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Lanarkshire Red Hot Winners 09-07-18

C & E McMillan - 1st Lanarkshire Open Billericay "Red Hot Winners"


I took the time in the company of my dad to visit this year’s winners Callum and Liz McMillan of Allanton nr Shotts.  I have met both on a number of occasions as they are great supporters of the many social functions within the sport.

Callum with Brooke his granddaughter

The title "Red Hot Winners" is in reference to the brilliant team performance and the very hot weather we are experiencing at the moment.

When most of us were struggling to time Callum and Liz timed 10 of their 15 entries on a very hard flight to record probable the best team performance at this distance for many a year.

Their winner a two year old check hen was purchased as a youngster at Clydesdale mid-week sale for £25 What a bargain!, The pigeon was bred by J Warwick & Son of Symington nr Lanark. She is a cracking wee hen, well balanced with silky feathers, Raced on the roundabout system, racing most weeks, Last year it took her a week to return from this distance last year as a yearling, but hasn't put a foot out of place this season.

Build-up Vanrobeye feed is used throughout the season, Cider vinegar/Garlic cloves in water every Wednesday. Tollisan mite drops once per year. He has used loft granules on floor which he feels has been great for maintaining the right humidity. This has been a significant positive from last year, as nothing else has changed.

Callum & Liz McMillan's loft set up

He started season with 57 old birds and has around 56 darkness youngsters and a small team of later youngsters. His biggest loss this season was when the federation birds were returned due to bad weather and released at 10 miles from loft ,he lost five birds!

The birds get 4 to 6 short training flights before racing and that’s it ,around the loft twice for cocks and once for hens.

Their Open winner "Brooke" named after their granddaughter


The story begins with these fairly novice fanciers becoming good friends with Wullie Millen of Rutherglen.Wullie was a former brilliant racer into Lanarkshire, before his sale of all birds last year. Callum went to the sale and purchased some of these pigeons. Wullie has mentored them and provided a great platform for them to develop their own winning loft.

The loft has been in top form all season winning most first prizes at club and also earlier topping the federation.


Inside young bird loft                                                                 Racing hens in corridor aviary

Callum has also developed a friendship with Ian Stafford of Skinningrove. Again valuable knowledge of how to condition pigeons as well as top class stock from his brilliant racing families such as the Machine, Rudi de sar , Stefaan Lambrechts which are class pigeons within his stock loft.

Callum would like to thank both fanciers for their support and advise.

Rab Simpson .Callum and Tom Corrie snr enjoying a chat

Callum races the cocks and Liz the hens, both are totally dedicated to the sport and knows ever pigeon in detail. Their dedication is working, and their team are a credit to them. They are very much open to everyone getting involved in the pigeons with everyone round the back enjoying the pigeons. Liz also keeps the fancy pigeons and shows great love and affection for these as much as the racers.


Trappers strutting their stuff                                                  Inside racing section


Entry into YB aviary

Callum said he would like a mention for Ian Lindsay of Wishaw who is a tireless worker and a credit to the sport.

Their good friend Robert Simpson who also fly's the pigeons into Allanton took the time to come and enjoy the company. Robert was proud of their achievements.

Liz &  Callum  looked after us well and Tom Snr thanks you for the great hospitality.

The night went quickly, and we thanked them for a great loft report. We wish you all the best for the rest of the season.


Tom Corrie jnr

Lanarkshire Federation Press Officer