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Thedoubleslitexperiement 19-10-18

The ‘Double Slit’ Experiment


John Clements


The famous 'Double Slit' experiment where a single electron is able to pass  through two slits at the same time and turn itself from being a small particle into a small wave is the basis of quantum mechanics.  This mind blowing theory casts doubt on all conventional thinking about everything.   Of course in the world we all live in the we independently   measure  almost everything  but what the double slit experiment exposes is there is another deeper reality  underpinning our universe of which most  are not aware and our mere presence looking at it  interacts and affects the system. This reality appears to be only applicable at a very tiny microscopic level so we tend to ignore it and the implications that might arise from it but it is there nevertheless and it is very important. .


Measuring Everything

In the big world we know about through our senses  we measure time - we measure weight, width and  length - we measure worth and cost  by the device of money.  We have even taken the doubtful step of measuring our own  intelligence. In the quantum world nothing can be independently measured simply because the act of measuring affects the experiment.


Pigeon Quality

In the pigeon sport supposed independent measurement has been adopted in the form of calculating  speed or creating a velocity but this measurement to determine the winner of any  race is dubious to say the least. (Lofts are in different locations). What  we fail to measure is a measurement of homing ability or homing excellence rather than speed. We don’t do this because it would upset the market if we found one strain or family was more reliable than the rest and was better at homing than the rest so we turn to supposed speed to determine pigeon quality. 


Quantum Entanglement

 Homing excellence  may well be a quantum effect where some pigeons are more tuned in  than others. Again we don’t measure  it because finding out real number reliability would upset those who sell a lot of pigeons.    Certainly  DNA alone  can’t do it but this double slit quantum world might provide deeper answers to our questions.


The ability to Home  night well be a quantum thing.  A really top pigeon might be more strongly quantum connected to it’s home than one that relies on the flock to show it the way. There is a scientific name for quantum connectivity - it is called ‘quantum entanglement’ and it really works. Two quantum particles can be instantly entangled across vast distances so why not a pigeon being entangled with it’s home loft ? 


The conclusion of all this is that because there exists many things in life that cannot be measured  the double slit experiment and the quantum conclusions that derive from it might well be a more important to our existence  than the things we can independently measure.



One thing is sure - because the double slit experiment is counter intuitive and does not rely  on our five physical senses to get a grasp of it, objective thinking rather than subjective thinking  is absolutely necessary to comprehend it.  As we all know subjective thinking occupies fanciers minds far more than objective thinking so as far as I know the double slit experiment is  hardly ever discussed.  Yet, the quantum world and ‘quantum entanglement’ may be connected to pigeon homing. Homing may have a connection  with migration in birds -  in fish  - eels - insects  and animal migration throughout the world. They may all be quantum based.


The Future of Earth Civilisations

There may be an alien species out there that is millions of years more advanced than ourselves. This species may have a quantum life so advanced  to be able to do without a physical body. They may view Earth civilisations as going through a money or possession stage  that has already destroyed many civilisations on other planets during their development. Civilisation survival may well be a natural ‘survival of the fittest’  or survival of those who can adapt.  If Earth civilisation  manages to survive through this money or war stage without destroying itself and the planet we can than advance  to another stage. .


 Watching us ?

These  advanced alien people  are probably watching our progress in this regard. The next early stage may be to do without coinage - coins  will probably disappear  in the next ten years. Then the stage after that is to do away with bank notes. This will probably be achieved in the next twenty years. The stage after that is to do without possessions.  All these ideas are not so far fetched as they first seem, indeed the survival of our species may well depend on adapting away from war or somehow curbing the  gangster threatening mentality in all of us.


Thinking Fanciers 

In the meantime thinking  fanciers are lucky to be involved with the practicable business of pigeons and homing. Attempting to understand pigeons on a practical level can act as a springboard for deeper theoretical thinking while  those without a nature hobby, such as ours,  cannot hope to. .  We all should not waste this golden  opportunity even if we came into the sport just for the money, the prestige  and the fame that boosts our ego’s.  Those that do waste the opportunity  will go the way of all materialistic thinkers, they will disappear from history and leave nothing behind. They will certainly not advance to the next stage. Being aware of the  ‘Double Slit’  phenomena  and its implications  may be the key to all our futures. It may enable us all to become connected with the energy of the entire universe. They mental energy connected with pigeon homing from huge distances may be  just one small part of it.