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L. C. C. Fourgeres Report 17-06-17



Leicester Continental Club Fougeres Silver Race

Provisional Report


Channel racing seems to be somewhat fraught with danger at the minute and whilst I did not send to the MNFC Fougeres race I have heard on the grapevine that has been a little sticky in parts, although it appears a lot of fanciers have clocked, I get the impression that they have not tumbled in as can sometimes happen when the wind is behind the birds for most of the journey. I always think the inland races on the same day as the Nationals can give a very good guide and the Leicester Federation had birds dropping in very well from an 8:30am liberation this morning. Well that’s what I assume anyway as mine came very well and relatively quickly, and if mine are doing that then you can be damn sure that the real crack flyers from our club and Federation will have had them even better and quicker!


Anyway, I do very much like writing these Provisional reports, to get something out into the press as soon as possible, but sometimes time does run away with me and before you know it the full result is done and the Provisional result is discarded to history! However, time is on my side this weekend! With it being a Sunday I don’t have my two oldest daughters with me and the usual jobs around the house have been completed, leaving me a god few minutes to produce this report. As always, we need to wait for the full result to be posted by the Midland National Flying Club before a full final result can be posted for both the Gold and Silver Races.


So, onto the Provisional result for the Leicester Continental Club Fougeres race flown on Sunday 11th June, and with the Open positions seeming to be taken by the East side of the country I was expecting the winners to come from the South East Section but it was a case of “close but no cigar” for our South East Section compatriots!


In 1st Place, looking likely to have won the Silver Race for the second race running is Dean Pallatt of Shearsby in South Leicestershire, also provisionally 3rd South Centre Section and 56th Open. In 2nd place, coming to the party in this strange race is Nuneaton’s Mick Lennon, about 20 yards back taking 5th Section and 81st Open, again all Provisional.


Staying around the South Leicestershire area, in 3rd place and creeping into the top 100 on the Open Provisional result is Jerry Wright, on 1465 YPM, just pipping the first South East Sectiion member, Crossley and Truszowski, by 4 yards a minute. Straight in behind the Melton partnership is the Desborough duo of J&T Gateley, on 1417 YPM, taking 5th Leicester Continental Club. Back over into the South Centre Section but with a 50 yard gap to John Gilbert of High Cross in 6th, then right back over to the far West of the South East Section, where Alistair Ewart’s small team have stolen in to 7th place on the Provisional result.


We are winging our way right across the club’s area this week as it is right back down to Earl Shilton and the lofts of Rob Glover for 8th place, just ahead of the LE3 contingent, Chris Watts in 9th, just ahead of his family members, Summers Brothers and Daughter who make up the top 10 on the Provisional result for the Leicester Continental Club’s second race of the season.


As always, I will endeavour to get the full result out to you all as soon as possible, especially the Gold Race result for our single nomination birds, that’s where real points can be won in the battle for the Super League title. In our 3 seasons we have had three different Super League winners! Mick Lennon won the inaugural season, John Murphy’s superb long distance performances managed to get him to the top of the pile in our second season and despite a valiant effort by John to retain the title in 2016, Jerry Wright managed to clock one pigeon in the dying hours of the Coutances Young Bird race to snatch the coveted trophy away from John at the last minute!


This season is shaping up already to be equally as close and in just another 3 weeks we will all be at Ancenis and the season will really begin to take shape! Good luck over the next few weeks.


John Ghent

Secretary and Press Officer for the Leicester Continental Club

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