of the Kilmarnock Invitation. Ricky timed a 3 year old chequer widowhood hen. All Ricky’s hens have had only one 10 mile toss this year and have all had the 4 races this year. Both parents are from the late Tam Blair’s bloodlines.

Ricky Young 3rd Fed Blaydon
Ricky Young - 3rd Fed Blaydon

Ricky would like to pass on his congratulations to George on his 1st federation win. I would like to thank E Stewart for sending G Slaven info, Mark Findlay for going over to Hughes & Donald’s loft to take a picture and write up some details and to Ricky for his info.

Winners from in and around the Clubs

North Section 704 birds;

1st Ardeer HS, Hughes & Donald 1182.1; 1st Dalry HS, John Shepherd 1155.8;

1st Kilwinning HS, J & T Davidson 1122.0;

Central Section 554 birds;

1st Kilmarnock Inv, R Young 1172.4; 1st Darvel HS, Welsh & Holland 1162.5; 1st Irvine HS, H Pollock 1118.7; 1st Crosshouse HS, I Noble 1096.2

South Section 761 birds;

1st Mauchline & Dist, G Slaven 1197.1;  1st Whitletts & Dist, W Lawrence 1139.0;   1st Cumnock & Dist, J & A McDougall 1137.9; 1st Carrick & Dist, Jamieson & Cameron 1130.6;  1st Annbank & Dist, D Paterson 1126.5;  1st Dalmellington PC, S Boyce 1041.2.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen who writes, ‘The federation held their race from Newark on the 23rd May; with the convoy liberated at 07-00am into a light south west wind. Topping the federation and finishing with a great treble taking 1st 4th & 6th places is Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton. Then we have Grant French & son of Haddington completing a great day’s work in 2nd open. Richard & Jamie Combe of Elphinstone are well to the fore finishing in 3rd open with Davie Blair of Prestonpans keeping up his form in 5th & 7th open. Tom Flockhart of Port Seton is in again with another top position slot, this time being 8th open. Tucker Watt of Macmerry is on a nice run winning 9th open and Keith Howie of Prestonpans is always there or thereabouts wins 10th open.

Prestonpans HS

Taking the 1st club is Richard & Jamie Combe with a 5 year old chequer hen flown on widowhood. In 2019 she was 14th section 47th open from the SNFC Roye race. Last year she won 32nd section 84th open SNFC Maidstone. Her grandsire was Runner Up to the Dewar Trophy winner of 2014. Her dam won 1st club as a youngster and was bred by Tom & Scott McEwen from a Combe cock crossed with a Deweerdt hen. 2nd & 3rd club places are won by Davie Blair with his first bird a 2 year old chequer cock, his parents were bred by John Pryde of Gorebridge. Sire is bred down from S Lipinski’s national winner and the dam was bred down from Andy Miller ‘Kuwaiti Pair’. Davie’s 3rd club winner is a 2 year old blue cock parents again bred by John Pryde of Gorebridge. Sire is down from Macaloney ‘Dream Pair’; dam bred down from Franz Zwols bloodlines. That’s it for another week Joe all the best to you and Margaret, yours Tom’.

Central Federation

News from Bernie who writes, ‘Hi Joe, can I give you the Broxburn & Uphall

Results from Ripon were 7 members sending 276 birds these were liberated with the federation convoy at 09-45 hours into a light north east wind. Taking 1st club 1st federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a blue bar hen on the roundabout system, she is a Hermans Ceuster bred by his mate Bobby Logan from his Ron Hillcoat stock. In 2nd place is Hamish Ferguson with a yearling blue hen this was her 3rd race as she was not raced as a young bird. Her breeding is from Mike Page ‘Gabby’ stock and C.W & L stock from G.W & P Macaloney. Hamish is 3rd club 3rd fed with a blue bar C A yearling again not raced as a young bird and flown on the roundabout system and contains the same stock lines as the 2nd bird. Gordon Mackenzie was also 5th federation. 

Winchburgh & District Club

From the Ripon race 10 members sent 264 birds, With 1st club 8th federation is Mark Doran; with a blue hen on roundabout. Her sire is from his good friend John Duthie while the dam is from his mate who lives down south she is a Herman Ceuster crossed Duthie. 2nd Club is Ally Hogg (no info) 3rd club 15th federation is Peter Keogh with a chequer pied hen. Her breeding is a blend of most of Peter’ bloodlines he has brought into his loft in the past 10 years. As matter of interest she took 7th section 67th open from the SNRPC Billericay race last year. She is out of his national winner and she had 4 national winning diploma wins before being taken by the hawk. A ½ sister to 727 also has 4 national diplomas while her sire has 6 national diplomas. Well done to Gordon Mackenzie on winning the federation, thanks once again Joe for adding our results to your weekly column, you take care Joe yours Bernie’.

Fife Federation of Homing Pigeon Societies

Geordie Todd informs us that the federation held their race from Wakefield on Sunday the 23rd May with the convoy of 1427 birds liberated at 06-20 into a south west wind. St Andrews club members R Anderson topping the federation with club mate John Harcus in 2nd & 9th places. Tam Cook of Kennoway club is 3rd with club mate Brain Chalmers in 4th 5th 6th & 10th positons. Staying in Kennoway Honeyman & son are 7th with Sean Diamond of the same club in 8th spot.  The East Section had Methilhaven club sending 249 birds, St Andrews 135 birds and Kennoway 250. R Anderson topping the section with club mate John Harcus in 2nd & 8th places. Tam Cook of Kennoway club is 3rd with club mate Brain Chalmers in 4th 5th 6th & 9th positons. Kennoway’s Honeyman & son are 7th & 10th.   The Centre section had Novar club sending 117 birds and the section is won by Sean Diamond of Kennoway club he is also 2nd 5th 6th & 7th With Erskine & son winning the other positions i.e. 3rd 4th 8th 9th & 10th. The West section had Lochgelly club sending 165 birds, Crossgates 314 birds, Dunfermline 184 birds, and Perth 13 birds. Topping the section is C Wright of Lochgelly club with his winner doing a velocity of 1505. D Pakula of the Perth club takes the next 2 positions with Willie Stark of Lochgelly in 4th place. Keith Cochrane of Crossgates in 5th place. Will Pratt of the same club is 6th spot with another club mate R Cook in 7th spot. Jim Doig of Lochgelly is 8th & 10th with J Beveridge of the same club is in 9th position,

Kingdom Federation

President and race controller Pete Penman has forwarded the Kingdom RPA race results. ‘Hi Joe we held our 4th race from Wakefield with the convoy of 695 birds liberated at 07-45 into a north west wind. This turned out to be a very difficult race with many empty perches by the end of the day. Leading the way in the federation is Stevie Fleming of St. Serfs with a yearling chequer cock bred by Andy Barber from his Van Buick lines from French Brothers from England. This yearling was 11th section 64th open SNRPC Peterborough young bird national. She then went onto fly the SNFC young bird national the following week. In 2nd & 3rd places is John Dinsdale of Coaltown of Balgonie club. His winner is a yearling chequer hen flying spare. She won 6th section 56th open, 1st Kingdom RPA from the SNRPC young bird national. Her sire is a John Mackenzie cock crossed with a granddaughter of Jock King’s famous ‘Mary’. John’s next bird is a yearling cock, a ½ brother to his timer also flying semi-widowhood. His sire is a House of Arden Jan Arden when paired to the fore mentioned hen. In 4th spot is Eric Young of Leuchars with a yearling cock sitting 19 day on eggs, he is a son of Eric’s Bronze Award winner named ‘Triple Blue’. Who won an ACE Pigeon Reims award with the SNRPC, the dam of Eric’ winner is a gift bird from Mike Samuels of Leuchars.

Tayport Winner is Dave Jack with 2nd place going to J Lumsden with 3rd spot won by Brian Kinnear.

Rosyth club is won by Stewart Bowman with 2nd & 3rd places going to J & J Greenhorn  

Coaltown of Balgonie club result; 1st & 2nd John Dinsdale with 3rd spot won by J.D Armour with a four-year-old hen on roundabout. Sire bred by J Nichol of Ladybank, dam is a direct Frank Tasker. 4th Chic Dinsdale with a yearling spare hen whose bloodlines contain his good chequer white flight cock that won many times from the channel including 1st section 4th open SNRPC Arras.

Leuchars & District. 1st & 2nd Eric Young the second bird is paired to his winner and is a Frans Zwols. 3rd place goes to D Wilson with a Jan Arden cock sitting 8-days on eggs bred by club mate Dunc Walker. 4th club is Tom Berwick with a 2-year-old pied hen sitting her first eggs of the year. She was bought from Bob Colven of the NEHU as a young bird at a ‘drunken night out’ at the show of the year at Blackpool

Rosyth Club is won by Stuart Bowman with J & J Greenhorn in 2nd & 3rd places.

St Serfs Club first bird is to 1st Stevie Fleming. 2nd &3rd positions going to Stevie Ritchie. First is a home bred hen whose sire is a direct Peter Virtue. Dam was bred by Dave Jamieson. Stevie then timed a yearling blue cock bred by his good friend Callum Walker from Carluke.

Tayport Club winner is Dave Jack who is also 6th place, J Lumsden is 2nd with Brian Kinnear is 3rd 4th & 5th

Traprain RPC

John Baillie sent in the of the Ripon race with 637 birds from 11 members liberated at 09-45 into light north east wind. Having another great race is Newcombe & Black taking the first 5 positions. A note from Ian is this week’s winner 2464 is bred from race team which contains the Brian Cunningham crossed Dale Newcombe lines. The 2nd bird is also from race team bred from one of Karen Newcombe’s best racers and 3rd bird is a Herman x Geerinckx. It was a strange race Joe with quite a few birds missing when doing the clocks. Some did work in later on in the evening and the following morning. Thanks once again for adding us to your column, yours John B’.

Pentland Hills Federation

News from Andy Miller with the 4th old bird race of the season is from Newark race point the race was held on Sunday 23rd May liberated 07.00 light south west wind 10 clubs sent 1645 birds. This was because of a poor weather forecast; the basketting was delayed for a day to avoid a holdover. The distance was between 210-222 miles for the members. This week’s champ & winning 1st New Lothian and Federation is the consistent and in-form loft of Freddie “Niddrie” Robertson who timed a yearling widowhood cock of Herman Ceusters origin via stock obtained from Premier Stud. The winning lines on the sire side are from “Wild Wind’ & ‘Gold Rush” and on the dam side are “Dark Destroyer’ & ‘Little Lady”. This cock has already won 2nd club & federation Ridsdale & 9th federation Wakefield last season as a youngster. His cash winnings so far in his short racing career are in the region of £2300. Returns from the race Joe were excellent.

Freddie Robertson Pentland Fed Winner
Freddie Robertson

1st is F Robertson Danderhall flying 218 miles; 2nd & 3rd are H Aitken & 4th is Stuart Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier; 5th & 6th & 7th spots go to press man Andy Miller of Sighthill with 8th place going to Steve Girdwood also of Sighthill Freddie Robertson of Danderhall takes the last 2 places.

Club Winners;  

Danderhall 610 birds; F. Robertson 1721 Aitken 1718.7 Aitken 1718.3

Edinburgh Premier 134 birds; Gilchrist 1710 P. & J. Hutton 1659 Gilchrist 1653

Sighthill 121 birds; Miller 1699 Miller 1698.8 Miller 1698.1

Woodburn 91 birds; Brown & Black 1659 Brown & Black 1650.2 Brown & Black 1650.2

Edinburgh West 67 birds; Bennett 1656 Verth 1573 Bennett 1558

Bonnyrigg 126 birds; Watson & Daughter 1654 Benson & Moran 1622 MacGregor & Lawrie 1581

Easthouses 154 birds; Simpson 1626 Perrin & Cameron 1587 Laing 1525

Arniston 209 birds; W. Pryde & Son 1612 J. Pryde 1611 W. Pryde & Son 1601

Loanhead 18 birds; Anderson 1509 Anderson 1468 Anderson 1455

New Lothian 30 birds;

Peebles -------

Castlebrae -------

Others 8 birds;

New Lothian RPC

From the Newark old bird race flown on Sunday 23rd May 2021 with the convoy of 1183 birds sent by 54 members liberated at 07-00 into a light south west wind. The form loft of Freddie Robertson from Danderhall is 1st winning £286. He is also 9th 10th & 12th. Helen Aitken & sons of the same club are 2nd & 3rd with Stuart Gilchrist of Edinburgh Premier in 4th 8th 18th & 19th places. Press officer Andy Miller timed in 3 birds on the same minute to take 5th 6th & 7th places.  11th place is won by S & S Tierney if Danderhall club their club mates Black & Robertson are 13th with Edinburgh Premier P & J Hutton in 14th place. A Walker of Danderhall wins 15th spot with the Brown & Black partnership of Woodburn club winning 16th 20th & 21st and making up the top positions is C Bennett of Edinburgh West in 17th spot.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the 64 members sent 1474 birds to Dunfermline these were liberated into a Light North West Win. Taking the first 2 places in the east section and open is R H Whyte of Peterhead & District club with winner doing a velocity of 1283 ypm; he is also 14th section and open. Club mate G Findlay is 3rd & 25th east section and open with A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District winning 4th 7th & 8th section and open. Colin McRae of the same club is 5th 6th & 9th section and open with R Barclay of Fraserburgh West End club 10th section and open. W & A Ross of Inverurie are 11th & 15th section and open. A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End is 12th & 29th section & open with D Ward of the same club one place behind him in section and open being 13th & 30th. Stuart Maskame of Peterhead & District is 16th 17th & 22nd section and open. With club mates C & M Williams winning 18th 20th 24th section and open. Dave & Callum McDougall of the same Peterhead club are 19th & 21st section and open with another Peterhead member Gordon Willox winning 23rd section and open place. R McKenzie of Inverurie club is 26th section and open with club mates Eric & Nicky Yule in 27th places. Their club mate J S Robertson is 28th 
The East section had 33 members sending 757 birds and I have covered them all in the top 30 open positions. The West section had 31 members sending 717 birds with G Wilson of Devern Valley winning 1st & 7th west section 31st & 37th open. Ryan Hay & Family of Devern Valley club are 2nd west section 32nd open with A Hay of the same club in 3rd section 33rd open. N Raymond once again from the same DV club is 4th section 34th open and club mate J Abel is 5th section and 35th open. A Wilson is 6th & 36th open we then have Keith member Wilson taking 8th 9th & 10th west section 38th 39th & 40th open.                          

Club First Bird

Peterhead & District R H Whyte  

Fraserburgh & District A W Buchan

Fr. West End R Barclay   

Inverurie W & A Ross  

Devern Valley G Wilson  

Keith R Wilson

Buckie & District J Cunning

Elgin & District J Thomson    

Well done to Robert Whyte on topping the federation and also well done to Gordon Wilson on winning the West Section.

Joe’s Joke

Clifford and Daisy May were married for many years, whenever there as a confrontation, yelling could be heard deep into the night. Clifford would shout, ‘When I die, I’ll dig my way up and out of the grave and come back and haunt you for the rest of your life old woman!!. Neighbours feared him. Old Clifford liked the fact that he was feared. He died at the ripe old age of 98. After the burial, Daisy May’s neighbours , concerned for safety, asked, ‘Aren’t you afraid that he may indeed be able to dig his way out of the grave and haunt you for the rest of your life?. She replied, ‘LET HIM DIG’ I had him buried upside down…. And I know he won’t ask for directions’.

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