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L J Parkinson Cheshire Show 02-07-18

L.J Parkinson at The Royal Cheshire County Show


At the beginning of the year we were asked to take on the Chief steward’s job for the pigeon section at the Royal Cheshire Show. These are the events that the sport needs to have a good presence at so that we can show pigeons off to a wide range of people. We at Elimar decided to sponsor the 11 classes and specials which resulted in fanciers winning more prize money in this show than they would racing in their local clubs. As soon as it was announced that we were taking the job on George Mainwaring offered a trophy for the best in show of which we were grateful, George has always been a big supporter of what I have done in the sport, so thanks to him. So, from the off we were moving forward, and I see no reason why that trend cannot improve in the future. What did surprise me was we had none of the local fanciers who are known to like the shows in attendance. Perhaps it’s the time of the year but I am sure there are always going to be pigeons available in June to be put on show in such a prestige’s event where so many are in people attendance.

Graysen Crowley our little helper at the Royal Cheshire Show.


I don’t know a lot of fancy pigeon people but there are quite a few about and represented their side of pigeons very well and they were all so sociable. Getting the judges for the show was easy enough because in the show world they appear to be keen on attending such events. Mike & Rita O’Hare took charge of the racing pigeons which they are used to,

not sure if he would have liked to judge the fancy pigeons.

Mike & Rita O'Hare judging the racers

The racing pigeon show class saw Bill & Jill Carney travel up from Atherstone. I did ask Evan Murray and Hayden Bogle to be judges so Even took on the fancy pigeons with the help of Hayden. I had an email a few days after the show which I have included in this report. “I was delighted to receive a call from Les Parkinson earlier on in the year inviting Hayden and I to judge the pigeon section at the Royal Cheshire County Show which was to be a first for us both but hopefully certainly not the last. So not wanting to be held up we arrived bright and early on the morning of Wednesday 20th June to meet the fanciers and carry out our duties. Once all the paperwork was sorted out we set about the task at hand. As one would expect at this time of year most of the birds were not in condition or good feather with many showing signs of the breeding season, but the fanciers are to be congratulated for making the effort with their entries. I always look on these summer events as more of a public relations exercise and so it proved with a constant stream of the general public going through the tent asking questions and expressing their surprise at the many different varieties on show. The Frillbacks certainly created a lot of interest. As to the results I am sure Les will furnish a full list of winners but suffice to say there were 2 or 3 young birds which showed great promise for later in the show season and the winning adults were best on the day. I would like to thank Les and his lovely family for their hospitality and for making us feel welcome and I would urge anyone who fancies a good day out to support this show in future. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Many thanks. Evan S Murray” Thanks for that Evan and who knows what will happen next year.

Evan Murray judging the fancy pigeons

I was talking to Hayden Bogle about the show and he was telling me that he travels about a lot judging this type of show. He, like most other fanciers has too many but they are a variety of pigeons including racer but is more interested in the show side, so the race team take a back seat. Hayden added that he enjoyed the day out and all being well will attend next years event. Hayden has been a good friend of Evan Murray for many years, they get on well together and the travel around the country to the shows. What I did notice was that there is never a dull moment when these two are at an event. So, all being well we look forward to seeing them next year at the show.


Graysen Crowley's special selection


Graysen Crowley presenting Joanne Martlew with her £20 special from Graysen. 


David Knaggs sets up the pens for the show and we had a good talk about the classes for the fancy pigeons because when we took over there were far too many classes on the list which resulted in many not having any entries while other classes only had the odd one or two. David was saying that there are a lot of these shows in Yorkshire, not as big but they are there. He has suggested the fancy pigeon classes be as follows. Class 10, AU Clean-Legged Cock AD. Class 11, AU Clean-Legged Hen AD. Class 12, AU Clean-Legged Young Bird. Class 13 AU Muffed or Grouse Legged Ad Cock. Class 14 AU Muffed or Grouse Legged Ad Hens. Class 15 AU Muffed or Grouse Legged Young Bird. Class 16, AV Junior. None of these classes mean anything to me because I have never had anything to do with fancy pigeons, but others will, and I will have to learn a bit about them. The problem is each member of the Fancy Pigeon world will have their own preference as to what they believe is the best way forward with the classes. I am sure we will meet somewhere with the selection that will suit everyone, all input is appreciated. Going forward we were dropped in at the deep end and knew little about the system so a few mistakes were made but for next year we shall have everything done up front. What we need at this show is more support because as I have pointed out there are so many people attending the show, so the sport is on show to many who know nothing about pigeons no matter what line they are. These are the shows where the RPRA should be present. Pigeon racing in general needs to grab all the attention it can at such events and Evan made the best of talking to people who were asking about the fancy pigeons. Elimar will once again sponsor the show with around £400 next year so why not put the Royal Cheshire Show in your calendar for 2019. There is plenty to see so while the judging takes place and your pigeons are on show there is plenty to see, it is a big show. When I took this job on I decided to give all those who entered the chance to be included in the report on the event, win or lose. This part is from Malcom S Buckley from Audenshaw, Manchester. “Last year I could not attend the "Royal Cheshire Show" because of ill health but heard on the grapevine that things went wrong. To try and save the pigeon section of the show myself and Mr & Mrs Ralph Brett put in this year a selection from the many breeds that we have. Being honest some birds were not up to our usual standard we just wanted to give our support to a worthwhile event. Ralph showed 17 birds and he won 3rd Saxon Shot and 4th with the mother, myself didn't get any cards but pigeon men always bow to the judges output and lots of my birds were commented on by the general public, but no cards available for them. (It is a fact the partnership had a good variety on show and Evan Murray was talking for quite a while to those viewing them. LJP). I did receive a schedule list from Flint & Denby but your schedule was already received. However, the "Racers & Show Racers" were well judged and the winner was the best. I have judged myself in County Shows at Garstang, Emily Ann and Denborough and Lancashire Championship show. The most interest for the fancy pigeons were the Frillbacks, there are also the Capuchine, Owl Class, Saxon breeds i.e. Spots, Elsapurela, Any Variety Chropper, Any verity of Fantail Cock/Hen. The Flying Breeds are popular of which I mostly breed, "Flying Fancy Breed", Exhibition Birmingham Roller Cock & Hen Adult & YB classes, Exhibition Birmingham Roller C/H Y.B. Flying Birmingham Roller C & H adult. Exhibition Tippler. Light Point or Mottle C/H Adult & YB. Any other colour Tippler C/H YB. West of England Flying Tumbler Red Yellow Mealy plus any Other Colour Cock or Hen both adult or YB’s. Any other Variety fancy flyer, i.e. Elsapurzela, Cumlet Continental Rollers” There are so many classes available in the Fancy Pigeon world, so it is always going to be a hard job sorting them out. Thanks for the information Malcolm who went on to say that he has had a pace maker fitted so maybe next year who knows. He started with pigeons when he was 8yrs old and is now 80yrs old so there is still time for the rest of us to compete in the pigeon world.

Graysen's sister Ebony got in the action with a duckling, will have to persuade her to join in next year. 


Clive Edson & John Wheatcroft had a good show a partnership that has been in place since 2007. Most of our original birds are from Mark Hylands and Conway and Magee with birds from other sources occasionally. Their best overall and best show racer is a mosaic yearling cock that has won classes at Nottingham, Black Country SRS and the Midland SRS. The red yearling hen that was reserve best show racer was at her first show. Both birds are bred from birds from Mark Hylands. In this show they finished, Class 5. 2nd 3rd 4th. Class 6. 2nd 3rd. Class 7. 1st 2nd. Class 8. 1st 4th. Class 9. 1st 2nd. As with all winners these lads are also looking to improve what they have, and they have recently introduced some birds from Alistair Tankard this year which have yet to be tried.

Clive Edson & John Wheatcroft with their trophies



Clive Edson & John Wheatcroft with Bill Carney who judged the Show racers


Thanks to everyone who entered and helped with the show you were all appreciated.

I had hoped to gather more information, but time has run out, glad to get this last few weeks over with.


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