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At times I cannot believe the response I get when I write about something going on in the sport. My comments on racing out of Portland caught the eye of many fanciers especially here in the North West and they are all of the same opinion and that is we need to move further east to save our pigeons from being eaten alive. I suppose it is easier said than done because it is the hauliers we need to persuade that in the best interests of the pigeons and their business it is not good going to that part of the country. It is the business of the hauliers to look after our pigeons because the more we get back from each race the more we send to the next race. It is not only this year’s young birds but also next year’s yearlings and even older birds that we are trying to build up for a well established team of racing pigeons. The West Country is a death trap for the pigeons so why do we keep going there in the first place? I am of course referring to racing all over the country but my immediate concern is more so with the pigeons we are racing and the Cheshire area and North West in general because this is the area where many of these fanciers race from. Let’s have a different outlook on racing and avoid areas where there is more than the average number of birds of prey. Yes we know they are all over the country but we cannot account for all areas, otherwise we would not be racing pigeons at all. The other problem we have is some think they are being done out of overfly if we go either west or east but when you are getting down as far as the coast they should be finding their own way anyway so it should not make that much difference. However, as we know some will feel this is a psychological advantage when in reality that is not the case. Think of the pigeons and how we have lost good pigeons when racing from the West Country. Yes we have lost them from all sorts of places but not in the numbers that we have from that part of the country. The easiest way in the best interests of the sport, is for the RPRA to not allow any liberations at all from that corner of the country. Never happen but it is a thought. 


As we get older we see more and more people that we know passing away and at times it is unexpected. One such person was Bob McMeekin from Ireland who was such a nice person and a fancier we first met when he was racing in partnership with Noel Higginson. I was also surprised to see that Geoff Machin had passed away. What a difference 12 months makes because we were talking o him at the Cheshire show and he looked fine with plenty more years ahead of him. Our condolences go to both families on what is always such a sad occassion. 


I get lots of calls and emails about strays because someone outside the sport puts pigeons into the Internet system and Elimar comes up so they phone me. There is also the point where they phone the owner and don’t get the response that they want and again the email comes to Elimar. I understand the stray problem but the general public do not so when we don’t claim a stray it these people think we do not care about our pigeons. “I have had a racing pigeon visiting my house for the last week, I have reported it and been given the owners details. I have spoken to the owner who advised keeping it over night giving it food and water and then letting it go the following day.  I did all this but the pigeon has decided to stay and will not fly away, it does disappear at night but comes back at the same time every day for food and water.  What should I try next?  I am afraid that it will be shot or attacked by something.  The owner said to drive it somewhere in the car and then release it but I don't want to hurt it or just move it on so it is someone else's problem.  He is cute and very opportunist.  Can you suggest anything please? Regards, Denise” I have emailed the lady back but whether that will be to her satisfaction is another matter, we can but try. I also had an email from Paul Taylor, “Dear Mr Parkinson. I spoke with you last night re a pigeon that had been hanging around our house for the last few days. You suggested I might take a photo of the bird and i Have attached what i managed to take. Unfortunately the bird would not come down off the roof so the pictures are not the best. last night the pigeon did flew round quite a bit in the way that pigeons often circle a loft after being let out. It looked very good in flight. This morning there is no sight of the bird but yesterday we didn't see it until the afternoon. Thanks for your time and for looking at the pictures. Maybe someone can identify the bird even from my rather limited photos. Yours sincerely. Paul Taylor (Rev)” Paul sent me a couple of photos and it was a Tippler. It is always nice to know that there are some members of the general public who do take an interest in the pigeons. 

North West Classic

The first channel race for the club saw 55 members send 439 birds to Falaise which is an increase on recent years and shows that the club is coming back to better days after some hard work by the officials. The first three in each section all made the top 12 in the open so the result is well spread and a good fair result all round. 1st & 2nd section B and Open is Graham Mackay who is one of the North West fanciers who is having a good run of results especially in the bigger races, mind you Graham is never far away.

Graham Mackay - 1st & 2nd NWCC

The loft is on form and here is some information on Graham’s recent winner. One of his premier winners this year has also previously won 1st section L Carentan in the National FC. Her breeding is from the current day sought after lines of Heremans/Ceusters being bred out of the Wheatcroft paid that were bred by John Wheatcroft out of his direct Heremans/Ceusters stock. This is a good pairing breeding quality pigeons with a sister having won 4 x 1sts. This NWCC winner has won 2 x 1sts prior to this race and is the Heremans/Ceuster cross Gerard Dekker stock and her nest mate has now also won 4 x 1sts so they are consistently winning in good competition. The dam is the “Aspin Hen” which is a full sister to “Harry The Asp” who is a winner of 1st Lancashire Nantes 2B Messac 2013 and being bred by Harry Aspin. The Dekker pigeons of Harry’s fly very well in all kinds of weather. Her sire is the nest mate to the winner of 1st NWCC Seaton and is another good pigeon having won 4 x 1sts 4 x 2nds, 1st Atherton 2B and a North west Homing Union Award. The other pigeon in the second NWCC race is by the John Wheatcroft stock and is a sister to two first fed winners. These pigeons are all raced on the roundabout. Graham did say that he share his stock birds with Tom Duffy with the latest news being that Graham & Tom flying on their open were 7th & 8th in the Cholet National, this is of course on provisional times. Graham's is a Van Loon bred by Harry Aspin with Tom’s being a grandson of the Wheatcroft pair. I've included here some photos of Graham's best birds.

3rd Open and 1st section A goes to Rick & Simon Geary of Macclesfield who are known winners having a real good team of pigeons for many years. The hen is called the “77 hen” she is Soontjen/Koopman/Vandenabeele. She is bred out of the Cherbourg cock and the Smokey hen both of these two have won over channel and she has had every race so far this season being raced on the widowhood and also paired depending on the races at the time. Rick & Simon also have the helping hand of Kevin Moore so thanks to him. 4th Open and 2nd section A sees another top performance from Roger Sutton who was also the highest money winner in the race. 5th Open 3rd section B was won by Dave & Baz Mellor from Crewe who are comparative new comers to the club after the radius had a slight change, this is one of the old well established partnerships who have been winning since I can remember. This is a 3yo blue cock bred from the Soontjen’s off Nigel Laycock adding another card after previously winning a prize or two. This year he was raced on land and then sent to the National Carentan where he was their first to the loft so was showing some form and ready for this race. The roundabout team are fed on a Versele Laga widowhood mix with a bit of seed and Hormoform. Their pigeons were slow to start in the tail winds but as the distance has increased so have their performances and topped the South West Cheshire Fed on the same day, the Classic pigeon 4mins in front of the fed winner on time but even though they were at the same race point they were a separate lib. 6th Open 3rd section A is Brian Lee from Congleton with a chequer pied hen and was also 4th section 7th open. This is a daughter of Brian’s Eccles cock a multiple National prize winner through to Saintes and was bred from Tommy Shaw’s "My Fair Lady" lines, she topped the giant North Staffs fed twice from Saints and won Tommy thousands National racing. Brian’s second in the clock is a Blue hen who is a winner of 2nd Cheshire 2B Carantan as a young bird and sent back to National FC Carantan winning 16th section L. “30” is bred from Roger Sutton Van de Weyer/Andrie Bertie Janssen stock. 30’s nest sister 29 was third Cheshire 2B Carantan when they dropped together, she was also sent back to Carantan and won 2nd in the Maddely 2B. These hens fly on the roundabout system and will race every week up to and including Messac. The race team are not broken down they are fed Gerry plus early in the week then onto Vanrobays Bordeaux mix. Brian does play about with these dependant on weather conditions with various seeds and conditioners. We have included a photo of Brian Lee’s granddaughter Ruby Mae who also likes going to see the cows on the farm.

Brian Lee's granddaughter with his winner

8th Open and 1st section C goes to Leyland’s Graeme Marskell who is a good supporter of the club and seen on more or less all results with this club. Graham’s section winner is a 5yo chequer cock from the lines of Adrie Van Der Rhee crossed with those of Frans Vanwildemeersch. He has previously been 6th section 30th open Messac, 14th Section 60th open Carentan, 14th section 24th open Messac, 65th section 83rd open Portland and 11th section 36th open Carentan all in the North West Classic Club. He is also the sire to 414 Graham’s 4th pigeon from Falaise which was 6th Section 21st Open and she has also previously been 2nd Section 4th open Fougeres NWCC, 14th section 30th open Falaise NWCC, 25th section 49th open NWCC and 4th section 54th open Fougeres NFC. His sire was his good racer '69233' he was a winner of 1st section 2nd open Niort and had six top seven section prizes and six times in the top 39 of the open in the NWCC from 8 races. His dam is a slatey hen bought as a young bird from Carnforth sale, she has also been a winner in Leyland & Dist FC and has been 6th section 14th open Carentan, 4th section 24th open Fougeres 19th section 44th open Falaise in the NWCC and 11th section 109th open Fougeres, 18th section 164th open Fougeres in the National FC, now that’s what you call a good winning line up in Leyland. He is raced on the roundabout system and was sent to this race having previously been every week either in Leyland or the NWCC. 2nd & 3rd section C go to John Dugdale another Leyland fancier who is a prominent fixture on these results but unfortunately for the reads is a bit shy on the publicity front.

Graeme Marskell's NWCC section winner

Club/Fed News

At last it’s happened in the Moulton club whose secretary tells me that he has topped the list, if I recall this is the first time the P&M partnership have been stopped from hitting the top spot this season. In this Mangotsfield race Mr & Mrs Chris Herbert collected the red card with a 5yo blue cock recorded a vel of 1648ypm from an entry of 122 birds sent by 9 members. This cock has won well in the past but was out of form last year, he is a Dordin cross Meulemans and he has bred some first prize winners too so a good all round cock who will have a future after racing. 2nd goes to M Lamb who clocked a 2yo blue cock on 1595ypm ahead of Mr & Mrs Phil Buckton who also saw a 2yo blue cock first to the loft to collect 3rd prize with a vel of 1580ypm. Mr & Mrs Roy Croxton who took the next three positions their first is a yearling blue pied cock on 1572ypm. Lostock FC race from Falaise members sent 67 birds that saw Kenny Burke & Gary Hodkinson have a good race with 1st with a chequer hen, 3rd sees a chequer pied hen through the door while 4th is a chequer cock all are 2yo and record vels of 1315/1232/1209ypm. The partnership have some really good pigeons that are winning well. 2nd goes to Ian Cooper who likes the races at these distance because he is very often amongst the winners and clocked a yearling chequer pied cock on 1253ypm. The club then cut the distance with a race from Mangotsfield when 10 sent 168 birds. Derek Woodward clocked two close together for 1st & 2nd positions with two 2yo these being a chequer cock and blue pied cock with vels of 1316/1315ypm. A 2yo blue cock was the choice of Ian cooper who finished 3rd on 1292ypm ahead of Kenny & Gary who clocked a yearling blue pied hen on 1250ypm. Still with the Lostock club and their latest race from Frome when 8 members sent 101 birds. Derek Woodward collected another red card with a 2yo dark chequer cock and was also 3rd after seeing home a 3yo blue cock recording vels of 1627/1595ypm. Coming in between is Ian cooper with a yearling chequer pied hen while 4th goes to Tommy Howarth who has been quiet recently, in this race clocked a yearling chequer cock on 1571ypm. Thanks to Gary Hodkinson on the latest news from the club. The Middlewich FC were at Mangotsfield for a comeback race between that channel races when the red card went to Parkinson & Wilkinson with a vel of 1705ypm. The winner is a blue cock bred by Philip & Joe Boal from Northern Ireland who are currently one of the best racing and breeding lofts in Northern Ireland. These Heremans/Ceuster lines are winning well and this blue cock is a brother to winners. The dam was bred by Leo Heremans out of a grandson of “De Jan” one of the top pigeons from these lines and was paired to a daughter of “Bokita”an exceptional stock hen who was paired to a son of “Kenzo” 1st National Ace Pigeon with winners all the way in the breeding. 2nd goes To the Latham family headed by Sid with daughter Joyce having a big job on her hands keeping dad and brother in place. I have been putting these pigeons through most weeks and am not surprised that they came good at some point, they really handled well, probably too well and their feathering is very soft. When I was putting them through recently I said to Joyce they would win in the show pen, especially a handling class. Dickens & Wilkinson are 3rd with a blue hen on 1687ypm, Craig normally emails information but has gone quiet at the moment. 4th goes to Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward also with a blue hen on 1666ypm, the partnership are flying a good pigeon having a couple of good results in the first two National races. In the Middlewich 5B race from Frome Mark & Heather Smith clocked two O’Hare & Woodward yearling blue cocks on 1691/1690ypm, the winner was second two weeks earlier while the next one has already collected a red card this season. These look like two young cocks to keep an eye on. Ken & Stan Bosson are 3rd after taking the rubber off a blue hen on 1660ypm with 4th going to Alan Groom who is maintaining a steady position in the club with his very good team from the Van Den Bosche lines. This 2yo blue cock records a vel of 1657ypm and was also third the week before. The Sandbach FC race from Falaise saw Roy & Wayne Beverley secure the red card with a 3yo chequer widowhood cock the De Kuyper lines and records a vel of 1269ypm. 2nd goes to Mick Stockton who clocked a 3yo Van de Merwe chequer cock sent sitting to record a vel of 1242ypm. A yearling widowhood blue w/f Padfield cock is next on the list with a vel of 1236ypm racing to the lofts of Eric Taylor. Completing the top four is Bob Bagnall who saw home a 3yo Busschaert/Delbar cock on also 1236ypm and is a previous winner of 2nd club 4th fed. The club then went to Mangotsfield where Mick Stockton took the red card with a vel of 1764ypm after clocking a Houben/Marcellis blue cock sent sitting 10 days and also winning the nom and topping the fed. 2nd 3rd & 4th all go to Eric Taylor recording vels of 1753/1750/1745ypm with three blue Verheye cocks two are yearlings and a 2yo, the winner having won two races this year. Winsford PO Mel Bratt tells us that 170 birds were sent to the South West Federation race from Frome. With only two members wishing to send to Mid-Cheshire the Chairman decided to cancel the race and advise the pick-up vehicle not to call. The members seem to have made up their minds that the South West racing is better for them. Now on to the race where the very good racing lofts of Mr & Mrs Albert Austin continuing their excellent racing by taking the first two positions. In pole position with a velocity of 1691ypm was a yearling Vanwildermeersch, which won as a young bird and has already won this year and topped the Federation four weeks ago. In second place with another yearling this time a mealy Lambrecht bred out of the stock loft with a velocity of 1683ypm. This young cock won has a young bird and has already prized twice this year. When you consider Albert & Margarite only race 16 W/H cocks this is flying of the highest calibre. Well done Albert! Mel. In third spot on 1680ypm is G.A Jones. This partnership of  Graham & Arran timed a 2yo flown on the widowhood system, the pigeon has prized consistently for the partnership and is the lines off  M&D. Evans Vandenabeeles. Arran is a very good worker for the club helping out each week and loading the vehicles. In fourth place, vel 1679ypm was Richard Ormandy who said he only wants his name printed so there it is. The other form loft but not making the top four is Jones Bros who finish 5th, 6th & 7th. That's it for this week but again praise to the National FC on the condition of the Fougeres pigeons. Thanks Mel and I must agree with you on the condition of the pigeons, I noticed that there was a marked difference since they have used these transporters, pity they are so expensive to run, they are definitely the “Kings of the Road” 49 members of the West Coast Fed sent 847 birds to Bedhampton to be liberated at 8.30am in a South West wind. Paul Fisher & Son from the Staining HS & Queens Inv clubs had a good day taking 1st 4th 5th 7th 8th 9th 19th & 20th fed. Stalmine & District winner J Julian is 2nd ahead of Blackpool Col winners Ron & Shirley Mott who are also 11th. Fleetwood HS winner J Stockton finished 6th with fellow club members Blane, Edge & Blane being 19th fed. Mick Barlow had two go through the trap to record the same third point vels in 12th & 13th positions ahead of Brian Fisher 14th, P Hodgkinson 15th, Walsh Bros 16th & 17th. Pilling Inv winner PN Wyatt completes the top twenty positions in 18thplace. Four club winners missed the top twenty this week and they are J McLellan in the Fleetwood & Dist while the red card in the Kirkham & Wesham club goes to Jones & Harrison. The Marton Village club saw Dave Farrell top the list while the Thornton & Cleveleys club was won by C Mellor & Son. The Mid Cheshire fed Falaise race was a tough one for the 488 birds sent by 64 members to be liberated at 8.30am in a North West wind. Geoff Hanagan tops the list and is also 16th with his entries in the Kingsway club. Andy Noon & Geoff Callan are 2nd just ahead of Middlewich winners Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward. Colin Lindop picked up the red card in the Wrinehill club to finish 4th ahead of Crewe Premier winners Manley & Lloyd in 5th position. DJ&CJ Wilkinson are 6th & 7th after David saw two go through the trap in less than a minute, couldn’t have been far behind each other on their homeward journey. Winsford winners Jones Bros are keeping up their presence and finish 8th & 12th with Moulton winners Peter & Mike child being 9th fed. Mr & Mrs Geoff Matthews clocked three to finish 10th 13th & 15th fed while Sandbach’s red card goes to Wayne & Roy Beverley who are 11th fed. Ken Roane is 14th with 17th going to Dave & Baz Mellor with the next two positions going to Rudheath members headed by Malcolm Hewitt followed by Ian Cooper. 20th. News from the Rudheath club is that the Mangotsfield race saw Derek Woodward end up in 1st & 3rd positions in what was a close finish with vels of 1687.9/1673ypm. The winner is a blue pied cock out of the great breeding pair of the pairing from “Favorite Son” & “Golden Gaby” and is a late bred last year and only on his second race. The next was from the “Golden Gaby” pairing and is a 2yo blue cock that has had 3 x 1sts this season. Derek was telling me that one or two of the original stock birds are coming to an end in the breeding loft but no doubt his good friend Peter Fox will find him something else that will continue to breed winners. Malcolm Hewitt takes 2nd place with a blue yearling cock from the Page Bros stock (see photos) and one that won the red card two weeks earlier. The sire is a 09 pigeon bred by Page Bros out of the line of “Blauwe 62” Ace Pigeon of Holland and “Lady Maxence”. The dam was also bred by Page Bros and is from the line of “Spitfire” and “Miss 225”. Ian Cooper is 4th with a 2yo blue cock off the famous “Rabbit Hutch Pair” the sire being a mixture paired to a hen from Derek Woodward and records a vel of 1657ypm.

Blauwe 62 - see Rudheath notes

Lady Maxence - see Rudheath notes

In the Kingsway HS Geoff Hanagan had a good race when 10 members sent 109 birds. Geoff was 1st club with a blue widowhood cock on 1326ypm and went on to top the fed. This yearling cock was from John Kirk and is bred from the Vandenabeele/Walter Docx stock and was Geoff’s first bird home finishing 13th section C and 29th Open last year in the Bamfords Gold Ring race from Portsmouth winning £300. Andy Noon & Geoff Callan 2nd with a chequer widowhood hen recording a vel of 1323ypm and as in many cases bred from their A & S Hughes stock. 3rd goes to Ken Roane with a blue hen on 1265ypm. Ken had two birds drop together when other fanciers were glad of just the one to put in the clock. The club then went to Mangotsfield when 8 sent 142 birds. 1st is Carl Hickman with a chequer pied cock on 1668ypm flying nearly 130mls to his loft in Grappenhall. Mr & Mrs Jim Jones are 2nd after clocking a chequer w/f widowhood cock on 1642ypm. John Kirk is 3rd club with a blue widowhood cock on 1632ypm. Now on to the Cheshire FC whose first comeback race in the fed was a later lib as they had to wait until 15.30pm before they had a liberation due to rain at the race point in the morning and moving up country. The club have Andy Thompson in the 1st & 3rd positions with his winner being a blue pied hen recording a vel of 1628ypm with his next being a pied hen both are from his Keith Arnold Staf Van Reet stock and record vels of 1628/1608ypm. Bill Mather who is having a good season is 2nd with a blue widowhood cock on 1624ypm and is bred from his Frank Howard stock. Since moving to Belgium Frank has had some real good results but he did have them this side of the channel so I suppose it is expected.  12 members of the Poynton RBLHS sent 213 birds to Frome when Mike Webb took the red card and was 11th Fed vel 1669 with a 3 year old Lefebre Dhaenen that has been a frequent prize winner. Mike was also 4th Club with a van Loon that won the last race from the same race point. Bradbury & Barnes were 2nd and 3rd Club vels 1657.1/1657.0 with a Herman Custer and another cock related to Troy. The first channel race from Carantan saw when 5 members sent 45 birds. It was flown in conjunction with the Midlands National. Mike Webb won the Club vel 1827ypm with a Jos Thorn cross Koopman that has already won 3 x 1st prizes on the channel. Bradbury & Barnes took the next three positions vels 1774/1769/1768ypm with birds from his channel team. In the next race from Wincanton members sent 160 birds. Mike Webb made it three wins in a row, his winner with a vel of 1324ypm is the Lefebre Dhaenen that won the Frome race a few weeks earlier. Mike was also 3rd Club with a Vandenabeele cross. Bradbury & Barnes were 2nd vel 1317 with a van de Meure off their good cock Bobby which has already bred Fed and Combine winners. Geoff Townley was 4th Club vel 1309ypm with a 2 year old Brasspenning X van Reet. Mangotsfield was the next race for the Mid Cheshire fed when 65 members sent 787 birds that were liberated at 15.50 in a south wind, the result was early this week the fed sec found a first class stamp. Top spot plus 12th go to Sandbach winner Mick Stockton with the next four positions also going to the same club and they are Eric Taylor who takes the next three places and John Allbutt who ends up 5th fed. Acton Bridge members Curtis, Wall & Lunt also clocked three close up ending the day with 6th 8th & 9th being split by Mr & Mrs Geoff Matthews from the Crewe Premier being 7th. Parkinson & Wilkinson are the winners at Middlewich are end up 10th fed while Graham Davies is 11th & 18th after topping the list in the Wrinehill club. 13th goes to Mr & Mrs Jimmy Bennett just ahead of the Latham Family headed by dad Syd who are 14th. Rudheath leader Derek Woodward is 15th, Dickens & Wilkinson 16th, Malcolm Hewitt 17th, Martin Williams 19th and Joe Glover 20th. Club winners not making the top twenty this week are Mr & Mrs Chris Herbert who won the Moulton club. Plus Andy Thompson from the Cheshire FC and Hickman & Shovelton who won the Kingsway club. 45 members of the South West Cheshire Fed sent 536 birds to Frome when they were liberated at 14.15 in a South West wind. Greenbank members took the top three positions headed by Mick Stockton who is also 8th then we have Mr & Mrs Geoff Matthews 2nd and Mellor Bros 3rd. Mark & Heather Smith in the Middlewich 5B have got them right and at the right time of the year to collect 4th & 6th places. Mr & Mrs Albert Austin from the Winsford club had another good race being 5th & 9th after topping the list in the Winsford club. Mr & Mrs Richard (Badger) Young from the Crewe West End are 7th leaving 10th to G & A Jones. All four clubs had members in the top ten this week so a good race all round.

"Bokita" - grand dam of Parkinson & Wilkinson's Mangotsfield winner

6333568 - sire of Parkinson & Wilkinson's Mangotsfield winner


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