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Bill Young of Byfleet.

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Congratulations to Bill Young of Byfleet for his great performance in the BBC Berwick (323 miles) National race on 28th June 2021. It was a bad weekend, with the 945 birds entered being liberated at 05.30hrs on the Monday morning. Day pigeons were far and few between and Bill clocked his good natural blue chequer cock, ‘Mott the Hoople’ after nearly eleven and a half hours on the wing, to win section G by two hours, with only three birds being clocked in the section on the day of liberation. ‘Mott the Hoople’ recorded 1st Sect G, 50th open BBC Berwick and in the previous season flew Narbonne and Bordeaux. A wonderful performance! This game cock was bred by us at ‘Foxwarren Lofts’ from our wonderful Number 6 stock pair, ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ and ‘Thelma’, who are from the very best Eric Cannon and Brian Denney long distance bloodlines. ‘Renegade’ raced through to Nantes before going in the stock team and is a son of our champion ‘Bourges Pair’, and ‘Thelma’ was bred by Brian Denney from his Champion ‘Brian’s Blue’. Our Number 6 stock pair have bred several premier winners, including Bill Young’s ‘Mott the Hoople’ and Terry Haley’s good blue chequer hen, ‘Madam Mott’ winner of: 2019 as a young bird, 2nd sect, 12th open BBC Fougeres National, 6th Inter Counties Federation Lyndhurst (1,901 birds), 5th section, 16th open BICC Fougeres National (1,944 birds). The 2020 season saw ‘Madam Mott’ record 32nd UBI Combine Falaise (925 birds) before returning home from a race a couple of weeks late damaged and was stopped for the rest of the season. Some other positions won by birds bred from ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ and ‘Thelma’ are: 5th Inter Counties Federation Carentan (899 birds), 9th UBI Combine Carentan (1,263 birds), 15th Inter Counties Federation Poitiers and 60th open BBC Fougeres National.

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Bill ‘Wull’ Young is Scottish and originally comes from Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, and moved south to England when he joined the army and met his wife, Paula in 1970. His father in law was the late Paul Dickson, who was a premier pigeon racer in the Old Woking area, racing in the Godalming RPC, and won several top positions in the London & South East Classic Club. Making regular visits to Paul’s loft, Bill soon caught the ‘pigeon racing bug’ and started up with his first loft in Aldershot in the early 1980’s. He started up with gift birds from local fanciers and raced with some good success in the Pyrford club. In later years he had the Cattrysse and Janssen pigeons and says one of his early successes was winning four firsts and a second on five weekends on the trot. He tells me his biggest thrill was when he won 12th section, 65th open NFC Nantes and got a bird in front of the late, great Eric Cannon of Wormley. Bill says, Eric was the ‘king’ and to clock a bird in before him was a great achievement! One of his best pigeons was his Cattrysse blue pied hen, ‘Emily’ and she was bred by Bill’s good friend, Ron Gammage of Byfleet. His class hen liked to race to ten day old eggs and won: 39th open BICC Agen (clocked at 500 miles on the day of liberation), 83rd open BICC Agen, 84th open BICC Tours, plus several other good positions in the local club. Another good hen for the Young loft was the Stichelbaut dark chequer hen, ‘The Centenary Hen’ and she raced well in the mega hard ‘Nantes Centenary Race’, recording 2nd club, 3rd ‘Lion Brewery’ open, with very few birds making it home to their lofts.

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Billy only keeps a few pairs of pigeon, which he races them on the natural system to his very neat 12ft x 8ft loft. When I say he is a natural racer, he enjoys nothing more than giving his birds an open loft all day and sitting in his little garden with a cup of tea watching them. The loft has three sections, with a small corridor and has 6 nest boxes in the two old bird sections. The birds are paired up in mid-March, with long distance racing in mind and the birds are fed on Bill’s own mixture of Tic beans, Maple peas and tares, with a bit of small corn added. Bill like open lofts during the racing season and trains the birds well with three 15 miles and one 40 miles toss off the south coast every week, weather permitting. If possible he likes cocks and hens sitting ten to fourteen day old eggs for the long distance National races.

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I first met Bill many years ago, when he worked for the Thames Water Board and had a job outside my house in Foxwarren, and seeing my ‘rabbit hutch’ loft over the fence he knocked on my front door. I invited him in and we had a cup of tea and a look at my pigeons, and loft system. He says he was introduced to long distance and International pigeon racing by his good friend, John Wills and maintains he is one the best at the long distance in the UK. Bill says he is a great lover of racing south road from France, but has enjoyed his north road racing in the 2021 season.

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Three of the grand parents of ‘Mott the Hoople’ have been clocked on the day of liberation in races over 580 miles. His sire is ‘Foxwarren Renegade’, who in turn is a son of my champion ‘Bourges Pair’ which were bred from my Eric Cannon bloodlines and raced by my great friend, Fred Dickson in the north east of England. ‘Renegade’ is a son of the champion long distance racing cock, ‘Northern Expected’, who recorded: 1st club, 1st Federation, 1st New North Amalgamation and 8th North of England Homing Union open result (2,355 birds) in the 2013 season. This wonderful round about cock has now flown Bourges (581 miles) three times and won 1st, 3rd and 4th Federation. A fantastic achievement! ‘Northern Expected’ is a grandson of my champion Eric Cannon stock cock, ‘Foxwarren Fred’ and he in turn is a grandson of ‘Culmer Sam’ and ‘Culmer Bess’. Dam of ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ is the premier racing hen, ‘Northern Star’, who flew Bourges (581 miles) only once and won 1st club, 2nd Federation in the 2012 season, being clocked on the day of liberation and she is a daughter of the champion Eric Cannon stock cock, ‘Foxwarren Fred’. This wonderful hen is the sister to several premier 580 mile racers, including 1st Federation Bourges (581 miles) and is half-sister to the ‘Five Times Bourges Cock’, winner of 3rd, 5th, 8th Federation Bourges and sire of 1st, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 4th Federation, 1st, 1st open Amalgamation Bourges. The dam of ‘Mott the Hoople’ is ‘Thelma’ the premier stock hen, bred by my good friend, Brian Denney of Strensall. A fantastic breeding hen! She is the premier Brian Denney stock hen, being the daughter of Brian’s Champion ‘Brian’s Blue’, winner in 2008 of 1st section K, 61st open NFC Tarbes Grand National (4,035 birds), National Flying Club  record holder being clocked at 748 miles on the day of liberation. He also won 1st North East 700 Mile Club, 1st RPRA UK Long Distance Champion, plus RPRA Region Long Distance Award. A fantastic performance! ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ is a full brother to ‘Young Expected’ the sire of ‘Charlotte’, winner of 2nd open NIPA St. Malo National (450 miles) in the 2018 racing season.

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On a personal note!

If you enjoy looking at pigeon films, why don’t you visit the ‘Keith Mott YouTube Channel’? I have been taking photos and shooting film all my life and have visited most of premier pigeon establishments in the UK and Europe in my 50 years writing in the Fancy Press. I have nearly 500 films on the channel which has attracted 6.5 million views worldwide and nearly 16,000 subscribers in a very short time. The channel features many premier racing and show racer loft visits all over Europe, my nine years as a ‘Classic’ pigeon convoyer taking the birds to France and the countless National and Society shows I have judged at over the years. There are also a few band films on there from the good old days when I was a young man and played drums in several top rock bands, which are very special to me! All the films are tagged, so if you fancy a look, just log in and enter the item you want to see in the box, push the button and you are away!

Well that is our article for this week. Well done to Bill Young on his brilliant performance from the really hard Berwick National race! If you win and want an article in this space, please contact me on telephone number: 01372 463480 or email me on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.