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Lanarkshirefed Catterick 10-09-18

Lanarkshire Federation - Catterick Race 1-09-18

This weeks Catterick in Yorkshire race was a real tough affair with many pigeons not homing,the youngsters really struggled with some clubs reporting horrendous returns at clocking,Every year we seem to get this race that floors a lot of lofts. This wasn't good for next weeks open race.

We are all our own race controllers and with the convoy down 2,000 on last week a lot of members must not have liked the forecast and held back their team.

The birds were away at 10 am in a south east wind and with around 137 miles flight back into Central Scotland.The birds took around 3hrs 20 minutes for the winners but the birds were well strung out with many empty perches.This is the problem with the British climate,the road back to Lanarkshire couldnt have been good..Just your luck at times as federations racing up the east coast had great racing with 100 % returns,

This weeks winner is the highly successful John Short of Caldercruix on the east side of the federation,
John has invested in some top class stock and is a very hard man to beat each week.

John Short this weeks 1st Open Lanarkshire federation

Yaydon g/sire of John Short federation winner this week.

His winner was bred in Johns stock loft The Sire is Pouw Bros bred from Yaydon who is father to 1st 9667,1st 88905th 15,587 & 3rd 3,061 ect. Yaydon is a son of Rudy one of Gaby Vandenabeeles bestbreeders.The dam is a granddaughter of Leo HermansDe Jan and De Power .

Well done John.

Around the clubs


1st J J Hood
2nd A McConnachie
3rd A McConnachie
4th A McConachie

John Hood wins Chryston

Lanark & Dist

1st T Greenfield
2nd T Greenfield
3rd Mr & Mrs Megahy
4th D Banner
5th Mr & Mrs Megahy


1st R Valentini
2nd J Forsyth
3rd Pollock & Cairney
4th J Forsyth

Ralph Valentini continues his fine season winning Coatbridge SC

Lanarkshire Social Circle

1st GWP Macaloney
2nd GWP Macaloney
3rd J Cameron
4th Eadie & Kelly
5th J Cameron

GWP Macaloney just squeezed into 2nd Open federation this week


1st Eadie & Kelly
2nd T Richardson
3rd T Richardson
4th T Richardson
5th T Richardson


1st G Baird
2nd J Leggate
3rd G Baird
4th M Krivokapic
5th J Leggate

George Baird wins Greenfield


1st J J K Gillon
2nd R Clark
3rd J L Kerr
4th R Clark
5th J J K Gillon

Kelly Gillon wins Newstevenson


1st W Gordon
2nd W Gordon
3rd J Glackin
4th McLaren & Robin
5th McLaren & Robin

Billy Gordon (C) wins Cambuslang


1st Eadie & Kelly
2nd T Richardson
3rd T Richardson
4th T Richardson
5th T Richardson

Andy Eadie wins Newmains


1st GWP Macaloney
2nd GWP Macaloney
3rd C Baird
4th C Baird
5th GWP Macaloney


1st C & E McMillan
2nd A Wilkie
3rd C & E McMillan
4th A Wilkie
5th C & E McMillan

Callum McMillan wins Carluke


1st J King
2nd J King
3rd J Boyle
4th D Penman
5th J Latimer


1st W Semple
2nd W Semple
3rd Tallis & McDonagh
4th Tallis & McDonagh
5th W Semple

Wullie Semple (R) wins Blantyre

Uddingston & Dist

1st J Cameron
2nd J Cameron
3rd J Cameron
4th J Cameron
5th J Malloy

Jim Cameron has a great race winning Uddingston


1st J Short
2nd J Short
3rd D Mitchell & Son
4th J Short
5th J Short


1st J Green & Son
2nd W Boswell
3rd J Wilson
4th A McInnes
5th J Smith

Gary Green (R) of J Green & Son wins Burnbank


1st A Lockhart
2nd W Ramage
3rd R Smith
4th W Lennox
5th J Newbiggin

Andrew Lockhart wins Larkhall

Lanarkshire Federation section winners

Centre section

1st J Short 1214
2nd GWP Macaloney 1213
3rd GWP Macaloney
4th C Baird 1211
5th C Baird 1207

East section

1st Eadie & Kelly 1186
2nd T Richardson 1176
3rd T Richardson 1176
4th T Richardson 1175
5th T Richardson 1175

West section

1st W Gordon 1167
2nd W Gordon 1163
3rd J Glachin 1157
4th G Baird 1129
5th J Leggate 1114

Combine Average Winner Board Update

1st GWP Macaloney 1213
2nd J Green & Son 1192
3rd J Cullen 1176
4th W McDonald 1172
5th J Cameron 1163

Young Bird Average Update Board

1st GWP Macaloney 1210
2nd J Short 1197
3rd R Valentini 1181
4th T Richardson 1180
5th Eadie & Kelly 1173

Tom Corrie jnr
Lanarkshire Press Officer