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Gran Canarias O L R 04-05-17


Gran Canarias One Loft Race



And so the final happened on the 23rd of March 2017. It was a heck of a race and nail biting from start to finish. You can see the video of the release and birds homing here: , turned out to be a stiff race with a strong south-easterly wind blowing onto the birds on route. Added to this there was rain en-route that the birds also had to contend with. It really was exciting for all of the participants that were present for the arrivals. Here are just a couple of pictures from the lofts.

As we can see in the picture there was a live presentation by Mark Williams from the lofts with interviews throughout from different personalities that were taking place in the race and were present at the final. An exciting day for all involved especially the directors Rafa, Mark and all the team. It was an anxious wait over the hours whilst the birds were in flight and here we see Mark waiting for the first arrivals. How exciting must this have been for the team in a OLR that has been going for the last 15 years, to be waiting on the birds from the final race of the series 2017 to be arriving. I would hazard a guess and say nail biting would be way up there on how he is feeling. The first bird arrived at 15:43 and from a release time of 11:00 meaning a fly of 4 hrs 43 mins for this brave bird to get in through the conditions it faced. The second bird home was owned by your truly and was flying 5hrs 37mins. Pictured left is Alan Knowles of Dublin just after the arrival of my stalwart bird. He is quite an emotional individual and I’m sure all that were there would agree this after seeing his reaction to the arrival of a bird owned by his friend. All in all from the 316 entries 35 birds have been recorded on the result up until 3 days after release. Incidentally 1 bird was reported in Morocco on the evening after release. Some real champion birds to be doing this on their own and making the 400km journey alone as this is surly what most of these arrivals had to do. This can be seen from the results and how spread out the arrivals were to the lofts. Truly individual birds all. As we can see Mark is overjoyed at how things have turned out for him and the team from this race. A big congratulations to all participants and organisers I would have to say is in order. I’m sure Mark and the team are looking forward to next years races already and I know the first shipment date is at the end of April for the first arrivals for the 2018 program. Something I will be taking part in I can tell you.


The vets report can be seen by clicking this link. The vet has been extremely happy with the birds care and husbandry throughout the program. Should any queries be needed to answer I’m sure you will find what you want here there. Also here is a link to a discussion with vet after the first 3 arrivals were at the lofts . to say that the vet was extremely happy with the condition of the arrivals would be an understatement.


As we know the conditions after a one loft race is that all arrivals from the final will be placed for auction. In this case the gallant arrivals will be up for auction on the 08/05/17 and can be seen here  So for those of you looking for reliable performance birds this sale will be a must. These birds will all be ready to breed as soon as they land in your lofts. So a couple of latebreds from these performers would not go amiss in any loft.



1st place winning ?25,000 a trophy and diploma is Manuel Martin Gonzalez from Gran Canarias himself. Here we can see him holding his winning bird FCC-16-505211 MANUEL MARTIN GONZALEZ P5. Then him being presented with his trophy after the race had timed in some birds. Presented by the one and only Mark Williams, new OLR co-ordinator for the GC OLR. A great achievement for a bird with indomitable spirit coming through on a day that had its own challenges due to the weather on route. Manuel’s bird flew for 4hr 43mins to win the race. Again a big congratulations to Manuel on winning the Gran Canarias One Loft Race 2017.

2nd placed we have Team MMADO which is yours truly Michael Feeney of Safe Haven Lofts Ireland winning ?2,500 a trophy and diploma. Sinead as she was named by my son is IHU-16S-138170, she flew for 5hr 37mins to achieve 2nd in this fantastic race. Unfortunately I could not be at the final however I did receive a phone call whilst on the motorway to meet friends. Alan Knowles was the man who called me from GC to tell me the news straight after my gallant hen arrived. To say I was emotional would be an understatement. Alan arrived at my house shortly after he returned from the final and after we found out some more good news on this occasion. I’ll let you all know what it is shortly in this article.

3rd was Team Panis Tilmans with Team Panis Tilmans P16, BE-16-2312827. His bird was flying for 5hr 44mins to achieve 3rd spot in this race. In 3rd spot this gallant bird wins ?1,750 a trophy and diploma Team Panis Tilmans are from Belgium and are representing well the Meca of Pigeon Racing in the world.

4th we see from Kuwait Jassim Al Kalaib with his bird JASSIM AL KULAIB KW-16-882444. Jassim’s bird was in the air for a grand total of 6hr 13min. It will win for Jassim a grand total of ?1,250.

5th we the first of the English contingent. This one from Lee Fribbins. FCC-16-535576. This bird had done wing time of 7hrs 02mins. It also gains Lee ?250.

In 6th we see Vader Ghost of the Four nations Syndacate. This bird WHU-16-D09903 arrived after 7hrs 05mins on the wing and wins for the syndicate ?125.

7th is from Gran Canarias and is Miguel Delgado Rodriguez with FCC-16-609123, MIGUEL DELGADO RODRIGUEZ P8. Flying time of 7hrs 26min winning ?75.

8th we see the first of the German birds to make it. Sg Rohling and Bukowski with DV-01460-16-917, Sg Rohling and Bukowski P5. This gallant bird did 7hr 28mins on the wing winning ?50.

9th place is taken by Phil Leighton & Son with NWHU-16-C2568 P8. Flying 8hr 06mins this bird gets ?50 for Phil and Son.

10th place is an Australian in the form of Jan and Kevin with FCC-16-535506, Jandarlin. This bird was in the wing for 8hr and 08min and will gain Jan and Kevin ?50.

11th is a Romanian bird and is owned by Tules Denis+Lalcin. This bird RO-16-UCP-016374 flew for 8hr 33min. it wall also win ?50 for Tules and Co.

13th is the second of the Germain birds to arrive and is owned by Team Wild Escobar Devils. DV-01217-16-357 managed to stay going only arriving at the lofts at 07hrs 24min on the second day of racing. This bird also wins ?50 for the Team.

14th a bird from Fuerteventura and is Tandem Los Quemados with ESP-16-104372, TANDEM LOS QUEMADOS P1. This bird arrived at the lofts at 07hr 24mins also and will win ?50 for Tendem Syndacate.

Lastly in 15th and also gaining ?50 for its owner and arriving at 07hr 49min is another Romanian bird. This one RO-16-921653 is owned by Familia Bacalu.

So these are the prize winners from the Final of the Gran Canarias OLR 2017. It has to be mentioned that another20 birds returned to the lofts in race time. This closed on the 25/03/2017 and was a fantastic race. It goes without saying that the integrity and character of the birds that performed here is second to none. These birds through adverse weather conditions came through on the day that it mattered. It must also be said that these birds have also competed in all the racing and training that had taken place before the final race. Worth considering should you be thinking of your stock lofts in the near future. Some real quality to be had from the gallant survivors.


In closing I will do 3 things. Firstly a big hearty congratulations to all participants who sent their candidates to take part in the series of races that were carried out. Secondly again BIG congratulations to Manuel on his win in this momentous event. And lastly I personally would like to thank Rafa, Mark and all the team for all their hard work throughout the year in not only looking after the birds but keeping them in supreme condition enabling them to compete at such a level. I have also inserted a selection of photos from the day as it unfolded during the race. With not brilliant race conditions it is phenomenal that it turned into a great success. I will finish with the extra good news that I mentioned at the beginning of the results that is about me. After the update was done for the International Ace Pigeon and was live on Monday morning after the race it turns out that my bird Sinead also achieved the Best International Pigeon. So for me it turned into a double celebration. Something I am very happy about.


My last article is going to do highlights on the series as it happened focusing on the top birds from the final result and also with some other highlights that may be of interest. I look forward to compiling this in the next few days and getting it out. And also with monies paid out and the 2017 year finished it will bring a close to the 2016-2017 race series and pave the way for the 2017-2018 series.


Until next time

Michael Feeney

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