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Gran Canarias One L Oft Race 2017 06-01-17


Gran Canarias One Loft Race 2017

Michael Feeney


This is to be the first in a series of articles I will be doing in regard to the One Loft Race that is being held on the Island of Gran Canarias. This will be done throughout the coming months in order to give fanciers an insight into what the Gran Canarias OLR is all about and in order to highlight and show the results achieved by the fanciers from around Europe in this prestigious of races.


For the first time being set up the year of 2017 is going to see the Gran Canarias One Loft Race become an International Event. With prize money of ?125,000 up for grabs for the coming season it has certainly gotten a lot of interest from fanciers from around Europe and specifically the UK and Ireland. For the final race alone there will be ?50,000 1st prise to be one. An exceptional series of races for any fancier to be involved.


Set up 12 years back it was previously only a national event enjoyed by local fanciers in Spain and it grew into it’s now international event. From the entries in the initial stages birds have been brought through the rigorous training and racing schedule to compete in the final, a race of 470km around the month of March. We all know how difficult it is for our feathered friends to compete in competition over water from land to land. Never mind what happens here that the final race competition is a release from a bout in the Atlantic Ocean. This is something the same as the races that were happening in Ireland some years ago where birds were brought off shore and released in the Atlantic also. The difficulty for birds in this kind or release is more so than any release on land. This makes it an exceptional One Loft Race to be involved in. information for the race can be found here at . at the website birds can be seen around the lofts and as well as that there is more information about the development of the Lofts at Parra Negra from not only a breeding station but into  racing loft on the OLR scene also.


For the 2017 season coming birds have been arriving from all over Europe to the Lofts Parra Negra where the birds are housed. Specifically from the UK and Ireland there have been 2 shipments so far and the last shipment will be on the 30th October. To date there are 503 pigeons that been shipped to this fantastic race from over the UK and Ireland. This has been done through Mark Williams in Wales and the team of people he has around him in support of these efforts to bring this OLR on to the international scene and give it the accolade it deserves. Mark has people like Debbie Neal and Pete Berry, and also, from Ireland Alan Knowles with a view to establishing this as one of the greatest European One Loft Races to compete in.

Seen here is a phenomenal view of the Parra Negra Lofts where the birds will be housed and raced from. An exceptional set up by any standards. A second to none facility. And for the final race an ideal holiday destination should any fancier like to sit and enjoy the final race with his family.


Entry fee for the race is nominal. For a fee of ?500 a team of 5 pigeons can be entered with an additional 3 birds being allowed entry for free. This means that there is a total of 8 birds being allowed to enter in a team by any given fancier should they choose this option. Another method is that fanciers can send their birds to compete if they chose to send less that the 5 team for ?100 per bird. Should birds be lost from the loft before the last of 6 tosses around the island then they can be replaced. Should birds be sent and not activated then other fanciers or interested parties can activate these birds upon paying the activation fee for the birds.


The birds will be trained around the island of Gran Canarias to a distance of 50km which is a point on the opposite side of the island to the lofts themselves. From this they will go midway to Fuerteventura and be released on open water at a distance of 70km.distances will be increased using the island of Fuerteventura. This means the birds will have to island hop in order to get home. After 3 race points along this island the birds will then go to Lanzarote at a distance of 260km in a straight line. However we all know that the birds will most likely follow a route across by island hopping and will in actual fact increase the actual distance that they will fly. For the last and final race in the series and for the prize of ?50,000 the birds will be brought a distance of 440 to 470km out to Alta Mar. where upon release over open water they will have to navigate their war back to the lofts on Gran Canarias. Again we know what our birds do and they may actually fly further than this in reality but the first to arrive in quickest time and be recorded across the ETS pad will of course be the winner.


After the race series is complete like most OLR the birds will be auctioned off. The monies form this auction will be split between activator and also the lofts themselves. This will be done less expenses of the loft for the auction and administration of such.


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