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L J Parkinson 24-07-18

L.J Parkinson.

With the web site I come into contact with many fanciers and occasionally I have a few photos and information that I think can add to my notes, the latest fancier to catch my eye is Trond-Are Bo from Denmark. This fancier has purchased pigeons off the web site, so I asked him how he had gone on in the last season with pigeons purchased from UK fanciers and send me a few photos. He said that he has had experienced a fairly good season, and won the sport championship in the fed, and won 2nd in feds open championship. At this stage in the season he also holds 2nd National Championship. He was also saying that he purchased pigeons at Derek Woodward’s clearance sale which have been his best in the loft. the Derek Woodward Gaby’s and the old 2005 Gaby being a g-child of “Turbo” have been outstanding and they are a base for future winners in the loft. I have included a few photo’s that I received with the information. One shows the young birds exercising and what a cracking place it is to race pigeons. Then there’s one of the front of the loft, plus from the back where the aviaries are.


Aviaries at the back at the Trond-Are Bo lofts                                                                              Trond-Are Bo racing loft

Trond-Are Bo view over the lofts must be a pleasure to be there waiting for pigeons.

Trond-Are Bo YB section

Many years ago, Elizabeth and myself used to travel round to a lot of lofts to compile reports but nowadays I don’t know whether I have too much on my plate or I am slowing down with age, probably the latter. That was something that we both liked doing because it was a good chance to see and meet other fanciers in their own back yard and see how they do things. We are going to Belgium this year to see the Rigole family which, is more than likely the last time I will be driving to the continent, I am not and never have been a lover of driving, the roads are too busy. One thing for sure is, we have travelled many miles met many new people and enjoyed it all.


Being in the North West I need to say well done to Roger Sutton on a great result in the National result taking 1st 2nd 3rd from his 6 entries. Then the following day in the MNFC be was 1st sec 4th open from Bordeaux. Roger is one of the best racing fanciers in Cheshire and when it comes to the bigger races can more than hold his own.

The first young bird races have now been held and I hear that by the time the first race arrived some had only just started training due to the hot weather. Some fanciers had lost best part of their young bird teams through training while the heat was on. The problem is if fanciers have had a tough old bird season they were relying on their young birds to fill boxes for the following year and many cannot do that this time. Those who were patient and waited still have a good team of young birds. Not all who started training in the heat have lost them, it all depends on the time of day and the big question “Are the young birds in good health”


The first result for the Mid Cheshire fed saw the local club not entering which was the case with a couple of other clubs in the fed. In the end just 30 members entered 565 birds which is well down on what would have been expected. I have spoken to a few who did not send, and the general view was that there are too many shorter races, so they will be missing a couple of weeks. The birds were up in a west wind at 9.30am with the leader’s being Mr & Mrs J Burnett & Son from the Kingsway club. Keith Herbert won the Rudheath club by 3yds short of 100ypm, having said that there are big drops in most of the clubs leading pigeons on the day, must have had early race blues. Mick Stockton won the Crewe Premier with W&P Brown doing likewise in the Earlstown club where they took the first 3 positions. Dave Everill won the Wrinehill club with Simon Kennedy winning over at Leigh, leaving R & D Gaskell to take the first 3 in the Tyldesley club.


The other local fed the South West Cheshire were about the same with 29 members sending 513 birds that were liberated at 9am with no wind. The Crewe West End members had a good race taking the first 9 being led by my mate Bob Humphries who finished 1st 2nd 4th club and fed. Troy Morrish racing with the Greenbank club had a good race taking the first 5 in the club. I hear that it is early days for Troy racing and I am told his son is even keener. Frank Speed won the Hankelow club while P & M Child won at Moulton with Steve Harrison collecting the red card at Winsford, I am told that this is his first season racing in Winsford.



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