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Well, week ending 7th December 2012 and a week which I can only say which has been extremely testing and absolutely exhausting. It all started at 4am on Monday 3rd morning when Clare awoke in severe pain and discomfort, and following calling into work, coming back home and doing the school run I took her to the doctor's, who immediately sent Clare to the hospital. Once in hospital following all examinations and tests, a bed was found and Clare was in for a stay. This was when the stress started. I instantly became mummy & daddy to our two young children: up, breakfast sorted, wash, teeth, uniforms, school run, then a day at work for me, school collection, home, dinner/tea (and yes I can't cook), washing, hospital visits, home, bathing, children to bed... phew, then sort uniforms for next day, packed lunches then off to bed myself, up early can't sleep, worrying, children upset why mummy not here, oh my lord... I am absolutely exhausted.

The trophies on offer.

But on a lighter note, it's now early Sunday morning 9th December as I write these notes and yes Clare is home, upstairs sleeping well, children are still asleep... oh the peace & tranquillity (I know it will be broken soon). We collected Clare yesterday and brought her home, then the visits started. We have flowers, cards and chocolates everywhere, and added to this it was Clare's birthday yesterday so a perfect birthday present to be back home to recuperate and recover. It was lovely to see Richard, Nigel and Jill from the British Barcelona Club, who called round following the committee meeting which we obviously had to miss, bearing cards, flowers and well wishes from the club. This certainly brings home how quickly you can develop friendships in this our wonderful game and club. 

Anyhow onto the reason for this article and following much persuasion from Clare, we decided to still attend the Watchfield prize presentation (the warm meal was a very welcome change, lol and certainly went down a treat, even the children emptied their plates, must have got fed up with toast, toast & beans, toast & scrambled egg). It was great for Steve & Tracie Bennett come over from Bristol and fantastic to meet up with all our friends at the club who we haven't seen to much of late. When people go into hospital it makes you realise what you have got. It's very humbling how people rally round and we have some very special people in our little world for which I am eternally grateful. 

Right then, the evening got underway with our great Secretary Lisa (Dizzy) Aldridge meeting and greating, passing round race programmes and 2012 prize winners and trophy winners lists, then we all sat down for the very nice meal, then it was time to present the awards for the evening. Our President George Seagroatt gave a little speech welcoming everyone including Guest of Honour Steve Embling and then we were underway. Well Done to all the worthy winners of 2012 In the Wiltshire Federation club races.

The winners were:- Ernie Smith & Darren Baker (Loft 1) 5 x 1st, Sheldon Pollard 4 x 1st, George & Mal Seagroatt 3 x 1st, Alec Docherty 3 x 1st, Cliff & Lisa Aldridge & Son Michael 2 x 1st, Mark & Clare Brown 1 x 1st, Ken Thorpe 1 x 1st, Ray Page 1 x 1st and Steve Thorpe 1 x 1st, average winners were Old Bird - Ray Page, Continental - Ray Page, Longest Old Bird & YoungBird – Mark & Clare Brown, YoungBird - Mario Czerwinski, Inland Points - George & Mal Seagroatt, Best Performance Old Bird – Sheldon Pollard and Best Performance Youngbird – Alec Docherty.  

In the Berks, Bucks & Oxon federation club races the winners were:- Sheldon Pollard 4 x 1st, Mark & Clare Brown 4 x 1st and Ken Thorpe 1 x 1st Club Prizewinners were, Smith & Baker (Loft 1) £110, S Pollard £69, K Thorpe £60, M & C Brown £57, A Docherty £52, C & L Aldridge & Son £52, G & M Seagroatt £40, R Page £16, S Thorpe & J&V Draper £14, C Merrills, B Smith, R&S Titcombe & M Czerwinski £12, M Fulcher £10, P Kendall £6 and young fanciers Mia (9) & Ben (8) £3 In the club's annual “Triple Change” Race, which comprises an Open, Gold Ring & Breeder/Buyer the winners were, Smith & Baker (Loft 2) - £1023.75, Smith & Baker (Loft 1) - £336, C Merrills - £89, P Baker - £71, K Thorpe - £68, W&P Brown (St.Helens) £63.25, R & S Titcombe - £56, J & V Draper - £53, young fanciers Mia (9) & Ben (8) £53, Cliff & Lisa Aldridge - £42, AJ Wheeler (Gloucester) - £35, L Howard - £27, R Page - £22, Steve Bennett (Bristol) - £18 and M & C Brown - £18. 

The evening was a great success and the club would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and to wish all its members & friends a very happy Christmas and a healthy & successful 2013. Well that’s it for this week, try hard, work harder, be happy and good returns.

Mark Brown

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