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L J Parkinson 19-04-18

Parkinson LJ.


Another seasons racing is under way and I don’t intend to spend a lot of time writing about racing because I have so much on my plate. But I will include the local organisations where there are some good fanciers. Starting with the Middlewich FC race from Cheltenham when the red card went to W Wilson & Son who take the top two positions recording vels of 1624/1610ypm. The partnership have been flying a real good pigeon these last two years and have become the present day local loft to beat and a few weeks ago I did a loft report on their winners. Robert & Carol Carson are 3rd on 1582ypm. I am hoping that the Middlewich members will supply a bit of info this year, unlike last year when little came my way.


The Middlewich 5B were also at Cheltenham with the South West Cheshire fed where 45 sent 625 birds when Mick Stockton took the top 4 positions. Going back to the 5B result where W Wilson & Son were 1st & 3rd making it a double in the two local clubs to record vels of 1684/1662. Jimmy Smith clocked a couple that ended up 2nd & 4th on 1672/1649ypm. Other club winners in the fed are Chris Sutton who topped the list in the strong Crewe West End while Roy Jolley did likewise in the Hankelow FC. Dave Pritchard collected the red card in the Moulton FC with Richard Ormandy leading the way over at Winsford.


Here is the result of Acton Bridge FC race from Cheltenham on the 14th April when 195 birds were entered. Last year’s trend continues with the first 4 positions going to the ever-present team of Curtis-Wall-Lunt starting with their blue cock “Super 65" who has already won 3x1st federations and has also been twice been beaten only by loft mates for 1st combine 5464 birds & 5802 birds.

The sire of “Super 65” “Blue Thunder” a g-son of the fabulous “Olympaide 03” of Leo Heremans crossed with a direct daughter of “Alexander” the cock of the impressive “Merlin Pair” who are responsible for so many winners for many fanciers. 2nd is a blue cock who is a previous 1st fed winner and is also from a granddaughter of “Olympiade 03” who must be responsible for more winners than any other pigeon. 3rd goes to a chequer cock also a previous fed winner whose sire is “Dream Boy” yet again a grandson of “Olympaide 03” crossed with a daughter of the super “Grey Gem” sire and g-sire of numerous winners. The team collected 4th with a blue cock again another previous fed winner being a direct son of “Orlando” a g-son of “De Jan” one of the premier pigeons from Leo Heremans. The partnership also finished 1st 6th 7th 16th fed when 53 members sent 897 birds that were liberated 10am in a light south wind from Cheltenham. The club winners in the Mid Cheshire Fed are L Owen from Kingsway, Dave Pritchard at Rudheath winning both his local clubs in the two feds. Tommy Hulme & Son in the Crewe Premier. W & P Brown at Earlstown. Joe Glover aver at Wrinehill. W Wilson & Son at Middlewich. A Draper from Leigh.W Bradbury in the Tydesley club and J Marshall at Hodnet. There are new clubs in the Mid Cheshire this year, so it will be interesting to see how they go on.


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