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L C C Ancen Is Report 24-07-17

Leicester Continental Club Ancenis Full Report

by John Ghent


Well…….that was certainly one that won’t be forgotten! The Ancenis race will live long in the memory as being one of the toughest MNFC races for many years and it looks as though the birdage at Bordeaux has dropped below 1,000 pigeons, no doubt down to the losses sustained at Ancenis.


I am however not here to discuss what happened, why it happened, or string anybody up from the flagpole, I am here to recognise the efforts of the
Leicester Continental Club flyers and their remarkable achievements during this race.


The Gold Race, the prestigious event, where it is one pigeon against one pigeon, certainly needed an astute fancier and an almighty bit of luck to get your one pigeon clocked! Out of all of our members who sent, just the one came up with the goods, John Murphy. The Super League Champion of 2015 and runner-up in 2016 has had a difficult season this year so to claim this victory will no doubt please John. Confirming how difficult this race was, John’s winning pigeon was doing 380 yards per minute!
Always important to clock those latecomers you see, you just never know!

Red striped shirt is John Murphy, winner of the Gold Race from Ancenis.


As for the Silver Race where it is your first two birds in the clock which count, only 3 birds managed over 1000 YPM. More remarkable than that though is the overall result which members of the Continental Club put in. The first 5 birds clocked in the South Centre Section were all to members of the Leicester Continental Club, that’s some showing. I keep going on about it, I am sure this is strongest back-nom club anywhere within the Midland National boundaries, you’d be hard pushed to find a better one. Further on from that, 9 out of the first 11 places in the South Centre Section went to LCC members, incredible flying!


So, onto the result for the Silver Race. Taking 1st LCC, 1st Section and 4th Open MNFC was Mick Lennon with a 2 year old hen, “a hen” I hear you cry! I thought the same, I’ll have to have a word with Mick in the off-season to see what’s going on there! Mick also took 3rd LCC and 10th Open MNFC with a blue cock, these two pigeons doing 1056 and 1005 respectively. Splitting the two Lennon birds was a blue yearling hen from the loft of Dean Pallatt which finished 7th Open, the victor of the Silver Race from both Coutances and Fougeres, remarkably consistent flying from Dean as we have come to expect.

Mick Lennon, winner of the Silver Race from Ancenis.

The ever competitive Johnny Gilbert claimed 4th and 8th LCC with  two blue hens which also scored 16th and 87th Open MNFC. It was back to Shearsby for 5th LCC and 22nd Open for Dean once again. Sending just 6 birds, Summers Bros and Daughter clocked a yearling hen on the day to be 6th LCC, 7th Section and 35th Open, yet another outstanding performance from this small team partnership based just around the corner from me in Braunstone Town. Rob Glover’s 3 year old checker cock was next on the result and also grabbed Rob 63rd Open in the MNFC, I know Rob loves the thrill of Bordeaux so despite a tough few days from Ancenis I am sure he will rally the troops and muster up a team fro the Blue Riband event. It’s over to the South East Section for Crossley and Truszowski in 9th spot in the Continental Club, 121st Open. With the young bird races looming I am sure this partnership will be getting their team of rockets together to continue their excellent results from the young bird races in 2016. In the final “Money Spot”, Mr and Mrs Jerry Wright clocked the following morning to record 699YPM, just ahead of their good friends over in Braybrooke, the Gateley duo, who had two close together for 11th and 12th, just missing the cash prizes!


That rounds off the Ancenis report and we are just about at the halfway stage. Bordeaux and Vire does mean a heavy workload for result production, I will get them done and dusted as quickly as my typing fingers, and 2 year old Abbie, will allow! I have included pictures of both the Gold and Silver race winners as well as a little one of Abbie, showing her promise as a future long distance fan!

Abbie with her favourite pigeon, "Roly"


Have a great few weeks and good luck at the Main Event!


John Ghent

Secretary and Press Officer for the Leicester Continental Club

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