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L C C Vire Report 04-09-17

Leicester Continental Club Vire Report


On the day of the double header for the MNFC, the Leicester Continental Club also held two races in conjunction with the Midland National. Following a three-day holdover, the birds were released from Vire, around 260 miles to the centre of the club, with a fairly steady race being expected with the winds that were being blown across the Channel. I always like watching the steadier races unfold and seeing what has happened as you can really see where the pigeons have worked hard to get home and the usual suspects do seem to come to the fore in races where the birds have really got to put solid effort in to get back home. We are lucky that in the Leicester Continental Club, regardless of who comes out on top, they are going to be a proven performer at MNFC level, and this proved no different from Vire.


Summers Brothers and Daughter take top honours in the Gold Race and the Silver Race with the same pigeon! Their nominated bird, a yearling, came to take 1st LCC, 2nd South Centre Section and 68th Open MNFC, great flying once again from this team of fanciers who I know a lot of people regard as the best middle-distance fanciers in Leicestershire. Scott has told me on several occasions that he is going to crack Bordeaux soon, it just so happens I guess that the recent Blue Riband races have been severe tests for even the seasoned distance fancier, so as many people are finding out, nailing it at 500+ miles is a different kettle of fish altogether. That said, I am sure in the meantime, whilst doing everything in their power to get the long-distance racing going, the Braunstone Town team will over the moon with their performances once again this season, and this was a great way to round off the old bird season for them.


The Summers Brothers team, L-R Lance, Pete, Scott

Winners of the Continental Club Gold and Silver races from Vire. Also 2nd South Centre Section MNFC.

Interestingly, the next two positions taken in both the Gold and Silver races were again by the same birds in each race. What that means is that the first 3 pigeons clocked by members of the LCC at Vire were ALL NOMINATED pigeons, that’s very impressive flying guys so well done. In 2nd place is the Nuneaton legend that is Mick Lennon, so the bridesmaid twice in one race, both times to the Summers Bros, nearly there Mick, keep plugging away! In 3rd place in both the Silver and the Gold races means a shift over into the South-East section to the Gateley partnership who have had a truly outstanding season, they also managed to get the final “Money Spot” in the Silver race by clocking another bird in 10th Place for the LCC. I’ll round up the Gold Race now as there were two further members to clock their nominated pigeons, Chris Watts of Glenfield in 4th place and just outside the money, but still scoring points for the Super League race, is Mr and Mrs Jerry Wright.


The rest of the money places in the Silver Race were spread out across the boundaries of the Continental Club. In 4th place was Mick Beadle, always a force to be reckoned at the back end of the season when he has got the birds going, just ahead of Rob Glover taking 5th and 6th place with just 10 YPM between the first two arrivals to the Earl Shilton loft. Derek Leitch, another consistent Midland National man clocks the 7th arrival, just pipping the Crossley and Truszowski partnership from the far North of the club. Mr and Mrs Jerry Wright clocked their first arrival in 9th place and as already mentioned the Gateley duo took 10th place.


So that wraps up Vire! As we know, with the race day also including the Blue Riband race for the MNFC and the LCC, there will be a full rundown in the Bordeaux (Poitiers) report of the Super League Table as we finish the old bird season, who will be “Top Dog” going into the young bird campaign and who will be fighting it out for the Super League Title?

John Ghent

Secretary and Press Officer for the Leicester Continental Club

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