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Gran Canarias O L R 21-02-17


Gran Canarias One Loft Race

 A little bit of upset recently at the OLR in Gran Canarias. A scheduled race from Jandia had to be cancelled on the 12th of February due to a storm that hit the island. This was to be 120 km .The decision was made after birds were basketed and they were brought back to the lofts. The bird’s welfare is paramount so a welcome decision, I’m sure you will all agree, by the team looking after out feathered athletes. After this occurred the birds were then prepared to go for another training toss the next day as the weather was set to improve. The birds duly went and were liberated at Melenara on Monday 13th February , Tuesday 14th February at Melenara again and on Thursday the 16th the went for a 70km sea toss. This is all again more preparation for the races to happen in the coming weeks. I think it is important to have a look at the international standings at the moment to give us a snap shot at how individuals are doing.


We had on Saturday the 18th February the first hotspot race from Jandia. A distance of 120km across the ocean to the next island of Fuerteventura. At time of last update of this article there aren756 birds home from this race.  The birds were released on the Saturday morning at 9.30am into a south easterly wind with some clouds around. This meaning that during the race although not a head wind there was a lot of fight needed by our feathered athletes to fight against the wind wanting to push them north of the home they are heading for.


1st home and getting top spot with the International Accolade is the German bird of Alexander Gebel with his Alexander Gebel P11 DV-07407-16-576 flying 1hr 35min 28.6sec. A very big congratulations to you Alexander from all the team at the Gran Canarias organisers. 2nd from this race point is Tandem Nestor Y Pedro  from the Gran Canarias himself with his bird TANDEM NESTOR Y PEDRO P4 FCC-16-515566 flying time of 1hr 35min 30.9sc. 3rd on Saturday was the Welsh bird owned by Mon Roberts and is MON 6 WHU-16-D03561 flying 1hr 35min.36.65sec. For these 3 successful birds we must offer hearty congratulations. All will receive a Trophy and Diploma for their efforts. And hopefully will be as successful in coming races. 4th is another German bird owned by Werner Whahl and is called WHERNER WHAHL P11 DV-09188-16-69 flying 1hr 35min 38.49sec. 5th again a German bird owned by Karl Heinz and Ralph Schleifer and is Karl Heinz and Ralph Schleifer P13 flying 1hr 35min 38.49sec. Within the top 10 there are birds from 6th Gran Canarias, 7th Ukraine, 8th Germany, 9th Belgium and 10th Scotland. As you can see the birds coming in are a wide selection of entries. A clear indication of the treatment of the birds and how they are cared for. Incidentally the 10th bird having a flying time of 1hr 35min 40.88 sec out to the 63rd bird flying time of 1he 35min 0sec. this showing how close together the first birds are in coming to the lofts from the races. All around a good batch of birds moving together helping in the returns.


Next we go to my home in the Emerald Isle to see the standings of the Irish contingent. Here we can see some of the same names again as seen in the most recent article. Showing the consistency of birds throughout. 1st Ireland holding 28th over all for this race is BRONSKI 29, IHU-16-S032351 owned by Alan Knowles with a flying time of 1hr 36min 26.42sec. 2nd Ireland and 58TH overall is Billy Wallace and Hamell with BILLY, WHU-16-D08762 with a flying time of 1hr 36min 53.48sec. 3rd Ireland 77th overall is again Alan Knowles with BRONSKI 13, NWHU-16-A1487 flying time 1hr 40min 53.3sec.then we have 4TH Ireland and 124TH overall being Alan again with his BRONSKI 8, IHU-16-S032325 flying time of 1hr 41min 15.72sec. 5TH Ireland and 137th overall Alan strikes again this time with BRONSKI 19, IHU-16-S03236. A great team performance from team BRONSKI and Alan for the success shown here. These 5 and a total of 26 birds from the Irish contingent are home at time of reporting.


We will move on to Team England next.  1st England and 12th overall in the race is Crammond Langstaff & Gilbert with their bird SOUTHFIELD-BLACK CAVIAR, GB-16-N02288 flying time of 1hr 36min 318.06sec. 2nd England and 14th overall is the team of Paul Smith and Dereck Nicholls with their bird PREMIER HURRICANE, GB-16-R34588 flying time of 1hr 36min 20.82sec. 3rd England and 18th overall again we see the names of Paul Smith and Dereck Nicholls with PREMIER GLORY, GB-16-P27981 flying time of 1hr 36min 22.3sec. 4th England and 19th overall is Dcws Flying Club with their bird BRYAN, GB-16-P31556 flying time of 1hr 36min 22.52sec. 5th England and 25th overall we have Mayoshezz with MAYO85, BELG-16-6080385 flying time of 1hr 36min 25.27sec. this with another 175 birds from the English contingent home at the lofts at time of reporting.


Team Scotland we will go to next and can see that 1st Scotland and 10th overall is Jock Ross with HEATHER, GB-16-F31570 with a flying time of 1hr 35min 42.88sec. 2nd Scotland 21st overall is again Jock Ross with JOCK 4, GB-16-F31564. 3rd Scotland and 29th overall is Jock Ross with SUPERBITTY2, GB-16-F31565 with a flying time of 1 hr 36min 28.04sec. 4th Scotland and 242nd overall is Jock Ross with JOCK 6 WHU-16-D05667 flying time 1hr 49min 03.08sec. 5th Scotland and 278th overall is the Scottish National Flying Club with BLUE BLITZ SU-16-3353 flying 1hr 51min 08.68sec. the total Scottish contingent home at time of reporting is a total of 11 birds.


The birds of Wales will be next and we can see that 1st Wales and 3rd overall is the afore mentioned Mon Roberts and is MON 6 WHU-16-D03561 flying 1hr 35min.36.65sec. 2nd Wales and 17th overall is Team Bagillt with Loz 75, GB-16-Z52157 with flying time of 1hr 36min 21.83sec. 3rd Wales and 23rd overall is Team Bagillt again this time with GB-16-Z10644 flying time 1hr 36min 24.7sec. 4th Wales, 42nd overall is Tenny Tipper with AMELIAS ACE, FCC-16-535584 flying time of 1hr 36min 39.28sec. 5th Wales and 67th overall is Sunny Rhyl, North Wales with FRED, GB-16-V36770 flying time of 1hr 37min 07.17sec. At time of reporting there are a total of 25 birds from the Welsh contingent home from the race.


Again I will lastly talk about  the 4 Nations Syndicate.  1st Four Nations  15th overall is TS4 IHU-16-S058949. 2nd Four Nations and 24th overall is JRP FAT LADY, GB-16-X89288 flying 1hr 36min 24.71sec. 3rd Four Nations and 35th overall is JRP CALL THE COPS, GB-16-Z30999 flying 1hr 36min 34.68sec. 4th Four Nations and 39th overall is VADER GHOST, WHU-160D09903 flying 1hr 36min 34.68sec. And lastly we will feature here 5th Four Nations and 76th overall is TONTO, GB-16-B0473 flying 1hr 40mins 51.92sec. again at time of reporting there is a total of 19 from the Four Nations contingent home from the race.


To finish off this report on The Greatest One Loft Race Around we will have a look at the International standings as they are now after the 3 training tosses through the week and now the first hotspot race. 1st is the bird of Skyriders/AAT & Pe Laan from Holland with NL-16-1100657. 2nd we see Sergio Y Bernabe Cambera Lemes from Lanzarote with SERGIO Y BERNABE CABRERA LEMES P11, ESP-16-253080. 3rd is the Welsh bird of Sunny Rhyl, North Wales and is FRED, GB-16-V36770. 4th is Team Joeperella with TEAM JOEPERELA P8, NL-16-1709395. 5th is Stely + Timy FROM ENGLAND with STRIPE, GB-16-N54203. 6TH id the Four Nations bird BLUE ETTRICK 1 SU-16-SB340. 7th is a bird from Fuerteventura owned by Tandem Tuivalles FTV and is called TANDEM TUIVALLES FTV P4, FCC-16-106022. 8TH is another English bird, this time owned by FEV Flyers and is FLY ABOUT GB-16-Z87443. 9th is Warren Foster of England with his Bird MIDNIGHT STAR, GB-16-X52291. Lastly for this report we have the 10th international standing bird of the Four Nations and is TSI IHU-16-S058932. These results for the International competition are points based with birds allocated points depending of position of arrival giving an overall scoring system to find the best overall international birds. This list can be seen at should you wish to check the standing of your own birds.


A big congratulations to all that have been successful here a great accolade considering the tough terrain involved. Most of us here in the UK and Ireland race our birds predominantly over land with little stretches of water to cross from France to the UK and a little more from the UK to Ireland for our racing. This is vastly different to the Gran Canarias OLR where all birds are expected to compete over water and traverse their way home to the Island of Gran Canarias over predominantly open water and for the final race in coming weeks be released from a boat and fly over nothing but water. An event I’m sure some of you would love to look into more. If you feel this way please check out the Facebook page


Until next time

Michael Feeney

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