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The Joe Murphy Column - 26-08-21

The Joe Murphy Column

We have had a quiet week, catching up on some odd chores that required doing. With not being involved in the pigeons the same way with Kevin not being here, I miss the weekly chit chat about how the races have been going. However on reading the reports sent in by the press officer’s it looks once again to be heavy losses with the young birds. This has happened for years the only time I can remember when we had youngsters left at the end of the season, was when the Fife federation transporter trained the youngster prior to racing. We had about 5 training flights on the transporter prior to the first young bird race and they went every week right out to the young bird national from Cheltenham a distance of 300 miles to us. Obviously the costs curtailed this but it was a great way of getting the youngster basket trained and educated into the transporter release mechanism. I even remember Matt McLauchan who lived in Blairhall putting his young pigeons on the transporter overnight to go to Rosyth (at the Forth Bridges) which was only 9 miles. He could have been there and back in 20 minutes, but he was steadfast in his belief that the youngsters had to learn right from the start on how to settle in the transporter and how to get out and race home. Matt and his son Mathew were outstanding fanciers and it was quite fitting that they won the SNFC Gold Cup race from Rennes in the club’s centenary year of 1994.

Bob Taylor and Matt McLauchan 26 08 21
Bob Taylor and Matt McLauchan


Angus Federation

News from Kenny Droog who wrote ‘Must excuse the lack of notes but I’ve been busy with the PRO for the National, however a brief roundup of the Angus Federations races over the last week’s. This would make grim reading as we have been hammered by Raptors at Lauder with big-big losses but congratulations goes to the new boys of the Angus Fed. Firstly Adam Golick, he wins the fed on a velocity of 825.94 a very clear winner. Another new member Aurel Intorsura who joined the club from Romania, his brother Alexander has also joined the club, anyway Aurel wins 2nd 3rd 4th Federation in only his second race, great flying guy`s. Always steady the ‘Sparky’ himself Eric Galloway who wins 5th 6th and 7th fed and this into a clock, no ETS till the old birds. So even closer is ‘Mr Consistent’ Ian Scott who is in 8th and 9th with our joiner Willie Nicol coming in at 10th place. The winner of the East section was D &D Hay of Gourdon, David takes the first three place plus 5th 6th and 7th, with W Dorward taking 4th 8th 9th and 10th place 1st Arbroath is G McKenzie and he is 8th east section, this was a terrible race and all these pigeons are doing 600 or less velocity`s. The weather this year has been very poor and the next week saw the Angus fed go to Wooler, most Feds cancelled and somehow Dave Glen saw a window and a good race was had by the few who sent (only 175), at Forfar a batch of 25 came into the town and it was a trapping frenzy, David Liddle came out on top taking first six, and Ian Scott taking 7th to 20th position, the first bird was timed at 1.55.14 and the 20th 1.56.23, all over in a blink of an eye, In the East section which stretches from Carnoustie up to Gourdon in the N East, Gordon Campbell wins Montrose and takes 1st 2nd and 10th East Section, D & D Hay takes 3rd 4th and 5th with W Dorward taking 6th 7th 8th and 9th all from Gourdon. We returned to Wooler for the first Combine race with both Angus and Dundee were up together. At Dundee Danny Henderson would take top honours flying, Johan Hanson wins 9th fed and Phin and Kane had five drop together to take 11th to 15th position, Hanson Brothers are 16th and 19th fed, while last weeks fed winner Mark Young is in 17th spot, J & L Alexander are 18th, on first impression it was a good race however there was many other birds coming late into the evening. This I’m afraid to say was done to clashing with the Lanarkshire Federation who were also at Wooler although they were liberated 15 mins apart birds, some birds from Angus and Dundee had not cleared the site, Hawks could have been one reason but many birds went into Lanarkshire and some of their came North possibly 15 mins is not enough time and 30 mins might be looked at in the future. The one blessing was Saturday was a lovely day with nice sunshine till late on which did help a lot of the birds get home but there were still big losses in Angus and Dundee. At Angus taking top spot is Ken Droog with 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place, Ian Scott takes 5th place and Eric Galloway wins 6th and 7th using rubbers so could have been closer, Dave Glen our controller wins 8th,9th,10th 11th place, last week’s winner David Liddle is in 12th and 13th spot, over at the East we have D & D Hay winning Gourdon and 1st 7th 8th east section, club mate Willie Dorward takes 2nd,4th,5th and 6th place, Les McKay wins Arbroath and 3rd east section, Gordon Campbell wins Montrose and 9th and 10th spot.  

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron; regarding the Wooler 4th young bird race flown on 14th August with the convoy liberated at 08-15 hours. The Club had 5 members sending 114 birds. First place goes to Les McKay on 1137.9 he was also 9th club. Charlie & Glen Cameron are 2nd & 7th with Graham McKenzie keeping up his good form winning 3rd 5th & 6th places. Chic & Anne Carrie wins 4th & 8th places.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Secretary Lynne Stewart, who informs us that the federation held their Otterburn race on 14th August, with the convoy of 827 birds liberated at 08:45 hours; Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder top the federation with a GB black hen on 1100 velocity. They are also 24th & 37th open. George Harris of Bonnybridge club is 2nd 3rd 4th 19th 20th & 23rd open with Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder winning 5th spot. Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club is 6th 7th 18th & 36th open. John Hadfield of West Calder wins 8th 9th 34th & 35th open.  J Loney of Bonnybridge club wins 10th 21st & 22nd open. The partnerships of Burnside & Drysdale of DEA are 11th 12th 13th 25th 26th 27th 28th 38th & 40th open. Jamie Sweeney of East Calder is 14th 15th 16th & 17th with I McLelland of Bonnybridge club winning 29th 31st & 33rd open. R & L MacDuff of the same club is 30th with another club member partnership of Wells & Scott winning 32nd open. Jimmy Young of East Calder makes up the top 40 wining 39th open.

Club Winners;

Balerno 83 birds; A Dunsmore 962.663, C Bain & W Fairley 944.102, D Bald 917.677, C Bain & W Fairley 881.347

Bonnybridge 163 birds; G Harris 1095.135, 1087.389, 1087.011, V Couper 1077.581

Carnwath 164 birds; Thomson Bros 824.632, J & I Alston 809.553, 801.268, 790.138

East Calder 187 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1100.244, Mr Mrs Fleming 1080.000, J Sweeney 1054.664, 1054.202

West Calder 230 birds; J Hadfield 1066.262, 1065.674, 1015.288, 1014.888

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie MacIntyre who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, Sorry for the lateness of the report; the federation had went for a Sunday race this weekend. Please find attached report and pictures of the 1st - 3rd Fed winners. For Ayrshire federation 3rd young bird race of the season from Wooler on Sunday 15th August we had an entry of 1,562 birds for a distance of between 91 miles to 114 miles to the north end of the federation. After a one day delay due to the strength of wind forecast for the Saturday, Jim O’Hare had the birds up and away at 07:45 with No wind at the liberation point.  Well what unfolded in terms of a race can only be described as a disaster. Returns on average was roundabout the 25% mark. Reports from the liberation site were as that the birds did not want to clear. They headed south before turning and coming back up over the transporter making north pooling in all directions and making very little head way. As I mentioned this race turned out a disaster, birds have been getting reported in Durham & Consent (Local Area) Wakefield & Maidstone 130 & 313 miles south of the liberation site, and in the usual places when we cross the border, in Carlisle & Maryport (Cumbria region). Leading the way in the federation this week taking 1st place on 1006.4 is the partnership of John & Barry Nicol (Nicol Bros) from the Ardeer HS.

John Barry Nicol Bros 1st Fed Wooler 1 YB 26 08 21
John & Barry Nicol Bros 1st Fed Wooler 1 YB 

These lads are a relatively new partnership in the sport and are starting to show they could be a force to be reckoned with. The partnership timer “896” blue cock, sire is an unrung bred for stock from a daughter of 1894 x Jimmy's old Busschaert family of pigeons.  Dam is a Jim Cullen hen. “1894” is direct from Carlin Brothers Kilbarchan (containing Willie Wilson of Larkhall x Jock Traill of Thornton bloodlines) Won from Wetherby as a yearling and Maidstone as a 5 year old returning shot and then was stopped. He had won either 3 or 4 races and was often the 2nd bird to their best ever racing cock ‘956’.  886 was 3rd Ardeer midweek club from Carnwath the previous week against 268 birds and is raced natural to perch. 2nd federation the week on 1004.0 is John Simpson from Ardeer HS. John’s winning pigeon “501” is 100% a GWP McAloney breeding – The Young Empery cock x Ultimate Combination hen.

John Simpson 2nd Fed Wooler 1 YB 26 08 21
John Simpson 2nd Fed Wooler 1 YB 

Racing natural and was 1st Ardeer midweek club the previous week from Carnwath, 268 birds competing. 3rd federation this week on 971.1 is the partnership of Jim Howie & Son from the Ardeer HS. Jim was saying his blue chequer hen was bred from birds that had both flown Leicester this year, they are off a Polish cock from Arona One Loft race they had bought at Blackpool and a grizzle they got from Mike Staddon that bred various winners for them over the years.

Jim Howie Son 3rd Fed Wooler 1 YB 26 08 21
Jim Howie & Son 3rd Fed Wooler 1 YB

Winners from in and around the clubs:

North Section 741 birds;

1st Ardeer HS, Nicol Bros 1006.4; 1st Kilwinning HS, J McNeil 963.6;

1st Dalry HS- Mr J R Ramsay 907.8;

Central Section 310 birds;

1st Darvel HS, H Wallace 940.6; 1st Irvine HS, E Diamond 906.4; 1st Kilmarnock Invitation -CK McKerrow 886.9; 1st Crosshouse HS - I Noble 786.8.

South Section 511 birds;

1st Carrick & District-Jamieson & Cameron 855.2; 1st Annbank & District- D Graham 803.6; 1st Whitletts & District- Cree & Cuthbert 773.7; 1st Mauchline & District- J Watters 699.2; 1st Cumnock & District- J MacKenzie 682.8; 1st Dalmellington PC - W Mullen 503.                    

Scottish Central Federation

News from Bernie Britton ‘Hi Joe, we hope your all well and staying safe’.

Broxburn & Uphall Pigeon Club result from Otterburn. Where 5 members sent 204 birds these were liberated at 10-00 into a strong north wind. Winning 1st club 6th federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a darkness blue bar hen; she is a Frans Zwols from Willie Donachie. 2nd club 8th fed is John McNeill with a  blue chequer cock on darkness a Lambrecht out of the stock loft a full sister won 7th federation Wakefield; 1st open Newark; 4th section 57th open SNFC Huntington yb national, she also won SHU Trophy for best young bird in 2020.  John is also 3rd club with a blue bar cock on darkness a Lambrecht out of the racing loft. Dam won 8th section D  92nd open SNFC Young bird nat from Huntington & 1st club 4th federation Darlington in 2020.

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen with the result of the Otterburn race flown on the 14th of August with the convoy liberated at 09-30 hours into a west to south west wind. Topping the federation and a big ‘well done’ to new member of the Gus Jackson of Gladsmuir club. In only his 2nd ever race he has won the club twice and this time tops the Federation; outstanding results. Gus decided to take up the pigeon sport when he retired and was warmly welcome by his new Gladsmuir club mates. With Bert Nisbet being a big help and Gus would like to thank him very much for all his help and assistance. Gus’s federation winner is a blue hen; her sire was a gift from Ian Black of the Black & Newcombe partnership from Macmerry. The dam of the winner was purchased from Tumley Lofts. Taking 2nd & 4th open and continuing with his great season is Keith Howie of Prestonpans. John Bird also from Prestonpans is again to the fore with a double winning 3rd & 6th open. Davie Blair timed a good bird to win 5th open with Bobby Dickson of Prestonpans having a good start to the new young bird’s season winning 7th & 9th open. We then have Fowler & McIntyre of Ormiston in with the cracker in 8th open; completing the top 10 is Brian Lavery of Prestonpans.  

Prestonpans Homing Society

Winning the club is Keith Howie with a blue cock, parents from Spider Rowley with Vanden Bilk crossed Cooremans. Keith is also 3rd with another blue cock that contains the same breeding as the winner. 2nd club is John Bird with a chequer hen; sire is a Vandenabeele from Woodside Lofts and the dam is a granddaughter of George Veitch’s ‘Gold Cup winner. Wishing you all the best Tom’; 

Fife Federation of Homing Pigeons Societies

News from Federation secretary Geordie Todd, informs us that the convoy of 868 birds were liberated at Coldstream at 10-45 on 14th August into a south west wind. The East section had Kennoway sending 100 birds, Methilhaven 138 birds and St Andres 65 birds. The top ten in the federation is the same as the East section winners, which are as follows: Dave Baldie of St Andrews takes the first 3 paces with his first 2 birds together doing a velocity of 1097. R Anderson of the same club is 4th & 6th with Mook Honeyman of Kennoway in 5th place. Club mate Brian Chalmers is 7th with Davie Hunter of Methilhaven club in 8th & 10th positions. This year’s SNFC winners Jim & Gary Peggie of Methilhill keep up their good form by winning 9th spot. The west section had Lochgelly club sending 148 birds; Dunfermline 205 birds, Crossgates 175 birds and Perth 37 birds. Topping this section and in 10th places is D Pakula of Perth club. Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline club is 2nd 3rd 5th 6th 8th & 9th section with Pete Sweeney of Crossgates winning 4th spot. Dunfermline’s John Robertson wins 7th west section position.

Kingdom Racing Pigeon Association

News from Pete Penman who writes ‘The Kingdom RPA held their second young bird race from Alnwick on Saturday the 14th of August. Due to severe losses the small convoy of only 229 birds were on their way at 07-45 in a light south west wind. Leading the way is Dyke Armour with a home bred Rod Sparks, followed by Brian Kinnear with a blue cock that’s sire is from Tom & Scott McEwen from their Paul Stobbs lines when paired to a daughter of Brian’s bronze award winner. In 3rd place is Alan Keanie with a youngster bought at a BHW sale from Adrian Leitch from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. 4th, 5th & 6th is Dyke Armour. Firstly with a young bird bred by Mr & Mrs Russell from Gloucester, then two more home bred Rod Sparks. This Sparks family feature prominently in Dykes weekly leaders.

Leuchars RPC; Taking 1st & 2nd places is Eric Young with a pair of nest mates bred from his ace award pigeon, ‘Treble Blue’ crossed with a Frans Zwols . 3rd & 4th goes to Dave Wilson of

St Serfs saw Dave Whyte take the first two places followed by Jim Benvie.

Coaltown of Balgonie Dyke Armour took the first 10 places. From the Alnwick young bird race topping the federation is J D Armour of Coaltown of Balgonie club he is also 4th to 11th plus 17th & 22nd. Brian Kinnear of Tayport club is 2nd 12th to 16th with club mate Alan Keanie in 3rd spot. Gary Hall of Coaltown of Balgonie club wins 18th to 21st with Penman & Grubb of the same club winning 23rd 24th & 30th with Secretary Eric Young winning 25th & 26th place. G Cree of Rosyth is 28th with club mate Lou Mitchell winning 29th place.


John Baillie forwarded the result of the above club as follows, ‘Hi Joe, please find the result Joe, some results from Traprain. Our race from Otterburn was like the olden days with the birds just tumbling. We hired a transporter for the club birds for the race. Taking the first three positions was Sinclair Thomson & Son. A note from Sinclair, his 1st is Aelbrecht x Ceuster: his 2nd is from ‘Alfie’ crossed with a daughter of his ‘SNFC Clermont’ winner. The 3rd bird is the same way bred as the winner. Our next race was from Darlington with the Central Federation, the opposite to the Tuesday race with some members approximately 50% of the birds missing. Close on 500 birds were sent and 1st was Sinclair Thomson & Son with an Aelbrecht crossed with a daughter of ‘Alfie’. In 2nd and 3rd spots is Jimmy Mark. Note from Jimmy, 
‘Hi John, my first pigeon is bred from a pair of Wade Brother’s pigeons he was sitting eggs. He is the same way bred was my first bird in the SNRPC young bird National last year who won 12th open. The 3rd club is from a bird that scored at Ypres as a yearling the other one is bred from Gregg Brothers and McCandles of Ulster. This pair has bred 3 winners & a 4th club plus other positions one being 124th open Huntingdon SNFC. I've entered 4 in Arniston breeder buyer so will wait and see what happens there. Well Joe, something has got to change concerning the young bird racing. Either we race in May/June or later in the year. There is no fun these days with the losses around the loft/training and racing. After the amount of losses in the old birds and now this, I think many are like me and wonder if it is really worth keeping the birds to race. I have NEVER known races from the coast going into the 2nd day to fill section prizes. Even in the 1970's federations and combines had to be timed on the night to win a position. Something is seriously wrong and the birds of prey can't be blamed for it all. Sorry I've went on a bit, but something has to be done. Thanks once again John B’. I agree whole heartily with John we used to have federation races from Eastbourne/ Maidstone/Fareham etc. and if you were not timed in within an hour of the winner you never made the open result. But we never experienced this in national racing.  

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the federation had 54 members sending 1567 birds in a light north wind with the east section having 23 members sending 686 birds while the west section had 31 members sending 881 birds. Topping the federation and east section is Neil Holt of Peterhead & District he also won 4th 5th section and open. Stuart Maskame of the same club is 2nd 3rd & 6th section and open. With Chris & M (sorry don’t know the name) in 7th 8th & 9th positions, R Bain of Fraserburgh & District takes the next 3 with Colin McCrae of the same club in 13th 14th & 17th he is split by G Findlay of Peterhead & District who wins 15th 16th & 18th open. W Henderson of Fraserburgh West End club is 19th section and open with A Buchan of Fraserburgh & District in 21st section and open. George P Taylor of Peterhead & District is 22nd east section and open. J Abel of Devern Valley wins 1st 2nd 3rd west section 23rd 24th & 25th open. R Wilson of Keith is 4th 5th & 6th west section 26th 27th & 29th open. A Higgins of Fraserburgh West End club wins 23rd east section 28th open. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District won 24th east section 30th open. West Section had 31 members sending 881 birds to making up the top10 are the following fanciers; A Hay of Devern Valley club wins 7th west section 33rd open; A Wilson of the same club is 8th west section 34th open and Ryan Hay & Family also from Devern Valley wins 9th west section 35th open and John Thomson of Elgin & District wins 10th section 37th open.

Club first bird;

Peterhead & District winner N HOLT velocity 1294.419

Fraserburgh & District winner is R BAIN velocity 1230.074

Fraserburgh West End winner W HENDERSON velocity 1155.138

Devern Valley winner J ABEL velocity 1135.953

Keith winner R WILSON velocity 1133.147

Inverurie winner R MCKENZIE velocity 1087.758

Elgin & District winner J THOMSON velocity 1074.377

Buckie & District winner A MCKAY velocity 796.010

Well done to N Holt on topping the federation; and to J Abel on winning the West Section. George also tells us the federation had 53 members sending 1451 birds these were liberated into a south to south west wind. Topping the federation and east section (28 members 814 birds) is Neil Holt of Peterhead & district he also won 5th & 15th east section 5th & 15th open. Club mates C & M Williams won the 2nd 3rd & 4th east section and open positions, with another Peterhead member R H Whyte taking the next 3 place from 6th to 8th section and open. A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District club wins 9th 10th & 11th section and open. Stuart Maskame of Peterhead & district won 12th 13th & 14th section and open.   R Bain of Fraserburgh & District club wins 16th 17th & 18th section and open with Colin McRae of the same club taking the next 3 places 19th to 21st with G Findlay of Peterhead winning 22nd 26th & 29th section and open. Old pal George P Taylor of the same Peterhead club wins 23rd to 25th section and open. With R McKenzie of Inverurie club winning 27th & 29th section and open and W Henderson of Fraserburgh West End club winning 30th position in both section and open. The west section had 25 members sending 637 birds; Devern Valley club win the 10 places in the section with J Abel winning 1st west section 33rd open with D Smith of the same club is 2nd section 34th open, A Wilson is 3rd & 10th section 35th & 42nd open, A Hay wins 4th section 36th open, Fulton & Ritchie Loft 2 wins 5th 7th & 8th section 37th 39th & 40th open with G Wilson wins 6th section 38th open and Ryan Hay & Family winning 9th section 41st open.  

Clubs First Bird

N HOLT Peterhead & District velocity 1700.170

A W BUCHAN Fraserburgh & District velocity 1574.982

R MCKENZIE Inverurie velocity 1496.114

W HENDERSON Fraserburgh West End velocity 1434.953

J ABEL Devern Valley velocity 1376.421

A CRUICKSHANK Keith velocity 1230.136

J THOMSON Elgin & District velocity 1093.301

G RUSSELL Buckie & District velocity 1076.715

Well done to Neil Holt on topping the federation and to J Abel on winning the west section.

Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller who writes; Joe for the 2nd young bird race of the season was from Otterburn, flown on Sunday 14th August. The distance of 55-67 miles for the members. The convoy of 3019 birds sent by 9 clubs were liberated at 09-30 hours into a west to south west wind. This week’s winner is former federation convoyer Raymond McNamee and partner James McIvor assisted by ‘Super’ Ally Robertson who fly their birds in Danderhall club. Their timer is a Busschaert doing a velocity of 1349 is bred by John Crowder from Stallingborough flying to the perch. 2nd & 4th are Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall with Freddie Robertson of the same Danderhall club winning 3rd 5th 6th 8th & 10th positions. Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston are 7th & 9th. Joe the returns from the race were excellent.

Club Winners;

Danderhall 1068 birds; J. McIvor 1349.5 H. Aitken & Sons 1348.5 F. Robertson 1348.2

Arniston 468 birds; W Pryde & Son 1347.8 W. Pryde & Son 1346.2 J. Milne 1339.5

Easthouses 254 birds; Perring& Cameron 1340 R. Simpson 1339 R. Simpson 1318

Woodburn 270 birds; G. Stewart 1325 Brown & Black 1310 D. & J. Allen 1286

Castlebrae 96 birds; L. Mitchell 1322 E. Willis 1321 E. Willis 1319

Edinburgh Premier 259 birds; L Affleck 1320.2 L. Affleck 1320.0 K. Dick 1314

Sighthill 244 birds; A Miller 1299, I Summers 1296 Mr. & Mrs. Girdwood 1282

Bonnyrigg 263 birds; Benson & Moran 1279 Benson & Moran 1185 R. Simpson Snr 1155

Edinburgh West 97 birds; C Bennett 1201 C. Bennett 1162 C. Bennett 1127


New Lothian RPC

News from Andy Miller with the Otterburn (2) race flown on Saturday 14th August with 59 lofts sending 2149 birds. Liberated at 09-30 hours into a west to south west wind the winner was J McIvor of Danderhall with a velocity of 1349. 2nd place goes to Helen Aitken & sons of Danderhall club they are also 4th placed. Freddie Robertson of Danderhall club is 3rd 5th 6th 10th 14th 15th & 17th places. Willie Pryde & son of Arniston are 7th 9th & 11th with  A Walker of Danderhall club in 12th & 16th open R Simpson of East Houses is 18th with J Milne of Arniston in 19th spot and Jimmy Pryde of the same club is 20th open with his fancied bird who wins him £178 for its efforts.

It is with a heavy heart that I inform readers of this report; that Bobby Graham, the man who formed this phenomenally successful club and who remained as its secretary since its inception, sadly passed away on 9th August 2021. We send condolences to his family.

Wick Pigeon Club

A few weeks ago I mentioned about Callum Miller having the only bird on the day from Eastbourne (which was wrong as it was from Maidstone) his club mate Ian has dropped me a note saying the birds were liberated at 06-45 hours and Callum timed the only bird on the time timing in at 19-46 hours flying a distance of 521 miles. This was another great achievement from this stalwart of the sport who also timed in a further 4 birds on the 2nd day to take 5th 6th 8th & 9th positions. Close behind his father was son Michael timing in 4 birds to win 2nd 3rd 4th & 7th positions. A great result for this father and son relationship.

Joe’s Joke

A woman sends a text to her husband, ‘Honey, don’t forget to buy BREAD when you come home from work and your girlfriend Valerie greets you’. Husband ‘Who is Valerie?’ Wife; ‘Nobody, I just wanted you to answer, to have conformation that you saw my text’. Husband; ‘But I’m with Valerie right now, I thought you saw me? Wife; What???! Where are you? Husband; ‘Near the bakery’. Wife; Wait, I’m coming right now!!! After 5 minutes, his wife send a message; Wife; I’m at the bakery, where are YOU?? Husband; I’m at work, now that you’re at the bakery, buy the bread! xxx 

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