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The Joe Murphy Column - 10-09-21

The Joe Murphy Column

The feedback I’m having from many fanciers is the amount of youngsters they are losing at the moment, and some clubs and federations have decided to call it a day. I think if you basket train them and single them up as often as you can this will make pigeons of them. Don’t worry about the ones who do not come back home, however if they return even after the racing is finished then I would still keep them. It’s the ones who come home in the stray centre or a box via the courier that I do not have much time for. I have to be honest and say that they were not the birds you would time on the night from a 500 mile event. (I know some people will say they have had the odd one but the majority I would not waste my time on).   


Angus Federation held their race from Tow Law approximately 137 miles to the home area, after last week’s good race everyone was in high spirits for a good race. The weather forecast all week was a north wind but somewhere along the route it turned with the winning pigeon doing a velocity of 1492. Back at the top is press officer Ken Droog and son who`s birds are in super form. Kenny thinking he had plenty of time he went into the house leaving  the  grandchildren  Ellis and brother Harris in the garden, from the house he looked out and they were playing in front of the young bird loft with a big stick. Three birds were on the loft roof, the children were quickly called in and Kenny rushed out to call the birds in, imagine his surprise on entering the loft to find two other birds must have gone straight in. The result was he took 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th plus 13th 15th, 16th and 17th from his 26 youngsters sent. I will not bore you, (says Kenny) by giving you the info on the first two, they are nest mates paired together sitting 10day eggs. Their sister won 60th open SNFC young bird national flying 287 miles from an entry of 2577 birds. They are bred from his best Brockamp Euro Diamond blood, the sire being inbred to ‘George’ Brockamp’s best breeder and the dam is a  granddaughter of ‘Euro Diamond’ she is a goldmine. A granddaughter this year won 1st federation Wakefield and then the same yearling hen won 5th section C 18th open SNFC Eastbourne flying 428 miles on a velocity of 1053; she was the furthest flying yearling on the night. They are also grand-children to 1st NFC Saintes. The 3rd federation goes to club Secretary David Liddle who timed in a previous federation winner from Wooler, that day 25 birds hit the town together but he dived straight in to win the race. He is bred from a grandson of Robert Rome`s ‘Dagger’ 1st SNFC Newbury 261 miles, the dam is from Gordon Campbell crossed into David`s old family, David also takes 14th place with his next bird. Ian Scott managed 3rd 18th and 19th fed, with David Glen taking 11th, 12th & 20th spot. Eric Galloway still using rubbers wins a very good 8th, 9th & 10th federation, Eric has been with the winners most weeks, the birds are on the sliding door and are a combination of birds he received from his good friend Dave Stuart who recently passed. The north section was won by W Dorward on 1385 and C & G Cameron on 1383 and D & D Hay in 3rd place on 1381.

Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron; regarding the 6th young bird race from Tow Law on the 28th August with the birds liberated at 9-30am with no wind at the race point. 4 members sending 87 birds; taking the first 3 places plus 8th spot are Charlie & Glen Cameron. Les McKay is 4th 5th & 13th with Chic & Ann Carrie win 6th 10tj 11th & 12th places. Graham McKenzie is 7th & 9th.  

Almond Valley Federation

News from secretary Lynne Stewart; who informs us that the federation held their race from Otterburn on 29th August with the convoy  of 593 birds liberated at 14:00 hours. Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club takes the first 2 places plus 5th - 9th then 25th open. M Jackson of the same club is 3rd with I Thomson of Carnwath in 4th spot. Geordie Harris of Bonnybridge club is 10th then 13th to 16th 18th to 20th plus 22nd open. E Jones & Grandson of the same club are 11th & 40th open, with Wells & Scott of the same club winning 12th open. Burnside & Drysdale of DEA are 17th with John Hadfield of West Calder in 21st 26th 27th & 37th places; Jamie Sweeney of East Calder is in 23rd & 24th positions with R Robertson of Carnwath club in 28th & 30th places. Cairns & Hardie of Bonnybridge club are 29th with John Bird of West Calder winning 31st 32nd & 33rd open and J Stokes of Carnwath club takes 34th 35th & 36th with J McGinty of West Calder in 38th place followed by fellow club member Mrs S Brandon in 39th open.

Balerno 88 birds; D Bald 887.672, I Jamieson 849.019, D Bald 844.583, I Jamieson 843.271

Bonnybridge 121 birds; V Couper 995.738, 995.738, M Jackson 987.632, V Couper 975.866

Carnwath 89 birds; I Thomson 977.576, R Robertson 953.090, 950.083, J Stokes 945.152

East Calder birds; 168 J Sweeney 955.571, 955.318, F Jamieson & Son 855.055, 884.19

West Calder 127 birds; J Hadfield 957.800, 954.017, 953.194, J Bird 949.952

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie MacIntyre who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, please find attached 5th race report for the Blaydon/Swallwell race. I have also attached pictures of John Simpson who has topped the federation for the second week in row and pictures of Grant & McGovern's 2nd & 3rd federation winning pigeons. Many thanks’ once again Joe for all your support: The entry of 657 birds for a distance of between 110 miles up to 137 miles to the north end of the federation; Alex had the birds up and away for 09-00 with No wind at the liberation point and the birds cleared very quick in a northerly direction. Reports from around the clubs were the some members were getting good returns and others were struggling. Leasing the way in the federation this week on 1264.1 velocities and notching up his 2nd federation win on the trot is John Simpson of Ardeer HS. John’s winner this week, “528” is bred down from 2 yearlings out of his race team that have both flown out to about 200 miles.

John Simpson 1st Fed Blaydon YB
John Simpson 1st Fed Blaydon YB

The sire and dam are in essence Macaloney bloodlines. The sire being off 2 direct Macaloney birds and the dam is bred down off ‘The Welsh cock’ purchased from D Hughes (Mountain View Lofts) from Wales from his direct Macaloney bloodlines when paired to a Macaloney hen John purchased at a Doncaster sale direct off the Macaloney’s champion “Black Caviar”.  Both parents flew steady for John and he stopped them for next season hoping for some good results from them. “528” was also 14th federation from Wooler 2 the previous week race. 2nd and 3rd federation this week on 1263.7 and 1263.1 is the Ardeer partnership of John Grant and Stevie McGovern. The partnership 1st bird is a Frans Zwols pigeon from Richey Heron in the North East of England and is flown on the darkness system. He was also 3rd fed the previous week from Wooler 2. 3rd fed for the lads with a darkness chequer hen “614” and she has flown the last 3 races. Last week John was winding her up a bit by taking her away from her cock for short periods at a time to try and add a bit more motivation to her. On the Thursday night John mentioned to his partner Stevie they had 5 or 6 pigeons that wouldn't be far away on Saturday and she was one of them. Sure as John’s word, she only missed out on the top spot by seconds. Breeding on both sides is Robert Reid of Beith, a man who needs no introduction in Ayrshire and throughout Scotland with his federation and SNFC performances.

Grant McGovern 2nd Fed Blaydon YB 28 08 2021         Grant McGovern 3rd Fed Blaydon YB 28 08 2021
Grant & McGovern 2nd Fed Blaydon YB & Grant & McGovern 3rd Fed Blaydon YB 

Winners from in and around the Clubs

North Section 360 Birds

1st Ardeer HS is J Simpson 1264.1, 1st Kilwinning HS is M Salmon 1256.1,

1st Dalry HS is J R Ramsay 1217.4. Darvel HS winner are Cowan & Findlay 1187.3.

Central Section 94 Birds

1st Kilmarnock Invitation is R Young 1243.8, 1st Irvine HS is T Blakely 1126.0,

1st Crosshouse HS is I Noble 1037.1.

South Section 203 Birds

1st Cumnock & District is J Mackenzie 1176.2, 1st Whitletts & District is G Boyle 1104.9,   1st Dalmellington is G Mitchell 1047.8, 1st Annbank & District is D Harris 970.5, and 1st Mauchline is J Watters 585.9.                       

Scottish Central Federation

News from Bernie Britton who writes, ‘Hi Joe, we hope your all well and staying safe. Can I give you the Broxburn & Uphall PC result, we had 4 members sending 83 birds to Wakefield with the convoy liberated at 07-30 am with no wind at the race point. Winning 1st club 1st federation is Gordon Mackenzie with a darkness blue ‘Gabby’ bar hen this hen has won 3 x 1st clubs a 1st & 5th federation as well as 1st open. Gordon is also 2nd club and federation with a blue bar hen who won 1st club 6th federation 2nd open she was bred by W Donachie and is a Frans Zwols. 3rd club and 3rd federation is John McNeill with a blue chequer hen on darkness, she is a Lambrecht out of the stock loft and her sister won 1st section 92nd open SNFC young bird race in 2019. Her other sister was 8th section 92nd open SNFC young bird national 2020. She also won 1st club 4th federation Darlington 2021 and another sister won 7th section 47th open SNFC Yeovil in 2021. Gordon was also 11th federation with John McNeill won 4th 6th 19th 20th 22nd federation with Sid Steven & Davie Gullane in 10th fed with Hamish Ferguson winning 13th fed.

Winchburgh & District Pigeon Club

Had 3 members sending 31 birds; Taking 1st club 8th federation is Tom & Georgina Weir with a Herman Ceuster bred by PS2 Lofts flying on darkness sitting 7 day eggs. 2nd & 3rd club 9th & 18th federation is Mark Doran his first bird is a Tommy Blair x Joe Davis from the stock loft. His 2nd bird winning 18th federation is darkness Herman Ceuster Tommy Blair x John Duthie; while the dam is a John Duthie hen. Thanks once again Joe for all your help, yours Bernie.’      

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen with the result of the ?? race with the convoy liberated at 09-45 hours into a light north west wind. Topping the federation and taking a fantastic 7 positions in the top 10 is Davie Blair of Prestonpans; his winner is a blue hen bred by John Pryde of Gorebridge. Keith Howie is again to the fore finishing 3rd & 7th open with Brian Lavery completing the top ten with a nice one in 9th spot.

Prestonpans Homing Society

Winning 1st two in the club is Davie Blair with a blue hen sire is from the ‘Cripple Cock’ while the dam is from the ‘Pitbull’ line both parents bred by John Pryde of Gorebridge. Davie’s 2nd bird is a blue cock both parents through Franz Zwols bloodlines again bred by John Pryde. 3rd club is Keith Howie with a chequer pied cock parents with Vanenabilk crossed Cooremans bloodlines bred by Spider Rowley.  That’s it for another week Joe the season will soon be all over once again, yours Tom.

Fife Federation
of Homing Pigeons Societies

News from Federation secretary Geordie Todd, informs us that the convoy of 586 birds were liberated at 9-15 hours into a light North West wind. The east section had Kennoway sending 81 birds, St Andrews 35 birds and Methilhaven 149 birds. Brian Chalmers of Kennoway takes the first 10 places in the federation and east section. The west section had Lochgelly club sending 49 birds, Dunfermline 117th and Crossgates 155 birds. Crossgates J Hynd & Son are 1st 2nd 4th & 9th with Frank Mitchell of Dunfermline club in 3rd place. Davie Hunter of Lochgelly is 5th with W Pratt of Crossgates in 7th spot followed by club mate G Bell loft 1 wins 8th spot he is followed by R Cook of the same club in 10th position.


John Baillie forwarded the result of the above club as follows, ‘Hi Joe, please find the result for Traprain from the hell hole of Wakefield. Locals call it the killing fields! Winning and also taking 3rd place is Sinclair Thomson & Son. A note from Sinclair; the first doo is a Soontjen from a brother and sister mating. The 2nd bird is a Soontjen crossed Ceuster. I got 20 back yesterday but it's like casualty ward here with 3 injured and one had to be stitched up. Jimmy Mark was 2nd club is bred from a bird he bought from James Parker of Stafford and he's a brother of James good Tarbes bird which won the section TWICE out of Tarbes the dam is a Jelly Jellema bird. When printing off ETS clocks the returns were horrendous for the majority with not many youngsters working in. The definition of - INSANITY IS DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING a DIFFERENT RESULT-? To be honest pigeon men fall into this category. Just because my grandfather and father raced this way then I've to do the same. No Way; I know NOW that I won't be doing the same next year. Thanks again Joe, hope you and Margaret are doing well’.

Pentlandhills Federation

News from Andy Miller who writes; Joe the 2nd young bird race from Otterburn (2) race flown on Saturday 14th August were 9 clubs send 3019 birds; Liberated at 09-30 into a south west wind the result is as follows; first place goes to J McIvor of Danderhall club with Helen Aitken & son of the same club in 2nd & 4th places. Freddie Robertson of Danderhall is 3rd 5th 6th 8th & 10th with Willie Pryde & son of Arniston in 7th & 9th spots

Club Winners;

Danderhall 1068 birds; J. McIvor 1349.5 H. Aitken & Sons 1348.5 F. Robertson 1348.2

Arniston 468 birds; W. Pryde & Son 1347.8 W. Pryde & Son 1346.2 J. Milne 1339.5

Easthouses 254 birds; Perring& Cameron 1340 R. Simpson 1339 R. Simpson 1318

Woodburn 270 birds; G. Stewart 1325 Brown & Black 1310 D. & J. Allen 1286

Castlebrae 96 birds; L. Mitchell 1322 E. Willis 1321 E. Willis 1319

Edinburgh Premier 259 birds; L. Affleck 1320.2 L. Affleck 1320.0 K. Dick 1314

Sighthill 244 birds; A. Miller 1299 I. Summers 1296 Mr. & Mrs. Girdwood 1282  

Bonnyrigg 263 birds; Benson & Moran 1279 Benson & Moran 1185 R. Simpson Snr 1155

Edinburgh West 97 birds; C. Bennett 1201 C. Bennett 1162 C. Bennett 1127

Peebles -----

‘Joe the 3rd young bird race of the season was from Catterick flown on Saturday 28th August, the distance of 114-126 miles for the members. This week’s winner is Stark & Livingston who fly their birds in Bonnyrigg club. Their timer is a darkness blue bar hen of Franz Zwols origin, having been sent every week. Bred by Willie & John Pryde from Gorebridge and flying to the perch. Returns were a mixed bag with some having all home and others with many missing and birds being reported as far away as Wales.

New Lothian RPC 

News from Andy Miller with the Catterick young bird race flown on Saturday 28th August with the convoy of 1528 birds entered by 45 lofts liberated at 09-45am into a light North West wind. Taking the first 2 places is M Robertson of Danderhall who wins £192 for his efforts. Club mates S & S Tierney are 3rd 8th & 17th with Black & Robertson of the same club winning 4th 5th 6th 8th 10th & 13th open. A W Robertson of the same club is 9th with another Danderhall club member A Walker winning 11th & 14th places. J Milne of Arniston is 12th with

Steve Girdwood of Sighthill is 15th & 18th with K Wright of Danderhall club in 16th spot. E Willis of Castlebrae club is 19th with Willie Pryde & son John of Arniston in 20th place.

Joe’s Joke

Yesterday, a 45-year-old man was going to bed when he heard thieves in his garage. He called the police; unfortunately, the officer on the phone told him ‘We don't have any police officers free at the moment’.  The guy hung up and then called again a minute later and tells the officer: - ‘It’s about these thieves in my garage. Don't bother coming anymore I’ve shot them’. After literally 2 minutes, 4 police cars, armed response team, counter terrorists, ambulances, the thieves were obviously caught. Police officers had a chat with the gentleman. Officer says – ‘You said you shot them! ‘Gentlemen – ‘And you said you don't have a free police cars’...

To the 88 year old man who sent me a joke I thank him and it was funny, but the girls in the office would not have approved so therefore I cannot use your joke Joe M.

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