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Well this weekend sees the last race for me, that is of course if I send. There is the Middlewich breeder/buyer but I think I won’t bother because they are in bits and I have spoken to the breeder and explained. I don’t like not sending when I buy breeder/buyer pigeons but they are not going to be able to compete against darkness youngsters. There are four that I have had to stop because it would not be fair to send them to the last couple of races because they are in that heavy a moult. All the old bird race team have now gone so just the youngsters that are left after going to nearly every race and then an empty loft. I may just have a few sale pigeons in residence for someone else for a few days while we do the videos of them but they will not be there for very long. As soon as the fancier who is having the loft returns from holiday that will also be going. Then we will have an empty space where the boss wants to put a shed for the great grandchildren to play in. At the moment what should be the summer house is full of toys and whatever and not really big enough. It’s a case of watch this space.

North West Classic

The latest race for the club saw an adjustment when the transporter didn’t make its destination and the 390 birds entered by 35 members were liberated at Newbury. This was a good steady race with only the first 11 winning vels topping 1100ypm. There were no entries from section C in this race and the other two sections divided the spoils with three from each section making the top six positions. 1st & 2nd section B and open go to Tom Duffy of Worsley whose two entries made 1172ypm so they stuck together. These two winners were trained on what Tom described as the sliding door system and they were trained very hard. Both of these pigeons are bred for the line of Heremans-Ceuster that appear to be the flavor of the month. They are fed on a diet mix and near to the race they are also given kibbled corn. As is expected of these big race winners they are raced on the darkness so are always good for the races.

Tom Duffy

1st section A 3rd Open goes to Ken & Mark Cliffe from Congleton whose pigeon is a Lancashire Social exchange bird bred by their friend Dave Sowerby from Morecombe. The bird is 100% Lambrect bred down from the originals Dave brought over from Lambrect’s in 1996. Dave was one of the original fanciers to visit the Lambrect lofts and Dave has advised us not to send across the channel till at least a yearling but for those who know Ken & Mark that will be against the grain because they send them all across if possible as young birds. But the way it comes from the Lancashire Social Portland race will give them the answers they hope. Like most fanciers this year both old and young bird racing has been tough and they have lost just to many good pigeons. And like other fanciers Mark said he wished he could put his finger on why these birds are not turning up. They had both old and young tested with nothing showing up it can’t all be birds of prey can it. Their birds have been treated old and young birds the same as every other year and they believe they have left no stone unturned. Yet like so many others they have had far too many losses which has resulted in only sending 6 to young bird National and that will leave just 17 in the loft. With 4 more channel races left Mark said he will be happy “ha ha” to finish with a dozen young birds to put in the yearling loft. They started with 57 young birds and earlier in the season Mark commented to his dad, what a great team of young birds they had how looks can deceive baffling.

3rd section B 4th open was won by Mr & Mrs Nigel Shaw who entered just one youngster which id good going in such tough competition. We were going to take the young birds training and with going past this loft we decided to call in and take a look at this 4th open pigeon and the set up in general. This blue cock is a Sangers Janssen that won the Audlem club the week before and then back into the basket to record this very good result. The sire is a Sangers slatey cock out of Eric Taylor’s £50 cock with the dam being of similar breeding. We were sitting in the garden and Nigel was saying that wherever he trains the pigeons they always come down the railway line which is a few hundred yards behind his loft. They have been at the present address for 5ys now and done a lot of work at it but just as they were getting everything together the bombshell came, HST is taking nearly all the land and buildings just short of the main house and this really is a nice place. Anyway back to the pigeons that are mainly raced in the National races and he likes to compete in as many as he can. I said to Nigel, “By now you will have a good team of old birds” expecting a simple yes but that was not the case as he said smiling, “No because I keep sending them and what are left are good pigeons that have done the job” He went on to say that at times they go to successive National races so are kept on their toes. The feeding is Vanrobaeys and they are trained on a regular basis at about 8mls and then when the serious racing starts they go to about 25mls. The young birds are on the darkness and when we went there were young birds sitting behind nearly every board that was in the loft. What i was impressed with was how happy and contented these young birds were and even with me in the loft they just sat in the box and never bothered. They are also on deep litter and not been cleaned out for the last three years but the loft did not smell.

Nigel's set-up

Les J Parkinson and Nigel Shaw discussing the 4th open NWCC winner

LJP taking notes with Nigel Shaw

2nd section A 5th open goes to Keith Morris & Son Steve with one from the old lines of Andre Berte Janssen’s and bred from a 2012 late bred off Roger Sutton. The dam is out of their old Saintes cock who is also the lines of the Tarbes Cock. Steve was saying that the nest pair are coming very well but with this one they did lose a few minutes because she would not trap. She was sent sitting eggs to this race and will have been sent to the National and the result of that will now be known. They are fed on Vanrobaeys young bird ix but they do add beans when they are coming up to the channel racing, good old fashioned feeding that one. 3rd section A 6th open is won by the Gorton lofts of Malone & Wragg. We have a photo of Les Wragg and Jake Malone holding their winner. The bird in question is a bird bred from stock purchased from Curtis, Wall & Lunt and is from the first nest. It's a stunning cock that Jake says has a lot of potential for the future.

The Malone & Wragg partnership 6th Open NWCC

Locked up

From time to time I get calls about problems that fanciers have with pigeons, a recent case was over a pigeon having a flight problem when it has been in a box for a few days. I am talking pigeon carrier boxes where pigeons are restricted in movement and not crates where they can stretch their wings. So as always in such cases we like to get it right so I emailed Ferdy Vandersanden and this is what he had to say, remember this is a question and not an examination. “I think the reason is that they are too long in small boxes. They have too much acidity in the pectoral muscles and wings so that they cannot fly. Normally it must be over after a few days” I know for a fact that many less knowledgeable fancier point the finger to problems like salmonella but that is not always the case and Ferdy is only giving his opinion and as he said to find the problem you really need to examine the pigeon concerned.


Dirk Van Dyck

I was talking to Tony Bates about continental fanciers and he sent me a photo (by courtesy of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, Pippa) showing Dirk Van Dyck with daughter Natalia and Remy Breugelmans. For the last few years these have been some of the most sought after pigeons in Europe and they have won a few prizes along the way. Tony organizes his coach tours so knows quite a number of fanciers on the continent and is always in touch with the modern day winners. Tony also has a good team of pigeons of his own and he comes over as a collector of quality pigeons.

Dirk Van Dyck with daughter Natalia and Remy Breugelmans


Club/Fed News

We start this week with news from Mel Bratt who is first in these notes but tells me that he was third from bottom in the race, better than last Mel. Anyway 9 members of the Winsford club sent 191 birds to the race from Frome with the South West Federation. Having a fantastic race are the very successful partnership of Albert & Marguerite Austin who took the first three places with velocities of 1419/1418/1417ypm when Albert had four drop together, three for Winsford and one for Middlewich 5 Bird. The winning bird at Winsford is a chequer hen bred out of the stock loft and flying to the perch. In second place is another chequer hen with third being a blue cock all three are Lambrecht,s bred in the stock loft. The cock is paired to an old hen and was sent sitting. Once again excellent flying by Albert and Marguerite. Their fourth pigeon also wins the Middlewich 5 Bird club and this making it 6 out of 6. Albert should be given a web site http://estwindwind wizard (not sure about that one Mel). In fourth place we have the ever consistent Dave Dickenson recording a vel of 1410ypm with a blue pied hen that has already carded this year. She is off Dave's stock pair 5 which have bred winners each year for the past six years. Dave would have taken the next five positions but Richard Ormandy stepped in for fifth with a velocity of 1410ypm. My lot finished third from the bottom, Mel. We have a couple of races for the Sandbach FC to catch up on starting with the race from Mangotsfield when the red card went to Tommy Hulme & Son who clocked a Walter Doxc/Willy Thas grizzle hen on 1426ypm.  2nd goes to Mick Stockton with a chequer Van De Merwe hen on 1397ypm followed by Roy & Wayne Beverley who saw home a Staf Van Reet blue hen doing 1304ypm. 4th goes to John Allbutt with a blue Staf Van Reet cock recording a vel of 1294ypm. The club then went to Yeovil where Roy & Wayne Beverley moved to the top spot with a De Kuyper blue hen on 1432ypm. John Allbutt is 2nd & 4th with a blue pied cock and a blue cock both being from his well established Staf Van Reet family and record vels of 1424/1403ypm. Mick Stockton is 3rd after clocking a Marcellis/Van De Merwe chequer cock recording a vel of 1410ypm. In the Rudheath club 8 members sent 108 birds that saw Malcolm Hewitt collect another red and after seeing home a blue pied cock off direct Frans Zwols stock. 2nd & 4th sees Derek Woodward with his Peter Fox stock collecting another two cards with a blue hen and blue w/f hen clocking up 1339/1321ypm. Keith Herbert keeps on clocking good pigeons and this week is 3rd with a blue pied hen from his consistent Staf Van Reet family on 1336ypm. Tom Howarth wins the nom. In the Moulton FC Peter & Mike Child topped the list with a chequer hen on 1302ypm and stopped the tidal wave from the lofts of Mr & Mrs Roy Croxton who took the next 6 positions. Their first three being a chequer pied cock, blue hen and dark pied hen recording vels of 297/1285/1284ypm. 10 members of the Middlewich 5B sent 102 birds to Frome with another red card going the way of Mr & Mrs Albert Austin who were also 4th. They clocked a mealy cock, where did that one come from Albert and a blue hen on 1418/1383ypm with their third pigeon on the result picking up the second share of pools. 2nd 7 3rd go to Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward with a blue pied hen and chequer hen on 1405/1402ypm with their third on the result collect the first share of the pools. First in the clock is blue pied hen bred from their 1st Bamfords Channel challenge winner and is off their M & D Evans stock. They then clocked a chequer hen from the lines of their 1st Middlewich 2B, 9th section L NFC, 2nd section L NFC so good winning pigeons. They were both flying to the perch. In the Middlewich FC Yeovil race Peter & Dawn Latham topped the list with a blue cock flying to the perch and is a Jos Thone bred by Dave & Joan Pullin from Whitchurch, Dawn had the pick of the nest and she picked the right one. These are Natural pigeons and this is the second year after trying the darkness. Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward continue in their winning ways and take 2nd & 3rd in this race as preparation to the NFC young bird event. First in the clock is a smoky blue hen sent feeding a 3 day old youngster. The breeding is through their M & D Evans stock with the sire being a winner of 1st Messac plus many other top ten positions. They then saw a blue cock drop through the trap to 14 day old eggs. The sire is out of the “55 Cock” who is sire of the previous mentioned pigeon who was paired on to their best ever racing hen winner of many prizes including 1st North West Classic Niort, 2nd section L NFC etc. The dam of this second pigeon came from Tony Merrick and his Supercrack pigeons. 4th goes to Mark & Heather Smith who are also flying their young birds on the Natural system. In the Crewe West End 14 members sent 262 birds to Frome where Colin Lindop took the first four positions on 1429/1428/1428/1427ypm. If any of you lads in this club want to send me your winner details please do so. The latest race for the Mid Cheshire Fed was from Yeovil when 53 members sent 864 birds that were liberated at 10.30am in a west north west wind. The top four positions all went to Acton Bridge members Curtis, Wall & Lunt who have had a good season in this their first with the fed. I don’t know how many they had drop together but the first three are on the same third decimal point with the fourth being less than .1 behind. Crewe Premier winners Dave & Baz Mellor are 5th just ahead of Middlewich winners Peter & Dawn Latham. Sandbach leaders Roy & Wayne Beverley are 7th followed by two to the lofts of O’Hare & Woodward in 8th & 9th positions. John Allbutt secures 10th & `12th places while Mick Stockton is 11th, Dave Jenks 13th. The Kingsway club saw John Kirk clock three on the result in 14th 18th & 19th positions. Wrinehill winner Joe Glover is 15th ahead of Mr & Mrs Geoff Matthews 16th, Geoff Hanagan 17th and Rudheath winner Malcolm Hewitt 20th. Just two missing the top twenty this week and they are Peter & Mike Child from the Moulton club and Cheshire FC winner Bill Mather. Here are the Macclesfield FC report from Frome with 5 sending 82 birds the father and son partnership of George & Mark Greenwood make it two on the trot clocking the young hen that won last week’s race homing to the perch on 1528ypm. This winner was bred by them and it’s a Lambrech bred from directs and they also take second on 1524ypm with another hen also a Lambrect of similar breeding lines homing to the perch again  bred by them. They had a good day as George & Mark were 5th and 6th Staff Moorlands fed and 1st and 2nd west section with these two well done and only sending 9 birds. Another father and son partnership were 3rd & 4th they are Richard & Simon Geary on 1511/1497ypm, the lads were holidaying abroad with the family sunning themselves this week so left the birds in the capable hands of fellow club mate and friend Kevin Moore to get the birds in condition of which he duly obliged. Their first bird home was bred at the lofts and is a Soontjen hen sent sitting a youngster. Their second to the loft is a home bred cock homing to the perch is bred through their Soontjen’s x Janssen from Bradbury & Barnes of Hazel Grove. Thanks to club OPO Kev Bowers for the latest on the club. The West Coast Fed were at Monmouth for their latest race when 56 sent 1384 birds that were liberated at 8.15am in a light west wind. Leading the way are the Kirkham & Wesham team of Jones & Harrison taking the first four with the first three being in just 4 seconds with their haul for the day being 1st 2nd 3rd 4th & 16th fed. Pilling Inv winners Mr & Mrs Pearson are 5th & 10th with JB Riley from the Stalmine & District being 6th 7th & 19th. The never far away loft of Tom Roskell & Williamson finish the day with 8th 17th & 20th with another three close behind. 9th goes to b Swarbrick while Paul Fisher & Son clocked three close together for 11th 12th & 13th winning both the Queens Inv & Staining HS clubs. M Duckworth is 15th just ahead of Fleetwood and District winner J McLellan leaving 18th to J Hassall & Jackson. There were three club winners who missed out on the fed and they are Ron & Shirley Mott from the Blackpool col. J Stockton racing with the Fleetwood HS and Thornton & Cleveleys winners C Mellor & Son. 41 members of the South West Cheshire fed sent 667 birds that were liberated at 10.30 in no wind. The top three positions plus 5th all went to Crewe West End winner Colin Lindop The West End had a good race taking 8 of the top 10 positions with the other two being 4th & 7th going to Greenbank winner Mick Stockton. John Clarke is 6th with Mick & Wendy Mellor 8th, Mr & Mrs Richard Young 9th and Bob Humphries 10th. The other two clubs missed the top 10 and they are Mr & Mrs Albert Austin from the Winsford and Middlewich 5B clubs after winning them both. The prize presentation for the Fed is on the 21st November at the Conservative club Winsford. There will be a buffet plus disco with tickets going on sale at £8 each, you can contact the secretary for those.   


Got a few more photos from the winning team of Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward starting with “807” 6th section L 32nd Open National FC Carentan and bred from a good stock cock sire of such pigeons as 1st Cheshire Combine, 10th section L 11th NW section MNFC. The dam is a very well bred pigeon being from a daughter of Shadow and Jumping Jack Flash. Then we have “084” who was 9th section L 85th Open in the National FC and also 25th section L in the Cholet race as a yearling. The sire is a Staf Van Reet from the Rosie line when paired to a Roy Spann hen. The dam comes from the lofts of Ken & Mark Cliffe of Congelton. Last one for this week is a blue hen who was 4th North West section in the MNFC and is out of their “40” hen one of their best ever racers winning 1st North West Classic Niort, 2nd section L NFC etc. They are three good pigeons from a winning loft where the winners go from one generation to another.

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