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My Barcelons Dream Part14 29-08-17

My Barcelona Dream Part 14


So what a way to start this article. I left off the last one wishing everyone luck in the Barcelona International. It turned out to be a very difficult race especially into the U.K. as I am sure you all know. I have put it on Facebook already and have to out it here in immortal print. Nic Harvey’s hen Musgrove Persistent did indeed do Barcelona again for the 5th time. The only but is that she was 8 hours out of race time. I could not believe it when he txt me to let me know. I had just sent him a message the day before that they may still make it and then to get the txt next day to say she did it again was brilliant. I am absolutely over the moon for him. To add to it he has finally agreed she will be put to stock from here on. Well done Nic and all who got returns from this difficult Marathon race. Nic then got 4 more home over the next few weeks and this is something I am really happy about for him. One of these is actually a grandchild of Padfield’s Invincible so in that light I am breeding cousins to this bird and hopefully one day these will be there to do the same.


I mentioned the St. Malo race that was such a disaster in June for. Well I know that not all of the convoy that was lost are bad birds. I also know that some have filtered in over the past few weeks and I’d like to add that a friend of mine had one land on Sunday morning 13th August only 8 weeks after liberation. The bird belonging to Martin Dunphy was bred by Gavin Williams in the U.K. martin has tried to contact to let him know but I’m not sure if it’s getting through. So we can see that birds are still getting in. This hen landed without her rubber so whether she was in someone’s loft or the rubber perished over the few weeks she was out we will never know. So well done to you Martin and any others who have had birds filter in. I myself would be delighted if that I was lucky enough to get one.


The birds in my lofts are coming on well. The stock are rearing their last round for this year some of which are going to my dad and the others will be left for racing next year out to France. The stock are also moulting heavy and to say I am happy with the breeding this year would be an understatement. I have so many birds now that the experiment I mentioned in the last article of the jump with some of the birds to 130miles has now been added to. This extra is that any birds after their third flight in moult will be raced in this race apart from the ones I am going to send to Talbeny.


I have been training 16 for this. I lost one I believe to a hawk as another the same day came back minus half his tail. So that took 2 out of this 16 and I have continued with the 14 that are left. I will be picking 5 of these that will include a Gold Ring bird that I am going to try actually compete for the prize rather than just send to get them experience. So the purpose of training is simply fitness. To the 5 I pick for Talbeny I will be adding 3 as an extra experiment that have no training to see if they perform. I know some reading this will say that is lunacy but with the birds exercising the way they are I feel that this is worth an experiment and carry on. I will update you all in the next article about how this turns out. I am really optimistic about this. As mentioned the rest will be off to a 130 mile spin in September then. Any that make it from Talbeny will possibly be used in the linebreeding program next year that I have outlined before and this is something that I am looking forward to.

In short it will work like this yearlings from each line will be taken out of the race team and paired back to the original stock birds from that line. This in turn will give me in every generation grandchildren of the performers on one side of the pedigree and then the other will always go a generation further in the pedigree giving a true line breed that can produce birds I hope that will be able to do Barcelona as their grandparents have.


I also now have control of the youngsters that I did not in the previous article. Easy enough done with the food tin. Not kept short of food but kept tight for about 2 weeks with daily conditioning for a reaction of them knowing when to come in when the food tin is shaking and the hear the sound. As it stands now all 70 are in within the space of 2 minutes which is in my opinion exactly what I am after.  It really does give you that little accomplished feeling when the control is there. They respond to who is boss and you feel that connection then it all works out. When they are out they are an absolute site to have such a big team flying together as honestly never before have I had it. It blows my mind and I feel good about what is to come in the coming years with the Dream becoming a reality. The stepping stones and the plans are in place. They may change and be modified on going but in essence they will all end at Barcelona. Plans for next year are set and have already been changed. I mentioned that I will be attempting Poiters next year and I will the change is that with the 2 year olds that I will be adding yearlings to these at the start of the season to have a number of 24 aimed at Poiters. So with the 2 year olds whatever of these yearlings are still in the race team from these will also be sent to Poiters 2. I am hopeful that I will have at least 15 from the 24 but you never know what will come next season. So we set the plans and work around whatever happens as the season carries on.


Another thing that I am now planning is that I will be doing the Dublin Show again this year. I have bred so many that I will have a go again and see how it pans out. I am sure some of you remember that last year I brought along birds that were far too young. Buying at show time people want birds that are ready to breed and that last year was a very big mistake. This year I will be bringing again grandchildren of Padfield’s Invincible, some grandchildren of the Musgrove birds of Nic Harvey including birds that will be grandchildren of his 3 times and 5 times Barcelona hens, there will also be some double grandchildren of the Polish National from Barcelona 2015. Also I will have 3 or 3 birds the same way bred as the bird that was so successful for me in the OLR I was involved in over at Gran Canarias. I hope that there will be some interest in these this year and that they will sell. This year the birds will be mature and ready to breed for those lucky enough to get them at the sale.


Finishing here are some pictures of what is in the lofts at the moment. The first 2 are Martin’s hen just homed and the second is the man himself being a little camera shy. The next 2 tipt birds are line bred birds of Padfields Invincible. Both were bred pairing double grandchildren x direct children. The blue pied is a double grandchild of the Polish National Barcelona 2015 and the last 2 are the bird herself that did well in Gran Canarias and the latest weaned that is the same way bred.



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