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Gran Canarias O L R 27-03-17


Gran Canarias One Loft Race


I will start this article with some extra information that should have been in my last article. In my rush to get the article finished I forgot to put in the prizes from the hotspot race that were won for the first 10 positions.

1st home and getting top spot with the International along with winning a car to the value of ?6,000, a Trophy and a Diploma is Derby de Cordoba from Cordoba with their bird DERBY DE CARDOBA  2, FCC-16-535536. 2ND in the race was Paul Smith Dereck Nicholls their bird PREMIER BEAUTY, GB-16-P28085 winning ?750 as well as a Trophy and a Diploma. In 3rd this race we saw Team Panis Tilmans from Belgium with TEAM PANIS TILMANS P1 BE-16-2276035 winning ?250 as well as Trophy and a Diploma. Next in 4th for this Hotspot we had a bird from the Four Nations Syndicate TONTO, NWHU-16-B0473 winning ?175. Germany took  5th position with DV-09806-16-978, KARL HEINZ AND RALPH SCHLEIFER P20 owned by Karl Heinz and Ralph Schleifer, this bird winning ?150. 6th went to JASSIM AL KALAIB P23 from Kuwait winning ?125.  7th TANDEM TUIVALLES FTV FROM Fuerteventurs winning ?100, 8th to WERNER WHAHL P16 from Germany winning ?75,  9th to JANDARLIN GC from Australia winning ?50 and 10th to NL-16-3618378 from Holland winning ?25.

I just have to offer apologies for not including this information in my last article and that it was a simple over sight.


There have been 2 training tosses from 35km in the interim between hotspots and they have been from Melenara. The first was on the 4th of March.  The first bird home from this is one of the Russian birds. Owned by Zabavin Kozlov Medvedev. 2nd is a bird from Belgium owned by Layen-Segers-P Racing Team. 3rd across the pads was Carreton Valle De Guimar from Tenerife. 4th went to an English Bird of Wendy Flyers and 5th to Holland with Hokn Reijnen-bolton’s bird. The second was on the 6th of March and here we see the following resut. 1st from Tenerife is Tandem Raico Y Lalo with TANDEM RAICO Y LALO P6, FCC 16-572288. 2nd we had Barjas  from Kuwait with JASSIM AL KULAIB P11, KW-16-882405. 3rd was a Russian Bird owned by Zabavin Kozlov Medvedev with Zabavin Kozlov Medvedev P2, RUS-16-33918. 4th was Mayoshezz from England with MAYO02, BELG-16-6080402. Lastly here we see another English bird, this time owned by paul Smith and Dereck Nicholls with PREMIER QUEST, GB-16-R34602.


From here on out we are heading for the 3rd Hotspot on 14th March. So looking like it will be another great race. Having a look at the best international pigeon averages overall we can see that at the time of this writing before the 3rd Hotspot race the standings are as follows. 1st International Ace bird is the Dutch bird of Skyriders/ATT & Pe Laan, NL-16-1100657. 2nd is Warren Foster of England with his bird MIDNIGHT STAR, GB-16-X52291. 3rd is the Welsh bird of Sunny Rhyl Syndicate with FRED, GB-16-V36770. 4th is a Belgian bird owned by Layen-Sergers-P Racing Team and is Leyen-Segers-Paloma Racing Team P8, BE-16-2290944. Holding 5th is a bird from Fuerteventura and is team Tandem Tuivalles FTV with TANDEM TUIVALLES FTV P4, FCC-16-106022. 6th standing is one the Gran Canarias contingent of Jamie LLorca with JAMIE LLORCA P12, FCC-16-595284. 7th is Team Joeperella with Team Joeperella P8, NL-16-1709395. 8th is another English bird owned by Pete Berry and is Mellonhead, FCC-16-535573. 9th is another one of the Fuerteventura birds owned this time by Tandem Cabrera-Ferreres-Dani and is TANDEM CABRERA-FERRERES-DANI-P6 FCC-16-559566. Last to see on this list of birds in the top 10 is 10th spot of Tandem Tomas y Arzumendi with T. RAMOS Y ARZUMENDI P5, FCC-16-555415.


Hotspot 3 turned out as follows with the winning pigeons gaining the following prizes. 1st we see a bird from Gran Canarias owned by Tandem Norte, FCC-16-526367 winning a Car, Trophy and Diploma. I must offer a big congratulations to you from the team here at The Gran Canarias OLR. 2nd is another of the Gran Canarias Birds owned by Baru Jesus Baeza and winning ?750 with a Trophy and Diploma. 3rd is a bird from Lanzarote owned by Sergio Y Bernabe Cabrera Lemes with his bird SERGIO Y BERNABE CABRERA LEMES P2, ESO-16-253092 winning ?250 with a Trophy and Diploma. 4th we see a bird of German origin with Werner Whahl and his bird WERNER WHAHL P13, DV-07814-16-733 winning ?175. 5th is Feurteventura and Marcario Cabrera Beltran with MARCARIO CABRERA BELTRAN P3, FCC-16-551174. 6th winning ?125 is a Belgian bird of Layen-Sergers-P- Racing Team with Leyen-Sergers-Paloma Racing Team P2, BE-16-2312856. 7th is Tandem Nestor y Pedro from Gran Canarias with TANDEM NESTOR Y PEDRO P4, FCC-16-515566 winning ?100. 8th is another of the Gran Canarians Enrique Rubio Y Miguel Galder with FCC-16-500631 and winning ?75. 9th is Sergio Y Bernabe Cabrera Lemes with his bird SERGIO Y BERNABE CABRERA LEMES P9, ESP-16-253065 winning ?50. 10th is Dcws Flying Club with DAN, GB-16-N76448 and winning ?25. Well done to all taking honours in this last Hotspot before the Final.


Now we will look at the Irish birds in this results. 1st Ireland 40th overall was O’Donnell & Donnelley with Junior5, WHU-16-D08774. 2nd Ireland and 63rd overall is Billy Wallace and Hamell of Cork with their bird BILLY, WHU-16-D08762. 3rd  Ireland and 100th overall is yours ‘truly’ with team MMADO and Sinead, IHU-16-S138170. 4th Ireland and 107th overall we see O’Donnell & Donnelley again this time with Liadian !, FCC-16-535594. In 5th place Ireland 138th overall we see Mr. Alan Knowles with BRONSKI 28, IHU-16-S032306.


Next we can see the result from England. In 1st place for England and 10th overall is the team of Dcws Flying Club with DAN, GB,16-N76448. 2nd England and 17th overall is Paul Smith and Dereck Nicholls with PREMIER SPITFIRE, GB-16-P27927. 3rd England and 20th overall is the team of Crammond, Langstaff & Gilbert with SOUTHFIELD MILL REEF, GB-16-N59996.4th England and 26th overall is Mayoshezz with MAYOO02, BELG-16-6080402. 5th England and 32nd overall is Pete Berry with BLUE MOON, NWHU-16-A1564.


Scotland result is a s follows. 1st Scotland and 42nd overall is Jock Ross with HEATHER, GB-16-F31570. In 2nd Scotland and 143rd overall we see Scottish National Flying Club with TORPIE & MCCORD, SU-16-9335. 3rd Scotland and 254th overall is again Jock Ross with SUPERBITTY2, GB-16-F31565.  Lastly for the Scots we see 4th Scotland and 290th overall again the Scottish National Flying Club with YOUNG GUN, SU-16-W1341.


Lastly we will look at the Welsh result before a look at the Ace International birds again. 1st Wales and 14th overall is Mon Roberts with MON 5, WHU-16-D03557. 2nd Wales and 28th overall is Team Bagillt with LOZ 75, GB-16-Z52175. 3ed Wales and 75th overall is again Team Bagillt this time with GOLDEN STAR, GB-16-Z52157. In 4th Wales and 171st overall we see again Mon Roberts with MON 6, WHU-16-D03561. Lastly in 5th Wales and 257th overall we see again Team Bagillt with IZZY 89, gb-16-Z52189.


The results are as follows for the International Ace Bird standings before the final race. 1st is Pete Berry of England with MelonHead, FCC-16_535573. 2nd is Tandem Tuivalles FTV from Fuerteventurs with  TANDEM TUIVALLES FTV P4 FCC-16-106022. 3rd is a bird from Gran Canarias Tandem Norte with FCC-16-526367. Standing in 4th is the Welsh Syndicate Team Bagillt with LOz 75, GB-16-Z52175. 5th we have Jacinto Rodriguez Amador with FCC-16-503211 with JACINTO RODRIGUEZ AMADOR P3.6th we have Team Mark Buse andFam with Team Mark Buse and Fam, DV-08213-16-497. In 7th we have a Russian fancier Zabavin Kozlov Medvedev with RUS-16-33245, Zabavin Kozlov Medvedev P14. 8th another Gran Canarias loft of Luis Diaz with LUIS DIAZ P3, FCC-16-535617. 9th is the Kuait loft of Jassim Al Kulaib with JASSIN AL KULAIB P48, KW-16-882442. And lastly in this International Ace Bird result is the Gran Carias Loft of Super Cafetales with Super Cafetales, FCC -16-528487. So with this result in the next and final look will be to see the result after the Final on Wednesday 22nd of March.


A big congratulations to all that have been successful here, a great accolade. I do feel it is important to mention that the team behind the scene do their utmost in order to look after the birds and give them the best possible chance of success in the races. You can see here a video of the team having a chat with one of the vets and is really worth  watching Further to that if you feel you would like to get involved you can also check Facebook page This page is operated by one of the team from the UK and has constant updates. Lastly we all know that the Final is looming and hopefully it will be one of you lucky readers that will be in the top spot. So here is fingers crossed and the best of luck to you all with birds still in the final.


Until next time

Michael Feeney

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