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Formerly Rose of the Shires

Sue & Nathan

Lulworth Cove - 19-6-2010.
Burton Latimer S.R.P.C
A total of 194 bird's, from 10 members went to Lulworth Cove. B.Hobbs/Son took 1st club, doing 1261. This bird was Barry & Troy's 1st club last week. R & S Gubbins netted 2nd club, doing 1238. Mr/Mrs Power took 3rd club place, their bird was doing 1220. No detail's on 2nd/3rd club birds.
Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C.
Out of K & R 7 members, sent 108 birds to the race point. R.Secker took 1st club, doing 1213. P.Maiden took 2nd club, Paul's bird was doing 1202. A.Wallis netted 3rd club, his bird was doing 1201. Last but not least, 4th club went to K.Edwards, doing 1199. Gosh! no Brian Garfoot in the club card's again!!! Come on Brian, lets be avin ya! It is always great to see a new name in the club cards, Ronnie and Paul's birds keep doing them proud. Well done to you all.
Wellingborough S.R.C.
Out of W.S.R.C. 7 members, sent 74 birds. The "Wymington Trio" - Mr/Mrs M.Smith (Tommy), scouped  1st/2nd/3rd and 4th club place's. Their 1st club was a Vanbella doing 1262. A van Reet took 2nd club doing 1224. The "Wymington Trio's" 3rd, was an Alf Jones black strain, doing 1198. Their 4th club was doing 1197 - no details for this bird. Well done.
Tail End
We hope you all have had a great week, and your bird's have re-charged ready for next week's race. It's going to be a hot one, according to the forecast, let's hope they are all home safe before the heat of the day. So guy's and gal's, make the most of it. Until next week keep well, safe and lightly brown! Take care,
Bye for now, Sue & Nathan