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L C C Care



by John Ghent




As mentioned in the provisional report, the Carentan race was an absolute flyer with some staggering velocities. We know the MNFC was won by Nigel Laycock, congratulations Nigel, we all know you have been waiting a long time for that victory so it must all the sweeter!


As regards the Leicester Continental Club, we knew that the winner was Jerry Wright as I wrote about in the recent provisional report. Below is the full result, the result of the single bird nomination and also a few bits of information about some of the birds in that all important Top 10!!


The result shows 6 different fanciers in the Top 10, with each pigeon winning £17 in prize money. The important thing to remember with the Leicester Continental is that it is all about consistency and not just about getting that one lucky bird. In 1st place was indeed Jerry Wright and he informs me that the bird was purchased at a presentation evening where Jerry was presenting the prizes. The bird was donated to be sold by the "Sprint King" Mick O'Rourke, who supplies some excellent corn to the lads around the Midlands as well as breeding some super-fast pigeons. It is of Eric Cueleman lines and is a 2 year old chequer hen. The hen has been sent back to MNFC Fougeres to try and repeat the result and as I sit here on the eve if that race it looks like being a totally different prospect! In 2nd and 4th places was fellow South Leicester F.C member John Murphy who clocked two cocks which are both two year olds. The first pigeon for John was a Willy Thas which scored as a baby from young bird Carentan and has also had success from Tours and Bordeaux so a real good channel campaigner. The second bird has also been a consistent performer over the water in the MNFC for John and that is a Soontjen. Splitting John's two pigeons is a bird from the partnership of J&T Gateley who also scored 9th place. The first pigeon was a Busschaert from a guy up North,the name escapes Tom at the minute but he was introduced to the flyer at Blackpool one year and had some birds from him, one of them turning out to be this little star! Tom's second pigeon is a Willy Thas/Haelterman cross. Mick Lennon from Nuneaton clocked two experienced cocks very close together to have them within one yard of each other and securing 6th and 7th places, Derek Leitch had a solid start to the channel season with 8th place and also winning the single bird nom which I will go through more in a little while. The Top 10 was completed with two pigeons from North West Leicestershire and the partnership of Chris and Denise Sutton. A three year old hen took 5th Leicester Continental Club for the Markfield fanciers and a four year old cock snatched the last position offering prize money! These 10 birds also scored league points for the fanciers, as did the birds in 11th, 12th and 13th positions. The other 3 point scoring birds belong to Jerry Wright in 11th, Derek Leitch in 12th and Dick Oram in 13th place.






The single bird nomination is a real test for the fancier and the victory went to Derek Leitch who was doing 1812 YPM to pocket the £30 first prize! As if winning the full result wasn't enough, Jerry Wright on 1746 took second place and £21. We go right into North East Leicestershire for Mick Beadle and Daughter for third place, the partnership's pigeon doing 1728 and securing £14. The last prize on offer for the single bird nomination was £7 and with a velocity of 1440 this went to J&T Gateley.

The early leader in the Leicester Continental Super League is John Murphy but it is early days yet and with 10 prizes on offer in the Super League with 6 races still to go things can change very quickly!


Leicester Continental Club Super League after Race 1, MNFC Carentan.


John Murphy


Jeremy Wright


J & T Gateley


Mick Lennon


Chris and Denise Sutton


Derek Leitch


R.J Oram



Finally the current standing for the prize money is as follows. Remember this is just from one race and the club entry fee for the full season is £100 which includes everything which has been mentioned in this report! The full result, the single bird nomination competition and the Leicester Continental Super League.


Derek Leitch - £47

J&T Gateley - £41

Mr/s Wright - £38

John Murphy - £34

C&D Sutton - £34

Mick Lennon - £34

Mick Beadle and Daughter - £14


So there we have it, the full report for the first race of the Leicester Continental Club. Good luck to everyone with pigeons at Fougeres, should be a very interesting race if the weather forecast is anything to go by. For more information on the Leicester Continental Club please do not hesitate to email me.


John Ghent

83, Newport Street




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