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The Joe Murphy Column - 17-06-21

The Joe Murphy Column

The SNFC held their first race of the 2021 season on the 5th of June from Huntingdon with the convoy of 3891birds entered by 428 members at 06-30 am into a very light variable north west wind and the convoy cleared the race point within minutes. The first 2 birds in the race are to Gretna both doing 1500 ypm with the winners being Mr & Mrs Gus Power and one yard behind is Gordon Grant. Well done to both lofts on winning 1st & 2nd section A and open. My old pal Andrew Eddie of the Eddie & Kelly partnership from Motherwell win 1st section E 1st west region 3rd open another outstanding performance. While on the other side of the country in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh Tam Nolan & son Allan of Edinburgh win 1st section B 1st east region 4th open. My dear friend Martyn Brown of Bo’ness timed in 2 exceptional birds to win 1st & 2nd section D 5th & 6th open. Freddie Robertson of Edinburgh continues with his fine form as he is 2nd section B 7th open with James Mark of Tranent timing 2 birds to win 3rd & 4th section B 8th & 9th open and J & G Whitson are 5th section B 10th open. Dave Baldie of St Andrews wins 1st section C 23rd open with 1st Section F 95th open going to J Moffat of Millerstone. 1st section G 219th open is R Wilson of Keith flying a distance of 375 miles. Congratulations to everyone who timed in a bird and I look forward to reading about them when the report on the race is printed.

Dave Baldie of St Andrews see text
Dave Baldie

Martyn Brown Joe Murphy see text
Martyn Brown & Joe Murphy


Angus Federation held their race from Leicester on 5th June with the convoy of 410 birds liberated at 06-15 hours with NO wind at the liberation site. Topping the federation is Kenny Droog & son of Forfar who are also 2nd & 16th with race controller Davie Glen winning 3rd 4th 19th & 20th places. Ian Scott of the same club is 5th 7th 11th 15th & 18th with Eric Galloway in 6th place. The Leggett & Greig partnership of the same club are 8th with David J Liddle winning 9th & 12th positions. G Campbell of Montrose is 10th open with W Nicol of Forfar in 13th place with club mate J Fraser in the next position. We then come to father & son partnership of Charlie & Glen Cameron of Arbroath club in 17th place.
East Section winners are as follows; G Campbell is 1st with Charlie & Glen Cameron winning 2nd 4th & 5th with William Dorward from Gourdon winning 3rd 7th 8th & 10th section prizes. M Wallace of Montrose is 6th with D & D Hay of Gourdon in 10th spot.
Club Winners; Forfar 304 birds winner Kenny Droog & son; Montrose 19 birds winner G Campbell; Gourdon 38th birds winner is W Dorward with Arbroath sending 49 birds winner Charlie & Glen Cameron.  

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron; regarding the 6th old bird race from Leicester flown on 5th June; this father and son took the first 4 places in the club with Les McKay taking the next 4 places to fill the race result.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Secretary Lynne Stewart; who informs us that the federation held their race from Melton Mowbray on Saturday 5th of June with the convoy being liberated at 08-20 hours. Topping the federation flying a distance of 239 miles is W Fairley of Balerno club he is also 3rd 8th & 39th open. Once again the consistent loft of Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder are near the top this time winning 2nd & 24th open. A Robb of West Calder is 4th with Colin Ross of Balerno is 5th 7th 12th 17th to 20th plus 22nd & 38th open. John Bird of West Calder is 6th 9th 11th 31st & 40th open places; 10th 34th & 36th places goes to Jock & Isabel Alston Carnwath Club; 13th spot goes to Jamie Sweeney of East Calder with John Hadfield of West Calder in 14th 15th 28th & 30th positions. Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder are 16th with John Jamieson of the same club in 21st 23rd & 33rd places. Ian Jamieson of Balerno is 25th with club mates Colin Bain & W Fairley 26th 32nd & 37th open. J Burt of West Calder club is 27th & 29th open. East Calder Jimmy M Young is in 35th open places.
Balerno 87 birds; W Fairley 1490.847, 1434.079, C Ross 1424.154, 1415.427
Bonnybridge 31 birds; V Couper 1318.731, 1304.646, 1295.215, E Jones & Grandson 1274.117
Carnwath 67 birds; J & I Alston 1405.735, 1351.458, 1346.637, I Thomson 1226.868
East Calder 71 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1461.030, J Sweeney 1394.348, Mr Mrs Fleming 1386.522, J Jamieson 1383.682
West Calder 106 birds; A Robb 1427.265, J Bird 1416.987, 1409.547, 1405.19

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie MacIntyre who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, The federation 6th race of the season seen us at Wetherby on Saturday 5th June with an entry of 1,604 birds (a drop of 400 birds on the previous week) for a distance of between 156mls to 188mls to the north end of the fed. Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 08:15 with No Wind at the race point. Reports from the liberation site were the birds cleared the site in one batch. Topping the federation this week on 1511.6 is Robert Reid of Beith flying in Dalry HS. “Speedie” as we know Robert, is never far away from the top whether it’s short distance or the National races.  Robert’s winner, “R20” is 4 year old hen flying natural. She was sent sitting 4 days on the night of basketing to this race as part of her preparation for SNFC Maidstone. As she has been very slow to lay this year, and this was only her 2nd race. She is the daughter of Roberts’s good hen “1425” that was 1st sect, 68th open Roye.

Robert Reid 1st Fed Wetherby
Robert Reid 1st Fed Wetherby

R20 has also bred a federation topper as well and is starting to show all the qualities of her mother. 2nd & 3rd fed on 1511.5 and 1511.2 is another club mate, Jim Shepherd of Beith. You will note how close this race was with only decimals splitting the first 3 birds. There is 3 Beith lads who all train together, Robert Reid, Jim Shepherd and John Shepherd (known as the 3 Amigo’s) These lads train their birds very hard, all taking it in turns to take the birds to Euro Central roughly a 35 mile trainer a couple of times a week. Even on a race day with the pigeons that have not been entered that week race. So it’s no surprise to see these lads at the top. Jim’s team of pigeons have been flying well this year taking many multiple prizes, so to see Jim taking 2nd & 3rd fed, you could see this result coming. Jim’s pigeons are raced on a “sort of celibate system” and having handled them most weeks myself at basketing, they certainly have been in great condition. Not much to go on the breeding as they are just a mixed bag of Jim’s own breeding. ‘Heinz 57’ Varity as Jim calls them. Thanks very much to Robert and Jim for the info.

Jim Shepherd 2nd Fed Wetherby
Jim Shepherd 2nd Fed Wetherby

Kim Shepherd 3rd Fed Wetherby
3rd Fed Wetherby

Winners from in and around the clubs:

North Section 482 birds;

1st Dalry HS, R Reid 1511.673: 1st Ardeer HS, Stirrat & McKenna 1467.616:  1st Kilwinning HS, M Salmon 1420.715.

Central Section 353 birds;

1st Darvel HS, R Donegan 1505.2: 1st Irvine HS, D McCullen 1487.8:      1st Crosshouse HS, I Noble 1463.9: 1st Kilmarnock Inv, R Dignam 1254.5.

South Section 393 birds;

1st Cumnock & Dist, J MacKenzie 1379.9: 1st Whitletts & Dist, W Lawrence 1329.4: 1st Mauchline & Dist, E Stewart 1319.5: 1st Annbank & Dist, D Paterson 1145.8: 1st Dalmellington PC, G Mitchell 876.4.

For Ayrshire Federation 7th race of the season saw us at Huntingdon on Saturday 5th June with an entry of 247 birds duplicated into the 3,891 SNFC birds. We were flying a distance of between 267 miles to 305 miles to the north end of Ayrshire Federation. This was one of two races this weekend for the federation as we had above Wetherby as well. The Federation’s entry into Huntingdon was low 4 clubs never sent and many members within clubs never sent as well. This was all down to the fact the federation’s last race prior to the national was Darlington and going to Huntingdon would be a jump on average of around 145 miles for the birds. The birds were liberated at 06:30 into a light variable North West wind. Reports from the liberation site were the birds cleared the site in under 2mins.                

Topping the Federation this week on 1308.8 is Robert Donegan (Big Rab) of Newmilns, flying in Darvel HS. As well as being 1st Fed, Robert also takes 2nd Region F, 320th Open. The sire is son of “Strike”, Robert’s first arrival from the SNFC YB National in 2014 and is a Jan Aarden. The dam is a daughter of G Mann national winner. As with many of Roberts’s racers this year, they have not been paired prior to going to Huntingdon. On the Thursday morning on the day of basketing, Robert opened the corridor doors and allowed them just to run together.  In 2nd fed on 1305.0 is the partnership of McKenna & Diamond of Irvine, flying in Irvine NTHS. The partnership also recorded 3rd Region F, 337th open and win’s the George Jamieson Trophy for the 1st Yearling timed from Huntingdon in the Federation. The sire is from Alwyn Hill and is a grandson of his famous “Wingdown”. The dam is full sister to “Big Ian” 1st Fed, 1st Region F, and 76th Open Ypres 2019 for the partnership and is full of the T & S McEwen breeding. She had been flying widowhood then paired up on the 22nd May and sent sitting 5 days on eggs. 3rd fed on 1300.2 is J McNeil of Kilwinning, timing a 2 year old roundabout cock. Jock has done something different this year and has been sending his birds most weeks with the Glasgow Federation for liberations with Lanarkshire. The sire is bred down off Jock’s good Jan Aarden hen “Miss Penny”, breeder of 1st prize winners including an Ypres winner. The dam comes from A Flockhart and is bred down off one of his Silver Award winners.  Many thanks to Rab, Andy and Jock for the info the prompt info and pictures.

Winners from in and around the clubs

North Section 139 Birds

1st Kilwinning HS, J McNeil 1300.2, 1st Dalry HS, R Reid 1295.6,

1st Ardeer HS, Hughes & Donald 1184.5:                           

Central Section 63 Birds

1st Darvel HS, R Donegan 1308.8, 1st Irvine HS, McKenna & Diamond 1305.0,                             1st Crosshouse HS, I Noble 1113.5.

South Section 45 Birds

1st Annbank & Dist, D Graham 1175.4, 1st Whitletts & Dist, Cuthbert & Cree 1041.4.                  

Scottish Central Federation

News from Bernie Britton ‘Hi Joe, we hope your all well and staying safe’.

Broxburn & Uphall Pigeon Club result from Newark flown on the 5th June were 5 members sent 185 birds with the convoy liberated at 06-15 with no wind at the race point. Winning 1st club 5th federation is Hugh Rafferty with a chequer cock on roundabout. He is a Flor Engels from Alex Coburn from Ratho. Winning 2nd club 8th federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a blue pied cock flying on roundabout, he is bred Gordon’s mate Stuart Knowles and is a Herman Cluster. 3rd club 11th fed is Hugh Rafferty with a blue bar cock flown on roundabout bred by Louella Pigeon World from their Belgium imports of Van Dyke crossed Jan Aarden bloodlines.

Winchburgh & District Pigeon Club

Had 10 members sent 176 birds with 1st club 3rd federation going to Henry Borthwick with a blue bar cock flying widowhood bred by Andy McCartney from Raploch near Stirling from Donaldson of the UNC bloodlines? This bird has been a very consistent cock having previously won 6th club Darlington; 6th Federation Wakefield. In 2nd club 13th federation is the partnership of Tom and Georgina Weir with a blue bar cock, his sire is a blue bar cock from Walter Boswell from his Silver Award Winner the dam of the blue cock is a blue hen who won 2nd French young bird Derby (in 2018). Thanks to Peter Keogh for obtaining the information for me. In 3rd club is Robert McGill sorry Joe no information on Robert’s bird. Can I say a big ‘Well done’ to Orr & Son on winning the federation. Thanks once again Joe you are doing a great job publicising our sport up here in Scotland every week, sometimes 4 pages Outstanding Well Done!!! Yours Bernie’

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen with the Melton Mowbray federation result flown on the 5th June with the convoy liberated at 08-20 with no wind at the race point. Topping the federation and also 7th open and keeping up a distinguished run of results is Graham Wardhaugh of Dirleton. We then have John Bird with incredible result timing in 5 pigeons to win 2nd 3rd 8th 9th & 10th federation places in the federation top 10, well done John. In 4th place is the inform loft of Davie Blair from Prestonpans. Then finishing in 5th open is Tom McEwen and his son Scott from Elphinstone with the same cock that won 4th open last week. He is a pure Paul Stobbs from his top 2 stock birds. Finishing well to the fore in 6th open is former Gold Cup winner George Veitch of East Saltoun.

Prestonpans Homing Society

Winning 1st & 2nd club is John Bird with 2 yearling nest mates flown on roundabout. The winner is a cock with the 2nd bird a hen. Their sire is from George & Brian Hunter of Dunfermline famous hen ‘Kingdom Spirit’ crossed with a cock from Tom & Scott McEwen bloodlines. Their dam is a daughter of George Veitch’s Gold Cup winner crossed once again with a Tom & Scott McEwen bloodlines. 3rd club is Davie Blair with a 2 year old blue white flight cock; his parents are from John Pryde of Gorebridge and contain the following; sire is from Steve Lipinski’s national winner and the dam is down from Andy Miller’s ‘Kuwaiti Pair’. That’s us once again Joe and we have the 1st National this same day, wishing Margaret & You all the best.

Kingdom Racing Pigeon Association

News from Pete Penman who informs me that the Association were at Kettering on Saturday the 5th June a distance of approximately 280 miles to Fife for the  first open race. The convoy of 359 birds were liberated into a light west wind at 09-15am. Tom Berwick of Leuchars takes the top honours with the same 2 year old pied hen that has been his first bird home the last three weeks. She was sitting her 1st round of eggs this year. She is bred from Bob Colven from the NEHU (As I have previously stated Joe this was drunken night out at the BHW show of the year). It was well worth getting a sore head for now ha. In 2nd & 3rd places is Leuchars club mate Dave Wilson. Unfortunately, Dave is away on holiday so I have no details of his pigeon's however this was a terrific performance so well done Dave. In 4th place is the ever-present Dyke Armour of the Coaltown of Balgonie RPC, his timer is a yearling home bred Rod Sparks blue cock on roundabout.

Coaltown of Balgonie; Dyke Armour takes the first 7 positions. His winner is a 3 year old chequer hen bred by Mr & Mrs Williams from Cornwall. His 3rd bird is the nest mate to his club winner.

St Serfs. Leading the way is Stevie Ritchie with the same bird that topped the Kingdom last week from Newark. This 3 year old chequer pied hens' sire has twice been 17th open Reims. The dam is down from John Proctor lines.


John Baillie forwarded the result of the above club as follows, ‘Hi Joe, please find the result from Traprain, the members sent 275 birds to Newark at 06-15am. (Personally this is a hell hole of a place to liberate pigeons) Jim McNeil takes the first 3 positions over the space of nearly 10 mins.  Note from Jim, ‘Hi John my 1st pigeon sire is Geerdink while the dam is a Herman Ceusters from Taylor Brothers. The 2nd pigeon sire is from Syndicate Lofts while the dam is from Steve and Barbara Goulding. The 3rd pigeon sire and dam are Aelbrecht once again from Taylor Brother’s, many thanks John’. Joe the race was very erratic with some members have large losses on the day. The winning birds doing fast times but there were big gaps between birds. The SNFC race from Huntingdon had the same type of race. These erratic races are becoming the norm these days Joe. I’ve been told that a fancier has stated it is one of the Worse racing days he has ever had. This guy Joe has raced pigeons all his life. Dreading the young bird racing if the old bird losses are this bad!!!!!. Thank you once again for the publicity in your column yours John B’.

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the federation old bird Wetherby race was flown on 5th June with 52 members sending 753 birds these were liberated into a west to north west wind. The east section had 27 members sending 414 birds with the west section having 25 members sending 339 birds. Topping the federation and west section is the loft of A Wilson of Devern Valley he is also 6th & 12th west section 12th & 27th open. The loft of Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 from the same club won 3rd & 11th west section and 3rd & 24th open.   A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club won 1st 2nd 3rd & 4th east section 4th 5th 6th & 9th open. We now move back to the West Section were G Wilson of Devern Valley wins 4th & 5th section 7th & 8th open.  A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club wins 5th 6th 7th & 12th east section and 10th 11th 14th 17th & 21st open. R Hay & Family of Devern Valley are 7th & 10th west section 13th & 23rd open with C McRae of Fraserburgh & District is 8th east section 15th open with Eric & Nicky Yule of Inverurie winning 9th 11th 14th & 16th east section 16th 20th 25th & 30th open. R Wilson of Keith club wins 8th & 9th west section 18th & 19th open with R H Whyte of Peterhead & District winning 13th east section 22nd open he is followed by club mate G Findlay who wins 15th section 26th open. We move back to Keith club for A J Reid who wins 13th west section 28th open and then we have N Raymond of Devern Valley winning 14th west section 29th open. The above cover the top section and open places within the federation.

Clubs First Birds as follows;

Devern Valley winner is A Wilson velocity 1453.502

Fr. & District winner is A W Buchan velocity 1446.311

Fr. West End winner is A Higgins velocity 1433.758

Inverurie winner is E & N Yule velocity 1422.683

Keith R Wilson velocity 1422.055

Peterhead & District winner is R H Whyte velocity 1416.839

Elgin & District winner is J Thomson velocity 1387.304

Buckie & District winner is J Cumming velocity 1331.907

Well done to A Wilson on topping the federation and also well done to A Buchan on winning the East Section.

New Lothian RPC

News from Andy Miller with the Melton Mowbray old bird race flown on Saturday 5th June with the convoy of 1079 birds entered by 51 lofts liberated at 08-20 hours with no wind at the liberation site. Topping the club is Willie Hume (Jnr) of Danderhall club flying 234 miles and recording a velocity of 1605 to win £66-80p with another pigeon in 16th place. 2nd place winning £14.00 are T Nolan & Son of Danderhall. In 3rd place winning £96.00 is Jimmy Pryde of Arniston he also wins 13th & 19th places winning £458-80p. We now have our man Andy Miller of Sighthill club once again at the top this week winning £349.00. M Robertson of Danderhall club is 5th winning £93.00 his club mates Helen Aitken & sons are 6th winning £    25.00 Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston are 7th & 14th winning £25.00. Ian Summers of Sighthill is 8th with J Haig of Danderhall in 9th spot we then have S & S Tierney of Danderhall club in 10th spot they are followed by Brown & Black of Woodburn who are 11th & 20th with J Milne of Arniston in 12th spot, A Walker of Danderhall is 15th with A R Pringle of New Lothian in 17th place. R Rimpson of Easthouses is 18th & 27th with W Massey & son of Bonnyrigg in 21st place winning £140 for their efforts J Haig of Danderhall is 22nd with Freddie Robertson of the same club winning 23rd 24th & 25th places and T Nolan & son of Danderhall make up the top 30 winning 26th open place. 

Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller regarding the 6th old bird race of the season was again from Melton Mowbray, this was held on Saturday 5th June with the convoy of 1403 birds sent by 11 clubs a distance of 230-242 miles for the members. The birds were liberated at 08-20 hours with no wind at the race point.
This week’s champ is the winning loft of Brian Thomas & son Chris, from Pathhead, who fly their pigeons in Woodburn Club. Their timer is a full brother to their good cock “Sauzee” who is also a federation topper from the Gold Cup and winning 2nd section 8th open Liege and 72nd open Burdinne. The winner has had every race this season and flown on the celibate system. Returns were excellent and velocities on the day were substantially higher than most other organisations, so well done to the race control team who liberated nearly 2 hours later than most due to a 10 mile band of mist & low cloud around the race point. The New Lothian winner was Willie Hume Jnr from Gilmerton who flies with the Danderhall club and takes a very creditable 3rd federation. No details forwarded to me on the winner before deadline day Joe. Finally Joe; a big well done to the Pentland Loft of Tam Nolan & son Alan on winning 1st Section B from Huntingdon with the SNFC.

Woodburn 68 birds;
G. Thomas & Son 1615 Brown & Black 1559 Brown & Black 1528

Easthouses 142 birds
; Laing 1607 Laing 1552 Simpson 1537

Danderhall 384 birds;
Hume (Jnr) 1605 Nolan 1602 M. Robertson 1571

Arniston 174 birds;
J. Pryde 1599 W. Pryde & Son 1568 Milne 1553

Sighthill 93 birds
; Miller 1576; Summer’s 1567; Summers 1511

New Lothian 14 birds;
Pringle 1539

Bonnyrigg 120 birds;
Massey 1526 Massey 1507 Benson & Moran 1490

Castlebrae 109 birds;
L. Mitchell 1516 L. Mitchell 1505 A. Mitchell 1416

Edinburgh Premier 131 birds;
Cains & Milne 1488 Dick 1470.6 Dick 1470.2

Edinburgh West 63 birds
; Lamb 1453 Lamb 1451 Verth 1435

Loanhead 20 birds;
Anderson 1377 Anderson 1356 Anderson 1337

Peebles -------

Others 85 birds;                                                            

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