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Wellingborough S.R.F.Club
Basingstoke -  16/04/2011
Out of  W.S.R.F.C   5 members sent 88 birds to this race point. Club 1st went to Dave Ibbottson/Daughter, doing 1440.91.   This bird was a Bricosion silver hen, 2yr old, bred by John Owen from Crewe.  Club 2nd went to Dave Gent doing 1381.93; no details on this bird as Dave was away, and Derek took the helm. He did a great job too.  S. Chambrowski took 3rd club doing 1369.91. Again no details of Sam's bird. .F.Line/Son/G.Son took 4th club doing 1353.55. Their 2yr old blue chq cock was bred by Andy Johnson & son.  
Eastbourne - 23/4/2011
Out of W.S.R.F.C.  5 members, sent 78 birds to the racepoint. Dave "darn good" Gent took 1st & 2nd club. His first was doing 1414, 2nd club 1399, both were from his "Son of Tyson". Alan "Pensioner" Neville took 3rd & 4th club doing 1394/1391. His 3rd club was a 2yr cheq cock, bred by Andy Johnson/ son. His 4th was a 2yr blue hen, bred out of his "P45". Burton Latimer S.R.C. Out of B.L.S.R.C.  14 members sent 343 birds to the race point.  Mr/Mrs Groom took 1st club doing 1415.70.  R&S Gubbins took 2nd/3rd & 4th places doing 1413.54/1404.08/1403.93.
Littlehampton  -  30/4/2011 Out of W.S.R.F.C.  5 members sent 68 birds. Alan "Pensioner" Neville took 1st & 3rd club. His 1st was a 2yr blue hen, doing 1320. This hen had a card last week. His 3rd club was a grizzle hen doing 1278. Dave Ibbottson/daughter took 2nd club doing 1301. Dave "darn good" Gent netted 4th club, doing 1234. This bird was out of his "Son of Tyson". Burton Latimer S.R.C. Out of B.L. 14 members, sent 325 bird's. R&S Gubbins took 1st &3rd club doing 1376/1356.  Mr/Mrs Groom took 2nd club, doing 1362. Murphy Bros netted the 4th club place, doing 1350.