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Around The Severn Valley





The Severn Valley Federation’s season started from Wincanton on 14th April 2012 with 102 members sending 1788 pigeons and liberating in a NE wind.

Worcester SRFC (19/251) members Barry & Dot Ricketts had a great start to the season taking 1st, 2nd & 4th Club on 1324, 1314 & 1291ypm which was good enough for 1st, 2nd, 6th, 14th & 18th Fed. Other Club members taking Federation positions were Mr & Mrs Ryder 4th Fed on 1301ypm, Stuart Harford 9th & 16th Fed on 1279 & 1252ypm, Keith Brushwood 11th Fed on 1278ypm, John Hale 17th Fed on 1245ypm and, rounding off a brilliant race for the Club, Dennis Honeywood takes 20th Fe on 1237ypm.

Bromsgrove & District (11/141) saw Liam Ward taking 1st & 2nd on 1308 & 1297, good enough for 3rd & 5th Fed. 3rd prize was taken by M Ralph on 1231ypm and 4th went to K Smith & Son also on 1231ypm.

Ombersley & District (15/203) was won by Bernie Pollard on 1282ypm who followed up with 2nd on 1279ypm, this was good enough for 7th & 8th Fed. The winner, a cheq Janssen cock, was bred from a Dean Cartmel cock paired to a hen from Pete Beesty of Shrewsbury. Bernie’s 2nd prizewinner was bred by his son, Rich and both birds were previous prizewinners. 3rd Club & 12th Fed went to L & C Minton with a cock bred down from brother Les’s family. In 4th spot was Nigel Baylie flying into Stourport on 1228ypm.

Newent & District (2/25) saw D H & H A Cooke take 1st (10th Fed), 2nd & 4th on 1278, 1235 & 1182 ypm. In 3rd place was M & R Yates on 1216ypm.

Upton on Severn HS (12/238) was won by Brian Locke (15th Fed) on 1257ypm. 2nd place (19th Fed) went to Shane Harvey on 1237ypm.

Charlton Kings FC (7/157) had Graham Clift taking top honours (13th Fed) and 2nd on 1269 & 1194ypm. Tony Jenkins was 3rd & 4th on 1184 & 1137ypm.

Malvern SRIFC (9/168) saw husband and wife partnership, Mick & Chris Lee, living in Alfrick, take 1st & 3rd spots on 1235 & 1190ypm. The first bird was a blue latebred Jos Thone X yearling cock having his first race and feeding youngsters. The second bird was a Cosworth X also feeding youngsters. Splitting these two was John Rodway who was 2nd on 1194 with a yearling hen sitting overdue eggs. She flew the channel in 2011 but was then lost for 3 months, showing signs of being ‘hawked’ on her return. 4th Club on 1162 was Joe Smith again with a yearling. The Club, like most others, having a steady race.

Pershore & District (9/244) was won by Paul, Brian & Wendy Hyett on 1214 with their Vandenabeele-based family; 2nd on 1193 was Graham Clift of Tirley with one from his ‘Magic Mealy’ lines. 3rd on 1162 C J Allen followed in 4th on 1157 for J & L Eggerton.

Gloucester & District FC (10/223) saw a great start of the season for yours truly – Ray Bevan was 1st, 3rd & 4th on 1192, 1158 & 1151. The first two were both yearling widowhood cocks being Vandenabeeles P B & W Hyett X Louella lines and P B W Hyett X Redstar. In 2nd position was the partnership of A (Tony) Locke and son Aidan on 1559 with a 4yr old De Klak cock who has been a prolific winner in the past. Club member Wes Hall sponsored the race and the winner took the £15 special. Mr & Mrs Craig Mumford took the second special of £10 and Mr & Mrs Pete Phelps the 3rd special of $5 – many thanks to Wes for his generosity.

Cheltenham Homing Society (8/138) was a clean sweep by Rob Rome, taking the first three positions on 1172 and 1169(2). Bishops Cleeve-based Steve Palin was 4th on 1144ypm.

This brings the first race to a close.

Severn Valley’s second race was from Kingsdown on 21st April when 98 members entered 1798 birds, liberated into a north-west wind.

Cheltenham Homing Society (9/123). Steve Palin had a great race taking the first four positions on 1652, 1650, 1634 & 1627, good enough to win 1st, 2nd, 5th & 9th Fed. Steve’s next bird on 1623 took 14th Fed on 1623. Rob Rome missed out on premier Club positions but had three birds to take 12th, 15th & 17th Fed. A good race for Cheltenham HS.

Charlton Kings FC (9/123), another Cheltenham-based Club, also had a good race. 1st & 2nd with two together on 1632ypm was Gernal Jones, also winning 6th & 7th Fed. 3rd Club & 8th Fed was Pete Barlow on 1631 followed by P V & M Lloyd on 1625 winning 4th Club 11th Fed. Pete’s dad, Ray Barlow also scored in the Fed taking 16th & 18th. All in all a good race for Cheltenham fanciers.

Upton-on-Severn HS (15/273) was a good race for Shane Harvey taking the first four positions on 1639(2), 1621 & 1620ypm good enough to win 3rd, 4th, 19th & 20th Fed.

Gloucester & District FC (11/205) saw father & son partnership of A & A Locke taking 1st & 3rd on 1626 & 1618, the first being good enough for 10th Fed. This De Klak cock has been a prolific winner having topped the Severn Valley Fed in 2011 and 2nd Club in this year’s first race. Their second bird was a yearling from their De Klak lines. Club President and stalwart, Joe Lanciano, took 2nd & 4th Club and 13th Fed with two yearling Vandenabeele cocks both feeding large youngsters.

Pershore & District (8/181). For the second week 1st position was won by P B & W Hyett on 1614, followed by C J Allen on 1606 for 2nd spot, Mr & Mrs Michael Hyett on 1565 for 3rd and Irvine & Baker on 1492 for 4th.

Malvern SRIFC (9/177) saw Trevor Booth & John Roper taking the first three positions on 1605, & 1579(2). 4th on 1573 was E Collins.

Bromsgrove & District (11/145) had Liam Ward taking 1st, 2nd & 4th on 1602, 1583 & 1582. He was split by K Smith & Son in 3rd spot on 1583.

Newent & District (4/68) – Good, National & Classic flyer Martin Williams took 1st, 2nd & 4th prizes on 1567(2) & 1522. He was split by D F & N A Cook making 1548 for 3rd.

Worcester SRFC (18/221) was won by Stuart Harford on 1592 with last week’s winners Barry & Dot Ricketts taking 2nd & 3rd on 1586 & 1584. 4th spot was taken by Mr & Mrs Ryder & Son also on 1584.

Ombersley & District (13/160). The Mintons did well with Les Minton taking the red card with one from his ‘Fearless’ lines on 1559. Brother Steve of the L & C Minton partnership timed two for 2nd & 3rd on 1547 and 1540. Both of these birds were down from Les’s old ‘Fearless’ lines. Brian Lawrence was 4th on 1530ypm with a 2yr old Cheq w/f cock – a half-brother to his 2nd Section MCC Carentan in 2011. The sire was purchased from a one-loft race in Cardiff and is Irish-rung.

Well, I’ve tried to accommodate you all but still not a lot of detail coming through. To those who do take the trouble – thanks! To those who said they would – what happened? Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy your racing.

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