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Leicestershire Continental Club - Coming Together




by John Ghent

Leicestershire Continental Club - Coming Together

Well it looks to be all systems go with the potential Leicestershire Super Club. Thanks to the press release from Mike Lakin and a few other mentions in the press, I had a great response from some top local fanciers and an initial get together has been had to discuss the forming of this new organisation. I must stress that everything in this write up is subject to it being ratified by the RPRA East Midlands Region.


The aim is to revolutionise channel racing within Leicestershire and we want to make this venture fair for all and simple to understand by looking at three key points; offering real incentive to undertake this racing, keeping paperwork and effort to an absolute minimum for all parties concerned, and most importantly giving as many people the chance to win some sort of prize by adopting a simplistic prize system coupled with having many competitions under one umbrella.


We really think that this is the way forward and as has already been mentioned in articles previously, we have some excellent fanciers in this area that regularly score well in the Midlands National. However, where this idea really comes into its own is on those occasions where for some reason, usually due to the wind, we are not blessed to be at the top of the sheet in the section or the open. This way there is still another race to be had where prize money could be won against people within your own area and it gives the pigeons and the fanciers that perform well against their peers the recognition they deserve.


After a brainstorming session we have come up with what we believe is an excellent formula to make this a success and something that will work well into the future. I am not going to go into every little detail here and now but will highlight what we think are the key things that people need to know.


  • We are looking at the club to be named as the "Leicester Continental Club".


  • Radius to be 17.5 miles from Leicester's Clock Tower, giving us a 35 miles diameter across. It will be automatic acceptance, if your loft is in the radius then you will be in.


  • £100 entry fee which covers ALL competitions, which can be paid in instalments. All entry fees will be paid out as prize money. Every member who donates a young bird to a young bird sale will gain entry to the League Championship as highlighted below.


  • Prize money split over 6 races.


  • Equal prize money paid to the first 10 pigeons in the race, only your first 2 birds count towards the race, no back nom or duplication paperwork needed.


  • Single bird nom for each race which will pay first 4 places. Again, no paperwork, simply text message, email or phone call.


As well as all of that, there will be a League Championship run through the 6 race season where points will be scored for the top 25% of birds in the club result. The points system will be presented at the inaugural meeting. Assuming enough funds are raised then a Knockout Cup Competition will also be held, across as many races as is needed to determine the winner. The League Championship and Cup Competition will be self funding from a young bird sale. For any member to be included in the League Championship all you have to do is donate a young bird to the sale.


  • The points scoring system will be in place to establish the overall Champion and put a league together, this will pay the top 10 flyers in the League.


  • Knockout competition to be run across as many races as needed. (E.G, 32 members would need 5 races.)



So there we have it, again I must stress that these are the initial proposals and further proposals will be discussed at the inaugural meeting which will need to take place, keep an eye on the press and the various Internet forums for further details of this meeting.


We don't believe there is anywhere else where you can get all of the above for £100 a season and the donation of a young bird, with minimal work needed from yourself. Just in the races alone there are 60 places being paid over 6 races, then 10 places in the League, plus the knockout competition and 24 single bird nom places being paid across the 6 races. So in just 6 races you have in the region of 100 prizes to fly for, that's what we wanted to do, give everyone an opportunity to claim at least a prize or two! This is the future, we are all really excited about it and would welcome any feedback for us to discuss.


We are also quite happy to offer this blueprint to other areas of the country, we would have loved to encompass more members but we need to keep it attractive for the local fanciers and did not just want to replicate what is already in existence within Sections of the various National clubs. Therefore if anyone else wants information on how we have put this together, to replicate it in your own area, then again, please get in touch.


Yours in Sport


John Ghent

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