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Parkinson 02-01-18

Parkinson. LJ 

The New Year is now well under way and I hear that there are quite a number of young birds in the nest or in fact moved. Those that are moved have had the better part of the weather for rearing young birds because it certainly turned a lot colder over the festive season.

The Blackpool Show is the next event that we will be participating in with a stand where we will have our interests on show which are Elimar, the North West Classic Club and the Pigeon Loft Organisers. I was not sure whether to have a stand, but the girls made that decision early last year so, me being outvoted had to go along with their decision. We used to have a good time on the stand when we run the NWCC many years ago, so it will be a change to go to the show and do something instead of walking around all day. Mind you there are always people to talk to at the show, so time is not wasted.  Kim has had a couple of banners made so we cannot be missed but I am 6ft 5ins, so it is unlikely that I will not be seen.

Had a call from Mark A who was telling me that this year he is only having gold rings from various organisations and is going for those races at the end of the season. They are good races to be in and the NWCC has gone back to the Gold Ring as a race open to all the members with one lot of prize money instead of being sectional which will mean a bigger draw for the winners and with £1000 guaranteed it should go down well. I mentioned a few weeks back about missing the pigeons and given the chance I would have them again. It’s odd how things come about but I have been asked by three different fanciers what pigeons I would start again with.

 Many years ago, I was introduced to Frans Rigole and bought some of his pigeons over and they started getting in amongst the prize winners straight away and others did even better with them winning from 60 to 500mls plus. Some may think I am going over old ground but that is very often the case with scribes because we are very often in discussion with other fanciers who ask about pigeons and therefore we go back to them. You must remember when you have something good you need to make the best of it. The biggest problem that I had in the eyes of some fanciers is that I was more interested in the National than local racing. Have I changed my mind on the way I would race, Yes I have because I would race in the local club more with thoughts on the federation rather than club racing. Clubs are getting smaller and smaller in most areas, so competition goes down. The reason I say about going back to a certain amount of club racing because last year I took over the secretary’s job with the North West Classic and enjoyed going down to the club for marking and racing nights. Going back to the pigeons of Frans Rigole who is now in partnership with his son-in-law Guillaume Vanneste, a name that many will know because he is now high profile in the International pigeon’s travelling all over Europe. Since Guillaume has been in with the partnership they have brought in some new pigeons and they are bred right. They have kept as close as they can to the winners which stands out on the pedigree’s. So, with an imaginary thought on racing I would still go back to these people for my racing pigeons. I am basing this on the success of these pigeons winning from 1st club to 1st National. There are many fanciers who won’t touch these pigeons because they are not commercial enough which I cannot understand when they are genuine winners. Far too often big flash adverts are what sell pigeons and not necessarily how good they are right through the programme. I was talking to Guillaume recently and considering he knew nothing about pigeons before marrying Frans daughter he has done very well.

Has there anything come along in the way of products is another question I was asked, that is one I cannot answer because unless you try them you never know. However, I would start with the Vandersanden products because I always felt that they kept my pigeons right and unless I know any difference why would I change. Not all products from this range are what I would use but there are some especially Vior which I still think is the best product on the market. Yes, I know I have had 3yrs out, but I am sure that particular product is still as good as ever. If I had my way with the water on transporters they would all have Vior added when their water tanks are filled. There are so many products on the market to choose from and trying them all would be a lengthy trial period therefore I would stick with what I know works well for me. There area also other products from Vandersanden but I am only mentioning Vior because I believe it to be so good and should be in all lofts. One thing I have thought about and asked about are medications for the pigeons. There are always going to be problems in racing pigeons when it comes to getting and keeping them healthy. When they are put in the basket for any race they must be mentally and physically fit, but they must also be healthy if they are going to win. Some fanciers can put those three points together with ease and it shows in the results. Last year there were a lot of pigeons falling off perches which sounds like it is an airborne e-coli problem and I believe there is a vaccine for that but have not seen it. Is that the best way to go, that is up to the individual but if you do use any form of medication you need to know how to use it and use it correctly otherwise you will do more harm than good. If you are looking to use anything why not try natural products to get and keep your pigeons healthy. I can tell you from my own experience many years ago and I do mean many years when I over did them and ruined the pigeons. When you do that it takes a long while to get back and it is not as easy the next time around. You can get some good sound advice quite easily nowadays through the Internet and with a bit of research you could find out so much from that source.

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