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L J Parkinson Nantwich Show 08-08-18

Parkinson LJ.  


Another record broken at the Nantwich Agricultural Show. 


Yes, it is another record for the pigeon section in the Nantwich Agricultural Show, 309 birds were entered for the show held towards the end of July. This might not appear to be a big number too many fanciers but when you think about it being in late July, in the middle of our racing season, it is a good turnout. The show is well supported by Elimar with £400 prize money and also sponsored by Osmonds. Earlier in the year I was talking to Dave Windsor who is chief steward for the pigeon section, but he does have good support from the Wrenbury members who are the backbone behind the show. Up until last year the show had a show racer and fancy pigeon section but getting support to run these extra sections saw them dropped from the schedule. However, I hear that there is a possibility that things are about to change in this area because Dave tells me that he has spoken to Joanne Martlew who is interested in running these sections which should increase the show. It is hard to get pigeon fanciers to do these jobs and those who do should be appreciated. On behalf of Dave I asked Chris Knowles to judge this year’s show and he did have someone in mind to help him out, but circumstances saw Chris do the job on his own which must have been a hard task with so many entries in 5 classes. Last year there were only 4 but a coloured class was added this year, so the job of judging was increased.

View of the pigeons in pens at the Nantwich

However, Chris has a good eye when it comes to selecting pigeons and can soon eliminate these that he does not consider to be the ones he believes are worthy to collect cards. I have to say I walked round and took a good look at them and I was impressed with the overall quality that the sport had on show. I spoke to Chris later that day when I called him at home and he was saying it was a pity that the area was not cordoned off while he was judging. Members of the public approached him asking about pigeons and how he selected the winners, and this took his concentration away from the job he was there to do.

Judge Chris Knowles with the winner at the Nantwich show

I have said it before and will keep saying it, these are the shows where the RPRA should be in attendance where there is plenty of interest shown in the pigeons on show. The Wrenbury lads are doing so much to put the sport on show so with the attendance of the RPRA would emphasise what the sport is all about. When you think about it these shows are ideal because this one as was the case with the Royal Cheshire County Show, they were absolutely packed so there is the ideal opportunity to push the sport to a wider audience, as is the case with the Wrenbury lads who do such a good job between them. I spoke to Dave the following morning and he was saying how pleased he was with the numbers entered. He also said that there was a total entry of 1000 birds and poultry which again is a record. The intension is for an extension on the tent for next year and with the extra fancy pigeon classes they will need it. I have just had a word with Joanne who was telling me she is looking at 10 for fancy pigeons. 4 show racers and an open Junior Section. All in all this will increase the number of birds entered with Dave’s target for the racing classes to be 330 which is an increase of 21 on this year, will they get there, we shall have to wait and see. I was talking to Chris as the judge and he has sent the following to be included. “Hi Les. I thought that I would drop you a line regarding Nantwich show where as you know I was the judge last Wednesday. Firstly, let me say what a great day out the show in general is and that was clearly in evidence from the amount of people who were there! As a one-day show goes it couldn’t get much better, a great venue at Acton and organisation of the highest standard. When I arrived at the Pigeon and Poultry marquee I was rather surprised to see the number of entries. There were 5 classes, OC, OH, YC, YH and Coloured, all to be judged through the wires. The entry numbers were 81,78,51,50 and 49 respectively a total of 309. I judged each class myself with the assistance of my very patient wife Karen. My thoughts on this are that it makes the final outcome on choice of pigeons for BIS and BOS just about as consistent as it can be. You don’t have more than one opinion involved in the final decision and in some ways, it is the showing equivalent of a one loft race. The standard of pigeons was high, and it was interesting to see how fanciers were making good use of young pigeons that had been on the darkness system as they were fully feathered and in perfect show condition. I am sure that with good prize monies at stake there are plenty of other fanciers around who would have a go at this show, if they were aware. Each class had 6 prizes and then there were an overall BIS and BOS. With 5 classes this meant 30 cards were up for grabs plus the two premiere awards of BIS and BOS and winner’s trophy. It was very different to many shows that I have judged at as the public were able to walk around whilst you judge. It was surprising the interest shown by none fanciers who were not only viewing but also keen to ask questions and learn about the pigeons. The organisers especially Dave Windsor were always on hand to speak with the public and two large maps showing ALL race points flown into Cheshire and surrounding counties was a great source of interest and questions. It was certainly a great example of how to promote the pigeon sport to the general public.

Phil Jackson - Derek Jones - Dave Windsor


As I said earlier it is a great day out and one that I would recommend to fanciers in and around Cheshire to put in their 2019 diaries, whether it be to compete or just a good day out. Regards. Chris Knowles” Thanks Chris any additions are always welcome.


Here are the results for the Nantwich Show starting with 81 Old Cocks; 1st & 3rd H Winstanley £96 + 2 Vouchers. BOS £10. 2nd & 5th C Platt £48. 3rd H Winstanley £32. 4th K M & J Lamb £16. 6th H F P Woodward. 78 Old Hens; 1st G O Jones £64 BIS £20 plus 2 Vouchers. 2nd D & B Jones £48. 3rd Mr & Mrs A Edwards £32. 4th & 6th J & S Archiebald & Picken £16. 5th R Craven. 51 Young Cocks; 1st 2nd 3rd F A Speed £118 plus £5 voucher. 4th & 5th H F P Woodward £12. 6th Mr & Mrs D Harding. 50 Young Hens; 1st & 2nd 6th H F P Woodward; £92 plus £5 Voucher. 3rd G O Jones £26. 4th C Platt £12. 5th F A Speed. 49 AA Cock or Hen Coloured; 1st & 3rd Mr & Mrs C Stanley £78 plus Voucher. 2nd H F P Woodward £40. 4th C Platt £12. 5th M & R Pass. 6th D & B Jones. Best in Show G O Jones wins G Machin Cup. There is a total of £760 paid out in prize money including £400 sponsorship from Elimar Pigeon Services, all vouchers presented by Osmonds.

Winners at the Nantwich show G O Jones with judge Chris Knowles and sponsor Les J Parkinson


As mentioned earlier the pigeon show is mainly down to the Wrenbury DHS who race their pigeons with the Cheshire Plains Fed but also members of the Cheshire Combine & Three Counties for channel racing. This is their 70th year and are based at Wrenbury Sports Club. The club has 16 competitive flying members sending up to 270 birds a week. The club secretary is Dave Windsor who is also section secretary for the pigeon show at Nantwich. Dave is on the ball because as soon as the old bird finished he sent me the following information on their trophy winners. This year’s old bird winners are; OB Inland Channel & Combined OB average winners are D & B Jones who also won 5 x 1sts. Also having a good season are the long-time partnership of R Windsor Son & Dtrs with 4 x 1sts who collect the r/u awards for the OB Inland, Channel and the Combine OB average’s. and they are the highest OB prize & pool winners. Also, a mention for P Jackson who topped the list on three occasions. This was yet another excellent old bird season for a club who look to be keeping ahead of the game and this year for the old birds alone have paid out £1210 in prize & pool money. In the first three young birds races the Wrenbury club R Windsor Son & Dtrs winning 2 & P Jackson winning the other one. The club are doing well and sent 330 to the 3rd YB race.


photos of the marking at the Wrenbury club who do such a good job with the Nantwich Show.


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