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Had a weekend in Chelmsford to see David & Jenni Coward-Talbott but also got out of the way while the loft was being taken down, so loft and birds all gone. Will I miss them? Of course I will because I have had them more or less all my life but circumstances dictate what we can and cannot do. We hadn’t planned a visit to the clinic where David and his team work out of with advice from Dutch vet Dr De Weerdt which is also in the same complex as the Racing Pigeon. I was saying to Elizabeth in all the years I have written for the pigeon papers this year is the first time that I have visited the offices of the BHW & RP and both in the space of a few weeks. Elizabeth was saying how impressed she was with the way that David and Holly do things at the clinic and Holly is always looking to learn about racing pigeons and what it takes to get and more importantly keep them in good condition. They have both also been over to Holland to see first hand how the veterinary practice works and how racing pigeons are now a big part of the every day work carried out by the team of vets at the practice and after seeing the video on David’s phone it is a fair place and looks quite new. Although not in such a big way, the vet’s over here are taking more and more interest in racing pigeons. Anyway this was a trip that was not expected but one that both Elizabeth and myself enjoyed. Just a pity that I didn’t take the camera with me.

Club/Fed news

Everything is going very quiet now with the racing over and no pigeons on the bank so I am spending more time in the office and getting a flat bum. Just a few loose ends to finish off. Mid Cheshire Fed Secretary John Allbutt has sent the list of trophy winners for the fed. Before going into that I must add that there has been a bit of confusion over prize money in the fed, the confusion being whether the fed was going to pay this out during the 2014 season. As I recall I had a conversation with John earlier in the year and he did tell me that the Mid Cheshire were paying out prize money this year and that was because partly of the help from convoyer Tommy Gerrard. These are the trophy winners: Grand Ave Mrs L Brown trophy & R/U Channel Ave Rubber & allied Trophy go to Malcolm Hewitt. R/U Grand Ave S Spooner trophy Joe Glover. OB Inland Ave M Bratt trophy and the John Marsden trophy go to Steve Parkinson. Channel Ave, the Mid Cheshire Fed trophy and the C Catterall cup go to Tommy Hulme & Son. Young Bird ave the J Ashley trophy goes to Mr & Mrs Geoff Matthews with the RU and the Norman Hughes trophy going to Dave & Baz Mellor. With Geoff Hanagan winning the Falaise trophy and the Jack Bennion trophy going to Graham Davies. The prize presentation for the federation will be held at Coppenhall Club, Crewe on Friday 28th November with tickets being available from John Peever, Steve Parkinson and John Allbutt at £8 each. The federation are paying out over £3000 in prize money with 53 members winning a share. As always any club within the federation radius looking for competition can apply to join no one is turned away. Clubs are now in the process of moving about and it looks as if some are going in for easier competition which i can never understand. The federation breeder/buyer winners are 1st John Allbutt/Eric Taylor £348. 2nd Jones Bros both breeder/buyer £208. 3rd Colin Lindop/Tommy Howarth £136. John Also tells me that long standing fancier Bob Bagnall has decided to retire duire to reaching the age of 86yrs after 65yrs racing pigeons. We wish him all the best. The Moulton FC are to hold their annual series of shows at club headquarters on Church St. Moulton, Cheshire. The programme is as follows with all being through the wires. November 4th Young Hens, 11th Young Cocks, 18th Old Hens, 25th Old Cocks. Then into December 2nd Any Age Hen, 9th Any Age Cock. Handling classes December 16th eye sign. December 23rd Christmas Show for any age cocks and any age hens. Penning 7-30 to 8 pm. Entries 50p, Nom £1 with four prizes: £10, £5, £3 and £2.

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