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Parkinson. L J 02-09-18




I am hearing that there has been a lot of young bird sickness about over the last few weeks and probably the reason why the entries are so low. I do know that some fanciers have left the sport because of this continual problem with the young birds. This is doing the sport no good at all and I cannot understand why the hierarchy in conjunction with the veterinary practice have not come up with a solution before now. When you consider just how long this has been a problem to the pigeon fraternity you would have thought someone would have come up with something by now. I used to vaccinate one side of the neck with PMV and the other with Paratyphus vaccines and never had a problem. I was told that by a fancier who obviously knew what he was talking about, even thought those in the know say you should not do it that way???? I always did what I thought was best for my pigeons, I did of course test the system first but carried on in case it was the right thing to do and it was.

I am often asked about families or lines of pigeons from the past which is sometime interesting, but seldom can we find a good line that have been kept together and probably in a purer state than they were years ago. The latest line that I have been asked about and was very fond of are the Krauths. This is a family that I had and raced mainly in the 80's with a hen from Malcolm Hewitt and a cock from Dave Johnson which was known as the "North Road Cock" who had won 12 x 1sts on both the North and South routes. Elizabeth bought him for a present for £110, a good price in the early 80's and she did say don't tell anyone how much I paid for it. In 82 they bred 3 cocks that were all good pigeons. The best was "Elimar Joe 90" who won plenty and was the ace Pigeon of the Mid Cheshire Fed in the mid 80's, he won from 68 to 352mls which was Rennes a favourite race point at the time. A brother was the Ace Yearling through to Nantes and the other won a few prizes. Dave Johnson had some really good pigeons from the Krauth lines and raced them successfully for many years. Dave was a very good fancier and there were quite a few fanciers who I knew owe their success at the time to his pigeons. When Malc Hewitt had his pigeons at Betley he had a good team of Krauths mainly from his good friend Aubrey Adamson and also had some good Busschaerts from George Corbett. These two fanciers had some really good pigeons and became household names at that time. The Corbett Busschaerts are still seen about today, but we don't see the Adamson Krauths about like we used to do. You don't hear fanciers talking about pigeons and naming them after fanciers as they did in those days, another being the Larkins Busschaerts that also became a household name. Getting back to the Krauths that I was asked about, the fanciers was asking about the black Krauths which were based on the "Flying Ebony" or at least the ones that I knew. Many years ago, we were on a trip to Belgium and were booked into a hotel, across the road was a range of lofts. I watched them for 2 days before I made the decision to go cross the road and take a look at what was in the lofts. The first obstacle was the language barrier because we could not understand each other but pigeons do help you to communicate. He then put his hand up and went into the house, he was away for a few minutes and came back to showing me the pigeons. A few minutes later a man entered the lofts, the fancier had called on a friend who could speak English, so we had a good talk. I remember seeing and handling some really nice which was no doubt down to me having and liking the Krauths for quite a few years. When you look at pedigrees of today’s pigeons they are more or less all crossed with good pigeons and that is why they are winning. 

The Acton Bridge club are still going well compared to some of the other local clubs, in they were the biggest senders in the fed this week. In the latest race from Yeovil 6 members sent 178 birds in what turned out to be a tough race. As, is often the case, the top 4 positions all go to Curtis-Wall-Lunt when all 4 were clocked on the same vel of 1663ypm which is just about 2 seconds. We are starting with a chequer cock who is a direct son of their “Box 9 Pair” who are a real Goldmine to the loft. 2nd is a blue cock being a son off the excellent “Playful” & "Tara" this cock was going to have to call this cock “The Bridesmaid Cock” because he was 2nd fed two weeks ago only beaten by loft mate for 1st fed. 3rd goes to a blue hen bred off a brother to "Tara" while 4th is won with a chequer cock off “Dark Prince” crossed with a daughter of “Eurovision”.

The Mid Cheshire Fed were at Yeovil when there was a big drop in the birdage when 39 sent 551 birds, the first 4 positions went to Curtis-Wall-Lunt, see their details above. Other club winners within the fed are at Kingsway Mr & Mrs P Sylvester. Rudheath B & G Mainwaring. Crewe Premier John Allbutt. Earlstown R & B Smith. Wrinehill A Hughes. Leigh F Dootson.

The Middlewich 5B were at Frome when 5 sent 40 birds which saw Peter & Dawn Latham take the first three positions firstly with a 100% Vandenabeele whose sire is from Spencer Howarth with the dam being from stock obtained from Holland. The next two were bred by his good friend Brian Dearn who has a top team of Lambrechts. DJ&CJ Wilkinson are next on the list with a chequer pied hen from a Vanneste-Rigole cock being the lines of “Old Pied Cock” “Sparky” “Paige” crossed with an Emiel Denys hen.

The 5B were racing with the South West Cheshire Fed from Frome when 39 members sent 515 birds that were liberated at 10am in a light north west wind. Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw from the Hankelow club who took 9 of the first 10 positions in the fed. The other club winners in the fed are Miss S & T Soper who are having a real good young bird season in the Crewe West End Club. Another having a good season is Mick Stockton who takes the top two in the Greenbank club. P&D Latham take the first three in the Middlewich 5B while Dave Pritchard does the same in the Moulton FC taking the first 3 and that is the same with the Winsford HS where Hitchin & Horsfield also take the top three positions.

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