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In the modern day of racing pigeons there are clubs who have restrictions on prizes, including our own local clubs in Middlewich. Some clubs have been running the limited prizes per loft for years and everyone appears to be happy with it, or as far as I am aware they are. There are some who say if all the birds you clock don't go on the result then the results are not true, which is incorrect anyway. Any result is what is printed and not what has happened on that day because most fanciers only clock a couple anyway plus and there is very often something that has happened with some of the leading pigeons on any given day. I am afraid I am with the limited number on the results and those limits are 2 in the club and 4 in the fed; there is no point in being greedy in our declining sport. You have to ask yourself are the results produced true to a winning post in the first place. The answer to that question is always going to be no they are not because as I have always said, there is nothing fair about racing pigeons. Most of us race them because we love the pigeons and they are a challenge - anything you win is a bonus. I say there is nothing fair because there are so many different things that affect the end result. Loft location is a major part of winning and there are fanciers who have searched for the best spots to race their pigeons. The wind so often directs the pigeons in a direction and they stick to it and we all see that on the results week after week. To win at pigeon racing is comparatively easy if you are willing and have the energy and time to put into the pigeons and that is where in many cases the younger members have the edge. There is no doubt that many of the now older fanciers were in that position at some time in their pigeon lives. Many do say that money has a lot to do with winning, and it might do in some cases but not all. What you need is common sense when racing pigeons. You can have the best bred pigeons in the world but if you do not have the knowledge to get the best out of them then you are not going to win. Many also have the problem of getting them to trap when they do get home from a race. This is where feeding comes into the frame. Whether feeding for sprint, middle or long distance, it's knowing how and when to give them food and of course how much at each feed time. Another thing that comes into the reckoning is mistakes. We were talking down at the club recently and a fancier was saying that a certain partnership had not connected their ETS correctly. Had they done so the result would have been much different. This must have happened to a few fanciers who have not mentioned it to save face down at the club. We have also seen many stopped clocks that have lost a few prizes over the years. Even when you take everything into account you still have to be good fanciers who know what to do if they are going to win on a regular basis with your racing pigeons in the first place whether it is from short, middle or long distance races. There are not many fanciers who can win from all distances. Nothing is that easy and if it was there would be no challenge.


Rene Van De Weyer

Every year I have a few communications with Julian Foets who is the man with the well known racing lofts of Rene Van de Weyer. With their results, so that you know what I am referring to they are the same as our club and fed prizes. As the saying goes, the apple does not far from the tree and that is the case with the latest winners at these lofts. "New Star" in the making is 116/13 a grandson of Olympiad Utrecht "The White Pin" 967/06 X The Hen Argenton 648/04 winner of 2nd National 23,078 birds 360mls. Some other prizes from the lofts this year include: Momignies 143mls 3 prize from 615 birds, 8 prizes from 876 birds. 12/04/2014 Momignies 90mls 2 prizes from 774 birds club plus 13  rizes fed 1193 birds. 19/04/2014 Soissons 144mls 2 prize from 219 birds, 9 from 421 birds. 26/04/2014 Soissons 144mls 5 prizes from 635 birds, 6 from 916 birds. In their first race from the middle distance events they had a great race in a strong wind on the nose (it was classed as 3 wind-force strong). They had 20 pigeons in 15 minutes at home from 31 pigeons in the baskets and winning 26 prizes with 13 of those being in the first 10%. They also had the 2 fastest in the club from 788 pigeons and they were 2 minutes in front. The winner is the full brother of 116/13 grandson of the Olympiad Utrecht "The White Pin" 967/06 X The Hen Argenton 648/04 the 2nd National 23,078 birds from 360mls. The fifth race on the 3/5/2014 was also a hard race when 93 members sent Sourdun 200mls and in the club 412 old birds were sent winning the following prizes 4/5/10/13/19/23/26/30/39/40. In the fed 7 club together 779 birds with prize won being 9/10/30/37/54/66/73 from 15 birds in the competition winning 14 prizes. The yearlings also made great results Club 376 yearlings, prizes won 1/2/17/18/19/34 club together 864 yearlings prizes 1/2/42/48/55/83 from 16 birds 12 prizes. At the time of going to press Rene Van De Weyer has won 9x1sts 6x2nds, 3x1sts, 2x2nds in the Federation and up with the old birds they are going at a rate of 84,34% prizes and 77,73% with yearlings and they have not got a lot of experience. The prize system in Belgium is much different than here in the UK and I am aware that there are fanciers who want to move to their way of calculating prizes but I don't think it will work here. I very often wonder why Rene Van De Weyer is not a major force in the UK like so many other's from the continent are, because Rene beats many of them week in week out and has done so for many years.


On the left is Julien Foets who helps Rene out with racing, administration, advice, youngsters, basketing etc. In the middle is Rene Van De Weyer who spends most of his time in the widowhood loft. Then on the right is Frans who spends his time in the breeding loft.

Young birds

They are going well and are now batched and flying as a team but they are not flying for very long, 20mins max, but it is early days yet and they have plenty of time to improve on their time on the wing. I was talking to Mark Smith down at the club and he was telling us that earlier that day he was sitting in the garden with his young birds when a hawk swept in just over his head and amongst the youngsters. He said he just put his hands on his head as he felt it go by. When he came down the club he was eight missing so not too bad.

Club/Fed News

Chris Herbert from the Moulton club is always quick off the mark with a full result produced and emailed to me within 24hrs of the race. The latest race from Mangotsfield saw 141 birds entered with another cracking result for Peter & Mike Child who take the top three positions. Their winner is a 2yo chequer cock, then a yearling blue cock and a 4yo Dutch bred chequer cock recording vels of 1557/1548/1541ypm. K& S Bell are 4th with a 3yo blue cock on 1537ypm. The Winsford club went into the third race of the season with members sending 325 birds split 168 to South West Cheshire and 157 to Mid-Cheshire. Leading the Mid-Cheshire race from Mangotsfield and continuing his good racing form was Richard Ormandy. His first bird recording a velocity of 1633ypm is a chequer Hen, a daughter of Mike & Keith Hitchen’s good cock, a racing machine in its time. Dam a Marcel Sanger’s Rode Janssen. The club is looking forward to the time Mike and Keith can get back to racing. Richard Ormandy also takes second, vel 1621ypm with a blue w/f Lambrecht bred by Mr & Mrs Albert Austin. In third place are the very consistent Jones Bros with a vel of 1571ypm with a 2yo blue hen sent sitting two week old eggs and was a prize winner last season. They also take fourth place on the same yard with a 3yo chequer w/f hen that has already had 3x1sts and for this race was sent sitting 7 days in this her first race of the season. Jones Bros have a really good line of pigeons with these Andre Clemens pigeons that have won no end of prizes for the partnership. Karen Jones is a very good worker for the club operating the marking tables. We continue with the Frome race flown with the South West Cheshire. Leading the way one of my drinking mates Albert of the very successful partnership Mr & Mrs Albert Austin recording a vel of 1538ypm. Albert & Marguerite's winner is a chequer cock from their good Vanwildemeersch line, which has already had a 3rd prize from Cheltenham this year and he also prized twice as a YB continuing the winning line with his sire being a winner of 4 firsts. In second place are Lionel & John Goostrey, vel 1530ypm with a M&D. Evans Vandenabeele x Flor Engles, flown on widowhood. This cock is a past winner of 1st Middlewich 2B. In 3rd & 4th positions is the up and coming Richard Ormandy, vel 1520ypm, with a Blue Cock from Richard's good pigeons from Dean Pallet Staf Van Reet lines. The dam is a Lambrecht off Albert Austin. Richard was also 4th on the same vel with a mealy widowhood cock the sire being a Staf Van Reet of Dean Pallet's that also won 1st and 3rd as a YB. The Dam is a Janssen, purchased from Louella Pigeon World. That concludes this week's racing. Margaret O'Grady, our hard working secretary, would like to thank Marguerite Austin for all her help on a Friday night. As a club we are lucky to have such good workers. May we continue to work together as a club. Thanks to Mel Bratt for the Winsford information. Next info is from our good friend up in Preston Janet Hull with news on the local club flying with the Lymm Federation. The members of Old Lodge HS sent 235 birds to the first race of the season which was from Wollaston. Tommy Jackson took 1st club with a 2yo Busscheart x Staf Van Reet bred by Tommy Whitehead with this hen topping the Federation on a velocity of 1655ypm. Tommy also timed 2 yearling Busscheart hens to finish 3rd & 4th club. T & S Brown are 2nd club but no details are available. The club then went on to Worcester for their second race and again an Old Lodge member led the way in the Federation. This time it was T & S Brown that took 1st club and 1st fed with Dirty Knees. The hen was named by Eric Davies and is bred from a pair of direct Harthogs from John Gerard. She has won in excess of 25 prizes including 1st Fed, 2nd Fed, 2 x 3rd Fed plus a 2nd Three Counties Combine 6,500 plus birds. Ted and Stacey were also 3rd club with a full sister to Dirty Knees, this hen has also previously topped the Fed. T Jackson finished 2nd club with a 2yo hen and 4th club with a daughter off No 41 winner of 9x1sts and over £2000 in prize a pool monies. The Macclesfield FC race from Frome saw 11 members sending 168 birds when club secretary Bernie Barrett takes first on 1534 with a yearling widowhood cock bred by him. The dam's a Paul Stobbs Soontjen from fellow club mate Alan Senior on to a Cosworth stud Soontjen purchased by Bernie direct. Rick & Simon Geary are 2nd & 3rd on 1533/1525ypm, their first bird is a yearling widowhood cock being a Hybrecht/Staf Van Reet from John Allbutt on to a Hybrecht/Soontjen the dam being a 2x1sts prize winner for them. their second bird in this race is also a yearling widowhood cock from the Vandenabeele/Soontjen lines, the sire is the Cherbourg cock a winner of 1st Middlewich 2B and 1st Cheshire 2bird as well as many more prizes for them the dam was from F Ward of Norwich both birds bred by Rick & Simon. 4th was last week’s winner Ben Walton on 1517ypm with a 2yo widowhood cock that was reared by Ben from a gift egg off Mantle Bros of Buxton through birds obtained from Darren Peters of Fennland lofts with the Sniper hen and many more top birds named in the pedigree. The sponsor this week was D Swindells Scrap Merchants of Macclesfield. We must say well done Bernie also taking 1st Staff Moorlands fed and Rick & Simon 2nd fed top flying. Thanks to club PO Kevin Bowers. Mike Bottomley keeps us posted on the West Coast fed and in their latest race from Worcester 1495 birds were entered by 65 members and liberated at 9.45am in a light south east wind. The winners Blane, Edge & Blane just topped the mile a minute mark and were also 3rd & 4th with their entries from the Fleetwood HS and was split by fellow club member J Stockton being 2nd plus 9th & 16th. Kenny Cardwell from the Blackpool Col was 5th & 6th club mates Ron & Shirley Mott 7th 8th 10th & 17th fed.

Kenny Cardwell with his best pal Billy

Staining HS winners are Walsh Bros who figure twice on the list in 11th & 20th positions while the consistent winning lofts of Mr & Mrs Holloway & Family from the Fleetwood & District are 12th 18th & 19th fed. Cornell lofts from the Marton Village club are 13th followed on the list by Jones & Harrison who led the way in the Kirkham & Wesham club leaving 15th to Mick Barlow. Four club winners missed out on the top 20 this week and they are Mr & Mrs Pearson from the Pilling Inv. Paul fisher & Son who topped the list in the Queens Inv. J Julian wins the Stalmine & District and C Mellor & Son win the Thornton & Cleveleys. If any of the winners from the West Coast fed have any photos you can send them along to be added to these notes with the reports. The  Poynton RBLHS saw 12 members send 171 birds to Hullavington on 19th April. Pete Stanway had a field day winning 1st, 2nd & 4th Club vels 1520/1514/1493ypm. Pete’s first bird was bred by Alastair Hogg and has now won 4 times!! His second bird was bred by Geoff Kirkland and won 2 X 1sts in 2013 and finally his bird that was 4th Club is a Staf Van Reet that is also a winner. Mike Webb stopped the clean sweep with cock bred out of a cock from club mate Geoff Townley X Koopman. This bird is yet another winner having had 2x1sts in 2013 as a yearling so thanks to Richard Given for the update. Old Lodge HS were flying from Cheltenham on Saturday 26 th of April, this race proved to be extremely fast with pigeons doing in excess of 75 mph. Bill Pearson took the club red card and finished 3rd Lymm Federation with a Jamie Langrish bred yearling cock showing for the first time after flying a steady young bird season for Bill last year. The partnership of Harrison & Hull ended 2nd club 9th fed with Caspen a 2yo Louis Cooreman cock flown on the widowhood. This cock won a number of prizes last year including 1st club Cheltenham and 2 x 2nds. He is a son of The Pencil Cock winner of 24 prizes in the 26 races he had as an old bird including 1st Fed and 1st Combine. Trish and Keith O’hara took 3 rd club with a 3yo Wildy x Jan Aarden cock that has won prizes during his racing career. T Jackson finished 4th club with a blue hen that was bred by club mates Ted & Stacey Brown from their Harthog stock. Just a short note on Lymm Federation which is very widespread both east to west and north to south and Old Lodge sits in the north western area of the Federation radius. The club have raced in this Fed for a number of years now and it continues provide great competition for the members and a thinking type of racing for the pigeons, there is no follow my leader in this fed they have to break 30 miles away. It is also nice to see birdage continuing to increase week on week this year getting to 1751 by race three and I am led to believe 1850 plus on race 4. Thanks Janet for the info. In the Middlewich 5B race from Frome Mr & Mrs Dudley Niblett took the red card on 1531ypm after seeing home a yearling dark chequer widowhood cock collecting his first prize and is from the Soontjen/Marcellis lines that have served them so well. Mr & Mrs Dave Healey are 2nd clocking a 4yo blue cock on 1510ypm and at that age he has no doubt won a few prizes otherwise he would not be there. Probably the best all round racing loft in Middlewich for the last few years is that of Mike O’Hare & Ron Woodward who saw home a blue Soontjen cock from Mr & Mrs Niblett and recorded a vel of 1509ypm. 4th goes to Mark & Heather Smith on 1491ypm with a blue Vandenabeele hen from O’Hare & Woodward collecting a first prize racing. After seeing this result there are a few swapping a changing pigeons which cannot be a bad idea. The Sandbach FC were at Cheltenham when 7 members sent 171 birds that saw John Allbutt collect the red card on 2177ypm. John clocked a 4yo Staf Van Reet widowhood blue cock, I am surprised that there are no more performances supplied with this cock because they are usually multiple card winners by the time they get to this age. 2nd & 3rd go to Eric Taylor whose first in the clock is a 2yo blue Verheye cock flowed home by a 2yo Roland Janssen Grizzle cock, both are raced on the widowhood. Tommy Hulme & Son are 4th with a 2yo widowhood chequer cock from the Willy Thas lines to record a vel of 2108ypm. The next race for the club was from Mangotsfield when 9 sent 147 birds. Mick Stockton is 1st & 4th with vels of 1574/1571ypm, they are a 3yo and yearling bred by Darren Peters and are both chequer cocks raced on the widowhood. Coming in between is Eric Taylor collecting 2nd & 3rd for the second week in succession and records vels of 1573/1572ypm. First in the clock for Eric is a 2yo Verheye cock then a yearling Van De Rhee chequer cock, both are raced on the widowhood. The Mid Cheshire fed are doing well and in the Cheltenham race 94 members sent 1450 birds that were liberated at 9am in a south wind that resulted in a fast race with the top twenty that make up the fed result all going over 2071ypm. Acton Bridge new members Curtis, Wall & Lunt had a good race with 1st 2nd & 4th. Steve Parkinson always races a good pigeon wherever he sends them and in this race is 3rd & 5th with his Crewe Premier entries. Winsford winners Jones Bros are 6th & 18th with Mr & Mrs Jones from the Kingsway club being 7th & 19th fed. John Allbutt over at Sandbach is 8th with fellow club member Eric Taylor 9th & 11th being split by Mr & Mrs Albert Austin. Tommy Hulme & Son are 12th just ahead of Mr & Mrs Jimmy Bennett in 13th position with Mick Stockton being 14th. Middlewich winners Dickens & Wilkinson are 15th & 16th followed by Richard Ormandy 17th leaving 20th to Rudheath winner Jimmy Smith. Other club winners are Peter & Mike Child in the Moulton club while Tommy Davies won the Cheshire FC and Graham Davies did likewise in the Wrinehill club. Still with the Mid Cheshire Fed who had an improved send of 1641 birds from 101 members, the fed are really doing well and having good competition. The top spot once again goes to Curtis, Wall & Lunt who were also 2nd & 3rd from their entries in the Acton Bridge club. Winsford winner Richard Ormandy is 3rd & 4th with Cheshire FC winner Don Risley 5th. The Kingsway club saw Andy Noon & Geoff Callan keep them in the running for fed honours finishing 6th. J Bell is 7th ahead of the inform loft of Steve Parkinson who had a good race in the BICC being well up in the open. I & C Cooper collected the red card in the Rudheath club a position that also went to Middlewich FC winners Mark & Heather Smith. 12th goes to Malcolm Hewitt with Sandbach winner Mick Stockton being 13th & 17th fed. Eric Taylor is 14th & 16th being split by Dickens & Wilkinson. 18th & 20th go to Jones Bros being split by their namesake Mr & Mrs Jones. Just a couple missed the fed result this week and they are Peter & Mike Child who continue to collect the red card in the Moulton club. The other club to miss the fed result is Wrinehill where Graham Davies is having a good run of results. 785 birds were entered by 58 members of the South West Cheshire Fed that were liberated at 11am in a west south west wind. Fed secretary Mr & Mrs Albert Austin won the Winsford club and in the process topped the fed. Crewe West End winners Mr & Mrs Keith Lovatt are 2nd & 3rd ahead of club members Mr & Mrs Roy Parker & Son 3rd. The Middlewich 5B winners are Mr & Mrs Dudley Niblett who finish 5th fed ahead of Lionel & John Goostry6th with a trio of Greenbank members taking the next three positions and they are Mick Stockton 7th, Mr & Mrs Geoff Mathews 8th and John Allbutt 9th leaving 10th to Mick & Wendy Mellor. This week there is just one club missing the fed result where Graham Davies took the top 4 positions. Mick Barlow sends the latest from the Blackpool Col with two latest results, both from Worcester about 115 miles to our members. Birds away at 09-45 in an east south east wind and boy did they motor. Kenny Cardwell timed 2 Staf Van Reets to win 1st & 5th club doing 2182ypm. Ron & Shirley Mott were 2nd & 3rd, Chris Jones 4th Mick Barlow 6th another good race. Moving on one week again Worcester up at 09-45 the birds were hitting the Fylde Coast in just under 2hrs. Kenny took the first two places again this time with a Janssen x Staf Van Reet and his good chequer cock both arrived together, the Janssen side from Kenny’s good friend Kevin Spencer now living in Portugal, The next two positions went to Ron and Shirley Mott, all 4 birds on 1753ypm a very close finish and Mick Barlow was next with his 29 cock. Well done to Phil Holloway our race controller another great race all birds home in no time.


I have included a photo that was sent to me they are on the left Julien Foets who help’s Rene out with the racing pigeons, administration, advice, youngsters, basketing etc. In the middle is Rene Van De Weyer who spends most of his time go to the widowhood loft. Then on the right is Frans who spends his time in the breeding loft. I have included photos of a Mosaic from Willi Theale, which is a rare colouring. I remember the late Denis Gleave at Byley having one many years ago. That was more evenly spread being a 50/50 spread of red and blue chequer.


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