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Formerly Rose of the Shires

Sue & Nathan

Poole/Bedhampton - 5.6.2010
Burton Latimer S.R.P.C.
Out of B.L 10 members sent 288 bird's. Murphy Bros took 1st club, doing 1502.7. R&S Gubbins netted 2nd club, doing 1498.1, R.Dailes took 3rd club. His bird was doing 1496.7. P.Chamberlain took 4th club, doing 1492.3. It is nice to see new names in the club card's. Get Well soon Josh, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C
A total of 174 bird's, sent by 10 members to the race point. Brian Garfoot took 1st club, with his yearling doing 1514. P.Maiden came in to take 2nd/4th club, doing 1503/1489. Ronnie Secker netted 3rd club, doing 1491.

Wellingborough S.R.C
Out of Welly, 7 members, sent 107 bird's. W.F.Line/Son/G.Son took 1st club, with a blue yearling hen. She was doing 1456, "Laurel & Hardy" also won the club pool's again. Mr/Mrs M Smith &Tommy took 2nd/3rd & 4th club.They were doing 1434/1429/1420 for the "Wymington Trio". No detail's given for these bird's.

POOLE - 12.6.2010
Burton Latimer S.R.P.C
Ten members, sent 217 birds to Poole race point. B.Hobbs/Son took 1st/3rd club, doing 1272.16/1264.25. Barry & Troy's 1st club was a soontjen cross-from T.Rodwell (Gravesend). This bird has had 2 wins this season. P.Chamberlain took 2nd club, doing 1265.16. Mr/Mrs G Stafford took 4th club. Graham & Maureen's bird was a busschaert from T.Rodwell (Gravesend) - stock bird. This bird was doing 1252.03.

Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C
Ten members, sent 136 birds to Poole. It was Ronnie Secker's turn to nearly sweep the board. Ronnie took 1st/2nd/3rd, doing 1223/1221/1218. (Not a Brian insight)!!! .
Paul Maiden took 4th club doing 1217, no bird detail's given.

Wellingborough S.R.C.
Seven member's sent 100 birds to the race point. S.Chabrowski took 1st club, doing 1251. Well done Sam.  Mr/Mrs M Smith & Tommy took 2nd/3rd/4th. The "Wymington Trio's" bird's were doing 1234/1232/1231.

Channel Race - Carentan - 22.5.2010   14/160
Harrowden S.R.H.S - S.Butler 1st/13th. L.A.Smith 2nd/4th/7th/8th/12th. E.J.Smith 9th. A.S.Freeman 11th.     Burton Latimer S.R.P.C - R&S Gubbins 5th/10th. Mr/Mrs Groom 15th/17th/20th. P.Chamberlain 16th. B.Hobbs/Son 18th. Mr/Mrs G Stafford 19th.

Harrowden South Road Fed Results.
Seaton - 22.5.2010   59/760
Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C. - B.Garfoot 1st, R.Secker 2nd, P.Maiden 3rd.  Burton Latimer S.R.P.C.- A.Farrow 4th/11th/16th, P,Chamberlain 6th/9th, Mr/Mrs Groom 12th, Mr/Mrs Stafford 17th.  Huntingdon S.R.R.P.C - Mr/Mrs Lee 19th/20th, Mr C Brown 18th.

Poole - 30.5.2010  63/763
Milton Keynes S.R.F.C - T&B Graham 1st/19th/20th, J.Bone 15th. Huntingdon S.R.R.P.C.- Mr/Mrs Lee 2nd/14th, C.Brown 3rd/17th. Wellingborough S.R.C - Mr/Mrs Smith 4th/7th/8th/18th, W.F.Line/Son/G.Son 13th. Burton Latimer S.R.P.C- B.Hobbs/Son 5th/12th, P.Chamberlain 9th, Mr/Mrs Stafford 10th, Mr/Mrs Groom 16th.

Portsmouth/Bedhampton - 5.6.2010   69/1101
Milton Keynes S.R.F.C-Harvey & Warner 1st/2nd, R.Holdom 3rd, T&B Graham 4th/5th/10th, J.Cave/Son 7th, D.Pullman 16th/19th. Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C.- B.Garfoot 6th, R.Secker 18th.  Burton Latimer S.R.P.C-  Murphy Bros 9th, R&S Gubbins 13th/20th, R.Oakes 15th, P.Chamberlain 17th.  Harrowden S.R.H.S.- A.Burlington 11th/12th, Jones & Coleman 14th.
Well Done to all who came in the top 50 in the fed results.

Tail End
We hope you all have had missing bird's home safe and sound, from any of the races so far this season. Well guy's and gal's, have a great race next week-and hopefully, the weather will be nice so you can all enjoy the rest of the day. Until next week, take care-be safe. Bye for now,