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L J Parkinson 31-07-18

Parkinson LJ.


Over the years many races have been missed due to rainy type conditions or even snow in April and we have all heard about or even ourselves have not sent pigeons because of such conditions. This year has been the opposite and fanciers have not raced on occasions because of the clear blue skies and hot weather that we are experiencing. So where does that leave us with the climate continuing to change, increasing our average temperature year after year.  If it’s colder and rainy we leave them at home and if the sun is out at strength, we leave them at home. It is going to continue to get hotter and hotter some years and thankfully not all, therefore our pigeons are going to have to face it at some time in their lives. I was in a conversation recently about racing pigeons and how do the fanciers around the Mediterranean area manage to race their pigeons when they have the hot weather all the time. Some do start racing in the Autumn and race over winter when it is cooler, but those who do race in the summer months don’t do too bad, it all depends what country you are racing in and from what direction. They still have good races in those high temperatures so what’s the difference. Simple, we have those North East winds and the pigeons do not like them, most of our pigeons will not face those winds. The old bird season has not been what we would like for our pigeons, there have been more than the average number of birds lost. Because of the heat I am sure many fanciers have not trained their birds as well as they would normally have done and therefore they go into races not being in the peak condition that they need to be in. Some have trained in the daytime and lost birds because of the heat, with this in mind I asked a few fanciers about how they had gone on with racing and training this year in comparison to other years. I only listened and did not make too much comment, but I have come to the conclusion that many have trained while it has been too hot and done their pigeons no good at all. Others have risen earlier than they normally would have done and trained when it has been much cooler and generally they have come out on top. A case of the early bird catches the worm. Many fanciers have depleted young bird teams because they have been training in the daytime while the hot weather is at its worst. It looks good to us at ground level, but when the pigeons are up in the sky it is a different matter. Having the perfect conditions to race pigeons does not happen all that often, but in general pigeons do come through and record good vels even when they are up against the elements. At times pigeon racing is a tough game and there are some real dedicated fanciers about who go that extra mile in the interest of their pigeons. Such fanciers are the ones we need to look at to improve our own lofts. Why do they not lose so many pigeons and why do they continue to come out on top, find out and you may be at the top of the list more often. All this is a challenge and why most fanciers persevere in the sport and that is why we love the sport so much.   


Racing is a bit thin on the ground in these early weeks of the young bird season with the odd clubs not sending at all. In the Middlewich FC only two members sent but one sent as trainers but as I have always said if you are sending aim for the fed and not just the club. That is exactly what Anthony Evans did and saw his first home finish 14th fed on 1766ypm so target achieved. The club are racing with the Mid Cheshire Fed where 29 sent 536 birds to Cheltenham liberated at 9.30am in a South wind. The fed was topped by Crewe Premier members Ken & Stan Bosson on 1855ypm, this was a good one on the day because the vels were so high therefore his mind was on the job. Mr & Mrs Silvester won the Kingsway club with S Herbert & Son Keith topping the list at Rudheath. Wrinehill was won by A Hughes while Simon Kennedy topped the list over at Leigh with R&D Gaskell doing likewise in the Tyldesley club. I don’t know whether some are not ready but there were 3-member clubs who did not send this week. I do know some think there are too many short races and will start to send now the distance has increased.


The South West Cheshire saw 40 members send 609 birds to Cheltenham to be liberated at 10.10am in a strong South West wind which did show in the velocities recorded. In the Middlewich 5B 3 members sent 30 birds with the top two positions going to Alan Woodcock 0n 1800/1798ypm. 3rd goes to Ted Carson with a vel of 1648ypm followed by Carol & Robert Carson 4th also recording a vel of 1648ypm. The fed saw a near landslide for Mick Stockton from the Greenbank club taking the first 7 plus 10th. The Crewe West End winner is Rob Bennett while B Shaw topped the list over at Hankelow. Mr & Mrs Phil Buckton won at Moulton with a chequer cock on 1806ypm, Phil will be pleased with that one. That leaves Winsford where G&K&C Hitchin had a good race taking the first 4 positions.


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