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L C C Poitiers 04-09-17

Leicester Continental Club Blue Riband Race Poitiers Report

by John Ghent


The final race of the old bird season and what a test it turned out to be, yet again! Blue Riband Midland National races don’t seem to come easy, or even steady, they have been real ball-breakers for the last 3 years now from what I can re-call, they really do make the birds work.


After a 3-day holdover and a move on the Monday to bring the birds back around 100 miles, the Blue Riband flock of just under 100 birds, no doubt the birdage was down due to the Ancenis “incident”, was away on Tuesday morning. I have to confess to not being a fan of having the two races on one day, I believe it takes the shine away from the Blue Riband race, but one advantage is that the shorter race, assuming they are up on the same day, can be used as a good guide for the longer race. And seeing that Vire was a little tougher than maybe we have come to expect from 260 miles, the general consensus amongst the competitors, was that Poitiers could be just as tough and probably even tougher. I hadn’t sent myself so sat watching for the first birds to arrive and I could not believe my eyes when our very own Rob Glover popped up at the top of the leader board!

Rob Glover, 1st LCC, 1st South Centre Section and 2nd Open MNFC

The whole of Leicestershire and the South Centre Section will no doubt have had their fingers crossed for Rob’s gallant Scottish rung hen to hold on but alas it was not to be! Pipped by a single yard by a bird flying over 500 miles on the day, you have to take your hat off to the winners. We are very proud of Rob’s achievement and he has finished 1st Leicester Continental Club Gold Race, 1st Leicester Continental Club Silver Race, 1st South Centre Section and 2nd Open MNFC Poitiers, what an incredible result and something to be so proud of. The hen in question was bred by my fellow scribe, none other than Joe Murphy, who is a good friend of Rob’s. I have noticed the hen crop up a few times as I compile the results and the Scottish ring stands out like a sore thumb. She had been specifically prepared for this race and has won a nice few pennies and pounds for Rob, but I am sure the prestige is all the more important, will she be back next year, that’s the question?! Just for good luck Rob clocked another in race time to be the only fancier in the LCC to get two birds on the result in the Silver race, winning a good deal of points towards hopeful Super League glory!


There were only two other clocking’s in the club, the first of which went to Mick Lennon, to record 2nd Gold Race, 2nd Silver Race and 88th Open. Rob’s velocity for his 2nd Open bird was 1148 and Mick in 88th Open is doing 804 YPM, just shows how touch this race really was. We are then back up to the Northern territories of our club and the South-East Section where the Crossley/Truszowski duo clocked their single entry, as did Mick, to record 3rd Gold Race, 3rd Silver race and 187th Open, recording a velocity of 569 YPM. So, 4 courageous birds, battling through over the course of two very tough days, no doubt delighting their owners when alighting onto the landing board, whether that be in Nuneaton, Earl Shilton or the outskirts of Melton Mowbray!

Tad Truszowski of the Crossley/Truszowski partnership. 3rd LCC and also winner of the "Who Dares Wins" One Loft Race


Mick Lennon, 2nd LCC


The end of the Old Bird season is now upon us and the focus moves to the challenges of the Young Bird Nationals. The current leader board before the young bird races looks like this.


1. Rob Glover 1391 points

2. Mick Lennon 1357

3. J&T Gateley 1200

4. Crossley and Truszowski 1014

5. Summers Bros and Dtr 918

6. Dean Pallatt 805

7. Mr/s Jerry Wright 797

8. Chris Watts 719

9. John Gilbert 555

10. Derek Leitch 476

11. John Murphy 410

12. Ewart Bros 264

13. Mick Beadle and Dtr - 170

John Ghent

Secretary and Press Officer for the Leicester Continental Club

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