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Formerly Rose of the Shires

Sue & Nathan

Poole - 15/5/2010

Burton Latimer S.R.P.C.
Out of Burton Latimer 11 members, sent 261 birds. B.Hobbs & Son took 1st/2nd club places. Barry and Troy's birds were doing 1458.06/1410.05. P.Chamberlain took 3rd/4th club, doing 1389.51/1388.65.
As usual no details of either fancier's birds!
Kesteven & Rutland S.R.C.
From Kesteven & Rutland 8 members, sent 115 birds to the race point. Brian Garfoot is at it again, getting another hat trick! He took 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th club places. Brian's birds were doing 1384/1374/1373 and 1371. All were from his Belgian family. Well done Brian, but I think the K & R fancier's will ban you from racing, if you keep sweeping the board ha!
Wellingborough S.R.C
Out of W.S.R.C 7 member's sent 74 bird's to Poole. W.F.Line/Son/ took 1st club, doing 1405. This hen bird is doing "Laurel & Hardy" proud. She is the daughter of hen bird "Fudge" and Sire "08". She also netted the club pool money. Mr/Mrs M Smith (and Tommy) took 2nd club, doing 1401. The "Wymington Trio" bird was a Mealy, the sire was a van Reet who won the Fed 5 times & was 2 open races. The dame of "82" is also a van Reet bird to win 2nd Amalgamation (bird of the year). The 3rd club went to S. Chabrowski, "Sam's" bird was doing 1387. Dave Ibbottson took 4th club, doing 1370. No details about Sam and Ibbo's birds were given. Good returns.
West Bay/Poole - 09/05/2010
From W.S.R.C. 4 members sent 33 birds to this race point. Mr/Mrs M Smith (and Tommy) took 1st club, doing 955. They also took 3rd club, doing 947. The "Wymington Trio's" 1st place was a mealy off Pickering Janssen x V Reet. Their 3rd place was a gay pied (off t.v.cock) and a K. Rath hen bird.
Dave "Darn Good" Gent netted 2nd / 4th club, doing 952/947.
Well done to you both, and all that sent.
Well guys and gals, global warming is at last showing itself, it's going to be "Hot" this coming week-end (for a change)! So get all your regalia out of the shed and have a great time. Good Luck to you all for next week's race. Until then keep well, safe and take care.
Bye for now, Sue & Nathan