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End of an Era - Cambusnethan/Morningside club, Lanarkshire Federation - By Tom Corrie

End of an Era - Cambusnethan/Morningside club, Lanarkshire Federation

The club has closed its doors on its last season.

Cambusnethan and Morningside FC was Amalgamation in 1971 of two very old clubs and research shows it goes back to the late 1800s early 1900s dating it amongst the oldest clubs in the country and was one of the forerunners of the Lanarkshire Federation.

Year end 2022 we had over 20 lofts competing with a number of duplicating members 

Next season members will be racing with Newmains club..

A special mention has to go to my !Best pall ! John Lawrie having been Secretary since 1972, some 50 years and to Andy Frame treasurer which gave us the stability in its continuation up to this date and also to our !Politician! The Legend Geordie Kelly .

From myself current President Andy Eadie, John Lawrie, Andy Frame on behalf of the club members wish the remaining organisations best wishes on reaching the landmark ,and remain strong supporters and loyal members to Newmains Pigeon Club , Lanarkshire Federation and Scottish Homing Union

End of An Era

Yours in Sport

Andy Eadie ( Eadie & Kelly)


List of 2022 club members achievements at club ,federation and National level.

Champion loft is Tam Richardson who wins club Combine Average, Old Bird Average, Young Bird Average, Four Longest Race Average, Channel Cup. George Kelly Memorial & Lowest winning velocity. Brilliant performance in a very competitive club!

Tam Richardson with Andy Frame TC 03 01 23

Tam Richardson - 2022 club Champion

Tony McGinn - Runner Up Combine Ave, Runner Up Old Bird Ave & Old Bird KO winner

Tony McGinnL TC 03 01 23

Tony McGinn

Eadie & Kelly-Runner Up Young Bird Average, Ponts shield winner, Nell Eadie Cup.

John LawrieL with Andy Eadie TC 03 01 23

John Lawrie & Andy Eadie

Davie Brooks wins Last three Longest race  Inland Average

Wilson & Cairns win YRL Rose bowl also winning 1st Open federation Lanarkshire federation

Partnership of Wilson Cairns TC 03 01 23

Wilson & Cairns Partnership

J Lawrie & Son win Young Bird KO cup

J Whiteford & Family win SNFC YB shield and 1st Open Lanarkshire federation

Cambusnethan / Morningside club race winners

Cambusnethan Morningside club members season 2022 TC 03 01 23

Cambusnethan/Morningside club members

Old Birds

Wooler race -Eadie & Kelly- 1st sect

Wooler 2 race-Eadie & Kelly -

Alnwick race -Wilson & Cairns 

Thirsk race -Eadie & Kelly

Bubwith race-Wilson & Cairns 1st Open Lanarkshire fed

Worksop race-Tony McGinn

Melton Mowbrary race-Davie Brooks 1st section

Wooler race-JJK Gillon

Kettering race-T McGinn

Alnwick race-T McGinn

Billericay race-J Lawrie & Son-1st section

Alnwick race-T McGinn-1st section

Eastbourne race -T Richardson

Young Bird Programme

Wooler 1race  T Richardson

Wooler 2 race Isaac  Fairley 1st Open Lanarkshire Fed

Wooler 3 race Eadie & Kelly

Alnwick race Eadie & Kelly

Alnwick race J & K Miller

Thirsk race -J Whiteford  & Family 1st Open federation

Eadie & Kelly had a terrific season winning 5 x1st,4 x 2nd,3x3rd at club races.

Tony McGinn also was always at the top with  4 x 1st prizes

Club members individual finishes in the Lanarkshire federation Average board

L/F Combine Average Tam Richardson was 1st section ,2nd place overall

                                     Tony McGinn was 2nd section,4th place overall

                                     Eadie & Kelly were 3rd section,6th place overall

                                     John Lawrie & Son were 5th section,9th place overall

                                     Jackie & Kevin  Miller were 7th sect,12th place overall

L/F Old Bird Average Tam Richardson 7th place

                                  Tony McGinn 8th place

                                   Wilson & Cairns 10th

                                   Eadie & Kelly 11th

                                   J Lawrie & Son 26th

                                   Wilson & Cairns loft 2 28th

                                    John Whiteford & Family 29th

                                    Jackie & Kevin Miller 31st

L/F Young Bird Average Tam Richardson 2nd place

                                       Eadie & Kelly 3rd

                                        Jackie & Kevin Miller 4th                                      

                                        Tony McGinn  12th

                                        Isaac Fairley 14th 

                                        John Lawrie & Son 16th

Special mention to JJK Gillon on their brilliant performance in the SNFC Alencon Gold Cup race winning 2nd,4th,5th section,18th,28th,43rd Open .537 miles 

Winning the Lanarkshire Social Circle 2 bird Average.

Well done Joe, Joe jnr and Kelly 

Also, Eadie & Kelly who win the Lanarkshire Gold Cup, one of Scotland's most prestigious cups.

This is of no surprise as the loft over the past two seasons have been magical at National level. 

Previous winners of 1st Open and 3rd Open season 2021

Winning the Titan games best performance Middle distance category UK 2021 .

Well done to all members and I'm sure they will make a significant impact at federation and club level.

Thanks to Andy Eadie for the information.

Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer.

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