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Mr. & Mrs. Vince Durrant & Sons of Godalming.

Congratulations to Vince and Sue Durrant, and their son Jack on winning 1st section G, 1st open British Barcelona Club Ilkeston YB National (909 birds) on 28th August. Another brilliant performance put up by the Godalming loft in the 2021 season! Vince and I go back many years and his racing record over that time has been second to none and the Durrant family are hardworking lovely people, and deserve everything they win. Their National winning blue white flight hen, now named ‘Evelyn’ after Jack’s daughter, was bred from a Mark Evans / Vandenbeele cock and the dam is a S. & P. Kulpa of Reading hen of the Herman Ceusters / Lambrecht bloodlines. She is a natural youngster, raced to the perch and had four north road races with the Solent Federation on her build up to her Ilkeston (128 miles) National win. A couple days after the race Jack told me, ‘we are so pleased to win this National from Ilkeston in these most challenging times for pigeon racing in general! This is my dad’s second win with the British Barcelona Club, with the first win being in 1986 and obviously we are hoping it doesn’t take 35 years to get our next one. It was a great day for the Godalming club with three of its members winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd section G, in the form of ‘Evelyn’, Mick Tuck and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Our thanks to Clare Norman and the BBC committee for all their good work’.

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Whenever the Durrant family compete with their pigeon they are successful and the 2017 season was particular outstanding for them, with the highlights being 1st club, 1st South Coast Federation, 1st Surrey / Sussex Amalgamation Messac (250 miles), 2nd section E, 5th open NFC Tarbes Grand National (549 miles), 2nd club, 7th South Coast Federation, 8th Surrey / Sussex Amalgamation Bordeaux (433 mils). The partner’s Messac Amalgamation winner was the two year old widowhood red pied cock, ‘Jack’s Lad’ and he was bred in the stock from a cock that came from the late Eric Pearson of Godalming. Eric passed away a couple of years ago and was a life time member of the Godalming club, winning many premier prizes, including 1st SMT Combine and the ‘Spanish Diploma’ with the BBC. Nice to see Eric’s line still winning through ‘Jack’s Lad’! Jack Durrant tells me the Messac winner is a firm favourite at their loft in Surrey and he won the race by 20 ypm. The Durrant partners sent a small team of pigeons to the NFC Tarbes Grand National (549 miles) and recorded their super blue pied hen, ‘Vince’s Pride’ on the day of liberation. She was one of only five NFC pigeons clocked on the day and won 2nd section E, 5th open. A wonderful performance! She was also bred in the stock loft from a grandson of Eric Cannon’s Champion ‘Culmer Gold’ and a hen bred by Ray Hammond, which Jack purchased in the Godalming Breeder / Buyer sale. Ray’s hen won the ‘Futurity Race’ before going into the Durrant’s sock loft and on the weekend of the 2017 NFC Tarbes race another daughter off her won an inland race. To finish off a very successful 2017 old bird season Vince, Sue and son, Jack sent a team to Godalming club’s longest race from Bordeaux (433 miles), when the membership only clocked five pigeons on the day of liberation. The Durrant family clocked their good blue cock, ‘Blue Twin’, on the day, to win 2nd club, 7th South Coast Federation, 8th Surrey / Sussex Amalgamation. This game cock was bred from an Alasdair Muir cock and a hen from the loft of Ray Hammond, and Jack tells me he won 1st club Salisbury in the 2016 racing season. Pigeon racing at its best!

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The highly successful 2017 season was a carry on from the wonderful 2016 racing season that Vince, Sue and Jack enjoyed, which highlighted with them winning 1st club, 1st South Coast Federation Fougeres. I visited their very smart loft in Godalming with my ‘YouTube’ film unit in the winter of 2016 and enjoyed a few hours looking at their current team of winners. The top pigeon in 2016 was the handsome three year old blue chequer pied cock, ‘The 31 Cock’ and he was bred out of the M. & D. Evans / Gaby Vandenabeele bloodlines of Champion ‘Shadow’. He was raced on the widowhood system and recorded: 1st South Coast Federation Fougeres and 131st open NFC Saintes in the 2016 racing season. Other birds we looked at on my visit were: ‘The Tarbes Hen’ winner of 2016: 380th open NFC Tarbes, 2015: 35th open NFC Tarbes, 2014: 208th open NFC Tarbes and this game hen is bred down from the very best of Eric Cannon bloodlines. ‘The 41 Hen’, this blue hen was bred in 2010 and came to the loft with the partners 1st open L&SECC Guernsey winner, ‘Sue’s Girl’, but sat out and recorded 254th open. Since that bad trap she has won a long list of positions in the NFC and BICC including: 54th open BICC Alencon, 149th open BICC Tours, 155th Open BICC Le Mans and 1st Godalming club Exeter. ‘The Unlucky Cock’, this blue widowhood cock is the winner of 1st club Exeter and three times 2nd club to loft mates in the 2016 racing season.

The South Coast Federation held its longest old bird race from Bordeaux in the 2018 season and like most of the racing from France that year, it turned out to be a very hard fly for the birds competing. Eddie Jordan of Guildford had a ‘flyer’ on the day from Bordeaux and won the Godalming club, South Coast Federation and Sussex / Surrey Amalgamation by 15 ypm clear. The Godalming partnership of Vince, Sue and Jack Durrant recorded 2nd Godalming club, 2nd South Coast Federation, 2nd Sussex / Surrey Amalgamation from Bordeaux with their champion widowhood red chequer pied cock, ‘Jack’s Boy’. In the 2017 season this fantastic three year old cock won 1st club, 1st South Coast Federation, 1st Surrey / Sussex Amalgamation Messac (250 miles) and now in 2018 2nd Amalgamation Bordeaux. A brilliant achievement!

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I have known Vince Durrant for nearly 40 years, with us being first introduced by our late great friend, Eric Cannon of Wormley, in the early 1980’s and Vince was winning big things with his pigeons then and is still winning with them today. These days Vince has three partners in the form of his wife, Sue, and sons, Jack and Sam, who are very instrumental in the lofts outstanding success in recent years. Vince and Sue have two sons; both are interested in the pigeons, Jack is a keen footballer and works in the meat industry, and Sam who was recently resident at University in Portsmouth. Vince tells me that pigeon racing has become very much a family sport, with everybody taking a great interest and involvement. The Durrant family enjoy all aspects of the sport, whether it is sprint or long distance racing and are always looking forward to the next race. Jack is a major part of the pigeon partnership and his specific interest is in National, Classic and long distance racing in general. Jack tells me that some of their best performances in recent seasons have been: 2009: 1st open BICC (old hens), 2010: 1st open L&SECC Guernsey (young bird), 3rd open SMT Combine Wadebridge (beaten on a decimal), 42nd open Tarbes (540 miles) and taking the first eight positions in a race in the very strong Godalming RPC using a conventional timing clock, and not ETS. The Durrant loft has won the SMT Combine twice and the Federation many times through the years.

Vince and his family enjoyed a wonderful season in 2010, winning several firsts in the Godalming club, 1st, 2nd Surrey Federation Taunton, 2nd Surrey Federation Taunton and of course the premier win at the end of the season, 1st open L&SECC Guernsey (1). The London & South East Classic Club sent 1,455 birds to the first young bird race from Guernsey and the Durrant’s won the Classic by 24 ypm clear with their champion little mealy hen, ‘Sue’s Girl’. She was raced to the perch and the amazing thing is that this young hen won this 160 mile classic race, doing 2014 ypm, and was bred out of the very best of Eric Cannon and Ron Dodd’s 550 mile pigeons. Her grand sire was Eric’s great blue pied cock, ‘Culmer White Flight’, winner of three premier positions in the NFC Pau Grand National, including 1st section A, 14th open. The Guernsey Classic was the hen’s fourth race and she was given three single up training tosses from Hayling Island the week before her Classic win.

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As I previously stated, I recently made the 25 mile drive down to Godalming to visit Vince, Sue and Jack, and must say their lofts and pigeons were a credit to them. They have three really smart lofts set in the Surrey country side, not far from Hindhead; the main old bird racing loft is 42ft x 6ft with open door trapping, the stock birds are housed in a 15ft x 6ft loft with an aviary and the young birds are raced to a two section 18ft loft. The Durrant’s use conventional widowhood nest box front, with the front blanked out with ply to give the inmates peace and seclusion. Vince told me the birds are cleaned out regularly and they use a light floor dressing. The partners like racing every Saturday at all distances and race systems, natural and widowhood. The racers are paired up at various times starting in mid January and finishing with the long distance natural pigeons in early March. The partners have 32 cocks on the widowhood system and these are trained well up to the first Federation race, after which they get regular exercise around the loft, and the odd mid-week toss during racing to keep them fit. The sprint widowhood racers are broken down from Saturday to Tuesday, with cocks required for the longer continental races not being broke down at any time and the hens are shown to the racing cocks on marking night. The widowers are fed twice a day in their nest boxes and the sprinting cocks never raced beyond 300 miles and are kept inland, with the long distance cocks going through to Tarbes in the South of France, and these racers are never re-paired for the main event. The 24 pairs of natural racers (jealousy system) are kept only for the long distance, being set up sitting ten day old eggs for Tarbes and these birds are trained two or three times a week off the south coast, with Hayling Island being of the favourite training spots.

The loft is full of top class winners, with the main ones in recent years being: ‘The 07 Cock’ a blue chequer cock and winner of: 2010: 1st club, 1st Surrey Federation Taunton, 1st club, 2nd Surry Federation Taunton, 1st club Yelverton, plus many other premier positions. A brilliant cock! Vince tells me his good blue chequer cock, ‘Stan’, recorded 2nd club, 2nd Surrey Federation Taunton, 2nd club Yeovil, 2nd club Taunton in the 2010 season and was beaten three times by loft mates. This game cock was home three times to win but seemed to stand back and say, ‘go on mate you go across the ETS System first’ and let a loft mate walk on the pad first and win three times, including 1st Federation! One of the best racers in the Durrant loft was the old favourite, ‘The Bump’ and this blue cock has won: 2006: 1st Godalming Breeder / Buyer  £390, 2007: 1st club, 1st Federation Portland, 1st club Portland, 2008: 1st club, 1st Federation Portland, plus many other premier prizes. A firm favourite with Sue was the partner’s 2010 London & South East Classic Club Guernsey winner, ‘Sue’s Girl’ and she was a super pigeon in the hand, being medium apple bodied, with good feather and eye sign. A hen I really liked! Two other top 2010 winners we handled on my visit to the loft was ‘The 52 Cock’ and ‘The 14 Cock’, both two handsome blue chequer cocks and multi-prize winners.

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The main families kept are Eric Cannon, Mick Tuck, Alistair Muir, Ron Dodd and Ray Hammond for the long distance events, with premier quality Janssen / Braspennings pigeons obtained from the late Cyril Luxton of Guildford for the sprint races. In recent years the Gaby Vandenabeele family from Mark & Dickie Evans have been introduced and these have proved very successful at the Godalming loft. The partner’s ten pairs of stock birds are mated in mid-January and are fed mainly on ‘Cranleigh No.1’ and barley in the winter months, and a heavy mixture in the breeding season. Jack says, ‘we are constantly on the look out to bring in new bloodlines and we mainly look at the results of the pigeon in question and the loft in general when bringing in new stock birds. We are very lucky with our stock birds that we own, with our Number 1 pair having bred numerous club and Federation winner, plus our 1st open BICC winner’. Vince, Sue and Jack breed about 60 young birds to race each season and these are raced to the perch, and completely natural. They don’t mind if the babies pair up and have won some good young bird races with them being sent sitting eggs. One of their best performances racing a young hen to eggs was 10th open L&SECC Guernsey in the 2000 season. The youngsters start training at 3 miles; with the distance gradually increasing until they get down to the south coast and a few sprint hens are selected for special training for the young bird National and Classic races. These hens are usually used as widowhood hens after their young bird racing stage. They are trained individually before the National and Classic event, often being singled or doubled up off the south coast. Sue says, ‘we like most of our young birds to fly the programme, with selected hens flying the English Channel and we often stop young cocks after three or four races’.

Vince was born in Woking and has kept pigeons for over 46 years, starting up at the age of 11 with a pair of Ron Dodd of Shalford pigeons, which turned out to be two hens. Three of the Guildford North Road fanciers gave Vince a lot of help when he started; they were three brothers who raced separately, Bert, Charlie and Doug Webster. He says his early mistakes were overfeeding and overcrowding his first loft, which was a garden shed. Vince played a lot of football in his early days and he is a very keen fisherman, drowning maggots in all the local lakes in the Godalming area, which is a ‘Mecca’ of Angling. His first club was the now defunct Guildford North Road Club and he won the odd card racing from the north. Other fanciers who helped Vince in the early years was Ron and Chris Cox of Farncombe who supplied the majority of his stock and helped by taking his birds for marking at the club. Sue’s grandfather is the late Godalming ‘ace’ Stan Edgington and Vince raced his pigeons from Stan’s back garden for many years. When Vince and Sue got married in September 1986, Stan clocked his birds so Vince could go off to the church and recorded 4th club, 47th SMT Combine Bodmin. Stan Edgington, who was known as the ‘Bird Man of Eashing’ because of his wonderful array of bird aviaries on his property, was a retired carpenter and he built Vince a 30ft loft in his previous back garden in Milford and it was sited on top a hill.

Vince won the SMT Combine twice in the 1980’s and in those days excelled at the long distance events. The last SMT Combine old bird race of 1986 was the Blue Riband event from Bergerac (450 miles) and it saw Vince win 1st open Combine with 2,439 birds competing. The Combine winner was his two year old Louella bred mealy cock, ‘The 62 Cock’, which was raced on the widowhood system. For the first SMT Combine race of 1987 season members sent 3,929 birds to Rennes (220 miles) and Vince won the Combine for the second time with a red chequer son of ‘The 62 Cock’. At that time I visited his loft with Eric Cannon and Vince told us that he thought the 1986 Bergerac race was his best to date, recording 1st, 5th, 8th club, 1st Surrey Federation, 1st SMT Combine, lofting several highly rated trophies. Another outstanding performance in 1986 was 8th section E, 21st open NFC Pau recorded by his two year old blue pied hen, ‘05’, which also recorded 7th open BBC Tours that same season. The Durrant loft also won 1st and 2nd open Tours in 1986, and recorded nine of 15 entries in the Rennes young bird National on the day of liberation, winning 30th, 90th, 141st, 240th, 262nd, 282nd, and 349th open. Brilliant pigeon racing!

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The Godalming area has aways been a hotbed of premier pigeon fanciers and Vince rates Mick Tuck, Des & Darran McFadden, Ray Hammond and Alistair Muir as some of the best of the present day fanciers. Vince and I both had wonderful friendships over many years with the late great Eric Cannon of Wormley, who was one of the very best pigeon racers I’ve ever met. It is great that Eric’s bloodlines are still winning well in Vince’s loft today! Jack maintains the moult is a very important time of the year and they feed a fairly strong mixture, with plenty of linseed and Hormoform. The partners believe a good moult means successful racing the following season and the moult can also assess any health problems a pigeon might have. The Durrant pigeon families are line bred in the stock loft, but they find crossing out produce better performers in the race basket. Jack told me he occasionally likes the odd late bred off his best birds for the stock loft and likes a nice eye on a breeder, but is not really in to the eye sign theory. Vince travels a lot with his work and says he owes much of his pigeon success to his family, as they do a lot of the work around the loft when he is on the road. The Durrant’s are great workers for the sport in the Godalming fraternity and currently Vince has been Treasurer and President of the Godalming club for 25 years. Vince told me on my visit to his loft, ‘In terms of pet theories, we can normally tell if old bird sprint cocks are going to be any good when they are young birds, by the way they handle and their behaviour. We like the long distance young birds to develop slowly and not be over big as youngsters. To date my biggest thrills racing pigeons was winning the L&SECC in 2010 and the BICC in 2019, but I was also pleased with our performance from Tarbes in 2009. Taking the first eight positions in the strong Godalming club, when 12 widowhood cocks dropped in the garden together was a great experience. It was before we had ETS and was great fun clocking them in!’

I have particularly enjoyed writing up this loft report, as the Durrant family are really nice people and Vince and I go back a lot of years. Thanks to them for the really enjoyable loft visit! I can be contacted with any pigeon ‘banter’ on telephone number: 01372 463480 or email me on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.