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L J Parkinson 15-06-18

Parkinson LJ.

The pigeons have not had the best of times this season with so many east winds which they do not like. The weather is OK for us mere mortals, but we don’t have to fly high up in it. However, we do have times when the east wind gets to us and one such occasion was here recently after we had a job done at the back of the house. The idea was to have a built over area where we could have garden furniture and sit covered up always. The back of the house faces south, and we were sitting out for the first time after the job had been finished. Everything looked good, so we poured ourselves a drink and sat outside, it was a reasonably nice night which was why we were experiencing a good job well done. It wasn’t long before we found out that the job wasn’t finished because the wind was coming from the east and blowing down the side of the house. The cold from that wind made me realise that the job needed an addition, so we called the glazier and had glass put all round, now it is a finished job and when the wind is in the east the door at the side is closed and everything is spot on.


I sometimes wonder how much some pigeon fanciers actually know about racing pigeons. Yes, I know I own Elimar and I don’t need these notes to publicise the site, but I was surprised what I heard during a discussion regarding buying and selling pigeons. The conversation was about buying pigeons and the fancier said he does not buy off Elimar because they are what other fanciers don’t want, a case of getting rid of their rubbish. The point is people are selling pigeons all the time from all sorts of places and some are going to get good pigeons, some are not and that will never change. It doesn’t necessarily say that pigeons are no good because Joe Bloggs down the road has done nothing with them. Other fanciers can have those pigeons and win with them, how many times do you see a fancier with pigeons that do nothing, yet others have them and win with them. Racing pigeons is all about the fancier having stock sense and knowing what to do with them. The problem for some fanciers is they only want to buy the latest fashion which I have written about so many times over many years. Some fanciers buy pigeons because it is pure this and pure that, what a load of rubbish there is no such thing as a pure pigeon. All pigeons have crosses in them one way or another and that is the way the sport is and how it should be. If you look at the pedigrees for the winners in any top loft you will see that they have good pigeons in them from various lines. I am currently working on the sales list for the Crammond & Langstaff sale that we be in here shortly. There are a lot of good pigeons in this sale and they are more or less all crosses of good winning pigeons. If you look at the Heremans -Ceuster pigeons they have all sorts in them and the next fashionable pigeon that comes along will be the same. Get some good winning lines and cross them together, the rest is up to you.


The racing has not bee at it’s best this year and the latest races were the same, these were from Carentan. The Middlewich FC were at Carentan when Dickens & Wilkinson took the red card in the club with a yearling dark pied hen recording a vel of 1264ypm. DJ&CJ Wilkinson are 2nd after Dave clocked a yearling chequer cock on 1001ypm. This was a tough race and they were the only two clocked on the day. The next 3 positions all go to Anthony Evans with a yearling dark pied cock followed by a 2yo chequer cock and a 2yo chequer hen, their vels are 675/656/531ypm. The only other pigeon clocked was to the lofts of Peter & Dawn Latham.

Middlewich members way back when.


The Mid Cheshire Fed race from Carentan saw 48 members send 417 birds that were liberated at 12.15pm in a light east wind. Considering the time the birds were liberated they did well with Leigh’s J Chadwick topping the list. Other Club winners are Dickens & Wilkinson at Middlewich. WJ Bradbury wins the Tyldesley club while J&J Stewart win at Kingsway. I&C Cooper top the list at Rudheath with Mellor Bros doing likewise in the Crewe Premier. In the Earlstown club W&P Brown collect the red card. Joe Glover is one of three fanciers who take the top three positions in their clubs, That leaves Hodnet where J Marshall tops the list.


The South West Cheshire Fed have a land and channel race on the same day 22 members sent 123 birds that were liberated with the combine at 12.15pm. The red card goes to Mr & Mrs Keith Lovatt from the Crewe west End. Moulton sees J Thornley at the top while G&A Jones are the winners in the Winford club. P Dargan wins in the Greenbank club. The fed also went to Bath when 57 members entered 760 birds that were liberated at 1045am with no wind. Hitchin & Horsfield topped the list racing with the Winsford club. Mr & Mrs Dudley Niblett collect the red card in the Middlewich 5B while Greenbank sees Tommy Hulme & Son at the top. Dave Pritchard picks up another red card in the Moulton club with Graham Davies doing likewise at Hankelow. Alan Williams is having a good run and wins the Crewe West End.

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