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by John Ghent

World War One Commemoration Race

We all know that the hobby in general needs to look at new ideas and ways of re-inventing itself to take it into the future. National racing seems to be becoming more and more popular each year, with increases in memberships in the big national clubs. But what of the local federations and the clubs that serve them? How can we move forward as one and make things sustainable for all the younger members of the fancy? Well the first thing that springs to mind is co-operation between organisations. It seems like a lot of people talk the talk when it comes to this issue, but how many people, committees, organisations, actually walk the walk!


Well, to commemorate the start of the First World War, the committees and members of the Leicestershire South Road Federation and the Harrowden South Federation have both voted in favour of a combine race from Portland on July 12th this year. This is a great leap forward for the Midlands area as a whole and gives some real kudos to a race weekend which typically plays second fiddle to the following weekend which is the Midland National Flying Club's double header from Bordeaux and Vire. The logistics are very simple. Both Federations will collect as normal and rendezvous at Portland. The liberation will be simultaneous and once all club and Federation results have been confirmed, both Steve Farmer and Russell Bradford will liaise to give us the Combine result.


On top of that the British Legion have kindly donated a trophy for the race winner and to show our respects to the many people who did so much for this country during the Great War there will be an unlimited 50p nomination with all proceeds going to The British Legion. There is £100 prize money on offer in each Federation, the split will be confirmed nearer the time, and who knows, if this is a success then it could be something that we look to expand on in the future.


More information will be downloaded through your clubs secretaries, of that I have no doubt, in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, circle this date on your calendar, it is going to be the Premier Race for both organisations this season and I plan to put together full loft reports for both Federation winners once the race has been held. This is definitely one race worth winning and a bit of healthy competition between two local Federations should spice things up a little bit!


Good luck for the next couple of months, watch this space for a full round up of April's action in and around Leicestershire in the next couple of weeks!



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