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Gran Canarias O L R 06-03-17


Gran Canarias One Loft Race


Now Monday the 27th of February as I write this article. After a hectic weekend being busy with pigeon stuff and a personal few things it’s time to look at the result for Hotspot 2 from the Gran Canarias OLR that took place on Saturday the 25th of February. 783 pigeons were basketed for the race a distance of 170km from Gran Tarajal on the island of Fuertenventura to the home lofts on Gran Canarias. At time of compiling the article there are 570 birds home from this Hotspot race across the ocean that separates the 2 islands. The birds were released at 11:15am into a cloudy sky with a prevailing wind from the south-east. So all in all a steady race to be expected. All in all with the terrain seen in the above photo I think the birds did themselves well on the difficult terrain and conditions.


1st home and getting top spot with the International along with winning a car is Derby de Cordoba from Cordoba with their bird DERBY DE CARDOBA  2, FCC-16-535536 with a flying time of 2hr 0min and 40.07sec. In this case covering the distance in a flat 2 hours. Something I think you will all agree shows how steady the race has been. 2ND in the race today was Paul Smith Dereck Nicholls flying for the English contingent. Their bird PREMIER BEAUTY, GB-16-P28085 was hot on the heels of the first bird with a flying time of 2hr 0min and 45.36sec. As you can see a close finish. In 3rd this race we see Team Panis Tilmans from Belgium with TEAM PANIS TILMANS P1 BE-16-2276035 with a flying time of 2hrs 0min 46.97sec. Next in 4th for this Hotspot we have a bird from the Four Nations Syndicate TONTO, NWHU-16-B0473 having a flying time of 1hr 0min 47.44sec. Germany come next takin 5th position in the form of DV-09806-16-978, KARL HEINZ AND RALPH SCHLEIFER P20 owned by Karl Heinz and Ralph Schleifer having a flying time of 2hrs 0min 47.89sec. Birds following achieved 6th to 10th positions overall and as we can see a great achievement by all. 6th to JASSIM AL KALAIB P23 from Kuwait, 7th TANDEM TUIVALLES FTV FROM Fuerteventurs, 8th to WERNER WHAHL P16 from Germany, 9th to JANDARLIN GC from Australia and 10th to NL-16-3618378 from Holland. Incidentally the difference in the first clocked to the tenth clocked was only a mere 12 seconds. As you can see the birds came in a flock formation to take the top spots. This is great racing I believe and I’m sure you will agree.


Next we go to my home in the Emerald Isle to see the standings of the Irish contingent. 1st Ireland and 11th overall is JUNIOR 5, WHU-16-D08774 owned by O’Donnell & Donnelley. Just a point of note this bird although just outside the top 10 was most likely with this batch on arrival and unfortunately for the owner didn’t get in a little sooner. 2nd Ireland and 26th overall BRONSKI 7, IHU-16-S032318 owned by Alan Knowles. 3rd Ireland and 56th overall is JUNIOR 2, WHU-16-D08772 this bird again owned by O’Donnell & Donnelley. 4th Ireland and 96th overall is AINNE IHU-16-S109331 owned by Brencon Lofts. 5th Ireland and 119th overall is LIADIAN 1 FCC-16-535594 owned by O’Donnell & Donnelley again. A great team achievement for this team as you can see. A total of 25 birds home from the contingent of Irish birds participating in this race.

We will move on to Team England next.  As taken from the overall result we see that 1st England and 2nd overall is PREMIER BEAUTY, GB-16-P28085 owned by Paul Smith Dereck Nicholls. Next in 2nd England and 14th overall is Ritas Syndacate with WHU-16-D09925 from Mark Williams Stalls. 3rd England and 19th overall is Phil Leighton & Son with P7, NWHU-16-C2582. 4th England and 22nd overall is again Phil Leighton & Son with P7, NWHU-16-C2583. Finally here in 5th England and 27th overall is a bird from Paul Smith Dereck Nicholls again. This time PREMIER WIZARD GB-16-P28048. From the English birds in this race there is at present home 136 birds.


Team Scotland we will go to next and can see that 1st Scotland 50th overall is JOCK 8, GB-16-Z78976 owned by Jock Ross. 2nd Scotland and 59th overall is the Scottish National Flying Club with TORPIE & MCCORD SU-16-S9335. 3rd Scotland and 63rd overall is again the Scottish National Flying with SNFC ALAN, SU-16-S3987. 4th Scotland taking 146th overall is again the Scottish National Flying with BLUE BLITZ, SU-16-3353. Lastly from the Scottish contingent is 5th Scotland and 360th overall JOCK 4, GB-16-F31564 owned by Jock Ross. Again just to let everyone know that from this Scottish contingent there are 9 birds home from the Hotspot 2 race.


The birds of Wales will be next and we can see that 1st Wales 24th overallis the syndicate of Sunny Rhyl with WELSH WIZARD, GB-16-V36705. 2nd Wales and 40th overall is PRETTY LADY, WHU-16-B02656 owned by the syndicate of Common View Lofts. 3rd Wales and overall 84th is Team Bagillt with IZZY 4, GB-16-Z52174. Next to 4th Wales and 99th overall we see again the syndicate of Team Bagillt. This time it is with LOZ 91, GB-16-Z52191. Lastly here we will see 5th Wales and 131st overall the team of Rich + Linda with their bird WHU-16-D09801. From the Welsh birds there is a total home of 22 from this Hotspot race 2


Again I will lastly talk about  the 4 Nations Syndicate.  1st Four Nations 4th over all we saw TONTO, NWHU-16-B0473. 2nd Four Nations and 75th overall is JRP THE PORN STAR, GB-16-Z30997. 3rd Four Nations and 116th overall is JRP FAT LADY, GB-16-X89288. We see next in the Four Nations line up 4th and 123rd overall (DRBDS) TORMENTOR, WHU-16-D09803. Lastly we see in 5th Four Nations and 136th overall JRP IN THE RED, GB-16-Z30994


All information about the race and the organisation can be found at should you want  to see how things are done. The lofts have 24hr cameras which lets us, the fanciers, see exactly what is happening at any given time should you wish to look and see. The website is easy enough to move around and I’m sure should you have any problems if you contact the team they will be happy to help. All races are also Live Streamed and should you have the time you can see the birds homing through the wonders of modern technology.


A big congratulations to all that have been successful here a great accolade considering the tough terrain involved. We all know the difference in terrain we face and so I will not go into it again. I do feel it is important to mention that the team behind the scene do their utmost in order to look after the birds and give them the best possible chance of success in the races. You can see here a video of the team having a chat with one of the vets and is really worth  watching Further to that if you feel you would like to get involved you can also check Facebook page This page is operated by one of the team from the UK and has constant updates.


Until next time

Michael Feeney

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