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L. C. C. Ancen Is Report 26-07-16




by John Ghent

Leicester Continental Club

Ancenis Report


So to the third race of our season and the most straight forward race so far! The birds were liberated nice and early with a decent South West wind at 6:30am and all members of the Leicester Continental Club were looking forward to a decent race. At around 360 miles it is never going to be "easy" and the velocities weren't as quick as some would expect, let's take a look at the placings.




First of all in the Gold Race with the single bird nominations. Jerry Wright comes in 1st with his nominated pigeon being the first to the Wright loft, also claiming 47th Open in the MNFC, well done Jerry for a great pick! Next up and making a run up the league table in an effort to defend his Super League title is John Murphy, again nominating his first bird which also featured in the Top 100 of the MNFC. 3rd is the current man on form and that's Derek Leitch, with the Melton partnership of Crossley and Truszowski from the South East Section grabbing the last prize position in the Gold Race. There were two more nominated birds clocked, they went to the Glenfield loft of Chris Watts and and Nuneaton’s Mick Lennon, both claiming valuable points in the Super League race!



Derek Leitch, 1st Silver Race Leicester Cont Club Ancenis 

The halfway stage is just about upon us in this year's Super League with the Leicester Continental Club and points are becoming very important, especially with the Vire/Bordeaux double header just around the corner. All clocked pigeons win points and the first 10 win prizes, lets round up the top 10. Making it a "Silver Race Hat-Trick" was Derek Leitch, superb flying once again from Derek, being 23rd and 121st Open in the MNFC and 1st and 7th in the LCC. Jerry Wright maintains his excellent consistency with 2nd and 5th with Rob Glover grabbing 3rd. I know Rob will be pleased with this as he wasn't sure on his birds form over the last few weeks. John Gilbert, 2nd in last year's Super League, managed a 4th and 8th, with John Murphy’s nominated pigeon also making the Silver Race result in 6th place. Finishing off the Top 10 was Mick Lennon with 9th and 10th places, his two birds split by a decimal! The first 6 Continental Club birds all featured in the Top 100 in the Open, I am sure this is the strongest duplication club in the MNFC, I would love to hear from other clubs in the MNFC to create some competition between us!


John Gilbert's first pigeon from Ancenis  -  Rob Glover's first pigeon from Ancenis




As we approach the double header the league is forming up nicely, all can change though on the Vire/Bordeaux weekend so all these points are crucial!


  • Jerry Wright - 1051 points
  • Derek Leitch - 959
  • Mick Lennon - 834
  • John Murphy - 681
  • Crossley and Truszowski - 641
  • John Gilbert - 581
  • Chris Watts - 579
  • J & T Gateley - 517
  • Rob Glover - 451
  • Sturgess, Son and Grandson - 423
  • Chris Sutton - 85
  • Bill Thrower - 55


That's it, all up to date now!

Just one more weekend of old bird racing to take us towards the young bird events, good luck on the main weekend of the season to everybody and keep the Leicester Continental Club flag flying high please!


John Ghent

Leicester Continental Club Press Officer