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The Joe Murphy Column - 20-09-21

The Joe Murphy Column

I have not been keeping well the past weekend; as I had a sore head for 3 days and ended up in Victoria hospital Kirkcaldy over weekend. After having scans on my head and throat the doctors came and said laughing to me ‘Well the good news is you have a brain’ but the bad news is we think you may have Bell’s Palsy and put me on 3 days of steroids. I had to go back in on the Monday to see the ENT consultant and I’ve to go back in for MRI Scan and other tests. Margaret about off her head with worry as this was the symptoms Kevin had prior to his passing. Therefore I’m going to have to take things easier from now on. I know we are coming to the end of the racing season so the results from the PRO’s will dry up. (I would like to take this time to THANK ALL THE people who have forwarded me results and information throughout the season, You have ALL done a wonderful job) I may not have a weekly article as I have do since I started writing in the pigeon press away back in 1976 but I will try to keep the column going as long as I’m able too.


Arbroath Racing Pigeon Club

News from Charlie Cameron; regarding the 7th young bird race from Harrogate flown on the 5th September with the convoy liberated at 08-45 hours into a light south east wind. 4 members sent 52 birds with Charlie and his son Glen taking the first 2 places plus 8th spot. Les McKay is 3rd & 4th with another in 9th place. Chic & Anne Carrie is 5th 6th 7th & 10th club. Graham McKenzie is 11th & 12th.

Almond Valley Federation

News from Secretary Lynne Stewart, who informs us that the federation held their Catterick race on Saturday 5th September with the 324 birds liberated at 10-00 hours. Freddie Jamieson & son of East Calder club had a very good day taking the first 5 places plus 21st to 24th in the federation. Jimmy Young of the same club is 6th 28th 29th & 37th open. John Hadfield of West Calder is 7th 15th & 17th. Burnside & Drysdale of DEA are 8th 10th 11th 17th 25th 27th 30th 31st 32nd & 40th. George Harris of Bonnybridge club is 9th 18th & 39th with John Bird of West Calder winning 12th 14th & 16th places with Vic Couper of Bonnybridge club winning 13th 19th & 33rd open; club mates R & L MacDuff are 20th with Ian Jamieson of Balerno in 26th spot. Mr & Mrs Fleming of East Calder take the remaining 34th 35th 36th & 38th positions.

Balerno 11 birds; I Jamieson 1561.696, 1411.025, 1387.444, 1070.956

Bonnybridge 67 birds; G Harris 1507.363, V Couper 1488.808, G Harris 1449.102, V Couper 1444.723

Carnwath 52 birds; Thomson Bros 1152.449, 1152.349, J Stokes 1132.753, 1132.653

East Calder 97 birds; F Jamieson & Son 1564.094, 1539.627, 1539.627, 1539.273

West Calder 97 birds; J Hadfield 1509.722, J Bird 1504.839, 1473.387, J Hadfield 1470.970.

Ayrshire Federation

News from Archie MacIntyre who wrote; ‘Hi Joe, please find attached race report from Ayrshire from their Darlington race held on Sunday 5th September. As well as the report, Joe I have attached a picture of Robert Reid winner of 1st federation and a picture of Jim Shepherd holding his 2nd federation pigeon and a picture of Jim holding his 3rd federation winning. This is our second last race report Joe, only one more race to go. I will also send you in the weeks to come a small write up the Dalry 2 Bird challenge race and pictures from our presentation night once we get it arranged in the next few weeks. Many Thanks again Joe. From the federation 6th race of the season from Darlington held on the 4th September with an entry of 222 birds for a distance of between 127 miles up to 161 miles to the north end of the fed. After a one day holdover (The first in many years) the birds were liberated at 09:45 into a light south wind. Reports from the liberation site were the birds cleared very quickly in a North direction.                   

Robert Reid 1st Fed Darlington YB               
Robert Reid 1st Fed Darlington YB

Jim Shepherd 2nd Fed Darlington YB     Jim Shepherd 3rd Fed Darlington YB
Jim Shepherd 2nd Fed Darlington YB & Jim Shepherd 3rd Fed Darlington YB

Leading the way in the federation this week on a velocity of 1392.7 is the man that is never far away from the top, Robert Reid of Beith. Robert’s fed winner was an early bred blue bar cock bred from 2 retired racers. The sire is a dark cock which won 1st region, 12th open Buckingham in the SNFC flying 300 miles and he was also 4th section Ypres National flying 460 miles. Dam is a blue hen with 2 national diplomas from Maidstone 400 miles and Ypres 460 miles. She was 9 years old this year highlighting the fact that old hens can still produce quality young. She also bred a winner last year when she was 8 years old. This pair having produced numerous good pigeons over the years for Robert.

The young blue cock had all races up to Darlington and was sent to this race on a 4 day old youngster.

2nd and 3rd federation this week on 1387.6 and 1387.2 is Jim Shepherd of Beith. Jim & Robert train together and this is very noticeable with the arrival of these pigeons, only seconds between the birds. Jim wrote, ‘Hi Archie 2nd Fed “5166” sire “3317” was 3rd  club 5th federation Ripon young birds in 2020. The dam “7750” was my second pigeon at Huntington in 2021. The breeding is just a mixture of my own Heinz family. 3rd fed “5155” sire “3297” was 5th club 14th fed Ripon YBs in 2020 again is a mixture of my own Heinz family. The Dam is “3974” blue hen of Robert Reid’s bloodlines. This hen has turned in a few prize winners for me now.  Both 2nd and 3rd federation pigeons are darkness bred and flying to the perch.

Winners from in and around the clubs: (Only 8 clubs sent out of a total of 13 clubs)

North Section 163 Birds (All Clubs Sent)

1st Dalry HS, R Reid 1392.7: 1st Ardeer HS Grant & McGovern 1320.2,

1st Darvel HS are Cowan & Findlay 1294.5, 1st Kilwinning HS is M Salmon 1204.

Central Section 37 Birds (3 Clubs out of 4 sent)

1st Irvine HS 1st Crossan & Connelly 1089.1: 1st Kilmarnock Invitation 1st R Young 1030.6.

South Section 22 Birds. (2 clubs out of 6 sent)

1st Whitletts & District 1st Cree & Cuthbert 953.0: 1st Cumnock & District 1st J MacKenzie 795.4.             

East of Scotland Federation

News from Tom McEwen with the Weatherby result with the convoy liberated at 09-45 hours into a south east wind. Topping the federation and completing a great double taking 1st & 2nd open is Brian Lavery of Prestonpans. Once again we have Keith Howie again from the ‘Pan’s’ with a top double in 3rd & 9th open. Davie Blair is there again with a nice treble taking 4th 6th & 7th open. Another ‘Pan’s’ member John Bird is also well to the fore winning 5th & 8th open. Completing the top 10 is Tom Flockhart of Gladsmuir club. 

Prestonpans Homing Society

Brain Lavery takes the first 2 place with the winner a blue cock from bred down form the late Dod Hunter from Elphinstone bloodlines. Brian’s 2nd bird is a grizzle hen bred by Spider Rowley. Keith Howie is 3rd with a blue cock also bred by Spider Rowley from his Vanenabilk crossed Cooreman bloodlines. This cock had previously won 1st club from Otterburn. That’s it for another week Joe wishing you and Margaret all the best yours Tom.

Fife Federation
of Homing Pigeons Societies

News from Federation secretary Geordie Todd, informs us that the convoy of 265 birds were liberated at 09-15 hours into a light south east wind at Wakefield. Taking the first 8 places in the west section and 1st 2nd 37th 38th 41st 42nd 43rd & 44th open are J Hynd & son of Crossgates club.  Dave Baldie of St Andrews takes the first 4 in the east section and 3rd to 6th in the open. M Molloy of Methilhaven club is 5th east section 7th 32nd & 35th open plus with Tam Laing of Kennoway wins 6th east section 8th open. Tam Cook of the same Kennoway club is 6th 7th & 10th east section 9th 10th & 12th open. Brain Chalmers of the same club wins the 9th east section 11th open with other birds winning 13th 16th 17th 20th 21st 24th to 28th 30th 31st 39th & 40th open. Davie Hunter of Methilhaven club is 14th & 15th open with the inform loft of Jim & Gary Peggie winning 18th 19th 22nd & 36th open. Sean Diamond of Kennoway wins 1st centre section 23rd open.    

North of Scotland Federation

News from George Duthie who informs us the federation had 35 members sending 580 birds to Auchendinny with the convoy liberated into ta light south to south east wind. The East Section had 17 members sending 325 birds with the west section having 18 members sending 255 birds. Topping the federation and west section is J Abel of Devern Valley club who took the first 3 places in each.  Colin McRae of Fraserburgh & District takes the first 3 in the east section and is 4th 5th & 6th open. Stuart Maskame of Peterhead club is 4th 5th & 6th east section 7th 8th & 9th open with A W Buchan of Fraserburgh & District winning 7th 8th & 10th east section 10th 11th & 13th open. R Lawrance of Fraserburgh West End is 9th 16th & 18th east section 12th 19th & 21st open. Club mate A Higgins wins 11th 19th & 24th east section 14th 22nd & 24th 2nd open with C & M Williams of Peterhead & District club winning 12th 13th & 14th east section 15th 16th & 17th open. W Henderson of Fraserburgh West End club is 15th 17th & 20th east section 18th 20th & 23rd open. M Whittleton of Fraserburgh & District is 21st & 22nd east section 24th & 25th open with D Ward of Fraserburgh West End winning 23rd east section 26th open. G Wilson of Devern Valley club is 4th 5th & 6th west section 28th 29th & 30th open with club mate A Mair (John) winning 7th west section 31st open. John Thomson of Elgin & District is 8th & 10th west section and 34th & 36th open. R Hay & Family of Devern Valley club are 9th west section 35th open. Clubs First Birds as follows;

Devern Valley winner; J ABEL velocity; 1533.383

Fraserburgh & District winner; C MCRAE velocity; 1516.072

Peterhead & District winner; S MASKAME velocity; 1503.221

Fraserburgh West End winner; R LAWRANCE velocity; 1482.687

Inverurie winner; R ADAMSON velocity; 1341.833

Elgin & District winner; J THOMSON velocity; 1318.509

Buckie & District winner; F CARSTAIRS velocity; 1251.288

Keith winner; A CRUICKSHANK velocity; 1247.851

Well done to J ABEL on topping the federation and also well done to C McRae on winning the East Section

New Lothian RPC

News from Andy Miller with the Wetherby young bird race flown on Sunday 5th September with the convoy of 852 birds entered by 35 lofts liberated into a south to south east wind at 09-45 hours. Taking top honours are Helen Aitken & Sons from Danderhall who are also 14th 16th 17th 19th & 20th win £95.90. Blown & Black of Woodburn club are 2nd & 4th with J McIvor of Danderhall club in 3rd spot. M Robertson of Danderhall club is 5th with Black & Robertson of the same club in 6th place.  A Walker of Danderhall is 7th & 9th with club members Black & Robertson in 8th spot.  A. Walker of Danderhall club is 9th with club mates S & S Tierney in 11th spot followed by Jim Haig winning 12th place. W Kinnear & son of Danderhall club are 13th with A W Robertson in 15th & 18th places

Joe’s Joke

Boss; Do you believe in the after-life???

Employee; Certainly not!!! There is no point in it.

Boss; Well there is NOW!!  After you left yesterday to go to your uncle’s funeral --- He came in looking for you!!!

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