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P O O L E-24.7.2010




Formerly Rose of the Shires

Sue & Nathan


POOLE - 24.7.2010

Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C
Out of K & R Club 4 members, sent 47 birds to the race point. P.Maiden took all 4 club place's this week. His 1st was doing 1488, 2nd club 1478.8. Paul's 3rd club was'nt far behind, doing 1478.4. His 4th came in 1471. Well done Paul, a great ending to the O/B season.

Burton Latimer S.R.P.C.
Out of B.LClub, 9 members sent 164 bird's to Poole. P.Chamberlain took 1st & 2nd club, doing 1510/1506. Mr/Mrs Power took 3rd club, doing 1505. No 4th club or bird detail's were given!!

Wellingborough S.R.F.C.
Four members sent 54 bird's to the race point.Mr/Mrs M.Smith & Tommy, took 1st / 2nd & 4th club. The "Wymington Trio's" 1st club was doing 1492. This bird has done well this season, winning 3 race's and a 2nd club. Their 2nd club was doing 1490. This van Reet has had a 1st/2nd/3rd club. The "Wymington Trio's" 4th was a black pied . This is the first time this bird has been in the cards. Alan "Pensioner"Neville took 3rd club, doing 1422. No detail's off "Pensioner" Neville's bird. He was probably too busy, trying to workout how to use the washing machine. No hope when Freda's not around!!

Tail End :
Well guy's and gal's, another O/B race season at an end again for another year. We hope you all enjoyed it, and bird losses were minimal. Now for another nail biteing - hair pulling Y/B season. Let's pray for dry weather for them, if not bright. My partner in grime, Nathan is getting married to the lovely Claire, on Saturday 7th Aug.

I'm sure you guy's and gal's will join me, in wishing them both a long & happy married life together. Let's hope they will be, lot's of pitter patter of tiny feet ------ when Nathan get's his own loft!! Ha!
Until next week, keep well, safe and as calm as a cucumber!
Bye for now, Sue & Nathan