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L J Parkinson 11-04-18

Parkinson. L.J.

I had a call from George Mainwaring offering a trophy (see photo) for the best pigeon at the Royal Cheshire Show where Kim and myself are helping out in an attempt to take the event forward. The show has been suffering with a lack of entries but with the sponsorship and a bit more publicity I don’t see why the event cannot see an increase in entries. If you enter 8 to 13 then you get a free ticket into the show and over 13 there are 2 free tickets. The entry forms with all the information can be downloaded from the front page of the Elimar web site. Elimar are sponsoring the classes to the tune of £350 which is 1st £10 2nd £6 3rd £5 4th £4 which is more than some clubs pay in prize money. The entry forms need to be in by the third week in May so if you are going to help the sport on what is a big stage you need to get your entry forms in asap. Getting back to George who has bought the trophy which will be known as the B & G Mainwaring trophy. There is already a trophy for the BIS so the winner will now have two to put on show. As I said this is a big show and one of the biggest agricultural shows in the country and recognised with the title, The Royal Cheshire Show so is highly thought of. Another one of those chances to put the sport on show to the general public so we need your support. The show is in June and will be advertised in the BHW shortly.

I have not heard her mention articles before, but Kim was recently putting an article on the web site and she mentioned one from John Clements. The article in question is called, “A look into the future of ETS” and how right it is. The sport needs to keep moving forward and the ETS was stopped coming in quicker that it should have done because of hesitation by people who were not thinking of the sport going forward. That delay caused a lot of friction within the sport and had feet not been dragged most of that friction would not have happened. I hear that there are still clubs about who do not want the ETS system because they think those using it have an advantage which is far from the facts. I remember Ray Lunt sitting in our conservatory when the Unikon representative was here. The first thing Ray said was they will more often than not beat the ETS system with a T3 clock because of their close system. The reason was that there were three in their partnership and they are set for the pigeons to go straight through the door into their boxes and they are ready. Ray was right because when a pigeon arrives from a race and reaching the landing board it does not always go straight though the trap and into the loft, whereas a couple of fanciers on the open door is that little bit quicker. Everything that John had to say was correct, there is room to move even more forward and there are going to be cheaper options. There is no doubt about it the ETS system is far costlier than it should be as are the ETS rings which according to a Tech expert only cost pence to make. What about the Chinese system is it that cheap and would it work over here, why not if it works over there, after all there are so many pensioners in the sport a cheaper option would be welcome. Look what you can do on a small phone nowadays, some including Kim reply on them for so much. Well done John on a good report, lets get on with it and move forward.

Well they have now gone?. what has gone you may ask?, the pigeons from down the side of the house, I have to say I have am already missing them. They are now in a spare loft at Mike O’Hare’s who does like to go down the garden and look after a few but does not want the extra work that racing brings. When George dropped the trophy off, Elizabeth is still telling him she has told me to convert the summer house which is 16 x 7ft so a good size for a small team of pigeons. There are discussions going on in the local clubs so before I go any further I am going to see what happens locally. I would like to think I am going to race again but lets see what happens.

I was watching the darts when the announcement was made about Eric Bristow passing away at the Liverpool Arena. I watched Eric when he first started playing and even when be brought Phil Taylor onto the scene. Eric changed the face of dart’s and brought the game up to date. Eric was only 60yrs of age which is not what we would call a good age when people are living much longer. There is no doubt about it Eric was the player darts supporters wanted to see and talk to and he will be remembered for the way he changed darts and made the game more appealing to many. I must admit that I did feel for the two players on stage when the crowd heard the news and started singing “There’s only one Eric Bristow” When the players came off there were tears in their eyes, so I wonder how much the unwanted news upset them during the game.  

The racing season has now started, and I wish everyone all the best for the season and remember if you put the work in the results will come your way.

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